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  1. I love Chef G, and I say that having melted off the side of my hand in her class (Cuisines of the Americas)! Was still a great class. Just found out about this whole "Chef G on Top Chef" thing today, so have to try and track down the premier. Sounds like it didn't go so well?
  2. Thinkgeek again Maybe I've fallen behind, but $100 seems pretty good for a tabletop induction burner, but also seems like for $100, how good can it be? Good enough, probably. See using it a lot for holiday cooking when the stove is already packed.
  3. All Edges Brownie Pan See what they're getting at, but I prefer the centers.
  4. In case anybody should accidentally watch "Bobby Flay Throwdown" tonight, you can see me look like a dork pretending to be irrationally exuberant. Yes, everybody strongly suspected what was coming, but I still went to the taping.
  5. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but everybody expected the Bobby Flay Throw Down, I don't care what the lead-in is going to say. See me (Just in audience shots; it's the bakery my sister works for) doing my best impression of irrational exuberance somewhere around Thanksgiving.
  6. About $20 entrees I think should do it. Kind of leaning towards this place Tratorria del Arte. Hear good things, and it's right around the corner from where we'll be.
  7. Ok, needing some help on this one: Been asked to make reservations for ~6 for my sisters graduation dinner. Looking for moderately priced, somewhere around Lincoln Center for Thursday night. For my part, I've been wanting to head back into the city for some Dumpling Man but I think they want a more sit-down sort of affair. Thanks!
  8. No way, we're not doing that again. I'm taking the Metro in this time (incidentally, I'll be with the same friends as last time, but we're STILL taking the Metro.) Was thinking 6.
  9. Ahem, is this thing on? Anybody want to do a happy hour at Corduroy Friday?
  10. ....the bees are coming. The BEES are COMING!
  11. Hey, my pager went off. What's up? Yes, I don't get pages for two weeks.
  12. How much stuff you use in the consomme clarification is a function of the volume of the stock you want to clarify. For a gallon, you want a pound of mirepoix, three pounds meat, TEN egg whites, and acid (tomato or whatever). I don't know how much you made, but four egg whites sounds pretty light. The whites probably coagulated, but there just weren't enough of them to capture everything else. The acid really helps, too. The meat is mostly for flavor (which is also why you tend to simmer for an hour. The protein in the raft coagulates and rises 30 degrees before the stock reaches a sim
  13. Yeah, if you've got half mice running around a dining room, you've got bigger problems. The kind summer blockbusters are made of.
  14. I just got out of Garde Manger so I've been all into this stuff the last three weeks. Just wish I had any reason to believe my family liked rillettes, terrines, etc. Maybe hit them with some and see how it goes. Grand Buffet pictures up on the blog (Which....I notice is down, so I'll have to see about) maybe this weekend.
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