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  1. Thanks Debbie! I also noted that the Vegetarian Delight got a lot of love up thread, so I'll be ordering that as well. Thanks again for the reply.
  2. Thanks for the info Jim! And thanks to everyone else in this discussion. The menu on their website is quite sparse and there's no mention of different levels of heat or a Code Blue waiver or a anything that would suggest there's anything weird/special going on here.
  3. If you go onto Yelp there are photos of the menu with prices shown. And on an unrelated note, we're doing an all Asian Thanksgiving this year. Originally I was going to try to cook all sorts of dumplings and stir fries, but I quickly came my senses and decided to do carry out. If anyone has any "must order" items here, lay them on me! I generally stick to dumplings/buns/pancakes and am looking to broaden my horizons. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for posting this Kat!! I only wish I clicked on the link when I had fresh tomatoes!!!! Only eight and half months to go!!! I also found it interesting that when he added all the ingredients to the pot, he didn't stir them up as he brought it to a boil. He just let everything sit where it landed when he added it as the soup simmered. I would have thought mixing it all up would have been better, but I'm going to try it the other way just for kicks.
  5. As I’ve said in other recent posts, NOW IS THE TIME TO GO TO RESTAURANTS! I went to Moon Rabbit on the DC Wharf last night (in the former Kith and Kin space) and had a wonderful meal with some service issues, but since they’re only a few weeks old I’ll give them a pass (meaning, I’m going to write about what happened to me, but none of it would prevent me from returning). All the staff wore masks the entire time and the tables were well spaced, and I felt completely safe and conformable there. There’s probably more of a risk and more exposure to people at the local grocery store
  6. I don't think this was your point, but I read post your in the link and my first thought was "Oh, so you wine experts can only judge the greatness of the wine by looking at the label?!?!!? That's how I do it too, but my palate sucks." Or maybe you're saying that if you knew it was a knock off that was assembled to mimic some great old vintage, it wouldn't taste as good? That's probably more of what you were going for, but it's still the same issue. You're essentially saying that you can't enjoy the wine/food/view unless some expert has deemed it extraordinary. Or did I totally
  7. In the article linked above there's a line about Rudy: "He stockpiled empty bottles, and, with the care of a chemist, refilled them with mixtures of lesser wines to taste like the real thing." If this guy could do this in his basement and fool the greatest palate's in the world, why isn't there a company or industry that does this openly and intentionally? It would be no different than hanging a copy of great painting on your wall at home. You know it's not the real thing, but it's close enough to bring you joy and pleasure.
  8. Here's the first line of the article contrasted with one of the final lines: "Onetime “Top Chef” contestant Mike Isabella’... " ".. through appearances on “Top Chef” and “Top Chef: All-Stars,..." Hummmm.........😀
  9. The $48 price Don quoted above was for four courses plus dessert without tip included. (the $47 price in the quote was a typo from an earlier post) I just checked their current menu and now it's 6 courses plus dessert for $95 but includes tip. I have to say I'm not thrilled about this. I'm going to assume the total amount of food served is about the same as before, as it was always a very filling meal that never left me feeling hungry. In other words, there was no reason to need to add two more courses to ensure the diners were properly fed, because they were properly fed with t
  10. I'd also add that if you do a tasting menu and there are any supplemental items offered, GET THEM! Yes they will be expensive, but I think worth it. Wow! As to my original comment..........what's an extra 20 or 30 bucks on top of a $1000 tab?!?!?! 😨
  11. Hey Tweaked - it looks like the Jaleo link actually takes you to the ChiKo story.
  12. Does anyone have any ideas for a brunch type of meal after an interment ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery? The interment is Monday, November 9th at 9:00 am, which means it will finish up around 9:30. That would put us at a restaurant at 10:00 am or so. I'm looking at about 25 people, possibly a few more. Any ideas in the area close to the cemetery or Old Town? (or anywhere else that's semi local?) Thanks! Bart
  13. Ta-da! https://www.washingtonpost.com/goingoutguide/restaurants/peking-duck-restaurants/2020/10/06/0a7c809c-04fc-11eb-a2db-417cddf4816a_story.html
  14. As citizens, we all must pray for his full recovery. He needs to be in good health so he can spend a long, long time rotting in prison after he leaves the Safe House, er, I mean White House.
  15. Funny! In our house we call it "Changers", is in "Do you want to get Changers tonight". I'm really missing the Route 1 restaurant especially in the time of Covid.
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