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  1. Big Buns!!! This was the first takeout I've done since the quarantine. I've missed the burgers here (I was a once a week regular) so it was good to indulge again. It's nicely organized where you order online, then when you arrive and park in the alleyway, you call them and they bring it out to you. They also have glasses of wine to go for $2 and they gave me a ginormous glass of cabernet (Hidden Crush) in a soda cup. The wine changes depending on inventory. Tomorrow probably pizza (me-Stone Hot pizza, husband-Lost Dog). https://www.orderbigbuns.com/s/order
  2. Saturday brunch, we went to Tupelo Honey. My friend said it is normally packed. All the occupied tables were spaced far from each other. Saturday dinner we went to Carlyle. Again spacing distance was maximized. I noticed a staffer scrubbing a table real hard after it was vacated. Gave me more confidence. Sunday dinner - delivery pizza from Stone Hot Pizza. Guess I'm not dining out for a while. 😪
  3. The crowds are all at the supermarkets and pharmacies stocking up on stuff. Shelves are empty they say. I'm going to brunch at Tupelo Honey tomorrow and Carlyle for dinner -- I haven't given up on restaurants yet!
  4. I got carryout from Hunan Gate yesterday. Granted it was 3pm so completely empty which is probably normal. While waiting for my meal, I asked the manager how business was. She looked sad and said not very good. I didn't get a chance to ask if it were due to the virus because new customers walked in. BTW, the beef with broccoli was excellent, better than the version at TNR that I usually get. Stop with the eyerolls -- even my mother made beef with broccoli when I was a kid (after I put pressure on her).
  5. I'll say the lack of attendance at the Convention Center is hurting Chinese restaurants considering "Chinatown" is steps away. Sorry, I need to put that in quotes for the DC version. I was at the Travel Show on Sunday and it was pretty empty. You never had to wait to talk to any of the booths. At Rudy Maxa's talk there were about 50 people with seating for hundreds. Good talk though. The convention center workers were setting up for Satellite 2020 which started on Monday. My old colleague told me Satellite 2020 was "virtually empty." 😟
  6. I went to the travel show and afterwards ended up at New Big Wong. Tried to practice my Mandarin with the waitresses. At the end of the meal discovered they were all from my parents' part of China. I could have been practicing my own dialect with them. Doh!😝
  7. I'm eating Chinese once a week from now on. Last Saturday, China Wok. Thursday I went to Golden Buffet and Grill for lunch. This coming week, probably Hunan Gate. Week after that, XO Taste....
  8. We went to China Wok last night, partly because I hadn't had Peking duck in a while, partly to support Chinese restaurants. They are taking a beating from the coronavirus scare and business is off. Sure enough the place was half empty when normally, on a Saturday night, it would be jammed. Nonetheless, Peking duck was excellent as were our other 2 dishes, eggplant tofu casserole (not soggy - the eggplant and tofu held their structure and taste) and salt and pepper shrimp (big jumbo shrimp with light batter with American broccoli). Please support your local Chinese restaurants during the coronavirus crisis.
  9. I'm feeling bad for all the local Chinese restaurants losing business because of the coronavirus. I did carryout last week and will go for Peking duck this weekend. I have to show support for my peeps.
  10. They must be pretty popular because I went to Greek Taverna for dinner on Saturday, Jan 25 and the usually empty parking lot was almost completely full. I asked the Greek Taverna owner why and she said due to the new restaurant on the 2nd floor. I was at the Taverna again yesterday (we are regulars there) and we got the only parking spot left in the garage arriving at 6:30pm.
  11. I bought this Travelzoo deal on a whim. It's basically gives you a free glass of bubbly with the afternoon tea. As time went on, I kept being too lazy to go but since the coupon was expiring soon, I had to get off my butt and use it. I'm glad I did. It's good for me to get out of my Northern VA rut and see what is going on elsewhere, especially in the world of trendy gourmet food. I don't think I got as much food as guanabana, but it was pretty filling. My favorite parts were the milk bread and the slice of orange pound cake (wow!). I was too full to eat the cookies (took them home) so can't weigh in on those yet. The pastry chef Pichet Ong is very inventive and, from Googling, turns out he is well-known in the food world. I also got veggie eggroll (pretty good), some mushroom thing (blah), good quality brie, apple slices, gravlax (tasty), prosciutto (yawn), some avocado veggie thing (ok), large crispy thing (good), fruit cup. I was eating solo and the service from the waiter, the host, and another guy who was lighting the candles on the table, couldn't be nicer. I felt very welcomed in this "hip" environment and I am the opposite of hip. It is located in a hotel converted from a church in Adams Morgan. Here is the Travelzoo deal if you are interested: https://www.travelzoo.com/local-deals/Washington-DC/Restaurant/330437/
  12. Gee, that is too bad. The restaurant was hit or miss, but when it was good, it was very good. It was a good lunch place to meet with ex-colleagues whose office is now located at Tysons. Even my husband liked my leftover palak paneer and he doesn't even like Indian food. I also had a butter chicken dosa at the Street Kitchen part and that was delish and cheap and big. It looks like I could book a table for tonight on OpenTable so perhaps they didn't shut everything down yet.
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