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  1. In honor of passover and not making 200 matzo balls and 200 geflte fish balls, traif! Pasta with butter & mentaiko. Triscuits and avocado. Margarita on the rocks.
  2. Great news on the scale front. It wasn't the batteries. The scale is defective! So no worries. At least until the new one comes.
  3. The batteries for our scale died a few weeks back and we did not have any rechargeables in the size needed. So to save a dollar or two, I found a bargain on EBay with a guaranteed delivery time of 3 days. Well, three weeks later, the three days are finally up. We got a notification that the batteries were here. But it was too late to go the 15 feet to the mailbox and we have to fold masks out of bandanas and then there will be the charging time. But the day of reckoning can only be put off for a couple of more days at the most. Our lavish meals may be not so lavish once we can step on a scale. My Doc will be pleased.
  4. SO we enjoyed a small bit of this huge tray of grilled veggies. So good and so simple, but one hell of a lot of prep and grill time. The kalettes & brussels sprouts were superb, so were the shishitos. The raab ias very good but a few bites has tough skin. Somehow Kay would up with all that. The ramps were the stellar hit of the dish. To accompany: tofu w/scallion & ginger oil. I tub soft tofu. Cut in squares and simmered 2 minutes in salted water. Then I drained the tofu and plated it still warm. Meanwhile, I sliced scallions and grated ginger in a metal bowl. I heated corn oil w/Aleppo flakes until the whole was smoking and the pepper turned dark. Then I poured the oil over the scallions and ginger. As soon as the sizzling stopped, I added soy, sesame oil & persimmon vinegar. The warm oil went over the warm tofu. Rice with butter & salted pollock roe. The roe seems to me to be the same as Mentaiko. It comes in pairs and is the roe surrounded by a transparent skin. I took one pair and sliced it into thick coins. We cooked the rice in the rice cooker and put the butter in the bottom of our rice bowl, Added the rice, the juices from the veggie pan and the mentaiko and stirred. Decadent and delicious. Tomorrow I will do a pasta with the same ingredients. A bottle of cheap white Sicilian blend.
  5. This! From Garner Broccoli Raab, Spring Onion, Brussels Sprouts & Kalettes From Spring Valley Ramps From HMart or Lotte plaza King Mushrooms, Shishitos, Red & Yellow Onion, Persian Zucchini, Chinese Eggplant Other stuff tonight and this will last more than one meal I hope.
  6. Eco Friendly farms chorizo. Home made fermented mustard, Homemade sauerkraut. I would say I prefer Stachowski's chorizo but both are good. I'd use ecofriendly in the future for a crumbled ingredient like chorizo tacos instead of cooking it as links.
  7. Lyons white rum perfect Manhattan w/Cocchi americano & rosa. Bitterans's hopped grapefruit bitters & Peychaud's whiskey barrel bitters. So technically, that is a perfect Manhattan with none of the incredients the traditional recipe calls for.
  8. Romaine salad w/garlicky lebne dressing Left over Tri Tip with salsa verde Pretzels Saffron gelato Drink: Lyons rum perfect manhattan w/Cocchi Americano & rosa. Bitterans's hopped grapefruit bitters & Peychaud's whiskey barrel bitters. Split a 12 oz beer but cant't remember the name and too lazy to go look. It was that good!
  9. Brunch of Japanese fried rice w/spring onion from Garner's, soeme kind of cabbage/greens from H Mart that looked like romaine but tastes quite cabbagy, king mushrooms, egg, leftover Japanese rice w/a splash of soy. And lots of olive oil. must go to sleep!
  10. Nah. 1 bottle split by two and finished by 10pm. The bender was the 2-1/2 pounds of sashimi.
  11. I have tried that. If I get up at 6:30, I can drive to pentagon city, take advantage of Senior hour {the better damn well card me!} and be home early. After my shopping today, all I need is bread and possibly burger.
  12. Today was my weekly shopping day. I hit both Hmart and Lotte Plaze and we had sashimi for dinner. Salmon Skin Salad to start. I cut the salmon skin and shallow fried it in olive oil for 20 minutes till crisp. Served on greens from Spring Valley dressed in sesame & oilive oil, persimmon vinegar & mirin. We had Sohyu Tamari for Sushi as it is labeled and wasabi for dipping. Baked beets in red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper. Beets from spring valley, roasted in foil yesterday, marinated and served at room temp The sashimi: Salmon, mostly belly portion, very fatty & rich, came cut. Cuttlefish: little cuttle fish, bodies only, carefully scored. I loved them and Kay did not. More for me. Octopus: one smaller tentacle, well boiled with a touch of a briny flavor. Really good. I sliced this one. Fluke. There were beautiful flukes on ice and I almost got them for broiling, but I waled over to the sushi case and there were three filets, including the bottom fin or engawa so I got them. I had to slice, first taking off the fin which I cut in three, and then cutting up the filets. wasabi, the taari and a mix of yuzu & cherry blossom shoyu. Rice Really good meal. Been a while since I can say I feel stuffed on sashimi. Less than a meal from Takohachi would have cost plus makkoli.
  13. I have tried maybe 100 times to get a WFM Market delivery over the past 3 days. Mot of the time I get a no time slots available message. But maddeningly, there are times I get to the payment screen and then it tells me no time slots available. Quite annoying that their tech is this messed up. I understand having no times, but don't waste my time making me go thru 3 or 6 screens only to tell me no slots. Bezos, you're the world's richest asshat. If you can find your way from one of your 100 bathrooms, have some peon fix it before you fire them for asking for safe working conditions. WEALTH TAX THE BILLIONAIRES 30% {50% OVER 10 BILLION, 70% OVER 100 BILLION} AND USE TO SAVE JOBS AND BUSINESSES. FUCK THE ONE PERCENT.
  14. You can roast them and then mash adding butter & cream. Mix in a couple of eggs. Heavily spice them with black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, hot chile, all spice, golden syrup or brown sugar, ginger {freash, freshly powdered or crystal} etc. Mix in crisp cooked bacon and the fat. Top with graham cracker crumbs {Vanilla wafer crumbs, panko & brown sugar etc}Bake in a well oiled baking dish. Bake till toothpick comes out clean. Let cool for a bit. You can serve warm or cold. The idea is to add enough bacon {ham or sausage will work too} so you don't notice the sweet potato flavor or you develop a Pavlovian association between healthy sweet potatoes and yummy dead pig products.
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