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  1. I am in for that date. Hubby generally has to work all President's weekend, but let me check with him. I might be a plus one.
  2. I went to Whole Foods right before NYE for some cheese and other party items. The one in Pentagon City, because we were right there anyway. They were OF COURSE out of stock of collard greens. (At least Giant had them in the canned section.) I bought a butternut squash that got moldy two days later- that was very disappointing. I bought another piece of produce that I ended up tossing, I forget what it was, and the celery went bad really quick, as well. I used to go to Whole Foods for produce that was a little nicer than some other places, but that trip really let me down. I HATE throwing away food. I normally can find a way to use stuff- even if it means I juice it, freeze it, etc, to use it in time, but these really caught me off guard as it was so fast that they went from decent looking produce to bad.
  3. Hey Weezy, Question- we have some old, and I am sure inexpensive knives in my work office. I would like for one of them to be able to cut things here at the office if need be- a block of cheese, an apple, more easily. Is it worth having something sharpened, or should I just go to Teeter/Target or something and buy a couple new knives for the office? I don't like to waste things, so I would prefer to just get them sharpened. I also have some of my collection that you have sharpened before that I need to arrange drop, so could do it at the same time if sharpening is appropriate.
  4. All of them!!! Ha,ha,ha. So the second Saturdays look fun. They will be doing a little retail then for cheese. The Alpines she brought to our class were really delicious. I didn't realize how much I liked Alpine cheese. The private class prices aren't terrible if you can put a group together. I would do a more specific class than what we did- which was a pairing class, but as a first class the pairing was super fun!
  5. I was just there last weekend for a friend's birthday. Bottomless Brunch. All the brunch items were good, and they managed to have a few vegetables, so that was appreciated. The potatoes are crack, especially when I have been limiting my carbs a bit. It was a good place for a birthday in their private room. But man the Penn Quarter location is loud when you are outside that room. I must be getting old. I need to try this chicken obviously.
  6. This weekend, staying at the Huntington Hotel (I love this hotel, they are normally great). We used to go a lot, but haven't been back in a few years, we will be back in May too, which will be during our wedding anniversary. Splitting this trip with Napa. Probably won't split the May trip, unless we REALLY love Napa. I grabbed a res at Rooh for one meal. But give me recs for May!
  7. Last night was green pasta with pesto from the freezer and TJ fresh English peas. We had a side of greek turkey meatballs that I made with onion, egg, breadcrumbs, feta and some herbs. I also finished the butternut pear soup I had made. (Topping it with a little cheese and bacon made it just a little more interesting) Last week was salmon curry with ramen noodles one night, homemade turkey green chile verde tamales with rice, beans, salsa and guac another. We have been doing a lot of delivery recently just because Hubby has been sick and I have had events. I'm hoping to convince him to grill some steaks since it is halfway decent out at night.
  8. I was talking to the CheeseMonster at a recent class, and she was saying that for cheese- while European cheese are subsidized- that if you have no cheeses at those lower price points, it is hard to get people in the door to a specialty cheese shop, and because the selection will be lower overall it will be doubly hard to get people in the door to better cheese shops. Also they will be paying more in freight that was often distributed with other products which now won't be as high of orders. It was a very interesting conversation- I wish I could recall more of it.
  9. We had these I think in Chengdu- you could load up on skewers you choose, take your choice up front, they would have you select a garlic or spicy broth, and bring your skewers in a cold brother of whichever of those you selected. There was all sorts of meat and vegetables. I loved the lotus root. It was a big street snack, although lots of fast casual places did this too. They loved this, so if they haven't been to EDH for this, we might have to go here with them and check it out!
  10. You have the exact same sentiments as my husband on this. It's why we haven't been to some places we would otherwise go.
  11. Sequoia was in a YouTube vlog I saw and looked beautiful, nice to know it is good! Thank you, thank you, very helpful!!!!
  12. Thanks to you and DishGo for the recs. Have any winery recs? Likely only have time to visit 1-2. I don't mind trying to reserve something, and don't mind paying a good bit for a tasting. Noted on Swan Oyster, I might be able to do that when I go back in May!
  13. Would you rather have stayed there and go into Hoi An, or have stayed in both?
  14. Ok, planning a trip to Vietnam with my Mom, I likely would do a good two week trip, maybe even a couple more to add in travel days- Things we like to do: beaches, shopping- Mom will love the custom dress making, eating, cool tours, temples, etc. My Mom is older, and not super athletic- she is fine, but we aren't going to do bike tours for long distances, climb tons and tons of stairs or home stays. We can bike around a city, hike some, etc, just not epic adventures I might go on with Hubby. We will do a normal plan of flying into Ho Chi Minh/Hanoi and flying out the other. Mom really wants some time on Halong Bay- and that type of environment is one I haven't gotten yet from my other trips. I am trying to figure out where to prioritize along the way. We loved Bali and Croatia and that is kind of the feel we are going for a mix of beach, water, history, shopping, food. We will likely do flights for big distances, unless the night trains give us a lot more time in one place we want to see. But I want Mom to be comfortable. I have been to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, China- so I am not quite as enamored the big city, temples thing as I was on my first trip over, but want to see all the cool things, and don't want Mom to miss out. I would like thoughts on itinerary: Hanoi with day trip to Ninh Binh (3 days) (Vintage Vespa Tour to see city highlights, Ninh Binh Tour) Halong Bay (2 nights, I heard one wasn't really enough to be able to spend a lot of time there, need to find a good company to use) Hoi An (4 Days) Hue/Da Lat/ Nha Trang (This is where I need advice) Ho Chi Minh City (2 days) (Saigon Street Eats Tour or Other Foodie tour) Thoughts on places you liked- preferences city to city and why? Also interested somewhat in things to do/ tours/ food recs- but I figure there are so many places, and we will mainly be eating by what we are near. Anyway, not many posts above, hoping a few more people have been.
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