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  1. Yes I remember Cafe Parisien Express very well. I regularly went there for their chicken salad croissant sandwiches and French onion soup. The styrofoam plates were a bit tacky but the food was very good.
  2. I'm very much looking forward to a French place. I've heard Chez Billy Sud is an excellent restaurant. Hope they bring that mojo to Arlington.
  3. I hope they will be expanding their menu soon. I walked by last week but it was too hot/humid for spaghetti. Looking forward to meatball and chicken parm heroes. They just opened a few days ago.
  4. I was at the Arlington location last week and also enjoyed the tea smoked duck. Pan-fried pork dumplings were excellent too--different from the usual carryout type (which I love too). These were smaller but there were more of them. Freshly made too--similar to ones I have had in dumpling houses in Montreal Chinatown. We also had the salt and pepper jumbo shrimp which my husband enjoyed but I thought was a bit dry.
  5. I second A la Lucia. I love their eggplant rollatini, squid ink pasta, and chicken parmesan. I've been to Bastille a few times in recent years, the last time (last year) it was awful and I never went back.
  6. I think GAR food is very good and very consistent. There aren't any WOW dishes there, but solid, tasty fare, plus the aforementioned great, chipper service and acceptable price points. I regularly go to the Tysons Coastal Flats (to meet friends for lunch) or Carlyle for Saturday dinner out. Their burgers are terrific as are the short ribs and trout...plus the crab fritters.
  7. Thank you for bringing this place to my attention. I'd never heard of yet but am a big fan of French food. I will visit it soon.
  8. Indeed. I love their spaghetti and meatballs. It's soft like the way Chef-Boyardee used to be, but in a good way. Brings back memories of childhood.
  9. This is my favorite NY pizza place. I wish the Rosslyn location had more seating as it is more convenient than Pentagon City. I did notice some months ago that they had a small location inside a GWU food hall. Not sure if it is still there.
  10. I hate when this happens. At Clarendon Silver Diner I regularly got room temp eggs or waffles (butter wouldn't melt on them) or burgers. I got to the point that when I ordered, I ended by saying: please bring the food over as soon as it is ready and informing them of my previous experiences.
  11. I got back recently from Spain and was shocked to see a Five Guys in Madrid and in Barcelona. Talk about feeling right at home (in a bad way). Also plenty of Burger Kings scattered about. Of course, I was all about the tapas so was not remotely interested in trying these burgers. I have to say though that the Egg McMuffins in China are much better than those at home.
  12. The first floor is the Mongolian Restaurant where they serve the Hot Pot. Second floor is the Chinese Restaurant (where the dimsum is served).
  13. There was just the two of us ladies and we didn't want to stuff ourselves. We got the turnip/radish cake (lu bok go) which was surprisingly good. We also had shrimp and chive dumpling which was pretty good but a bit bland. Finally we had egg tarts which were some of the best I've ever had. I would definitely go back there and try other things if I was in the neighborhood like I was yesterday (for the Travel Show at the Convention Center).
  14. Could it be because it was St. Patrick's Day and the usual customers were out and about with the wearing of the green? I was at dimsum at Tony Cheng's for the first time (not bad by the way) yesterday at 12:30, also pretty empty.
  15. I usually order the Gambas al Ajillo during happy hour. Sometimes it is excellent, sometimes chewy and the garlic is burnt. We went there for Restaurant Week last month and the meal was terrific. I had turnips appetizer which was unusual but satisfying. We both had snapper filets for the entree which were delicious. For dessert, husband had flan (which he loved although not a dessert person) and I had some chocolate mousse thing which was good but I was hoping to have the advertised churro with chocolate sauce which was not available that evening. I was impressed but unfortunately the snapper is not available on their regular menu. Oh well.
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