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  1. The garbanzo, rosemary & tomato soup is spicy. The pasta was fusili. The wait should have let you know about the substitution, our pasta maker (the person) doesn't work every day so sometimes we do run out. Our bad for not telling you. If I had known there was so much Littorai and Dehlinger would be involved, I wouldn't have taken the night off. --- We will be open at 5pm and take reservations/tables at least thru 8:30pm. Happy Hour all night. Free mug of Soup to warm you ~ $6 Hot toddy {ginger, lemon, honey & Old Grand Dad}
  2. But minute steak at a shop can be many other things rather than the flat iron. That's the problem with current meat labeling. Seafood labeling is similar with market names that cover different species of fish etc.
  3. The Ventralis is one particular muscle in the Chuck Eye Roll, 116A. It's actually 1116g. which is a single cut from 116g which is a sub primal to 116a which is Chuck Roll. It is a trimmed fabrication out of 116d or 116g. The yield of ventralis to chuck roll is 25% and of under blade is 60 to 70%. I sent my beef supplier this info to make sure they are fabricating what I wanted exactly. If we had gone with the "standard steak, it would have been about 20% less expensive but not as tender and as even. eg. All tri-tip is sirloin but Sirloin is not Tri Tip.
  4. Taste Of The Grotto Menu $44 Start With A Cup Of... tomato, rosemary & garbanzo bean soup {gff, vg} Choice Of Antipasto mozzarella in carozza {fried cheese sandwich w/summer tomato sauce} octopus & seppia{olive oil roasted & grilled ~ corona and garbanzo beans} {gff} grilled artichoke {w/preserved lemon aioli} {gff} Choice of Pasta lamb ragu (pappardelle) {gff*} shrimp {w/garlic, white wine & herb} (linguine) {gff*} risotto {w/saffron, tomato & wild "˜shrooms}{gff, vg} Choice of Main boar stew w/sorrento tomato, kabocha, borlotti & corona beans {gff} steak {ventralis w/salsa rossa ~ kennebec potato} (upcharge +4) mahi mahi {w/melted leek sauce ~ cippolini agrodolce} {gff} truffled yellow finn potato {w/moliterno al tartufo cheese} {vg} Followed By A Choice Of Desserts persian "˜sargol' saffron & olive oil gelato {gff} crema di cioccolato {gff} ricotta cheesecake w/sesame {gff} almond cake w/cinnamon gelato {gff} cheese duo {moliterno al tartufo & blu di caravaggio} WIne flights will be upgraded from 3 oz to 8 oz per pour if you say you saw this on Don Rockwell.
  5. First post Audrey meal. Of the front of the house, only the busser remained. Late afternoon so the joint wasn't fully staffed. I ordered one of my stand by hot dishes: Dry Sauteed Crispy Beef. This is a dish than when on, is incredible. But it has a tendency to vary depending on how authentic the order taker perceives I deserve. At it's best, it is fiery hot with scant sauce on the plate. Today, when I ordered it I was asked "Chinese Style?" to which I said "Yes, MaLa" The gent taking the order laughed, which to me could symbolize a "Yeah, sure you want it hot but not really Sichuan hot" or "get ready for it dude." Happily it was the latter. The beef was very frangrant, very crispy. It is crisp fried and then tossed in a tumble of carrot and celery shreds and green onion, with lots of hot elements included. In the past, the dish had a huge amount of whole chilis fried int he initial oil to season it, but today the chilis were not as abundant. But the crushed chilis and sichuan peppercorn formed a dry coating that left the serving plate completely free of liquid of any sort. It was bracingly hot, pretty much to my limit. The first haf os the palte, when I was getting a lot of meat strips was spectacular. At the end,m when it was mostly celery, carrot and chilis, it waas a little one dimensional. All in all, a great version of the dish. The cuke salad was less garlicky and had fried whole chilis and missing the drops of chili oil that it formerly had. The wheat gluten and black mushroom was as always. So the takeaway from one visit, one in which I did nothing to let the new guys know how much of a regular I am, left me thinking this oculd be a good thing. Need to explore the menu more deeply as the specials board had a few things that looked good, especially yhe mixed seafood on sizzling rice. I would love to hear from some hot heads who would like to go and try a full range of MaLa dishes.
  6. Sunday and Monday, Happy hour all day long and the burger and mussels are $10 all day both days. I kilo of mussels, 10 oz of dry aged local shenandoah Beef with Crucolo & Fontina cheese and anchovy Sriracha aioli
  7. I take it as a complement that I shock people with my restraint of my dirty mind. as Orson Bean used to say, "A sick mind is a sure comfort" Or someone said it.
  8. The Anti Restaurant Week menu continue thru February 12. Yet another NSFW link. Plus wine madness every day thru thursday. Wines $50+ are 33% off. And for burger lovers, the burger is $10 as are mussel pots every sunday and Monday as a bonus of our Happy Hour all day in the Grotto Bar only.
  9. I have taken to going for lunch on my day off Monday. There is an unreal special for $12.99.... 15 items. You can't have the hou or some of meats... but there is more than enough to choose from and while I always start out thinking that 15 is too few but when I start feeling full and realize I have only used 9 of the items..... And the entire buffet is $16.99 after 9pm If you don't take advantage of either of these, I've seen people actually buy the Groupon on the smart phones to use that meal.
  10. We had great cicchetti and wine here. They did not have a full kitchen. I do believe they have expanded the food offerings. Great spot. The church pass is/was the Chorus Pass. At each church, there is a pretty professionally done history and explanation of the building and the artwork.
  11. Very out of date sugggestions.... Ala Fiaschetterie Toscana {old school seafood, high end, brilliant in over 8 years of going} Ala Frasca {my dream hole in the wall. Run by two brothers and their cousin. Not wine centric is the only issue but I order a carafe of their white swill "alla spina" and it works. Anice Stellato {food so properly researched back to the renaissance era that it seems innovative. My biggest inspiration along with FT above.} Alle Testiere {fabulous modern seafood mostly restaurant but does not speak of Venice to me. Still, it's fabulous} La Cantinina on Strada Nuova. It has expanded and I have not heard yea or ney since it out in a real kitchen. But back when they had a hot plate, a toaster oven, a prosciutto slicer and a table top home style pizza oven {only 2 of which could be plugged in at a time and even then, the lights owuld go out regularly} it was a fabulous but fabulously expensive joint. Unreal wines! Da Pinto {on the campo della beccarie at the pescheria rialto. ONLY order the cicchetti and the grilled fish. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING ELSE. NO NOT PASS GO. Do not pass go. THe rest of the menu is for tourists and is "Dange Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson teritory. Did I mention that their regular menu is execrable?} Do Mori for a glass of wine and a snack or 12, served standing up in the oldest wine bar in Venice IIRC
  12. I know Audrey had issues with the landlord on a new lease and she was looking at other locations.
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