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    Jack of all trades- mediator, family law attorney, but I get pulled in on random other civil litigation matters. I cook, bake, make jewelry, garden, can, etc, etc. I enjoy eating out. I previously enjoyed: throwing large dinner parties for friends, traveling. I am still volunteering, reading and other casual pursuits from time to time. I also love my bichon puppy Max, and my really sweet hubby, Matthew who indulges my foodie tendencies.
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  1. I will admit to having eaten a bit more fast food during covid than I normally do, and I have been bored so I have been trying to switch things up and try places I haven't been in a long time. Between just trying to be safe to and from court appearances, and when traveling, we have done a lot more drive through, car eating. I normally am a Chicfila, Taco Bell, Popeyes kind of girl, but I went to Burger King up in Garrett County, and I will say of all the typical you can find in any small town fast food joints (so not Shake Shack, etc) I think Burger King might have one of the better burgers.
  2. Went skiing at Wisp- you can buy your tickets outside, and you feel reasonably normal again. On certain days the lines are very long, I imagine the holiday weekend will be like that, but especially during the week if you can catch a snowy time it is pretty nice. Only about half the runs were open when I was up, but it was still December. Take out from Moonshadow was good- I got a burger and made the trip back to the house well. They have good rubens as well. Ace's was fine, but you have to go inside to get your food, and pay. I got tuna with rice stir fry, which was fine, anot
  3. We got Pita House delivered the other night. If you get the vegetarian sampler (Baba, hummus, fool, tabouleh, falafel, pickles, moujadra, grape leaves) and a shawarma combination you will have enough for two people for multiple meals. And they will be great meals. It made two full meals, plus some items that I made into a lunch bowl. I hadn't been here in a while, as that section of King St just isn't where I hang out a lot, but I won't be so long in returning.
  4. Take out for lunch the other day. The good- the Carolina pulled pork sando and the collard greens which might be the absolute best thing here. The Bad- the mac and cheese- I didn't order this Hubby did, but it had a weird taste like nacho cheese, pimento and smoke that we didn't like. The ehh- the nachos, which unlike Sweet Fire Donnas they don't put the chips on the side to dip, so it was fairly soggy by the time it came, although the ingredients are good.
  5. Last night was steak, roasted brussels and butternut squash with olive oil and balsamic, mixed with Anson Mills farro, topped with some feta. The night before was some really good white wine sausages from Stachowskis with roasted broccoli and a white wine, lemon, garlic butter sauce with rice. This past weekend was pizza on the grill that we ate outside- jeez the weather has been very different today from the weekend, huh?
  6. I went on another cookie streak- mainly to send some to Hubby's team. Chocolate chip with candied ginger and pecans, gingerbread crinkles, and some delicious and tart fresh cranberry and lemon cookies. I also made brown sugar pie tarts.
  7. Last night I made pork carnitas for immediate consumption in tacos. I also started a venison vegetable soup that I then put it in the fridge, which I will skim the fat, and finish doctoring it up tonight with some homemade corn bread. We switched to a bottom freezer instead of a side by side for sheer storage capacity, etc. But I have to say, it is so much harder to keep it organized, and I am pretty militant about freezer organization and use, but it is just a lot harder to visually see what I have at all times so I can use it.
  8. So... if you are not using the Wegman's app/website (then it delivers through Instacart) I highly, highly recommend that. You can choose automatic preferred substitutions, or search through their stock when an item is out to choose a replacement. I feel like the search platform is better, as well. Anyway, they both are delivered through Instacart, but I feel like the Wegman's platform is far better.
  9. I was going to order this, save for the fact that I was making roast pork tenderloin for dinner! It was on my list of upcoming next orders, will definitely be so now.
  10. Last night I made a big batch of turkey salsa verde tamales. I had made half of them the day after Thanksgiving, and needed to make the rest. (I learned one can freeze tamale dough- worked great, needed to thin it out a bit once thawed with more broth/water, but worked well). But I snacked as much making them on dolmades, cheese and crackers. I froze a lot of them for later, kept some in the fridge for lunches.
  11. I really like Wegman's ordering app. I have mostly switched from HT to Wegman's on the strength of their ordering system. Some items are a lot more inexpensive than Costco, some items are pricier. The online app certainly doesn't have in store selection, BUT it is pretty darn good.
  12. This is a more of a thing I would do. Guinea pigs are pretty fat already, I wonder what the correct weight/age is on those bad boys. I bet there are a lot of schools that whoever took those home as the class pet for Covid might be really sick of them 🤪 She's got all the tools, and has a small galley kitchen, so she doesn't really need anything more in that dept. I think good olive oil and balsamic might be the win for this year, they went to Italy and Greece as their last two vacations, so that might fit well. Although the home cooking resource page did make me think about doing
  13. I got an Avenue the other day.. not as good as the 116 or funky cuban, but not bad. Plus you can get so many little quick pre-made add on items, which is nice.
  14. Monterey's gets a lot of credit for keeping us and our neighborhood friends well fed during Covid. It is fast delivery into Potomac Yard, the pizza is better quality than your chain delivery and they are really nice guys.
  15. We get take out from here every now and then because they have spaghetti and meatballs for Hubby, and chicken or eggplant parm for me. Those are our normal comfort food Italian American meals that we want when things go bad. For instance- Max partially tore a muscle the other night- and I had to have a quick popover to the vet, asked Hubby to order something. Not mind blowing, but not bad at all. It's one of those places that if I am working late or stressed out, Hubby can order just knowing what I will eat, and not having to worry about it.
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