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  1. So, we're moving to Cape Town in the fairly near future. I'll try and get some action going in this thread. Hi all. Love the new look, Rocks.
  2. My friend ended up taking me to Terroir in the East Village last Saturday. The wine and food were both outstanding. Mmm, bruschetta with whipped lard, aargghh.
  3. I am, but prefer my floggings with a wet noodle rather than an overpriced steak. Thanks guys.
  4. Hey all. Long time etc. etc. Have a solo night in Manhattan coming up and would like to take a friend out somewhere solid in the general Times Square area. Any thoughts? Nothing too staid, please, as we'll probably be a little sloppy by dinner time.
  5. Craigie St Bistrot If you want to try something up-and-coming, I'd give Hungry Mother a go.
  6. Paulaner Oktoberfest. Hofbrau Oktoberfest. Spaten Oktoberfest. Hofbrau FTW.
  7. Anderson Valley Brewing, Poleeko Gold. Thank you St. Foamius, patron saint of beer distributor buyouts.
  8. Le Soir in Newton Highlands, which was a very good neighborhood restaurant, has been replaced by 51 Lincoln, which is a very good neighborhood restaurant. Irrelevant detail. According to FBI crime statistics, Newton was the safest city in America in 2003, 2004 and 2005. It fell to fourth place in 2006, though, after a resident merging onto Rt. 9 gave another driver the finger.
  9. I spent many happy days patronizing Eetcafe Het Molenpad (Prinsengracht 653) in the late 90s. Restaurant D'Theeboom on the Singel was pretty reliable back then. Hardly a fresh review, of course. Kantjil & de Tijger on the Spuistraat was always good for a quick Indonesian lunch near the center of town. It's also more or less across the street from Hoppe, one of the better gin tasting bars (proeflokalen). Tempo Doeloe on the Utrechtsestraat used to be held to be the best Indonesian food on offer, as I recall. If you just want to drink some good beer, try In de Wildeman on the Kolksteeg. E
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