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  1. I made a very similar post like this last fall. My father's interment was at 9am so I was looking for a brunch/lunch place. Busboys and Poets seemed prefect because they were open all day including breakfast and was very close (Shillington). The deal breaker was that because of Covid we would all have to sit at different tables (6 per table max) and they couldn't set up a coffee station or a buffet and they wouldn't let us mingle about. It would have been a bunch of people sitting a different tables not mixing and not mingling. I don't blame the restaurant for the restrictions of course,
  2. Hahhaha! No worries Don. I went in there once a couple years ago on a pilgrimage to see the White House Christmas Tree, and to eat at Central. Since it was right across the street, we took a stroll through the lobby, and honestly, putting my hate and disgust for Dolt45 aside, I wasn't that impressed with the inside. It's a great old building, but it seemed a little weird with this enormous, cavernous space that was part hotel lobby (front desk/check in), part bar area, and part restaurant(?). I think there were tables there with people eating but I can't completely remember. All of t
  3. "Trump Hotel Employees Reveal What It Was Really Like Catering to the Right Wing Elite" by Jessica Sidman on washingtonian.com
  4. As an FYI to the DR community, they are adding a 20% "Included gratuity" on the bill and they do not tell you about this. At least my server didn't mention it. I ended up tipping close to 50% the other night. It's printed on the bill, and definitely my fault for not noticing, but I can't help feel a little taken advantage of.
  5. Gold Rush are amazing storage apples. The flavor improves a month or two after picking and they stay firm and crunchy until June or July when they run out of the previous year's harvest. Of course they store them at something like 33 degrees under nitrogen, but even in the home fridge they'll last forever
  6. In the Before Times, I was a big fan of Kuhn's produce at my local farmers markets. They still come into the area at multiple farmers markets, most days of the week. Their schedule is here and they also have weekly delivery/pickup options. https://kuhnorchards.com/ Kuhn's is a great source for apples, especially, Gold Rush..........the greatest apple you haven't yet tried!! 😉
  7. For your clicking pleasure: https://littlewildthingsfarm.com/
  8. Thanks to the tip from @eatruneat, I had a nice bowl of ramen here last night. All seating was outside (current DC policy), and it was surprisingly pleasant (although last night was a fairly warm night for January). They had a large 2-sided tent set up out front with a big heater blowing warm air into it. They also had these little attachments for propane tanks that blew out hot air. A couple tables had them aimed right at them for additional heating. I felt no more at risk eating here than I do walking on the street or buying groceries. I had never been here before so I took the ser
  9. Thanks ERE!!! I actually had that tab open on my computer from yesterday, but I somehow missed the popup message on the initial page, and that sort of makes my case from above. If you navigated to their menu page without hitting the main page first, you'd have no idea that they were serving on site. Anyhow, thanks for the tip!!
  10. Does anyone know if there are any Ramen places in DC that are open and serving food on site? I've been looking at websites of ramen and non-ramen places and I'm shocked at how little information on dining status is presented on most of them. Instead of a clear message like, "Closed for indoor dining, but we have patio seating with heaters" most of the sites I've looked at force you to try to guess what they offer or make an assumption. Anyhow, if one is craving a bowl of hot soup on a cold day and wants to eat on site, are there any options? Thanks!
  11. I'm attempting the same, although the results of the GA senate runoff may force me hoist a glass to toast the continuation of democracy in America.
  12. Thanks ERE!!!! Like others upthread, I was hoping you'd respond!!! 😊 Thanks also for the info on restaurants only doing carry out. I had a surprisingly hard time finding out the status of restaurants and dine-in eating in San Diego. I found lots of color coated rating charts, but nothing on what the current color-rating level is! I did some research last night and found that most places were only offering carry out and Juniper and Ivy and Herb & Wood and a couple others were already sold out on the Christmas/NYE meals, so it might be a home cooked event anyway. I'm go
  13. Does anyone have any intel or suggestion for a restaurant in the Little Italy area (or nearby) for New Years Eve? Let's just assume it's a normal year and places will be open......that may be foolish, but I figure it's easier for you, dear reader, to list favorite places, and then have me do the research to see if they're open, than have it go the other way around. Also, please feel free to weigh in if this is a horrible mistake. Not the dining out during Covid, part, but the dining in Little Italy part. I don't know anything about San Diego and was given the task of finding a place i
  14. I'm sure Kinship will not disappoint. They have a Christmas Eve menu to go that includes morning after options. It's also available on the 23rd. https://kinshipdc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Christmas-Eve-Takeout-Menu.pdf I haven't done a "big night" meal like this from them, but their regular Covid carry out meals have been great.
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