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  1. I'm probably alone on this one, but I like Crystal Thai in Arlington Forest shopping center, next to Outback. Granted, I always get the same couple of things there so don't know if other dishes are good or not. We get: goong pad eggplant, pad see ew with beef, tofu tod, drunken spaghetti, Crystal fried rice, red curry chicken. Staff is very welcoming and they have fun decorations for various holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc.🙂
  2. I remember that Roma patio fondly with the shade and the grape arbor. I worked in that area for many years and looked forward to that lunchtime oasis for good pizza and a break from work. We still went after it converted to Firehook but the food was never as good as Roma. Patio still nice then though.
  3. There used to be a Cici's near Bailey's Crossroads that I would frequent about once a month. Most of their pizza was bad but I did like their rectangular Sicilian-style pizza. I guess we won't see any buffets in our future.
  4. I look forward to a Tracy O'Grady Green Pig Bistro. I miss Willow so much! I hope she resurrects the Willow flatbread.
  5. I may have changed a lot since then but I can still remember and taste Avenue J pizza!😋
  6. Have you ever had it fresh at the store? The reason I ask is that I grew up eating their pizza (circa late 60s) and it tastes nothing now like the pizza I had as a kid. I'm not saying the current pizza is bad (although I tried a slice maybe 10 years ago and it wasn't great), it's different. I used to have a slice and a coke before enjoying a movie at the Midwood Theater. Maybe there was a different pizza place nearby and I'm thinking of that place. We always called it Avenue J pizza and then it was the best pizza. I didn't even know its name until my sister said it was showing up in the Zagat's guide.
  7. Takeout from Greek Taverna again last night. Two Taverna Specials, which are samplers of grape leaves, spanakopita, moussaka, pastitio. Meal comes with olive bread and side salad. Also ordered fried calamari. Meal traveled well for the 11-minute trip back home. They also gave us a free dessert. Highly recommend!
  8. We picked up from Maya Bistro Wednesday night. Excellent food. We had moussaka, fried calamari, grape leaves, and the mezze platter. They provided bread. Easy contactless curbside pickup, just drive into the alley on the left side of the restaurant. We called in our order, gave CC info over the phone, and picked up the meals to avoid 3rd-party delivery cut of revenue.
  9. I'm late to this thread. I've been ordering takeout/delivery about 2x a week. I'm trying to do takeout when I can to avoid GrubHub, etc. taking their big commission from the restaurant. Even if you use the phone number from GrubHub site to phone in an order, GrubHub gets a cut, so you must go to the phone number on the restaurant website. Even Google might yield just the GrubHub phone number. When I say GrubHub, I mean GH, DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc. Check out this article: "It's Time To Order Directly from Restaurants Again" by Elizabeth Yuko on lifehacker.com Since the lockdown we've tried to stick with mom-and-pops mostly. I've been to: Stone Hot Pizza - Clarendon. I really like their pizza and I want them to stay in business. Went there 2x. Mushrooms and peppers. Big Buns Ballston - Went there 2x. First time burgers were great as usual. 2nd time not as great. Love their wine offerings - served in a soda cup. Good value. Lost Dog North Arlington - Husband doesn't like Stone Hot so he orders pizza here. Nice thing about carryout is we don't have to eat from the same place. TNR Cafe - beef with broccoli good as usual. Sweet and sour pork - not so great. Their sweet and sour is hit or miss. Crystal Thai - goong pad eggplant, fried calamari, drunken spaghetti. Picked up, traveled well but we live only 5 minutes away Ted's Bulletin Ballston - chicken parmesan is great. Two patties of chicken parm plus fettucine, garlic toast and side salad. Big hit with us! Went there 2x. If you order pickup from their website, you get a free pop tart. Their instructions for getting free pop tart doesn't work, but when you pick up the order, tell them and they will give you the pop tart. I had the blueberry cheesecake version and wow, like a big shortbread sandwich cookie. La Union - just as good as dining in. Trio enchiladas and combo enchilada/taco/burrito. Greek Taverna - just as good as dining in. We ordered the Taverna Specials. A little bit far but worth it. Future takeouts include Maya Bistro, Tupelo Honey, Hunan Gate, XO Taste, Masala Express.
  10. Big Buns!!! This was the first takeout I've done since the quarantine. I've missed the burgers here (I was a once a week regular) so it was good to indulge again. It's nicely organized where you order online, then when you arrive and park in the alleyway, you call them and they bring it out to you. They also have glasses of wine to go for $2 and they gave me a ginormous glass of cabernet (Hidden Crush) in a soda cup. The wine changes depending on inventory. Tomorrow probably pizza (me-Stone Hot pizza, husband-Lost Dog). https://www.orderbigbuns.com/s/order
  11. Saturday brunch, we went to Tupelo Honey. My friend said it is normally packed. All the occupied tables were spaced far from each other. Saturday dinner we went to Carlyle. Again spacing distance was maximized. I noticed a staffer scrubbing a table real hard after it was vacated. Gave me more confidence. Sunday dinner - delivery pizza from Stone Hot Pizza. Guess I'm not dining out for a while. 😪
  12. The crowds are all at the supermarkets and pharmacies stocking up on stuff. Shelves are empty they say. I'm going to brunch at Tupelo Honey tomorrow and Carlyle for dinner -- I haven't given up on restaurants yet!
  13. I got carryout from Hunan Gate yesterday. Granted it was 3pm so completely empty which is probably normal. While waiting for my meal, I asked the manager how business was. She looked sad and said not very good. I didn't get a chance to ask if it were due to the virus because new customers walked in. BTW, the beef with broccoli was excellent, better than the version at TNR that I usually get. Stop with the eyerolls -- even my mother made beef with broccoli when I was a kid (after I put pressure on her).
  14. I'll say the lack of attendance at the Convention Center is hurting Chinese restaurants considering "Chinatown" is steps away. Sorry, I need to put that in quotes for the DC version. I was at the Travel Show on Sunday and it was pretty empty. You never had to wait to talk to any of the booths. At Rudy Maxa's talk there were about 50 people with seating for hundreds. Good talk though. The convention center workers were setting up for Satellite 2020 which started on Monday. My old colleague told me Satellite 2020 was "virtually empty." 😟
  15. I went to the travel show and afterwards ended up at New Big Wong. Tried to practice my Mandarin with the waitresses. At the end of the meal discovered they were all from my parents' part of China. I could have been practicing my own dialect with them. Doh!😝
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