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  1. They must be pretty popular because I went to Greek Taverna for dinner on Saturday, Jan 25 and the usually empty parking lot was almost completely full. I asked the Greek Taverna owner why and she said due to the new restaurant on the 2nd floor. I was at the Taverna again yesterday (we are regulars there) and we got the only parking spot left in the garage arriving at 6:30pm.
  2. I bought this Travelzoo deal on a whim. It's basically gives you a free glass of bubbly with the afternoon tea. As time went on, I kept being too lazy to go but since the coupon was expiring soon, I had to get off my butt and use it. I'm glad I did. It's good for me to get out of my Northern VA rut and see what is going on elsewhere, especially in the world of trendy gourmet food. I don't think I got as much food as guanabana, but it was pretty filling. My favorite parts were the milk bread and the slice of orange pound cake (wow!). I was too full to eat the cookies (took them home) so can't weigh in on those yet. The pastry chef Pichet Ong is very inventive and, from Googling, turns out he is well-known in the food world. I also got veggie eggroll (pretty good), some mushroom thing (blah), good quality brie, apple slices, gravlax (tasty), prosciutto (yawn), some avocado veggie thing (ok), large crispy thing (good), fruit cup. I was eating solo and the service from the waiter, the host, and another guy who was lighting the candles on the table, couldn't be nicer. I felt very welcomed in this "hip" environment and I am the opposite of hip. It is located in a hotel converted from a church in Adams Morgan. Here is the Travelzoo deal if you are interested: https://www.travelzoo.com/local-deals/Washington-DC/Restaurant/330437/
  3. Gee, that is too bad. The restaurant was hit or miss, but when it was good, it was very good. It was a good lunch place to meet with ex-colleagues whose office is now located at Tysons. Even my husband liked my leftover palak paneer and he doesn't even like Indian food. I also had a butter chicken dosa at the Street Kitchen part and that was delish and cheap and big. It looks like I could book a table for tonight on OpenTable so perhaps they didn't shut everything down yet.
  4. When this place opened in the spring, I had no interest whatsoever in trying it out even though I'm a pizzaholic. It just looked like a place that would serve canned toppings. However, they had a special $7 for a solo pizza with one topping and $1 for a can of soda. I couldn't resist plus knowing that Pete's A Pizza was gone. Well, this place is actually pretty good. The sauce and cheese tastes good and my fresh mushroom topping hit the spot. The crust was just okay -- a sauce and cheese delivery mechanism. I've been there twice and it has been pretty empty. I just hope they are getting the post-bar closing weekend crowds. I also treasure this place because I know my pizza will always be freshly made. I don't have to worry about getting a dried up reheated slice like I did at Pete's and at Bronx Pizza. Please try it out before they close for good. I'm plan on going once a week for lunch.
  5. I was there a week ago Saturday (pre-RW) and was disappointed with my go-to dish, rigatoni with meatballs. Way too much celery, both in the meatballs and the sauce, overwhelmed the dish. Other dishes were pretty good: butternut squash soup, kale salad, and lobster diavolo. Stay away from the Cotes du Rhone, one of the worst I've ever drunk.
  6. I've had a love/hate relationship with Mussel Bar (Arlington branch) for the last few years. I've had great meals and poor meals, so I would say they are inconsistent. Not to mention, I got ripped off twice when their validated parking didn't work. Anyway, last night we were planning on going to Alta Vista (Mosaic) for RW, but due to the nasty weather, we switched to Mussel Bar to stick closer to home. Yesterday we had a great meal. I did the RW week meal of half-pot mussels, pork shank, and cheesecake. My husband had the kale salad and burger. Everything was top notch, including the service. The mussels tasted like they just got pulled out of the sea. The pork shank was big and flavorful. The cheesecake was topped with pear sorbet which actually tasted like pear. I hope I have as good a meal the next time I come .
  7. We've started going to Capri in the past year. I especially like their eggplant parmesan appetizer. I'm always apprehensive ordering this at restaurants because most times you will get either days-old eggplant parm or previously-frozen supermarket eggplant parm. I've had it twice at Capri and both time I give it 👍. My husband really likes their calamari fritti (although he would love some tentacles instead of all rings) and scallops linguini entree. The clientele skews old (like me I guess) and the atmosphere is subdued (which I like). Service is efficient and friendly.
  8. There are not many places open for Christmas dinner, but this was one of them. The food was like a Christmas gift itself. Very fresh and flavorful. These mom and pop restaurants always struggle so I am asking you all to try them out so they won't go out of business. We ordered the grape leaves, mezze platter and moussaka. Wow - everything tasted fresh and great. Stand-outs were the grape leaves, cheese cigars (borek) and moussaka. Also had champagne (cava) by the glass which I really enjoyed. Warm, cozy place. Service was friendly and efficient. We will become regulars here. Hope you will too. My husband doesn't even like Turkish food but he was completely won over. https://bistromaya.com/
  9. I wanted to love this place. I was looking for a replacement for Cafe Tirolo. I had the eggplant parm last week and it was quite good, obviously made fresh and not from frozen eggplant parm. It tasted a little old (don't know how long it was in their fridge case) but still decent. Today I tried their meatballs. This was the real disappointment. They were soft and the tomato sauce was very good but the meatballs themselves tasted like Trader Joes' frozen meatballs. I don't know if they ran out of their own homemade meatballs and subbed these or their recipe is very similar to frozen meatballs but I would never buy these again. I haven't given up. I'll try chicken parm next time.
  10. I walked by the new We the Pizza in Ballston. Looks like they are open now... sort of. There were lots of pizzas on display and a sign that said be gentle with the trainees. Some people were seated and eating.
  11. I go to Crystal Thai almost every other Sunday. If I haven't been there in a while, when they see us, they give us an extra big smile and greeting. I appreciate that, plus they always know what drink I order.
  12. I live around there and the Marymount Starbucks is my favorite Starbucks. Its window walls make the place very cheery and the staff are exceptionally friendly. I usually go during breakfast, but watch out for 3PM or so when classes are out because it is a mob scene. I walk by SER and see people eating lunch in there all the time. We also used to have Thursday happy hour there--good deals on their wine and tapas. Sometimes they had a private party and wouldn't let us in so they also make money that way. We have a designated walk-to restaurant during snowstorms. In the past, it was Willow. Then it became Mussel Bar (although they are hit and miss consistency-wise). Now it is True Food Kitchen. I make no distinction between East or West Ballston -- just show me the food and that is how I decide!
  13. Forgot to mention that this place is not the same as Bamboo Buffet which is across the street (Party City side) from it and I hear is horrible.
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