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    I am an attorney with the firm Rich, Rosenthal, Manitta, Dzubin and Kroeger who practices mainly family law, but I get pulled in on random other civil litigation matters.

    I enjoy cooking, baking and eating out. I also enjoy traveling, volunteering, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. What's the difference between a baking steel and a cast iron griddle?
  2. ktmoomau

    The Sackler Family, the Opioid Crisis, and "Toxic Donors"

    It is pretty hard to find non-toxic donors in my mind... Kaufmann in Pittsburg wasn't a saint, Getty neither, none of the "robber barons" (Mellon, Carnegie, Vanderbuilt, Rockefeller, etc). So what is a non-profit to do? I am not saying this is great, but if the non-profit doesn't take the money and do good with it, then even more of their money will be kept in their own pockets not doing anything good for the general public. I just don't know any way of making sure your donors stay "clean" for their whole lives. (Anyway, just my humble opinion that no one really cares about)
  3. Whoa, really? (I went to the website, and I still can't quite wrap my head around this)
  4. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Veggie Rigatoni (I don't really know how much veggie is actually in veggie pasta, I am sure it's just a marketing ploy), italian sausage, shallot and butternut squash with olive oil, parsley and parm.
  5. ktmoomau

    Pasta Classes by Fabio Trabocchio - Round 2

    Well I got an email about early sign up because I wanted to stay on the mailing list, as I didn't get in last round for this class. I replied back to the email as soon as I got it. But I assume it's the same as the last class and your email: reservations@fabiotrabocchi.com
  6. But you are right this is an actual thing and how the word is meant to be used- you can get a bespoke suit- which is different from a tailored suit. It is something wholly made custom for you to the exact specifications and measurements you want, and I don't mean they have your measurements on some sight and made you a custom suit. You choose fabric cuts, you have it made to your exact porportions, etc. You can get bespoke shoes, suits, a bespoke wedding dress, this is the correct use of this word. A bespoke cocktail is not a thing, it's a cocktail made the way you wanted, so it's a cocktail.
  7. ktmoomau

    Pasta Classes by Fabio Trabocchio - Round 2

    Even getting advance notice, I still couldn't get into the classic egg pasta class. I did make it into the semolina one instead.
  8. Had dinner at Northside 10 last night. Happy Hour runs from 4-7pm I believe. Last night was .80 wings and half priced burgers, I believe. And they also took a little off glasses of wine and etc. I had a glass of wine, and the steak salad. The steak came out medium rare, which is delightful for steak salad, I never get steak cooked right on that, it had dressing on the side, blue cheese and onion straws. I could have gone with a few more veggies in the salad, they probably would have put some in on request, but I think I like more veggies than the average person eating out. With the mist/rain parking was much appreciated. Service at the bar was attentive, but I was also there to meet up with someone, and wasn't obtrusive. Solid, I will be back. I still haven't gone with Hubby.
  9. Agree on bespoke- unless we are talking tailoring, shoemaking, haute couture then it is just a word you are throwing around.
  10. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Teriyaki beef tacos with spinach, pickled onion, lettuce, yakisoba sauce.
  11. Right now I can make all the above dates, so waiting for others to fill in!
  12. Got crispy tacos this past weekend at Del Ray and they were on point. This is going to sound terrible, but I miss the ambiance of North Arlington. You just have a little more space and it feels a bit more leisurely. But you can't deny the crispy tacos.
  13. Well it seems like they are staying alive- for now. We went on their "last" evening and they weren't running any bottle specials, so I figured they weren't closing. Service was ackingly slow, as the bartenders were also servers and it was busy, but I am sure they are trying to keep expenses as low as they can. The food was good. I treated myself and ate some fries, which were excellent. I also had seafood stew, which was good. Friends brought snacks to a winery on Sunday from there, so maybe they have a chance. I really hope so, it just seems like it is going to be a difficult road.
  14. My Mom and I wanted to try out the new Annapolis Market House, as one of the owners lives down the street from her, and I was interested to see it's latest iteration. I felt like it was a more modern markethouse, similar to what you would see in other areas now. I know people lament the downfall of the old market house, but it is just never going to go back to that. I thought the areas were nice- there was a grab and go sandwich, salad, grain bowl, etc area, a bakery and coffee area, an ice cream place, a small market, and then a bar area with a seafood menu. Mom got a seafood salad from the bar area which was very tasty- fresh veggies and smokey, grilled seafood with a nice vinaigrette on top. I had a salmon grain bowl with beets and goat cheese, which was also good. They offered to warm it up for me, and I think it would have actually been better cold as more salad like, but it was still good. Mom's salad was better though. We both got glasses of wine, and it was a nice place to sit for a while and just hang out. I believe a farmer's market will be starting around it again when it warms up. Anyway, I would think in the summer it will be a good place to grab some lunch and take across the street to the docks.