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  1. The lamb chops here are my gold standard. Always perfectly cooked with a fabulous sauce. In fact, everything in this restaurant is consistently great, I've never ever been disappointed in a dish. They must have wonderful quality control in the kitchen. The Oysters Chaumiere is one of my favorite dishes to start a meal.
  2. It was last Friday at La piquette. It was really delicious. Best soft shells I’ve ever had.
  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your auntie. It sounds like she had a very gentle leave taking and I'm happy for that. My thoughts are with you.
  4. His wife was killed driving home from the restaurant late one evening. She was jet lagged after having just returned from a trip to South Africa. It was never the same after her death. She was a wonderful person and was a great front of the house manager.
  5. Interesting that you say that. I was so excited when Jeni's opened in Bethesda. A friend and I went a few weeks ago and we got the Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam. It was so overly sweet and gross that i ended up throwing it away. Wasn't worth the calories. All of their ice cream flavors look achingly sweet. The lines are long every night, maybe I picked the wrong flavor.
  6. This restaurant doesn't get enough love. It's my go to place in the entire dc metro place for really exceptional rack of lamb. I also love the Oysters Chaumiere, I remember the first time I had it with a friend who thinks he doesn't like ginger. It has ginger and hazelnuts and is delicious. Now it's a given to order it. Love this place. The souffle is great but love the profiteroles even more. This place never disappoints. It is consistently good, all the time. Never been "bruised" here.
  7. Try Butchers Alley on Bethesda Ave across from the Bethesda Crab House and Pescadeli which their seafood market. Very high quality local meats. They also have lots of cheese and other things in the market. Great sandwiches made to order as well.
  8. I remember that one! And then there's
  9. I'll Play! Wives and Lovers by Jack Jones Hey, little girlComb your hair, fix your make-upSoon he will open the doorDon't think becauseThere's a ring on your fingerYou needn't try any moreFor wives should always be lovers, tooRun to his arms the moment he comes home to youI'm warning youDay after dayThere are girls at the officeAnd men will always be menDon't send him offWith your hair still in curlersYou may not see him againFor wives should always be lovers, tooRun to his arms the moment he comes home to youHe's almost hereHey, little girlBetter wear something prettySomething you'd wear to go to the cityAnd dim all the lightsPour the wine, start the musicTime to get ready for loveOh, time to get ready,Time to get readyTime to get readyFor love.
  10. Thanks for the insight. I'm looking for a great place for lunch this week for a special occasion, any suggestions? Hummingbird sounds lovely but I'm having second thoughts after doing a little research. I'm sure it's "good", but not Restaurant Eve which is what I had in my head, and maybe not right for this occasion.
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