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  1. Jacques Gastreaux and I will be there too. Zora, I hope you have a designated driver!
  2. Chef Michel Richard and friends were enjoying their dinner at Grapeseed near our table the other night. If that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is. The gnocchi with duck confit and lavender cream was worth the drive.
  3. Way to keep it professional. Being derisive and insulting is not a great way to encourage more industry participation on this board.
  4. I don't get the point of this header. Is it intended to be derisive and insulting to Michael Landrum and/or his newest enterprise, or is it some kind of inside joke to which the rest of us are not privy?
  6. The crispy oysters were on the restaurant menu last night. With an ever-changing creative menu, perhaps it's best to consider what is on the web a "respresentatative menu" rather than the literal menu.
  7. After been shut out of Citronelle lounge last night due to circumstances beyond their control, we decided to pay a visit to New Heights, and I'm very glad we did! Yes, the sauteed soft shell crabs are still on the menu. They come with a cucumber and fingerling potato salad, sharpened with cilantro and a vindaloo oil, and can be ordered as a half entree for $15, or full for $29 on the menu (the lower price listed in the Express might be for the bar menu?) However, I chose to try the new $38 "Melding Pot Menu" - three courses and three glasses of wine - an outstanding bargain and truly deliciou
  8. This certainly was not my experience last night at Vermilion. My fish entree, the bbq'd rockfish, was fantastic; moist and perfectly grilled under a light brushing of smoky bbq sauce. Started with an exemplary fresh corn chowder with mussels, and a perfect heirloom cherry tomato salad with burrata and basil: summer summer summer!!! The pork-three ways was equally well prepared, and I was particularly enamoured of the carefully conceived boudin. No complaints about the service at all. Everyone was efficient and helpful, and our server informed us immediately that they had run out of soft shells
  9. Veranda is being promoted as a "Mediterranean" neighborhood place with Greek and Italian food opening soon on the east side of Logan Circle. Their minimal website shows the on-going renovation process and there is a cute computer-generated image of what they hope the small patio will look like when it is open.
  10. Here are a couple of websites that can help you locate wifi: JiWire.com - Allows you to search via country, city etc. and by categories such as libraries. Anchorfree.com/ Allows you to search via country, city etc. and by categories such as libraries for wireless hotspots. In the Annapolis area: 49 West Cafe 49 West Street Annapolis , MD 21401 410-626-9796 City Dock Cafe 71 Maryland Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401 Alchemy Tea & Trading Co. 92 Maryland Avenue Annapolis MD 21401 410-216-7001 Hard Bean Coffee and Book Sellers 36 Market Space City Dock Annapolis MD 21401 410-263-8770 Muddy Paw
  11. There once was a woman well-sated With opinions on food animated Asked to cease all the cussing She did not cotton to shushing So the requester remained unfellated HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!
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