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    Jack of all trades- mediator, family law attorney, but I get pulled in on random other civil litigation matters. I cook, bake, make jewelry, garden, can, etc, etc. I enjoy eating out. I previously enjoyed: throwing large dinner parties for friends, traveling. I am still volunteering, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. Chincoteaque We ate at only places we could eat outdoors. We stayed at the Days Inn- I don't recommend it, but they had a waffle machine and a pool and rooms at the last minute. 1) CJ's this was a place with an outdoor screened in porch. They oyster rockefeller were very good, I had seafood pasta that had almost ramen like noodles and lots of broth (a cross between pasta dish and bouillibasse), Mom's stuffed flounder also looked excellent. 2) Salty Pony Donuts- eh, same style as duck doughnuts, not really my thing. 3) Salt Seafood- very good oysters and shrimp, but they were out of clams and crabs every day we tried to order those. If the brewery next door is open you can eat there, it wasn't the day we went. 4) Don's Seafood- we ate outdoors and there were a few issues with what you could get outdoors vs indoors and not, BUT the food was the best we had on the island- seriously great oysters, good soft shells, the green bean side was actually fresh, hush puppies were good, Hubby loved his fresh fish of the day (I think it was rockfish), everyone really liked their food. There was a band at waterfront park as we were eating that was fun. 5) Pico Taqueria- the corn tortillas were thick and needed griddled a lot more, but all the fillings were great. So get flour tortillas. 6) Woody's Serious BBQ- Ribs were falling off the bone, saucy, good, not the best, but not bad at all, better than what you find in the DC area. The pulled pork was good. Baked beans aren't my thing, but they were well liked. The other sides we got were cornbread and apple sauce. Was a weird side selection, not that it was bad, just odd, but the meat was good.
  2. Grilled bratwurst and half smokes with pesto pasta salad with: zucchini, corn, tomatoes, wax pepper, green beans. Aka all the stuff from the garden. Roast beef sandwiches with pepper mustard, swiss, tomato on really good rye bread. 72 hour sous vide short ribs, leftover pesto pasta salad.
  3. Max is now 11. He has gotten hard of hearing, although we laugh that like any old man, we don't what the percentage of can't hear vs. don't want to hear actually is at this point. He will get into anything tasty or marginally tasty when we are gone, and we have to be very careful with guest bags, he can unzip zippers, unsnap snaps, delicately open plastic bags, and also just rip things apart to get to food. Luckily he doesn't eat anything not food product. But for 15 lbs he can get into a lot more than you think. Prior to having Max, Hubby kind of wanted a standard size poodle, we now can't imagine any dog as smart as Max with the ability to reach more things than he can... He loves coconut oil pills, fish oil pills, that granola bar you left in your briefcase from work. He tried to open my Mom's veggie powder last time she was with us. I am always a bit worried when he is around my nephews as they have never had dogs and don't know what is poisonous to them, and often leave doors open. I generally am constantly closing pantry doors behind them. Honestly, he is a great and generally very well behaved dog, who is super gentle with kids and normally gets along with most dogs, but he will take full advantage of situations when left to his own devices. He does get bits of our morning yogurt left in the bottom of the cup, a little meat from time to time, he loves fish and will give you sad eyes for sushi, and of course pizza and ham are at the top of his list. His best days in life are when Matt uses the smoker. But I am also very, very conscientious of his weight, so he only gets small bits of things, and we feed him fairly fancy dog food. I always say if I am really good in this life I will come back as a bichon.
  4. We actually are really well situated for solar panels, our townhouse has no big trees or buildings, we generally get 8-10 hours of sunlight on the flat roof, but the cost hasn't really made it worthwhile. We were hoping our HOA might do something as a group to help make it a bit more affordable, but nothing on that as of yet. We keep it in the back of our mind.
  5. Well I traveled to Sarasota, Hilton Head x2, Charleston and other places locally (within 2-3 hour range) since May. We are still evaluating were to take a big trip. Friends who were going to get married in Austria have once again postponed the reception (they got legally married). My work schedule has really picked up so major travel likely won't happen for a few months. I would have loved to have hit Europe this summer with so few tourists, but alas that is what it is.
  6. Wish I would have known this! But luckily there was street parking in the back street. Hubby and I went to Boru Sunday, we were going to go to Gaijin, mainly because I like some of the other appetizers there, but they are take-out only right now. And I wanted fresh ramen and didn't feel like leaving Alex/Arl area. I got the Tantan Ramen and Hubby got to Tonkotsu. He thought his was fine enough, but mine was very good. The bowl I had was better than Gaijin by a long shot. I thought it had good spice without being overly spicy, had a very good amount of pork, and the noodles were good.
