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    Jack of all trades- mediator, family law attorney, but I get pulled in on random other civil litigation matters. I cook, bake, make jewelry, garden, can, etc, etc. I enjoy eating out. I previously enjoyed: throwing large dinner parties for friends, traveling. I am still volunteering, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. Recent trip to Charleston and we ate at a number of really good places: The Ordinary- we had oysters, wahoo and Carolina rice pudding. We just sat at the bar and had cocktails, and food. I loved all the sauces that came with the oysters and they were very good. The fish was excellent. I liked the pudding too (although it was consumed more to soak up the many cocktails I had). We then wandered next door to the Felix for more cocktails, this was a very good and bad idea... Brunch at Eli's Table- a very nice bartender nursed us back to life with coffee, iced tea and diet coke, burgers the size of your head, fried green tomatoes, etc, while entertaining us with funny stories. It was a rough morning, and the walking tour in scorching heat didn't help. We then went back to the pool for a bit and cooled down and people watched at the pool. The next evening, we went to Indaco and I thought the pasta dishes were really creative and well executed, I would have eaten about one of everything on the menu. The pizza was very good, but not really special in any way, but the pastas definitely were. Brunch at Tempest-the food was a bit fru fru for me, especially for breakfast, and there was drama while we were there in terms of staff unrest, apparently they had just started kitchen tipping, and it was taking away from waiter tipping, whom were already short staffed, so it was a bit of a mess. BUT the food was good. Very rich. I think dinner here would likely be good, once they figure out how to get their staff appropriately accomodated. The final day we had drinks at the champage bar in the Bennet hotel, which was super girly and cute, then we went to Uptown Social for more cocktails, this place had a nice cocktail program. We then had dinner at Leon's. It is the 2nd time I have been, and it remains very good. While the menu isn't crazy creative, everything was very good- char grilled oysters, chicken, pea salad and another side. The oysters and chicken just really are good, and I like the vibe here. We stayed at the Ryder hotel, which had a super cute cocktail bar attached the pool, which was a constant scene. The rooms were nice, and location was good. The hotel staff was super young, (except the bar) but very nice.
  2. I would love to go if I am available (3rd weekend would not be available, but otherwise I think likely).
  3. https://rosemarydc.com/ https://woodleyparkmainstreet.org/f/community-member-spotlight-fred-darricarrere?blogcategory=Community+Member+Spotlight Formerly chef at Petit Plats opened this bistro in summer 2020. My brother and his kids are regulars here, the kids love the chocolate mousse. I have gone with them for brunch and dinner and had really nice experiences. The menu is Japanese/French in a way that is clean, modern and creative. I really like the salmon tartare, and mushroom starter with poached egg. I had their fish special last time I was there and the sole the time before and was very happy each time. Hubby got the chicken on the menu and I had a bite of that and it is very good. The beef bourguignon is amazing on a cold day. The Chef is really nice and very involved in the restaurant. This isn't a cross state lines for type of place, but it is a venture out of your neighborhood type of place. It's not super fancy inside, it's more of a neighborhood gem.
  4. Thanks for the pictures, I was trying to decide between a couple nice restaurants for my birthday. I just really wanted somewhere that felt like a fancy experience at this point, this sealed the deal.
  5. So... I have cooked so many things since my last post. BUT this past weekend, I made this salad, I added some pickled onion, a couple wee cherry tomatoes from my garden and green goddess dressing drizzle, it looked as pretty as the picture, I was very proud. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/451556300147029985/ I also made this salmon topping recipe (I rubbed the salmon with something different before grilling on cedar planks). https://www.pinterest.com/pin/451556300147029982/ I also would highly recommend it, I subbed out the cilantro (I am that person) for some oregano and Thai basil. Last night was instant pot carnitas. The night before was rice bowls with leftover salmon, corn, tomatoes, green goddess. For lots of basil, what about a modified green goddess dressing with basil and parsley? Or blending with other herbs and maybe broccoli, garlic and olive oil to make a green sauce for pasta (not pesto although similar)? You can always dry it/freeze in oil and use it later too. I have been doing that with my oregano. I also have just been tossing lots of fresh herbs in my salads. I accidentally grew shiso (I thought the tag said Shishito, and then it started looking weird and I just didn't have the energy to bother until it was huge) and have a huge amount. No idea what one does with the amount I have. It's a very specific taste, might be good to flavor a liquor?
  6. Ate in a few months ago on the patio, and just got delivery the other day (but I think from the Arlington location, the menu was really limited). Eat in was very good- I got lettuce wraps which were great. For take out last week I got papaya salad (a little disappointing not a ton of flavor), rice vermicelli with roast pork, extra roast pork (delicious I could eat this stuff like candy) and cha gio which made the delivery very nicely, was impressed with the amount of crunch left. I would say definitely still solid.
