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  1. I go to Crystal Thai almost every other Sunday. If I haven't been there in a while, when they see us, they give us an extra big smile and greeting. I appreciate that, plus they always know what drink I order.
  2. I live around there and the Marymount Starbucks is my favorite Starbucks. Its window walls make the place very cheery and the staff are exceptionally friendly. I usually go during breakfast, but watch out for 3PM or so when classes are out because it is a mob scene. I walk by SER and see people eating lunch in there all the time. We also used to have Thursday happy hour there--good deals on their wine and tapas. Sometimes they had a private party and wouldn't let us in so they also make money that way. We have a designated walk-to restaurant during snowstorms. In the past, it was Willow. Then it became Mussel Bar (although they are hit and miss consistency-wise). Now it is True Food Kitchen. I make no distinction between East or West Ballston -- just show me the food and that is how I decide!
  3. Forgot to mention that this place is not the same as Bamboo Buffet which is across the street (Party City side) from it and I hear is horrible.
  4. I've been here twice for lunch recently and it is surprisingly good. They have a good variety of dimsum including shuimai, roast and steamed pork buns, pan-fried meat dumplings, turnip cake, the thing with sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf, etc....Excellent egg tarts and rice noodle rolls with shrimp. From the non-Asian area, I've had battered chicken nuggets (best I've ever had) plus clams plus shrimp. Things I haven't tried are fried fish, mac and cheese, many veggies, many fruits and many western desserts. Place is huge. Trays are replenished regularly. They also have hibachi station, sushi station, pho or hotpot. A person with a walkie-talkie will tell the kitchen what trays need replenishing. Very impressed for $10 for lunch, $15 for dinner. They have coupons on the internet where you can get $5 off for 2 diners if you order soda. It's pretty busy but deservedly so. It's not gourmet but I have to say, the dimsum is very good. For me, it's nice to have dimsum at lunch instead of 10 or 11 and I don't need a lot of people to share it with.
  5. I started going there some months ago and found their pizza by the slice pretty good. Sometimes a little too cheese-y sometimes a little too dry and old. I got to asking when they made the pie so I wouldn't make that mistake again. Noticed it was never very busy even during prime lunch hours. I liked their black cherry fountain soda very much.
  6. I did not know this was a chain. While on vacation a few years back, we ate twice at the Tucson location. I think I liked it better the first time than the second. Definitely willing to try it again once they open up at Tyson's.
  7. Maybe I'm too much of a pizzaholic to know when a pizzeria has gone downhill. I've been to Pupatella's several times in the past year and it has always been good. Do you find the crust too soggy or not soggy enough? The toppings not delicious? I usually get the same pie all the time: Clasico DOC with Greek olives.
  8. Just for the record, I started going here when it first opened and really liked it. Then for many years I didn't go because they had the strategy of pre-cooking their burgers for the busy lunch crowd. That meant my burger was put back on the grill for my order and led to warm on the outside but cool on the inside. So I struck it off my list. In the last year however, I went back and now they never pre-cook them, they are always to order. It means waiting longer for my burger, but I am happy to do that. I usually get medium-well and that has been great, but last week they overcooked it and it was dry. My drink there is always Mexican Coke (in the bottle). The place has become a weekly habit which is doing my cholesterol no favors.
  9. I don't think your sandwich came from Big Buns as they don't serve on plates nor are their tables dark wood.
  10. I know it is fast casual but my go-to burger place is now Big Buns at Ballston. I also love the burgers at GAR restaurants. I've eaten them at Carlyle and Coastal Flats at Tysons. I know they are not high-end but neither am I. 😜
  11. Yes I remember Cafe Parisien Express very well. I regularly went there for their chicken salad croissant sandwiches and French onion soup. The styrofoam plates were a bit tacky but the food was very good.
  12. I'm very much looking forward to a French place. I've heard Chez Billy Sud is an excellent restaurant. Hope they bring that mojo to Arlington.
  13. I hope they will be expanding their menu soon. I walked by last week but it was too hot/humid for spaghetti. Looking forward to meatball and chicken parm heroes. They just opened a few days ago.
  14. I was at the Arlington location last week and also enjoyed the tea smoked duck. Pan-fried pork dumplings were excellent too--different from the usual carryout type (which I love too). These were smaller but there were more of them. Freshly made too--similar to ones I have had in dumpling houses in Montreal Chinatown. We also had the salt and pepper jumbo shrimp which my husband enjoyed but I thought was a bit dry.
  15. I second A la Lucia. I love their eggplant rollatini, squid ink pasta, and chicken parmesan. I've been to Bastille a few times in recent years, the last time (last year) it was awful and I never went back.
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