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    I am an attorney with the firm Rich, Rosenthal, Manitta, Dzubin and Kroeger who practices mainly family law, but I get pulled in on random other civil litigation matters.

    I enjoy cooking, baking and eating out. I also enjoy traveling, volunteering, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. I have been trying to use up all the small things in our fridge because it died last Friday (I think?), we got a new one on Monday, but it was dented, so a new, new one is coming this weekend. So it was my mission to use up small containers of things. We had: chorizo tacos with spring onion, salsa, and a yogurt sauce with cilantro, chile, and cucumber juice. Composed cheese plate with salami, cheese, gherkins, apple, crackers. Steak, pasta salad, big pot of greens, homemade bread. Bagels with lox and cress. And a whole bunch of other things. Steak, Zoe's copycat slaw, pasta salad. Etc. Between work being crazy, the fridge dying, and just all the craziness on TV, I feel like my energy and excitement over making dinner was zapped for a bit. But I finally made my no-knead bread recipe, and have a bunch of spring onions I need to use, and am picking up meat this weekend, so I should get back into it.
  2. One of my favorite gins has not been easy for me to find in the states, but is called G'vine. It is a gin made with grapes which explains the name. A friend brought me some back from duty free on a trip to Paris after liking it. I was pleasantly surprised to see it mentioned in The Drunken Botanist.
  3. 😆😪 There are some days I miss Annapolis. The Potomac is fine, but it is not the bay, and all the creeks, and etc. Of course I miss Deep Creek Lake far more, but I shutter to think how could it likely is right now.
  4. Fascinating enough, I am still very, very, very slowly losing weight and toning up. I think it is mainly a variation of the HIIT, resistance band, cardio dance and sculpt classes I have been taking on my phone. As I haven't been running very much still. I would like to do it, but between the weather, and crowded trails, the in house work out has been an easier alternative. My goal has been to do at least 30 minutes a day, but that isn't always happening. I think 4-5 days a week is more likely. In good news, this is fairly sustainable. I also think I am just moving more throughout the day, certainly doing more stairs, eating out a bit less, snacking a little less. Even despite buying all the snacks, I have been eating them very slowly, I think more slowly than I did at my office, and having to go down to the first floor from floor 4 for a snack helps not do it. A rower sounds lovely, previously to this all happening, I had been looking at fold up rowers and thinking if there was anywhere in my house I could hide one, as Hubby would row too. I liked rowing at OT and Crossfit- well I didn't enjoy it, but I thought it was a good all around work out, and it was harder to plateau on then say the elliptical.
  5. Dinners have been taken care of the past three nights care of Rose's, for lunch we have had an assortment of fridge things: Chili that was defrosted from the freezer, cereal with fresh strawberries, leftover sausage broccoli pasta, a variant on pad thai with shrimp, cold yakisaoba, lebanese bologna sandwiches, wrap with leftover tandoori chicken and yogurt. Today is likely kale salads.
  6. Hubby and I got the three night package for anniversary the past few days. I was really impressed at the value for three, three course meals. It was really nice to have three nights worth of dinners covered too! Our menu: Wedge salad, with buttermilk dressing, garlic breadcrumbs, Rigatoni Pasta Alla Norma with Eggplant, Strawberry Shortcake. Pork and Lychee salad, chicken katsu, oat cookie with oat milk. Spring Crudite with French Onion Dip, roasted pork with a fresh salsa, rice-cannelini bean, kale. There were also two muffins included, and some candles and etc. Very cute! Everything came packed really nicely with garnishes and sauces separated out, and it had cooking instructions, the first night was microwave only, the second two required brief oven cooking. For me the first night was a real highlight. The pasta was really good with a great rich, spicy, garlic flavor. I liked how they did the cream for the strawberry shortcake a little more solid so it held up. The strawberries were really good and tasted like the height of Spring. The pork and lychee was still very good. I liked the Chicken Katsu a lot, as well. I was really impressed with the rice on the last night, and the pork was cooked really well and had a nice smoke, and still was incredibly juicy and flavorful despite being in the fridge a few days. Hubby thought the crudite was a bit phoning it in, but we both were really, really happy with the meals, and the price, and the whole process. We would do this again with another menu! Hubby has never been to Rose's but would like to go. I have been and no, it wasn't quite the same as in person (I will never forget getting to go with a DR member and friends to the rooftop, that was just so much fun), but you still felt very special and cared for, and it was just a lot of fun, and we felt a little fancier than we have the past few months. So a big, big Thank you to Rose's Luxury as this made our anniversary still feel special, and right now, that is EVERYTHING. For anyone debating doing this, I would highly recommend it. It is a really great value for impressive cooking, and the care and planning that it had to take to make this work over a three night period in the fridge, to still have this quality, they put a lot of work into this, and it shows.
  7. ktmoomau


    The dog refuses at this point to guard the door, or go check when the doorbell is rung, unless it is delivery food (he does somehow know the difference even 4 floors up). So if a burglar is dressed as the pizza man, we will be quite safe. Otherwise, unless the burglar opens his treat jars, open the cheese drawer of the fridge, or shakes a box of goldfish crackers the only salvation we will have is that he really wants to be pet by a stranger right now, so he may distract the burglar long enough with his cute fluffy face for the alarm to signal the cops...
