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  1. When I asked for a straw at Masseria recently they brought me a bent -necked metal straw from the bar. I have to say it grossed me out. How do they clean them? What if something got stuck in the bent part? How are they sterilized and how does it get cleaned inside? What if it didn't get put into the cleaning cycle? At least with glassware and silverware you can see that it's not clean. I choose to just sip my drink straw-less. I would have preferred a paper straw.
  2. Not in my wheelhouse/It's in my wheelhouse.
  3. I saw some today at Safeway in Bethesda on Arlington Road.
  4. I disagree with the statement that DC has a bubble for housing. Regardless of what may be seen when driving on 395 (which I assuming is Navy Yard), the real estate market is more complex than what “looks like overbuilding”. The reason condos and apartments continue to be built is because developers are doing their homework and watching the market (and banks are not taking on the same level of risk pre-2007). It’s foolish to think they would spend upwards of $100M on a new residential building with a “if you build it they will come” mentality. Millennials may be growing old, however, they have also adapted to an urban lifestyle of live smaller, use less, walk to work. And while some of them may decide to move to the suburbs to pursue what some would consider an old fashioned perception of the American dream, plenty are content with or would rather raise their children in the city. With regards to the comment of them “spending their retirement dollars to order those same $20 cocktails” you may forget that the area median income or AMI in DC is $110k for a family of four… That’s right, almost double the national AMI of $59k. Furthermore, comments like that show how little Baby Boomers actually know about the lifestyle of Millennials which spend less annually on food, apparel, and housing than ANY previous generation… Why do you think that is? Feel free to look for yourself here: https://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2018/article/fun-facts-about-millennials.htm Lastly without delving into the microeconomics of job growth, housing vacancy vs construction trends, level of education, etc… DC has earned itself a spot on the list of international power cities such as NYC, LA, London, Paris, Singapore to name a few.This will not be changing anytime soon. The trend of international investment in American real estate is staggering.
  5. I made a spring vegetable orzo that was easy and delicious, I started the orzo like a rissotto, browning it in olive oil and slowly adding broth until absorbed. In the meantime I oven roasted sliced asparagus, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, etc, I also added baby green peas. I tossed at the end with grated parmesan cheese. It was a very attractive dish and be eaten room temp or warmed. I served on a large semi flat serving platter.
  6. Thank you for this recommendation! I'm definitely going to try these places out, they look amazing.
  7. This place looks amazing! Thank you! Definitely will be going there!
  8. Thank you Mark! You have definitely peaked my interest! This restaurant looks absolutely stunning. Now worried how to get a reservation!
  9. Going to Milan in April for Design Week. First time in Milan. Any recommendations for wonderful restaurants?
  10. I love this recipe! I'm going to bake it today.
  11. Thank you, I'll check it out. I got an email from the Michael Mina Wine Club. Are you familiar with it?
  12. I need help. Are wine clubs a good thing? Trying to think of a Christmas gift for my son and I'm not sure if this is something worthwhile. Are the wines you get good wines? How do you pick a good club?
  13. I was at Black Market Bistro in Garrett Park a few Sundays ago for brunch and they have french toast, pancakes, eggs benedict. Everything looked delicious going by my table. They also have their little front porch to dine on a beautiful morning.
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