  7. Updating this thread, I have been to HHI twice this summer and highlights were: Ela's on the Water- we were seated inside, but up in a section that was really private. All of our meal was very good. We ordered a bottle of wine. I had a beet salad to start- there are very few beet salads I dislike, so no real surprise that I liked this. For an entree I had seafood bucatini with what tasted like homemade noodles that was really delicious in a garlic, butter, white wine sauce. I also had bites of a few friends dishes, and really liked a lot of what was on the menu. I thought the preparation was pretty upscale for HHI. The strawberry cake for dessert and key lime pie were good. Service was very good here. Nunzio- I was here twice, and both time I thought the food was very good, again a little on the fancier side of HHI. I had the tuna carpaccio (with golden beets notice a theme?) one visit, and their tomato salad another time (the tomato salad was really good, very, very ripe tomatoes). For entrees I think I had specials, branzino one time and grouper another. Both were good, no complaints here on the food. I would rate it up with Ombre. Again, service was good here both times we went. Scull Creek Boathouse- we were here for the 4th, the pitchers of cocktails were good, nice view of fireworks on the opposite island, the food was perfectly acceptable. We mostly did friend shrimp baskets, nothing too fancy. This isn't amazing food, but it isn't bad, and they have tons of outdoor seating for anyone only doing outside. Tio's- We REALLY like Tio's for eat in, their take out is another story- we found that sloppy and not packaged well which made for a really disappointing meal. The 48 hour braised pork is delicious, that is what I would come here for, I also really liked the latin tuna poke, we got empanadas and thought those were good. The more Mexican dishes looked good, but more standard, the nacho menu is tempting. This is much more low key than the above restaurants. Crazy Crab near the bridge- We went here with a babe, and he really enjoyed the fish tank and how quickly our food came. We sat out on the back deck with fans, which was nice in May. Again, the food was acceptable. I would stay away from crab crakes, go more in on shrimp, fish. I had blackened fish of some sort which was quite good. Hubby's crab cake was not to our level of acceptable. Hush puppies good as always. The bar here gets pretty hoppin, even during the pandemic. CQ's- cocktails were good, I was not impressed by the food. Sea Grass Grille- we sat outside in awkward tables that the seats were too low for the table. I needed a phone book. I can't remember the food, but would suggest going next door to Santa Fe instead. Note that a lot of the restaurants and bars are a lot more limited on hours, and very short staffed, we waited a lot, with patience because I get it.
  8. I stopped doing the WW App during covid, but I still try to follow a lot of the eating habits. I lost 10 lbs during covid, but my thyroid has been just going crazy suddenly dropping and etc so it's been hard to keep the 10 off let alone lose more. But hopefully the increased dose of medicine will help. We got an echelon bike, and I make myself exercise 4 times a week, sometimes more. The increased working out has helped so that I could worry just a little less what I was eating during covid. I haven't gone crazy by any means though. Good on everyone for the above!!! Going back to the office more regularly, I really have a lot fewer steps during the day (and I don't have to go up or down 3 flights of stairs anytime I want something) so I need to remain diligent about the workouts.
  9. The Hinata Sushi location in Old Town has been really good since they opened. I think it is one of the higher quality sushi restaurants right now. I also got a Katsu box the other day for lunch and that was a really nice box with a huge pork cutlet (it wasn't bad, but it wasn't Tokyo either). I think this is better than Zento, Momo, etc. I haven't been to the Handover yet, but honestly right now I feel like they are on the top of their game, so I am happy they aren't far from my office.
  10. Evening Star continues to just have one of the best outdoor spaces to eat in Alexandria. I went Saturday night with friends. While the menu is fairly sandwich heavy right now, the sandwiches all looked good, and the one I had a Rueben was very good. We also got the cauliflower and it was fairly spicy this time (the spice level can be up and down) I thought it was excellent. I miss some of their more creative dishes, but things are hard right now, and am just really happy to have such a nice spot to dine out with people.
  11. Delivery from Kabob Palace was quick and all the meat was prepared perfectly, even for delivery. I got the combo lamb and chicken kabobs. While it isn't cheap, the portions are really quite large, it has made a couple meals for me. I like Arlington Kabob better for sides, but Kabob Palace does meats really well.
  12. The ARP Group has opened two new restaurants at Robinson Terminal- Ada's on the River and Barca. https://www.adasontheriver.com/ We wandered down that way for dinner, Barca had no openings, so we ate at Ada's on the River. The concept is really pretty inside, and has a really nice patio outside. A friend had told me the entrees were very big, so we opted to just start with the charcoal brioche to start. It was good, but I wasn't super fond of the orange butter. For entrees Hubby got the salmon and I got the half chicken. He really liked the salmon and ate it in no time, so it must have been good. The chicken was really a huge portion, but it was really juicy, I liked the flavoring on the skin, and the roasted vegetables, yogurt and green sauce underneath were really a nice flavor in contrast to the chicken. It wasn't mind blowing food, but we both thought our dishes were really well prepared. This area of Old Town also just didn't seem to be quite as packed yet- I am sure it will be soon.
  13. Went to eat outside with friends. We got the three course menu. I started with the cauliflower, which was really good with beet, tahini, zatar, but just ahuge portion and I ate too much. I had bouillabaisse which was a really great dish, but I couldn't finish it because I had eaten too much cauliflower and dipped too much good bread in the broth. For dessert I had a chocolate hazelnut layer cake. It was too much food, so I took it home and enjoyed it the next day, it was still really good. The patio was really nice, our waiter was funny and nice, wine was good, we had a really nice meal.
  14. I got the mild sandwich for lunch in Alexandria, because I was headed to court and didn't want to tempt fate. I thought it had good flavor, but it was super messy and fell apart, which I didn't find appealing. They were out of okra, so I got sweet potato waffle fries, which were really good. I would go back and try something spicier. I might do the tenders, or a sandwich with no slaw, although the slaw is a nice flavor combo.
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