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  1. jparrott

    Rome, Italy

    Hey! A post from me! Osteria dell'Arco. Simple food, and the pricing is maybe a Euro more per plate than some places. But precise, precise cooking. Then there's the wine list. Plenty of stuff for our naturalista friends, plus a bunch of awesome classics. Pricing? Less than US retail. Casa Costa Piane Prosecco Col Fondo (which is Dressner in the USA)? 18 Euros. For the whole bottle. And you don't have to tack on 35% tax and tip, etc. Seriously, this list would make even DonRocks and Waitman whimper quietly in contentment. Alas, I dined alone, so for each dish, it was "tua scelta" to the marvelous sommeliere. And there was all kinds of lovely stuff. If you like oak, you may want to go elsewhere. I walked in on a Thursday night, but it's the day after Epiphany, so I imagine there were a few Roman hangovers this morning, for which an evening of excellent food and wine in a genteel atmosphere was not the remedy. Go.
  2. Note to readers--their Facebook page (linked from their website) does list their opening hours.
  3. jparrott

    What Was The Greatest Sporting Event You Ever Attended?

    I was there too! I was in school up there at that point in my life. I only went because the Head of the Charles was rained out that day. Was standing behind the goal when Pope scored the winner.
  4. jparrott

    What Was The Greatest Sporting Event You Ever Attended?

    Greatest Event? Final round of the Masters when Angel Cabrera won in a playoff. Greatest Performance? I watched Scott Barnsby throw a no-hitter for UMass at Fenway Park during the "Baseball Beanpot" in 1997. The 27th out was a screaming gapper by Carlos Pena (yeah, that one), which Doug Clark nabbed at full stretch. Greatest Game? USA 1, Argentina 0 in a friendly at a packed RFK in 1999. Tension just built, and built, and built (Argentina was playing pretty much their first-choice side), and Joe-Max Moore scored in the 88th minute. Most exciting? 2014 Indianapolis 500. All the tradition, and an aero package that meant a ton of passing and maneuvering throughout the race. And....I was at the Daytona 500 the year Montoya hit the jet dryer.
  5. jparrott


    Listen to PF. Oh, and for heaven's sake, if you're going to be in Paris for a week, get an apartment. Buy a pintade from Desnoyer. Roast it carefully. Rest it longer than you think. And enjoy one of the most incredible bites of bird you'll ever have.
  6. jparrott

    Criticizing the Critics

    I see my statement as no different from when I called out Tom Sietsema's editor for allowing the publishing of reviews that didn't address wine or other beverages. In that case, whether he liked it or not, Mr. Sietsema (a little NYT style there) needed an editor.
  7. jparrott

    Criticizing the Critics

    Does Todd own the presses on which Washingtonian is printed? No? Then he needs an editor. At least for anything printed under someone else's masthead. Should the kicker have been in there? No. Whose job was it to take it out? The editor's.
  8. Many countries have different labeling laws, so different labels for even fine wines are often required.
  9. jparrott

    Northern Snakehead

    And delicious #threadmerge
  10. This Saturday! 2-5pm at Weygandt Wines in Cleveland Park. All 4 Hayman's Gins--Old Tom, London Dry, Royal Dock (navy strength) and Sloe.