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  1. Meaghan

    Best Place for Truly Ripe Plantains?

    This place, too---> http://www.elchaparralmeatmarkets.com/index.html Avocados. Plantains. Truly Ripe. Si!
  2. Meaghan

    Memories Of Trick Or Treating

    Trick-o-Treat! I want a martini.
  3. Meaghan

    Washington Post Food Section

    Could you do a night where you just play the weeks worth of Howard Stern really loud and there would be no talking. You would order drinks like you order sushi, with numbers to indicate how many of each order. I think Sirius would back you.
  4. Liquefying those assets too hastily?
  5. Meaghan

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday, Don! Drink lots of birthday bubbles today.
  6. Meaghan

    Watch Your (Garden) Mint!

    Don't be friends with people who live in Gaithersburgh. ...I ain't spray nothing.... : )
  7. I think he means he mostly expected a bunch of fat losers from the Internet : )
  8. It's a great burger! If you jam the burger with too many runny toppings (huge juicy tomatos, slathery sauces, drippy pickles and peppers), the bun gets sucked into the giant, moist mound of beef the way fruit punch gets sucked into a Bounty papertowel on a kitchen floor. It requires a fork or to have no one looking at you while you have your way with a load of meat. Definately worth the heart attack!!
  9. Meaghan

    Where Did You Dine?

    Are you trying to conserve what's in your tank or something?
  10. Here's my question: Why the name Courthouse? When I think of 'Courthouse' I think of a day I would like to have overwith and shitty cafeteria food. I don't think of bistros or Tuscany or anything like that. You?
  11. I'm not management, but what are you looking for? A pat on the back? A free bone?
  12. Meaghan

    Funny Menu Typos

    I like finding typos on menus and don't mind the poor spelling and grammar at all. It makes me feel better about myself than those lowly, uneducated restaruant people : ) "Fetch me a drink. Can't you spell!??!?" Don't make me eat a shit take.
  13. Meaghan

    To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now?

    I cannot believe Tim Russert isn't with us anymore. He was having so much fun with this election. I can't watch Meet the Press without him. So sad.
  14. Meaghan

    Fritz Hahn on John Wabeck

    There's a speak easy there, too. Shhhhhhhhh.