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  1. The Wegmans in Alexandria/Telegraph Road has some now. I bought some last night on a whim. Now I'm googling recipes like a madman!
  2. I can't imagine how tourists navigate the GW Parkway from National Airport to (across the river from) Georgetown. It's much easier now with GPS/Waze, but a few years back it must have been awful if you were trying to get to Arlington Cemetery or to the Lincoln Memorial or anywhere along that stretch. I've lived here 30 years and even with help from my phone, I have to pay maximum attention when I'm driving that stretch. Going north seems worse than going south. As a first time visitor to this area with a good old paper map, it must have been rough, with a lot of wrong turns and a lot of backtracking involved.
  3. RIP. Very sad. Loved his avatar and his posts.
  4. The best thing about the to-go menu is the written description of the dishes! Love the details (that are always lost on me during the quick verbal delivery)
  5. At my Costco they were not doing any sanitization of the cart handles before you pushed your cart to the entrance. I grabbed a cart in the parking lot at pushed it in, so I know that wasn't wiped down by anyone. And as someone mentioned (in DR, I think), no one is sanitizing the card reader, or keypad or the pen at checkout, or a thousand other things you touch during a shopping trip, so wiping down a cart handle is just a feel good effort. And Don - I'm with you. I've never used the stuff. I've been trying to buy it lately but it looks like my record will hold for a while!
  6. I had the exact same experience last week. They sanitized the cart handle after I had been touching it to push it to the door. Brilliant plan that protects no one and does nothing but give a false sense of security/cleanliness.
  7. Pop up note on their website: Dine In Service Will Be Unavailable Starting Tuesday, March 17 To Go Service Will Be Offered Beginning Wednesday, March 18 Given the mandate issued by the DC government, Kinship and Métier will be closed until further notice. This is an effort to navigate uncertain times and to protect our team members, guests and community.
  8. They started their delivery service last night. The lychee bowl is on the menu for $15. I couldn't find any info about delivery area or delivery charges though.
  9. Thanks! Love the tip on the Nat'l Gallery's insta acct!. Here's another Van Gogh movie done in his style:
  10. Thanks Tweaked! If you, or anyone, wants to start a list of good art movies/docs I'd love to see it. I'm talking anything from general art history to a very specific subject like the movie Pollock (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0183659/ ) I know so little about any that stuff, but want to learn more!
  11. Switch to wine? Problem solved!
  12. I just saw on Instagram that Rose's is now taking reservations for any size party, any night they are open. Wow! They also have this note pop up when you go to their website: To our guests: We are taking steps to keep our restaurant safe, we have always and will continue to follow and exceed food safety and sanitation protocols required by the DC Department of Health, CDC and WHO. Additionally: Our staff is utilizing company wide paid sick leave to make sure we keep our workplace healthy and safe. We are vigilant with sanitization of all high touch surfaces. We are offering hand sanitizer throughout the restaurant. We have added additional spacing between tables to allow for staff and guests to remain at more comfortable distances. We are implementing no-touch payment options. If you wish to dine out, we want you to know that we are now accepting reservations for any party size, any night of the week. As well, Rose's at Home will come cook in your home any night of the week. We will also have takeout and delivery options coming soon.
  13. That submission to Tom was from you, KN, right? That's the first thing I thought when I read his chat.
  14. Reading the above made me think of this line from a Post article from a week ago: “We have contained this,” POTUS economic adviser Larry Kudlow told CNBC the last week of February. “I won’t say airtight, but it’s close to airtight.” The article, linked below discussed how the POTUS administration botched the response to this. It was from last Saturday and since then the only thing they have done is banned foreign nationals from entering the country...…..like American travelers are somehow immune. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/POTUS-coronavirus-response-squandered-time/2020/03/07/5c47d3d0-5fcb-11ea-9055-5fa12981bbbf_story.html Another fun fact: Two weeks ago, on Feb 28 POTUS called the virus a hoax.
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