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  1. Yeah, I was wondering about the duck description myself. Hmmmm. I'm interested in trying this twice-cooked chicken that Carman raves about. Wondering if it is the same as my beloved Cantonese fried chicken (炸子鸡).
  2. Article about the new owner in the Washington Post magazine today. Scroll down to near the bottom: https://www.washingtonpost.com/magazine/interactive/2021/one-year-pandemic-people-who-made-big-change/ It takes guts to buy a restaurant during the pandemic. He deserves a chance!
  3. Bummer. This wonderful restaurant closed on Valentine's Day. Couldn't pay the rent due to the pandemic. We will miss this place with its nice grapevine patio. https://patch.com/virginia/mclean/greek-taverna-close-after-28-years-mclean
  4. Although I had a bad experience here some years back, I gave the new owners a try. Verdict: decent, good enough to be added to our rotation for weeknight carryout. I had eggplant parmesan with linguini and that was pretty good. Eggplant was homemade not frozen. Husband had fried calamari and spaghetti with meatballs and meat sauce. He also liked his meal. We shared a tiramisu which was very good. The spaghetti sauce is not super-garlicky like it was in the old days which is a relief. The mom&pop owners are friendly and eager to make a success of this restaurant. Inside is renovat
  5. Looks like it's in Falls Church and not Vienna. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Can I post your shot of SER on our Arlington Facebook page.  I like to drum up business for local businesses and your photo is so inviting.  Thx!  BTW, I enjoy your restaurant reviews very much.

  7. Good to know Peking duck will survive the carryout journey. China Wok has been my go-to Peking Duck place for years but haven't been back since the pandemic started. We boil the duck carcass to make duck broth (much more flavorful than chicken broth). Other dishes we like are the tofu-eggplant combo, braised pork with tofu skin, salt and pepper shrimp. One waitress there speaks my Toishanese dialect - it's embarassing how much I've forgotten.
  8. This place opened, I believe, during the pandemic. It is place is near my house so easy to walk in and do takeout. The falafel is amazing- fresh and soft - not like the deep-fried hockey pucks I get elsewhere. My husband's chicken shwarma also delish. That was for lunch but I can see doing takeout dinner here too - just pick up before 6. This will be my go-to Middle Eastern place from now on. It is targeted for the office lunch crowd since it is located near a bunch of office buildings off of Glebe Road near Booeymonger. It's a great option for people tired of Cava or Sweetgreens. Her
  9. I've read that landlords can offset paying taxes on revenue with losses from their vacancies. Otherwise, I don't understand why it is taking so long for the place to be rented.
  10. I'm excited about bringing the Il Canale pizza over to Joe's! Maybe some other dishes too. We went once to Il Canale a few years ago. We liked the food but not the parking situation in Georgetown nor the cramped confines of the restaurant. Neither one will be a problem at Joe's.
  11. That commercial is hysterical. I don't recall every seeing it. The wife in pigtails and wearing a Chinese top. Classic! My father had a laundry in Brooklyn back in the day. Secret: he didn't use Calgon!
  12. Interesting. I mentioned this to my husband and he says he used to buy musty old books there. It was run by a Miss Marple-type lady and it was indeed a house that sold books, so aptly named.
  13. Wilson Blvd. location has a nice big patio in the back (converted parking lot). They settled with the landlord about the lease so they are staying in the Bluemont location. https://www.arlnow.com/2020/08/07/pupatella-is-staying-put-in-bluemont/
  14. The serenity, at least on Saturday nights, ended when Aracosia opened up. It became hard to find a spot down there. That was pre-pandemic when we used to dine-in at Greek Taverna.
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