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  1. The girls have such long hair, they look like they had a nice time, despite all that. Did you feel like there were a lot of people there, or did it feel safe-ish?
  2. Aww man, Hunan Gate was firing on all cylinders for take out on Sunday night. It may have been one of the best take out meals I have had from there. We got hand pulled noodles with meat sauce, Szechuan string beans, dumpling with pork and sour napa, and cumin lamb. The dumplings have a decidedly thick skin, they aren't the best dumpling wrappers, but I really like the sour napa filling and the slightly sour flavor really balanced the meal as a whole. I should learn how to make these. The cumin lamb was excellent, the hand pulled noodle sauce was really good and these noodles are kind of thick with some chew, but nicely cooked and balanced out the decidedly spicy string beans (very good, but def spicy- lived up to their namesake), and mala of the cumin lamb. Everything was super hot and fresh. The lovely lady who manages the place remembered me when I called to place my order, and said she had missed us. We miss Hunan Gate, as well. This might be one of the places we miss the most from our former address.
  3. Just had Al's for lunch, as I had never eaten there. I got the mushrooms, grn pepper and steak sandwich with onion rings. I got the sandwich sans tomato. I thought this was pretty good. I don't know that it needs the mayo, although I decidedly like mayo. The meat isn't super beefy, but I don't think it is bad either. I think it is definitely Steak and Cheese category, not Cheesesteak, but as I am not a huge seeker of cheesesteaks, it suits my tastes just fine. I saved half for later, as it is a big sandwich and I got onion rings.
  4. So- I am going to see my Mother who is older. But I feel very lucky as she has a really nice front porch, back porch and she has an old fashioned house which has a whole house fan which draws fresh air through the house and up through the attic. So my Mom and I have put in a protocol- if some of this is helpful for you. I generally try to quarantine the week before I see her. I make only absolutely essential stops along the way- for these I have my mask and disposable gloves, wipes and throw the wipes/gloves away when exiting. I wear my mask when inside with her, or outside if I am worried we might not be as distanced as we should be (esp with kids I think this is good, it's what I do with my nephews- when they were up Mom wore her mask as you never know when someone was going to get hit by the other and come screaming, crying into your arms). I have a bunch of masks. I sleep upstairs with windows open, so that my air goes out and doesn't populate her space and I can have my mask off all night. We try to be outside as much as possible. When making meals, I keep one side of the sink with warm, soapy water, anything I touch goes in there, and then I put it into dishwasher (I avoid things that can't be dishwashed, except knives that I hand wash). I wipe down the kitchen and bathroom frequently with wipes and use a separate bathroom than her. We try not to touch each other and have no purposeful touchings- which is so hard. I put all fabrics that I have used- towels, sheets, blankets in washing machine when I leave. We have assigned seats in her home, so that I have certain seats and she has her seats. Etc. Etc. There are a few more things, but you generally get the point. When my brother and his family was up, my Mom stayed up the street at my Aunt and Uncles house and they stayed at my Mom's house and she came home a few days after they left to let fabric services decontaminate, and then wiped down all the other surfaces. And they all saw each other outside. Don't know if you have other family up there and could do something like this. It is a fair amount of extra things to think about, but I found writing down the protocol I would have and sharing with her, my aunt and uncle, etc, made us all feel better, and we all know the rules. It is so hard with kids. Now that I have done it twice, we have the protocol down more and it is easier.
  5. Scratch that... Well we decided that post-Corona we are going with our good friends to Croatia and Austria. It's good to have things to look forward to, even if it might take a while.
  6. It's bad out there. I don't know what the solution is. We are trying to do take out/delivery a few nights a week. But I also don't want to drive a really far way to do pick up either just for a weeknight- because Hubby and I have been working crazy hours and are tired, as well. Add on to that then if I want to see my Mom, I am trying to do stay at home pretty thoroughly for a week before I go. I wish we had better leadership across the board to think of creative solutions. And I am not just talking about the national level- I am talking all the way down to the local level.
  7. Well I accidentally got a double order of sausages from Stachowskis (I know this is just terrible, right?). So we have been eating a lot of sausage. Last week I made pasta with kale, sweet Italian chicken sausage, onion, in a garlic, butter, lemon, white wine sauce. We also took half smokes/german white sausages over to a friend's back yard with slaw and watermelon. I may have then repeated this for another dinner with our renter on our back patio. I also made "beef and broccoli" with venison tenderloin. I might be a little sausaged out for a few days- so a lot of them went in the freezer.
  8. No, def not provolone, I think Emmental is likely, but it didn't seem to be your generic one is all, it just seemed like a thicker slice of something that was non like grocery store quality.
  9. I went really far down on the menu and got a Fat Molly pita, that was tasty, but it is a fork and knife kind of pita. But it was tasty.
  10. I made some granola bars because I had a bunch of pecans, but I don't love them. I would like them to be crunchier and I want another spice besides just cinnamon and vanilla, maybe like a graham masala or something??? Ideas? All the crunchy ones had flaxseed meal though in the recipe, and I didn't have any of that. They are fine, but I want them to be better next time.
  11. It was gooier than I thought most swiss cheese was... It definitely wasn't run of your mill sliced swiss, it was gooier and more yellow, with the tang though of swiss.
  12. The past three days lunch has been everything bagels from Bullfrog Bagels, with smoked salmon spread from Cold Country Salmon with either roasted beets or some grape tomatoes from the garden. Or leftover hot dogs. Lunch is kind of a reoccurring theme: leftovers.
  13. That Funky Cuban was really good! If they did the pressed bread with a little crunch, oh man! But even without, the pork was really juicy, I liked the pickle, and it seemed to have really high quality cheese? Was that just my imagination? It seemed like really good cheese.
  14. Just made it because I was in a hurry- julienne sliced fennel, apple, added goat cheese, chopped bacon, and put some balsamic vinaigrette I made on it. In the past I have followed recipes, but it was pretty darn good just like that.
  15. Last night was cedar plank salmon with caesar salad. Saturday night was hot dogs and half smokes from Stachowskis on the grill with an apple/fennel/bacon/goat cheese slaw and watermelon. Friday night was soba noodles with carrot, cabbage, shrimp and a soy/chili sauce. Tonight was leftover salmon with the soba noodles.
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