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  1. To the third anniversary of first dates, which we celebrated without even realizing.
  2. A huge thank you to Andrew, Mike, and the rest of the Rose's team. They went above and beyond tonight for one of their neighbors who used to be a semi regular back when the locals could just walk in for dinner. A much needed special night was had by all and for that I am grateful. Also, the steak tartar is one of, if not the best, in the city right now.
  3. I've seen photographic evidence that Ray's Hell Burger Too is in the middle of a soft opening in City Vista.
  4. I brought back tinned fish from Lisbon and canned foie gras from France without a problem. Meats that were not in tins or cans are another story. It is worth finding shops in touristy areas that are selling tinned fish; they will have a better idea of what will and will not get through. I declared both, had to go through a second layer of screenings and was fine. I know people who have gotten amazing charcuterie from all over Europe through customs without a problem while others have had their goods confiscated.
  5. If you've never been to Paris you deserve to give yourself more than 2-3 days. As I've posted elsewhere, it's a magical place. Save it for the end of your trip but give yourself at least 3-4 days. You're eating up a good chunk of time by taking the train to Barcelona; it's about a 6 hour ride Instead, I would fly to Paris and then get a direct flight to Barcelona, which is less than two hours. Check EasyJet, Veuling, Ryan Air, etc. for cheap flights. Then train it to San Sebastian, which is supposed to be lovely. I would add Switzerland to your list. The Alps are like nothing else you will see in Europe and this is coming from someone who is not a huge hiker, skier, etc. Bern is lovely and often overlooked. If you want a taste of Italy without going there, Ticino, the Italian section of Switzerland, is stunning.
  6. Your theory does not hold true for the location at Nats stadium where, at least in the rush before a game, the burgers are premade. The one I had a couple of weeks ago was still excellent.
  7. Today at the stadium I had the best Shake Shack burger I've ever had, and there have been a few. It was not made to order but was still warm and the cheese gooey when I took my first bite about 10 minutes later in my seat; the lettuce was crispy and the tomato firm yet juicy. It almost made up for the crappy lost against the Rockies.
  8. I was craving kitfo and didn't feel like schlepping over to Zenebech, my usual go to for take away Ethiopian, so I gave Adis a try. It was a good decision. The kitfo is buttery, unctuous deliciousness. I got the Addis kitfo, which comes with ibe (Ethiopian cottage cheese) and some chopped greens that do not resemble gomen. My meal was fantastic and I am now eager to try the rest of the menu. H street needed a legit Ethiopian alternative to Ethiopic, which to me is yuppified American Ethiopian. Adis appears to be the real deal.
  9. Tipping my hat to Carli Lloyd's first 16 minutes in the World Cup.
  10. Based on the information on the website and their locations I think it is a fare to assume that Pinch uses higher quality ingredients than China Bistro, hence the higher price. Also, rent isn't cheap at FreshFarm markets. They also don't have any other dishes to offset the cost of labor. A friend who works near one of their markets raves about the dumplings and this is someone who schleps out to Bob's for the usual dumpling fix.
  11. I agree that the last thing 8th street needs is another mediocre restaurant with the same menu as three other places in two blocks or a local chain eating up long timers (I'm looking at you Matchbox). But we know that a high quality chef is moving in so I have hope that it will be a worthy replacement.
  12. I'll take Rob Weland over Tash any day of the week. Tash was fine but just fine. We experienced bad service from an indifferent staff one time too many to keep it in the rotation.
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