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  1. I got delivery the other night just to try it out- I just got chicken tikka and naan. Simple, but fine, not at all bad or inedible, so not sure if something has changed, seems like it was changing hands before. I liked that I got a little aloo gobi with it. I thought the naan had very nice texture. It wasn't a steal, but I didn't think it was overly expensive either- not huge portions, but not a huge price-tag either, and the naan you got two per order. I got it because it was close the the house and came quickly.
  2. ktmoomau

    Penzeys Spices

    I think Penzey's is running a pretty good deal if you need a spice right now... 4/S salt, italian herb and southwest spice free if you go to a store (and ma ) and 1/2 cup jar up to $10.49 in value for free in stores. You can get it online, but there will be shipping, but they dropped the minimum shipping charge to $25. You need the email or coupon, but can sign up here: http://spices.penzeys.com/coupon.html?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTTJNd09ETXlZV1k0TmpZeCIsInQiOiI0eVpYXC94TzdhXC85clBIVkZyQUVldWhiSmljRzFOSmcybFhkcWlQbXBpZ01WeG9wZjR1UnJEbU82Wk95U3kyNWVFY0VKbjc3QjZ6VVJBQ082ZFBZbHg3RTRUcUJ1dmVaZlNVUEJCOFRqaytXRFVxWExVdkdvNFwvaFNNNHZ4Rm5RSCJ9 Anyway, I think I may stop by on my way out...
  3. ktmoomau


    So what is the right texture? I have never had one, but I would try baking some to taste it- it is a bagel that isn't boiled- it doesn't have malt or sugar, and has a little less flour, so I would think it would be somewhat dense and glutenous, but not quite as much as a bagel, it is supposed to be flatter, but a lot of pictures look like it still raises like a bagel? It would be a little crispier, as well, without the boiling?
  4. ktmoomau


    I think the problem likely is that they don't sell a lot of them, so they aren't being baked from fresh as often? It seems like the main complaints above is being hard or dense... which may just be that they are a day old or being re-heated? Looking at how you make them, it doesn't seem to be terribly complicated, so I am surprised no one could find a good one- unless NY City water or something makes a big difference in the dough taste.
  5. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Well I thinned the tomato soup a bit with some milk and water and it was better, but still not my favorite. But I made a gouda and country ham grilled cheese to go with it, and that made it much better. The salty and gooey worked well with my soup, which wasn't bland, but wasn't exciting.
  6. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night I made tomato soup- but I didn't really love it. I need a recipe that doesn't use cream- it can use milk as I can sub LF milk, so if anyone has a good tomato soup recipe they like, I am all eyes! We had it with ham biscuits, the ham was a little thick, I should have baked it crisper. Oh well, lessons learned.
  7. ktmoomau

    Western Maryland

    Garrett County Was up for the weekend, mainly ate at the house, but... Sloppy Dawgs has opened in Oakland, I haven't tried it yet. Wendy's Town Restaurant has turned into The Diner, haven't tried it yet. Another couple places are scheduled to open. We ate at Ace's- they do traditional turkey dinners all over on Autumn Glory weekend, so that is what I got. The mashed potatoes, root vegetables, stuffing and cornbread were all very good. The turkey itself could have been better, it seemed to be sort of shredded into large chunks- and some were a bit dry. We also went to Mountain State Brewpub and got three medium pizzas and a large house salad- the salad was huge, the pizzas were also larger than I expected- we got a pesto and proscuitto, fire on the mountain and margherita- all of which were good. They warned our friend not to order tap water here, and offered bottled, but she insisted, it wasn't a good thing to insist on, get beer or bottled water.
  8. I just made my husband go- we needed the pretzels, bottled water and diet coke to take to my Mom's this weekend, and he works nearby, so- I figured if they didn't have it, I already did a web search and new Total Wine had it and figured I could hit them up on the way out of town if need be.
  9. ktmoomau

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Last night was hummus topped with olive tapenade, sausage, pepper, onion, roasted tomato and toasted pine nuts. Eaten with pita.
  10. So they did have it, but as a note, it was the same by the bottle price at Total Wine. Also, online it said they had frozen soft pretzels, they did not today, or my husband couldn't find them- he did find non-frozen soft pretzel bites, which will do in a pinch.
  11. I am sure I have been since my last post! I do appreciate the food and bar here, always has been solid for a meal. The cauliflower sounds good, might have to stop in sometime I am over that way.
  12. Thanks so much for sharing some time with us- I think this is the first time someone on this site said they weren't qualified to answer a question- hahahha.
  13. I drove by Liberty Center (II???) on my way home from picking something up on Nextdoor and thought to myself, that with Taylor closing so quickly and likely screwing them on rent, and the other retail tenants being 3 Isabella joints, they must be praying those checks cash or that bankruptcy payment plan includes good terms for them.
  14. Had district dumplings the other day- mix and match bulgogi, curry, kale, edamame and pork and something. We also did the soup dumplings and split them. I thought the soup dumpling wrappers were a bit thick, especially on top, so you ended up with some spurters, Bob's is definitely better, but much further away than where we live. I thought the other dumplings had great flavors, but the wrappers were kind of a hot mess and kept falling apart. So tasty, but could use a little work. I might try to copy some of the fillings though, I thought they were all really tasty. Will be interesting to compare to the dumpling place in Pendleton Carryout.