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  1. I've only been to 5! So I guess I have some new places to try out.
  2. Last night was more veggie curry, rice and flatbread. Need to get some energy and bounce back for some cooking tonight.
  3. Hubby and I ended up at Mason Social when we couldn't get into Chop Shop, as he had never been before. I think Mason Social has a decent happy hour, and I like their smaller dishes- empanadas, egg rolls, wings, quinoa salad, kale salad and things from the bar menu more than entrees generally. I ended up getting the Peruvian Chicken- I know it was a bit of an odd choice from here, but I was feeling kind of indecisive. The chicken was good, as was the green sauce, not like Don Pollo good, but probably as good at like Edy's. The yellow sauce needed a little work. The cucumber tomato salad was really tasty, and fresh. I like my yuca on the overdone side, and this was fine, but it could have been in the fryer just a tad more, and would have benefited from better yellow sauce, but all in all fine. Not the most creative place in town, but it's the type of place that is decent, not too pricey, you can normally get in- it's kind of a take your parents type of place, not in a bad way, sort of like Clyde's in a way.
  4. https://www.chopshoptaco.com/ Hubby and I tried to go to Chop Shop Taco Friday night, but it was so busy that they were only doing carry-out at that point. It was a little on the later side, so we didn't think our chances at bar seating were good either. Happily on Sunday there was plenty of space to be had. They make their own tortillas here, I know as I watched them press them on Sunday. I thought the tortillas quite tasty, they were sturdy enough to hold up and not fall apart even when there was a good bit of sauce, but I thought they had good flavor and weren't bland or too tough. To be honest, I would like to see how they make them, as I was a little jealous, mine are nowhere near this good. They serve the tacos to us in this little cardboard box with three taco slots. I had chicken, brisket and chorizo. The brisket was by far and away the favorite. I thought the flavor was smoky, with nice pickled onion balance, good sauce, the meat was tender, but not too soft. I also liked the chorizo- quite oily- but good flavor with lime crema. The chicken was interesting- my least favorite of the three- it had a mango salsa that was kind of mustardy. It wasn't bad at all, but just not nearly as addictive as the brisket. I would like to try more of the menu. The staff was really nice. I haven't been to Urbano yet, but will probably soon, and will do a comparison, the meat and fillings are way better than Tios and Poblano. This place was really fun, the drinks look nice. It is a small space so it fills up fairly easily.
  5. That's too bad, that was a really nice location, I liked that they had more seating than the Alexandria location, but maybe that was also a downfall.
  6. Yeah, I know we have used some of these caterers for Campagna Events, but I can't remember who did which events when, sorry.
  7. Well I went all out (well not all out, but I did more than scrounge through the fridge) for dinner last night just for me, as I figured Hubby could use some leftovers for tonight and this weekend while I am gone. I made a veggie curry with cauliflower, peas, kale and leeks. I steamed the cauliflower and kale, then took them out, sauteed leek and garlic, then added ginger, cardamon, cumin, curry powder, cayenne, garlic salt sauteed a bit, then added coconut milk, a bit more seasoning, including some tomato sauce I had in the fridge, sriracha, and added the steamed veg back in. It turned out pretty good, with rice and some flatbreads from the freezer.
  8. Last night I warmed up one of the great burgers Hubby made on the grill the other night. Brioche bun, banana peppers, roasted peppers and onions, blue cheese, lettuce and ketchup. The warming up made it a little less juicy and flavorful than the ones right off the grill, but the toppings made up for that. Tonight is probably another solo just me dinner, I get particularly lazy when cooking for just me.
  9. Well a pull off of I-66 to the Apple House in Linden you could get some apple cider doughnuts for breakfast or a real breakfast. On I-81, Staunton- the restaurants downtown aren't a far drive off the highway, but The Shack isn't open for lunch. I mean Wright's Dairy Bar is always a good choice if you are feeling nostalgic for a drive-in. There is a drive through Starbucks between 66 and 64 at Harrisonburg that I frequent on trips across the VA/WV line- don't judge they have non-dairy creamer and restrooms. That is about as far down that drive as I normally go.
  10. Yeah, I always recycle the caps, but who knows how really recycled that is... If I try one, I will let you know. Although I have plenty of caps to go through before I really need another order, I kind of overdid my last order because I wanted the cuban and wanted to try the Parisian ones (although I wasn't super impressed, at least not with the light green one). I drink more coffee, and mostly iced coffee in the summer. My issue is that normally I just don't drink enough coffee to keep ground beans fresh.
  11. I love the Cafecita de Cuba! It's one of my current favorites. I have been making my iced coffee with the arpeggio recently, as my Mom loves the Cuba for her hot morning coffee. I need to get on the ball and make myself some ice cubes... I thought about getting the sleeve for iced coffee, have you tried those?
  12. Hummingbird is still part of their food group. BUT it definitely isn't as fancy as Restaurant Eve was in terms of food. The location is lovely and right on the water, but the food is more casual (and it's in a hotel, so they have a lot of the varied options for hotel guests). I have been for happy hours, and had snacks, but not a full blown meal there, except for a breakfast, which was good.
  13. Another forbidden rice bowl- with kale, curried squash, onions and pepper with a little sriracha and balsamic (sounds like an odd combo, but it worked).
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