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    Jack of all trades- mediator, family law attorney, but I get pulled in on random other civil litigation matters. I cook, bake, make jewelry, garden, can, etc, etc. I enjoy eating out. I previously enjoyed: throwing large dinner parties for friends, traveling. I am still volunteering, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. I stopped doing the WW App during covid, but I still try to follow a lot of the eating habits. I lost 10 lbs during covid, but my thyroid has been just going crazy suddenly dropping and etc so it's been hard to keep the 10 off let alone lose more. But hopefully the increased dose of medicine will help. We got an echelon bike, and I make myself exercise 4 times a week, sometimes more. The increased working out has helped so that I could worry just a little less what I was eating during covid. I haven't gone crazy by any means though. Good on everyone for the above!!! Going back to th
  2. The Hinata Sushi location in Old Town has been really good since they opened. I think it is one of the higher quality sushi restaurants right now. I also got a Katsu box the other day for lunch and that was a really nice box with a huge pork cutlet (it wasn't bad, but it wasn't Tokyo either). I think this is better than Zento, Momo, etc. I haven't been to the Handover yet, but honestly right now I feel like they are on the top of their game, so I am happy they aren't far from my office.
  3. Evening Star continues to just have one of the best outdoor spaces to eat in Alexandria. I went Saturday night with friends. While the menu is fairly sandwich heavy right now, the sandwiches all looked good, and the one I had a Rueben was very good. We also got the cauliflower and it was fairly spicy this time (the spice level can be up and down) I thought it was excellent. I miss some of their more creative dishes, but things are hard right now, and am just really happy to have such a nice spot to dine out with people.
  4. Delivery from Kabob Palace was quick and all the meat was prepared perfectly, even for delivery. I got the combo lamb and chicken kabobs. While it isn't cheap, the portions are really quite large, it has made a couple meals for me. I like Arlington Kabob better for sides, but Kabob Palace does meats really well.
  5. The ARP Group has opened two new restaurants at Robinson Terminal- Ada's on the River and Barca. https://www.adasontheriver.com/ We wandered down that way for dinner, Barca had no openings, so we ate at Ada's on the River. The concept is really pretty inside, and has a really nice patio outside. A friend had told me the entrees were very big, so we opted to just start with the charcoal brioche to start. It was good, but I wasn't super fond of the orange butter. For entrees Hubby got the salmon and I got the half chicken. He really liked the salmon and ate it in no time, so it mu
  6. Went to eat outside with friends. We got the three course menu. I started with the cauliflower, which was really good with beet, tahini, zatar, but just ahuge portion and I ate too much. I had bouillabaisse which was a really great dish, but I couldn't finish it because I had eaten too much cauliflower and dipped too much good bread in the broth. For dessert I had a chocolate hazelnut layer cake. It was too much food, so I took it home and enjoyed it the next day, it was still really good. The patio was really nice, our waiter was funny and nice, wine was good, we had a really nice mea
  7. I got the mild sandwich for lunch in Alexandria, because I was headed to court and didn't want to tempt fate. I thought it had good flavor, but it was super messy and fell apart, which I didn't find appealing. They were out of okra, so I got sweet potato waffle fries, which were really good. I would go back and try something spicier. I might do the tenders, or a sandwich with no slaw, although the slaw is a nice flavor combo.
  8. Is this the same place as the Alexandria location? I can't tell since the website is essentially non-existant, or I can't find it?
  9. We went to Pho Kim the other day while visiting Tuesday Morning, there was no one there, so we ate inside. We had two Bahn Mi and some Cha Gio. The Bahn Mi were good, light rolls, good filling. The Cha Gio weren't the best, not bad, just not noteworthy. We kind of thought we should order noodle soup since we got to eat inside, but we weren't in the mood for hot food, so it is what it is.
  10. Delivery last night- pork buns (fine, but nothing exciting), vegetable dumplings (I thought these were really good, better than a lot of vegetable dumplings, they had a nice blend of veggies), chicken dumplings (fine), a chicken dish hubby ordered that I don't know the name of, cold noodles with meat sauce, duck fried rice (not as good as I had hoped), and string beans which were good. This is one of our couple delivery options that is decent in our area, they deliver pretty quick and food is good. We miss Hunan Gate though.
  11. We ate here on the heated upstairs patio two weeks ago and had a really nice dinner. Chef's choice. We had a beet and radish salad, lamb pita, dumplings (not a ravioli, but I forget the shape) in a cream sauce, clams with XO sauce, roasted chicken and key lime pie. We had just had a really good key lime pie from Red Truck Bakery, and this one wasn't quite as good, but everything was prepared nicely. It was nice to eat outside and the patio was nicely heated. It wasn't the meal of the century, but as we hadn't eaten out in months, it was the meal of the last few months for us. I would defin
  12. We got the pain campagne with our CSA order (Number1sons), and it was lovely and kept a long time. They also have the palladin rolls. And some specials. I wish there was more available.
  13. Anyone have a good carry-out/delivery experience from any of the Ethiopian restaurants in Arlington/Alexandria/Falls Church area?
  14. Number1sons does delivery of a lot of their farmer's market friend's products. They have apples and are adding more, you might check them out, they will deliver too!
  15. I had the sausage breakfast scones from Red Truck Bakery, which I thought were a little salty, especially as they had extra flaked salt on top. They would have been better with some apple butter on them. I dunno, I love a good biscuit, this should have been up my alley, but the flavor was just very salty.
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