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  1. To the third anniversary of first dates, which we celebrated without even realizing.
  2. A huge thank you to Andrew, Mike, and the rest of the Rose's team. They went above and beyond tonight for one of their neighbors who used to be a semi regular back when the locals could just walk in for dinner. A much needed special night was had by all and for that I am grateful. Also, the steak tartar is one of, if not the best, in the city right now.
  3. I've seen photographic evidence that Ray's Hell Burger Too is in the middle of a soft opening in City Vista.
  4. Your theory does not hold true for the location at Nats stadium where, at least in the rush before a game, the burgers are premade. The one I had a couple of weeks ago was still excellent.
  5. Today at the stadium I had the best Shake Shack burger I've ever had, and there have been a few. It was not made to order but was still warm and the cheese gooey when I took my first bite about 10 minutes later in my seat; the lettuce was crispy and the tomato firm yet juicy. It almost made up for the crappy lost against the Rockies.
  6. Tipping my hat to Carli Lloyd's first 16 minutes in the World Cup.
  7. Exit 19 in Lumberton, North Carolina is home to some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. El Zarape De Antonio opened earlier this year and is a welcome respite on the vast wasteland that is fast food eating on 95. I have no idea why it is so good, it just is. Go, get the enchiladas or tacos or tamales and then thank me you aren't eating more hideous fast food.
  8. Every dessert I have there from here on out will be compared to this dish. This dish makes up for having to be Rose's neighbor.
  9. Get thee to Driftwood. Antonio is firing on all cylinders; we would order everything we enjoyed tonight when we go back. And we will be back. Soon. We started with the lamb tartar, which I have been dreaming about since he first posted pics of it elsewhere as he prepared to take over the kitchen. A generous sized portion, the seasoning of the lamb, which was on the spicy side, was accented by the micro greens that was scattered on top. Next was the white asparagus Caesar with a 63 degree egg. Perfectly cooked asparagus with Caesar dressing which you dip into the running yolk. Delicio
  10. I'm not going to defend my review: negative opinions of beloved restaurants are never fun to read but we aren't all going to love the same place. I used to have similar reactions when people posted negative opinions of my beloved Palena. With one exception, see below, I'm not going to go tit for tat with you. The beauty of America is that we can have opposing opinions, state them, and move on. You're right, we don't talk about carbon footprints of restaurants on this website and I think that is something that should change. After living abroad and seeing what the rest of the restaurant
  11. If they were only using disposable for everything, I would feel differently about the bowls. And I realize and appreciate that with Chinese donuts and soybean milk the milk is traditionally served in bowls. But if you are already washing dishes for beverages why not buy an extra dozen or two bowls to use and save some landfill space? The bowls that they use are awkward to pick up and drink out of. And yes, I expect actual napkins, not bathroom paper towels, from a restaurant.
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