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  1. As of Sunday, still has a Rays to the Third sign...I've been meaning to go in, but I'm worried about running into DaveO, knocking him over when he can't see me to due to fogged up glasses, and getting sued! :-) :-)
  2. I drink a lot of Jameson, almost always in the presence of someone born in Galway (or because of him). I love Derek, but he's too harsh on Jameson because of the "douches drink it" factor. I'm right there with Tom on this one.
  3. Pertinent to previous discussions, I'm hoisting a long delayed drink to Mr. Robin Williams. I haven't been able to write for a while, but hopefully this breaks that trend. https://unfoundedbabbling.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/robin-williams-depression/ (That's my personal blog, and I'm hoping to update it more. If you want to remember the URL, you can also get to it via bigblackdildoesinc.com. No, I am not kidding.)
  4. For various reasons I haven't been able to update this. The GWAR-B-Q is on Saturday, so hopefully that'll inspire me more. Now that I can go to bed without being horribly depressed about our world, you'll see something different soon though in another thread...hopefully...:-)
  5. Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol.
  6. It was painfully slow a couple of days ago, on two different machines/ISPs, but before I could get around to posting about it, it seems to have cleared up.
  7. My brother can't drink right now, and he and his wife just told everyone they're about to have a daughter, so I'm having his favorite liquor - Four Roses Small Batch - for him. yum
  8. It's officially public today: my brother and my sister-in-law are having a little girl in January. Neither of them can really drink right now, so I shall do so for them.
  9. Hmmm, well, maybe it's something else. I never see ads on here, but also, if I'm Googling for anything I don't want my company to see, I do it in incognito mode. (I was annoyed when I was at a work event, opened up Chrome, and one of the tabs was from a discussion with a friend of mine that led to a rather salacious URL, retrieved over the company wireless as I was doing testing on the AP. Oops.)
  10. Going back to the ads posts -- seems like it's doing "Thai", "Chinese", etc., because we talk about those types of food, and they tend to match up with "meet a lady" ads. If we talked more about Russian food, I'd bet we'd get a bunch of Russian bride ads.
  11. Yeah, I ordered from Tenzing Momo when making my amer picon replica, and I think that's where Marshall got his stuff, too.
  12. Yesterday I wasn't feeling well. Before dinner I poured a bit of Cappelliti, some orange bitters, and topped it with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water and it settled my stomach enough to be able to eat.
  13. The last couple of times I've been there it's been impossible to get into - just too many people. That's good for them, but makes me sad. Oh well! I used to be really, really tired of "thin crust" style pizza but since I'm trying to watch what I eat more nowadays, I find their plain cheese and herb with a couple of crunchy veggies added to be quite tasty.
  14. I walk there pretty regularly. During the summertime I have no issues with sitting in front of the pizza oven, it's like cooling off from outside!
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