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  1. Carmello's- In the shopping center with the AutoZone and Marshalls. The inside isn't much to speak of, this place used to be in another location. It was very family friendly and we saw lots of tables with kids. Our waiter was very nice, but extremely frazzled. He didn't quite know what they had, didn't have, and just seemed to say whatever came to the top of his mind (he said they had no cappuccino because the staff drank it all?). I got veal parmigana- which was a huge plate of veal, it came with a really small side of spaghetti that was overcooked and dry. The veal itself was good. Hubby got gnocchi and it compared to the veal it was a really small portion, so I gave him what I didn't eat. I always think it's kind of tough when entrees have real disparities in size, it just makes it hard to know what to expect. We had a bottle of Veritas cab franc which was quite good. In addition there was a glass of riesling recommended by the waiter for my SIL she didn't drink it, just wasn't feeling it. I sipped it and it was a little on the sweet side, but I really think it just needed to be a bit cooler and would have been better. Anyway, I won't really be rushing to go back. I had wanted to go to Vivace, but they just couldn't take a res for our party size. Bebedero- we went here on Saturday around lunch time and they had a brunch menu. It was very breakfast focused, I had wished there were a few more items that were a bit more lunch. Hubby had the fish tacos, the one kind of lunch thing other than a salad and soup, which he said were very good, and made up for the abysmal ones he had in LA. They looked very good. I had huevos rancheros- which was eggs, beans, and a very salty chorizo sausage in ranchero sauce with sliced avocado and tortillas. I didn't mind that it wasn't your typical version you get in the US with the tortillas already in the dish, and instead served on the side, but the whole avocados and sausage pieces meant it was a little difficult to eat. I thought it was quite good, but just overly salty. I would go back to try some other items at dinner. I don't know that this is my favorite lunch though based on the brunch menu. But I love the decor and I think at dinner they likely have some very good things.
  2. I would say that as long as you are ok with taking some Ubers it isn't a bad location for a trip. It would be a little far of a walk to the metro each day, to then walk around the Smithsonian's, but should be a pretty affordable Uber ride. There are a lot of government buildings in that area, so it doesn't have the most restaurants, but you aren't far from areas with lots of restaurants and stop ins to get some snacks and you will be down along the mall for a lot of your trip and finding options down there. North Carolina also has a lot of kid friendly types of places in the Capitol Hill area.
  3. Haven't seen them in Costco- but we get Max the CET dental chews from Amazon. He is a small pup and they are known to have not the greatest teeth, so our vet has recommended any CET product from early on. Max eats the dental chews and doesn't seem to have a problem with them potentially being more healthy??? than name brand ones. Has anyone found a cheddar cheese at Costco that isn't super crumbly?
  4. Last night was roasted tomatoes, zucchini, onion in a white wine, lemon, garlic and butter sauce, when they were mostly done, I added shrimp. Served over some black rice. The night before was pork loin sandwich with roasted red pepper, spinach and pepperjack, griddled.
  5. Last night was cuban pressed flatbread sandwiches- Sliced pork left over from the dinosaur sized chops, ham, we didn't have swiss so I subbed one slice american, one slice pepper jack and fridge pickles I just made, all in naan flatbreads, that I folded over and pressed on the skillet. It wasn't a traditional cuban, but it was good. Hubby laughed that I forgot to take a picture, I have been kicking myself lately as I have made some nicely plated meals and forgotten to photograph.
  6. These are still on the bone, so you could cut them off the bone and butterfly them. Last night was cavatelli with red sauce and the last of the chicken meatballs (Hubby fessed up that he didn't really like these much, although said they were better in red sauce, and likes the frozen Restaurant Depot, so we likely won't get them again.) With some fresh herbs and parm.
  7. This is too funny. Just the other day I went to Harris Teeter across from my office to grab a salad. They had an old fashioned broccoli salad (bacon, probably mayo and not GG dressing and a few other things) that I ended up getting and it really made me crave this salad, potentially sans raisins. Last night was dinosaur sized pork chops from Costco (I thought they were stacked and they were thick cut, not double chops, but they were in fact HUGE double chops) with mural of flavor seasoning from Penzey's. Seared then baked in the oven. On the side was cherry tomatoes, squash, onion and spinach sauteed in olive oil with parsley and oregano. We couldn't eat all of the chops, so I need to figure out what I want to do with some leftover pork chop pieces.
  8. While on this topic, can I just say- as I get a little older, I REALLY appreciate when there are dots or lines across a wine list from the name to the price in some way. Big wine lists can be more taxing on my vision than they used to be. And when I am out with my Mom, even with her readers on she really can have trouble reading the smaller print on some wine lists. I really like when the server reconfirms the maker and type of wine, and when they discreetly confirm the price on the menu by pointing to it, as well. I have once ordered a more expensive bottle than I meant to based on just not going across correctly in terms of the price. It wasn't as big of a difference as the above, and it was fine and we liked the wine, but it is never fun to have that kind of surprise when dining out.
  9. Chestertown Bad Alfred's Distillery- there was a guy set up with buck a shuck oysters outside, so we got 2 dozen oysters, and cocktails from BAD, I got a Kentucky mule with their bourbon. The oysters were good (He will be at the Wine and Cheese place next month), cocktail was good. You can get pizza there, we didn't, but it looked pretty good. Evergrain Bread Company- pastries are not cheap here, but they were very good, especially the ham, cheese and potato hand pie and blueberry muffin. Galena We went to the Kitty Knight Tavern on Saturday night and I had the chicken marsala. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. My Mom's salmon looked good, but the risotto looked thick. I had a bite of her friend's chicken cacciatore and that was good. Rock Hall We went to Waterman's on Sunday and had steamed shrimp, hush puppies, fried crabcake, fried oysters, baked potato, vegetable medley, fish tacos. The fish tacos were cod, but hey they were good. The fried oysters were really good, not gamey at all. The crabcake was ok, it had a filler that wasn't my favorite. The vegetable medley was actually fresh sauteed veggies- cabbage, green beans, onion and corn that was better than I expected. The shrimp were steamed perfectly and I liked the hush puppies. I know this place gets slammed in the summer, off season they are missing some of their menu, which I can understand.
  10. I went with Eric, and I left really having enjoyed a few items, but I am just not sure I see the big price justification over some of the pretty nice places for Indian in Fairfax county. I didn't think the menu was that more punjabi than other places. I liked the texture of the paneer, it seemed grilled. I thought the fish was very good. I really was impressed with the cooking of the cauliflower head as a whole. The chaat was good. The breads weren't any better than others you get, and the lemon and sundried tomato oils really I thought distracted instead of adding to the bread, I didn't like those flavors. It wasn't bad at all. I just don't know that I would go back and pay that much more for Indian food...
  11. It was a package of fresh cut slices in the refrigerated section of Lotte.
  12. I made this Food and Wine recipe for Mapo Eggplant. I upped the chili sauce as I wanted it spicier, and I added bok choy and lotus root as I didn't have quite as much eggplant as called for in the recipe. Served with wild and brown rice. https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/ma-po-eggplant-in-garlic-sauce Hubby despite not liking mapo tofu, and not being very excited when I said mapo eggplant, ate two helpings so, I think we did good. --- Lotus Root (Smita Nordwall)
  13. The buds are also commonly dried and eaten on some lily varieties. If you google, there is some information on species (not uncommon) and recipes. I will pay attention the next time I am at an Asian grocery and see if I see them. Going to China was really eye opening how much of a plant they eat compared to what plants and what parts of plants we eat. We seem to be wasting a lot of plants...
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