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  1. I went in one Saturday after the Silver Spring Farmers Market sorely in need of food. I must admit, the Brazillian Place a few miles away was a great choice.
  2. Love it. On a slammed Sunday afternoon, there were a few hiccups like the water being too cool in the rice paper contraption, but the food still was very god. Good but not great Boba. The flavors are very good, the boba slightly chewy and sometimes frozen. This is dangerously close to our soon to be abode. I hope they have a frequent flyers program.
  3. Three recent visits. It like dining in your Korean mother in laws house. My mother in Law was from Indiana and nothing consumed at her house was not out of a jar {instant coffee} or a can unless Kay and I bought and cooked it. Nothing against my mother in law, RIP, but I'd love to have a Korean Ajumma cooking for me! Amazing boiled dumplings and kim bap, especially the bulgogi kimbap. Other stuff has been good. Most of our guesses at what is good have been very good. One or two, like black sesame tofu were nothing I'd order again, but made fro a nnice thing to try. Cheaper than it needs to be! Super nice service even if sometimes it is sign language and pointing to the non-English speaking servers. This place should have a line out the door. Right behind To Sok Jip across from Bon Chon.
  4. Really spectacular sushi lunch with pristine fish, mostly from Japan and some prawns from South America. Nice that the menu is mostly sustainable species. I had Kanpachi, yellow tail, amberjack, Hokkaido hotate scallops {spectacular, perhaps the best piece of sushi I have had sine Little Tokyo in LA 20 years ago} and more. Hella expensive, even if worth it, so return trips will be only to celebrate major occasions. Onikorishi sake at not too extreme a price for a freshly opened small bottle was a welcome surprise. Killed the rest of my day. Either I ate too much, or given that Onikoroshi translates to demon slayer, I must be part demon. Or both. Could easily get to $200 to $250 a couple but this is the best sushi I have had in DC area.
  5. Having been feeding a BBQ jones regularly, here are some quick impressions: Texas Jacks was not very good. No smoke flavor, boring sauces, expensive. Ribs OK at best, pulled pork was dry, flavorless and the bark bits were soggy and flavorless and would not be permitted in many a county in Tennessee or NC. Brisket was completely without flavor. Sloppy Mama's has some serious chops in the making the ribs tender department. Maybe a touch to "fall off the bone" for me personally, but the meat did have a nice chew and a nice spice rub. No discernible crunch to the bark. The biggest issue is the lack of strong smoky flavors and the price {$19 for 4 ribs, and a side of excellent beans} I will go back to explore some of the other meats. But one of the best BBQ places inside the beltway I have been to in a long while.
  6. On my frequent trips to Total wines {their boxed wine is perfect for cooking and cheaper than anything I can buy from any of my wine distributors plus they carry Coravin cartridges which have this nasty habbit of running out!} my dry cleansers, various & sundry Asian groceries and Restaurant Depot, I frequent this spot a bit. For us seniors its 8.79 or something ridiculous like that. The pho is serviceable, as good as many a random spot, and they let you have as many won ton as you want. The hibachi is not that great unless you go get sauces from various stations on the buffet {chile paste & something ponzu like by the salads}. Din sum is good and the fried foods, when fresh out of the kitchen are better than they have to be. Sushi is OK but sometimes a greasy mayo covered roll is just what you need. Anything that looks gloppy is very much so {too bad because the tofu skin rolls and the spareribs from the dim sum section are otherwise quite good.} The seafood is supermarket quality frozen stuff so it can be very hit and miss. I ti s definitely my guilty pleasure. FOr the same price as a taco run from the Fox supporting Bell you can have cooked to order food that is decent, for not much money. And the servers are nice.
  7. It was Roghetto from Piancornello. Grapes are 100% Brunello from in the zone but the wine is not aged in wood so it can't be anything Montalcino DOC. So it's a simple Rosso Toscano. AGed in concrete eggs then a lot of bottle aging before we get it. 15 vintage which is a great vintage and then the 16 will be better!
  8. We are serving our regular menu and the tasting menu. Right now the softies we have been getting are fatter and juicer than earlier int he season. In fact, the best softies are yet to come as the crabs fatten up for winter. I, on the other hand, don't have any excuse for fattening up!
  9. Two events coming up: It's Not Restaurant Week but Better! $35 tasting menu 8/11 thru 8/18 One last quack" Dinner with the Duck 8/25 $65 or 7 course tasting menu DinosGrotto.com for info.
  10. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely be there. We are in the process of looking for a place to move to and we have been thinking Rockville or VA and one of the bid things in VA's favor is the shopping. This puts points int he MD basket.
  11. 99 Ranch is big on the LA area and I have seen them somewhere on East Coast in NJ and NY. They were outstanding in the LA area, really the best place to shop. I think they were better than the Super H stores which are my favorite out here.
  12. I have not tried it on a menu in a restaurant, but I have google translate picture on my phone. I've used it to translate Korean menus on my computer and it works to a point. Sometimes a literal translation is more confusing than a help to knowing what the dish is.
  13. After JDS, as I was driving towards my destination, I passed Yu Zhou Cafe in a nondescript shopping center. It looked huge and had a bright sign so I thought, what the heck, lets try it. The menu was mostly standard issue Americanized Chinese and didn't list XLB but had several listings for pork dumplings. I asked the waiter if they had XLB and he pointed me to a choice of 4 or 8 dumplings and I said 8. I also ordered a cold duck in chef's special sauce appetizer which he warned me was cold duck. The duck was good. Nicely cooked duck, not smoked, with flavorful and chewy skin but not a lot of fat. Nice ducky flavor too. The special sauce was a thick, somewhat sweet soy which I used the duck to wipe up. Iff to a good start. Then the XLB came. I have nothing good to say about them. Probably not going back based on indifferent service, the LB and the generaal fuzzy focus of the menu and the lack of a feeling of what the restaurant specializes in. The duck was quite good so if someone said let's go, I wouldnt rule it out. But I have other places on my bucket list.
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