  7. We had a really nice meal at Metier. I will voice one slight complaint... you go down in their basement and then they have a QR code for the drink menu. There was no guest wifi provided, and no cell phone service on our phones. We had to borrow our friends phone to see the wine list and wine pairings. I found this frustrating, AND you have to go back and forth between multiple pages for wine list, wine pairing list, glass list, bottle list, one a phone in a dimly lit space which wasn't conducive to actually being able to see anything or have service. I get that it's covid, but then they handed us regular menus with the dinner menu for the evening. Honestly, just provide regular wine menus. There were like 3 tables there when we were there, if you need to have one for each table that gets wiped down, it doesn't have to be the prettiest wine list, it can have plastic pages to be wiped down, I would far prefer that than a QR code that I then have to navigate like 5 different tiny screens. Other than that small glitch, the evening was really lovely, we got the wine pairings. The highlights for me were an uni dish, a really fantastic halibut with lentils that were just perfect, mini little parker house rolls that I would honestly go back in the kitchen find a couple pans of and pour in my purse and run out like a banshee for, a really good white chocolate and caramel dessert, and then of course the little cart of desserts. The wine pairings were really nice, as well. I thought they were all nicely planned out. It was lovely to have an evening of white tablecloths and incredible service. It was a really nice place to have special dinner with people we really enjoy the company of, where we could talk and enjoy the evening.
  8. I just got Dessert Person, which I am excited about, but looking through it, some recipes are fairly seasonal- kumquats, persimmon, figs, etc , but it isn't a huge amount of recipes, and I like that I can go watch her make some of the recipes on youtube. And some items are just fairly different than what are in my normal dessert cookbooks. I have actually been using an old Martha Stewart cookbook a lot actually, I opened it to get a muffin recipe I like in it, and forgot how many other things it had. I have Indian-ish out on my counter and was going to spend a little time cooking through some things in it.
  9. I ended up cooking the shiso down with some ginger and garlic, and I used it in some sichuanese cold noodles with chili oil, carrots, green onion, peppers. Red beans and rice with some nice Stachowski andouille. Lamb burgers with a side of melon. Chicken, green lentils, eggplant and cherry tomatoes to use up some of my cherry tomatoes.
  10. Recent trip to Charleston and we ate at a number of really good places: The Ordinary- we had oysters, wahoo and Carolina rice pudding. We just sat at the bar and had cocktails, and food. I loved all the sauces that came with the oysters and they were very good. The fish was excellent. I liked the pudding too (although it was consumed more to soak up the many cocktails I had). We then wandered next door to the Felix for more cocktails, this was a very good and bad idea... Brunch at Eli's Table- a very nice bartender nursed us back to life with coffee, iced tea and diet coke, burgers the size of your head, fried green tomatoes, etc, while entertaining us with funny stories. It was a rough morning, and the walking tour in scorching heat didn't help. We then went back to the pool for a bit and cooled down and people watched at the pool. The next evening, we went to Indaco and I thought the pasta dishes were really creative and well executed, I would have eaten about one of everything on the menu. The pizza was very good, but not really special in any way, but the pastas definitely were. Brunch at Tempest-the food was a bit fru fru for me, especially for breakfast, and there was drama while we were there in terms of staff unrest, apparently they had just started kitchen tipping, and it was taking away from waiter tipping, whom were already short staffed, so it was a bit of a mess. BUT the food was good. Very rich. I think dinner here would likely be good, once they figure out how to get their staff appropriately accomodated. The final day we had drinks at the champage bar in the Bennet hotel, which was super girly and cute, then we went to Uptown Social for more cocktails, this place had a nice cocktail program. We then had dinner at Leon's. It is the 2nd time I have been, and it remains very good. While the menu isn't crazy creative, everything was very good- char grilled oysters, chicken, pea salad and another side. The oysters and chicken just really are good, and I like the vibe here. We stayed at the Ryder hotel, which had a super cute cocktail bar attached the pool, which was a constant scene. The rooms were nice, and location was good. The hotel staff was super young, (except the bar) but very nice.
  11. I would love to go if I am available (3rd weekend would not be available, but otherwise I think likely).
  12. https://rosemarydc.com/ https://woodleyparkmainstreet.org/f/community-member-spotlight-fred-darricarrere?blogcategory=Community+Member+Spotlight Formerly chef at Petit Plats opened this bistro in summer 2020. My brother and his kids are regulars here, the kids love the chocolate mousse. I have gone with them for brunch and dinner and had really nice experiences. The menu is Japanese/French in a way that is clean, modern and creative. I really like the salmon tartare, and mushroom starter with poached egg. I had their fish special last time I was there and the sole the time before and was very happy each time. Hubby got the chicken on the menu and I had a bite of that and it is very good. The beef bourguignon is amazing on a cold day. The Chef is really nice and very involved in the restaurant. This isn't a cross state lines for type of place, but it is a venture out of your neighborhood type of place. It's not super fancy inside, it's more of a neighborhood gem.
  13. Thanks for the pictures, I was trying to decide between a couple nice restaurants for my birthday. I just really wanted somewhere that felt like a fancy experience at this point, this sealed the deal.
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