  8. Yes, we have squishy store bought white bread for Hubby, and I will resort to a sandwich on such bread. But to me that isn't really bread. This is super ridiculous, as there is no bake bread I like to make that is ridiculously easy. And it can do a retarded rise in the fridge for days. Really no excuse. And I could also order delicious bread from Junction. I just find that having to do all the things around the home- cooking, cleaning, ordering things so far ahead, work, and just dealing with the everyday anxiety of all this, I just lose momentum that in normal times I would likely have. I think Wapo might have posted the no-knead recipe I use even. Well I feel better in that at least I am not alone on that. But maybe this will be the inspiration I need to do it tonight. I have lots of flour and a decent amount of yeast in reserve.
  9. Last night was spinach stuffed shells that I had put away in the freezer. I probably should have let them bake a bit longer, as the sauce was a tiny bit soupy, but it was still very good, and we ate it. I would have also loved some garlic bread, but didn't plan ahead to make any bread.
  10. Last week was a really busy work week for me, so Hubby mainly ate delivery pizza and leftover delivery pizza. But he grilled out some, as well: We had T-bone steak, zucchini on the grill with parsley potatoes. Then bbq chicken and veggie kabobs. I then took the leftover kabob bits and chopped them up, sauteed in the skillet for a little crunch, and put them on top of a salad with leaf lettuce, feta and lemon vinaigrette. I made- yakisoba with shrimp, roasted onion and pepper, pickled ginger, spinach and egg, which I am eating cold today for lunch. And then yesterday was breakfast tacos for lunch with the leftover potatoes that I fried, last of the spinach, peppers, onions, bacon, scrambled eggs.
  11. Since I last posted I have had meals at: Taqueria Poblano- margs are so, so good. Hubby's crispy tacos made the journey back to our house and warmed in the oven better than expected. The shells in my tostada were a little soggy (to be expected), but I ate it with chips which made it quite crispy. The whole meal was a little pricier than I expected (I have no idea what the margaritas cost so it was probably that), but I was happy to support them and it was good. El Paso- Enchiladas were still great, everything came in containers you could pop right into the oven or microwave. Pork Barrel BBQ- the collard greens here are amazing, the potlicker is really good. I could eat quarts of these greens regularly. The pulled pork was good, they have sweet cornbread, but I like it. The cucumber salad was forgettable, as was the red slaw (essentially slaw with bbq sauce/dressing mix). I like the potato salad. We also got burnt ends which were fine. But honestly- pork, greens, cornbread were all great. They did pick up very well. Souvlaki Bar- got a bowl as I couldn't find a greek salad with the chicken yeero. The bowl wasn't quite as good, I will call in my order next time, as I like the salad better. Monterey's Pizza- they closed for a short period, but are back open, hooray! This is our favorite neighborhood delivery pizza. Lost Dog- They just do delivery so well. It has always been a big part of their business and they just nail it every time. Italian Place- I really like the Ovi with peppers added on. I feel like there were a few others I just don't remember.... We have gotten beverage delivery from Market to Market and Aslin. And I got an extra shipment from my wine club.
  12. We just got Pork Barrel BBQ last night. We walked over to get it and walked home (with face masks) so that Max got an extra little walk too. Order was ready when we got there. We got pulled pork family meal and added on some burnt ends. Sides of collard green, potato salad and red slaw (slaw mixed with a little bbq sauce). The burnt ends were fine, but everything else was good, with the pulled pork and collards being really good. We also have gotten: Junction Bakery, Monterey's Pizza (who is giving staff a short rest as they were super busy), both of which were good. Souvlaki Bar - they need to update their online menu so you can order a greek salad with chicken yeero. Right now you have to do it as one of their bowls, and I don't think the salad is as good that way, and you don't get as much chicken. I will call in my order next time and walk to pick it up. On my list of up next are: El Paso for enchiladas, Nasime. --- The National Drive-Thru Market (curls) Profish (lion) Little Serow (Marty L.) Sushi Taro (Ericandblueboy)
  13. So excited to have this thread back. It might be my favorite thread! Since I last posted I have made: Grilled chicken thighs marinated in tahini dressing, with grilled romaine. Picadillo with ground lamb instead of beef, brown rice (I could have made cuban rice, I just... didn't). Ham and bean soup with a leftover ham bone in the freezer, and bag of items I froze for stock, and soda bread. I used very large dried lima beans that I quite liked the size and texture. The Quick Quiche with puff pastry that was on WaPo, with cheddar, ham and broccoli as a filling. Spaghetti Al Biano. Spaghetti and turkey meatballs. Chicken Sausages on the grill, with Caesar salad (used the last of the dressing that came from Mt. Vernon up) Wild boar cooked in tomatillo sauce, which we then ate as a rice bowl with pickles and roasted veg. And then leftover meals of the above...
  14. I hope the board too comes back online. If not, I will really miss interacting with you all online, and hope to find a way to connect with you all. Especially for the picnics, cooking club and dinners out whether planned in advance or just on a whim. I have really enjoyed time with all of you. Please feel free to PM me with your email. I don't want to publish my personal email, but will send it back to you. Or you can find me on Instagram or the dreaded fbook. For anyone that wants to continue the cooking club, or have a dining out club like Steve from Chow has set up, if you send me your email, I will compile a group email list and send it out for people to use. Don, I hope you are alright. My thoughts and positive vibes are going out to all of you right now during this difficult time.
  15. Not sure what is going on either. Miss you all, as much as I miss fine arts. I feel like the site when down just when I needed the friendship and support you all provide more than ever. Anyway, anyone who wants to find me on Insta (and I hate to say facebook, I hate facebook) I am easy to find Katelin Moomau.
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