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  1. Jacques Gastreaux and I will be there too. Zora, I hope you have a designated driver!
  2. The picnics used to be pretty good for that, or so I've heard. Showing up helps.
  3. Rabbit. Hunter Style. The seventh course of ten during last night's memorable guest-chef dinner. This course was one of Chef Bryan Voltaggio's courses (the other being striped bass with Old Salt clams and beets). But the keen eyes amongst us will surely recognize in the ballotine the creativity of another guest at work in the kitchen last night. Bravo to all involved; I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed ourselves.
  4. We were fortunate to dine at Suna last evening, for what turned out to be an exceptional meal and experience, start to finish. Chef Spero is creating in ways distinctly his own, and reminiscent of Chef Enzo Fargione’s chef’s table at Teatro Goldoni. His years of experience at Town House and time spent at Noma shine through. If you have the opportunity and the inclination, request to be seated at the best seats in the house - the four stools at the kitchen counter. Honest. You will be perched with a direct view of the intricate and well-coordinated preparations of the entire kitchen. And you will be able to interact with the energetic young chefs and staff as they work their magic. We both opted for the full eight-course meal, with wine pairings. Designated driver (moi) had demi-pours, (it was nice to be given a choice between fewer pairings with full pours, or all pairings with smaller pours) while birthday boy got the full treatment. All eight courses (and a delightful little amuse) were wonderful, creative, complex, expertly prepared, beautifully plated, perfectly paired and well-paced. No misses. I would urge folks to find time to put Suna on their short list of new places to try.
  5. Chef Michel Richard and friends were enjoying their dinner at Grapeseed near our table the other night. If that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is. The gnocchi with duck confit and lavender cream was worth the drive.
  6. I expect to be there, along with Jacques and possibly a +1. We are thinking about bringing some goose pastrami and a wee bit of martian pigslop from hell. It was seven years ago to the day that the first dr.com picnic was held at Belle Haven Park. Happy Anniversary to all who were there. Here are more pics of that day: http://share.shutterfly.com/share/received/album.sfly?fid=899ae225fc08178c&startIndex=0&sid=9AcM3Ddo0cMTe
  7. Way to keep it professional. Being derisive and insulting is not a great way to encourage more industry participation on this board.
  8. I don't get the point of this header. Is it intended to be derisive and insulting to Michael Landrum and/or his newest enterprise, or is it some kind of inside joke to which the rest of us are not privy?
  9. You can find the recipe here, on page three
  10. I'm coming +1. Gorgonzola and bacon mac-n-cheese is ready to pop in the oven and then into the "hot" cooler. Smoked pork butt (with Lexington NC -style bbq sauce) will also be in the hot cooler. "Not Ready for the Rapture" eggs are looking pert and pretty. And wine. There might be some additional "adult refreshment" coming with the +1. Too early to tell. Cigars for sure. I will also bring some improvised name/food tags (aka Avery labels). Rhone1998 - bring the baby, cooperative or not . . . we like babies - they are delicious!
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