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  1. South of Zion is the little town of LaVerkin and they have a nice, local coffee shop that also serves smoothies, bagels, pastries, sandwiches, salads, pizza, etc. They have a great view on their back deck too. It's called River Rock Roasters. https://riverrockroasters.com/
  2. NOW IS THE TIME TO GO TO DC RESTAURANTS! I took my son here in early August for my birthday and there were parking spots everywhere, so we literally parked right in front of the restaurant! Traffic is also extremely light, so driving in during "rush hour" is a breeze. We were the only ones in the place when we arrived at 6pm, and over the course of the evening only two other tables arrived in my part of the restaurant, and we were well spaced. We ended up with one of the best tables in the place in the front corner with windows on two sides. The servers all wore gloves and mask
  3. NOW IS THE TIME TO GO TO DC RESTAURANTS! Parking is plentiful, restaurants are nearly empty (aka major social distancing is happening) and they need the business (there were more staff than patrons on Wednesday night). Anyhow, I had a wonderful dish here out the covered balcony overlooking the water on a warm rainy night. A year ago, I'm sure I would have needed a reservation, but I just walked up and got one of the best seats in the place, and in spite of the rain, it was a wonderful scene. The photo below is their braised lamb ravioli with Hen of the Woods mushroom and Summer Tru
  4. Hahahahah! I'm heading up there next week to go birding (in case you didn't know Cape May is one the best places in the world to watch the fall migration), and I'm rereading the book, Season At The Point, which chronicles the birders, hawk watcher and bird branders at Cape May in the mid 80s. Anyhow, apparently the C-View Inn was the bar of choice for these bird nerds. I'm only 70 pages in, and the C-View has been mentioned a bunch of times, as a cheap hangout for tragically poor birders. Thanks for the tip!
  5. I always try to have Waze on in the car even when I know where I'm going just to warn me of speed traps, red light cameras, etc.
  6. Yes, absolutely and of course. I literally (and I do mean -literally-) started to write a caveat to cover this but I deleted it because I thought my post was already too long.
  7. What behavior? As far as I know, all of my female coworkers wear bras. And if anyone is dressed in an unprofessional manor, you better believe some management type would intervein. If you're talking about the other allegations in the article, yeah, I'm sure it does to some degree. Probably not as bad as in the restaurant industry, but there's a reason I'm required to take sexual harassment training and EEO and anti discrimination and ethics training every year. Then again, I work in a very regimented, rules orientated world where damn near everything has an instruction or directive o
  8. Exactly, well said. That article seemed like an unnecessary take down, or sour grapes, or a hit piece on an imperfect chef/restaurant group trying its best to move the industry light years ahead of where it currently is. OMG! They didn't get everything just exactly perfect from the get go! Get me to my fainting couch!! I'd suggest the authors or the aggrieved look up the Joint Strike Fighter for a tale of how perfection (or even a tiny bit of success) sometimes takes a lot longer and has a lot of missteps to overcome (not to mention billions of dollars down the drain). And some
  9. I'm certainly not qualified to weigh in because I haven't eaten at most of the places listed above...….but here I go!! I was excited to try Elephant Jumps for ages because I always read about the place in Washingtonian's Cheap Eats and in the Post, etc, and I did as much research as I could as to what dishes to order, but I was just sort of meh about the whole meal. Maybe I ordered the wrong things, but I did do my research! or maybe my expectations were too high, but nothing I got made me want to come running back to revisit the place. I think I went in Jan 2019 so my memory is very fu
  10. This is completely unrelated to Komi, Happy Gyro or this thread, but the line above made me think of this Mark Twain quote: The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter--it's the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. - Letter to George Bainton, 15 October 1888
  11. First, there are literally no rental properties available in July or August from Corolla to Ocracoke. None! I thought I wasn't using the search function properly on a couple sites because I kept coming up empty so I called, and the woman told me that because people can't go to Europe or Disney, they are driving to the beach instead and everything is booked. Second, as someone mentioned, I don't think there are any luxe hotels. Maybe some nice B&Bs? But your best bet is to rent a place (this fall or next year). Some of the beach houses are VERY tricked out with pools, hot tubs, go
  12. Kat - my "heart" was to send love, not to "like" this post. <heart>
  13. Not surprisingly they are getting savaged on Facebook and Yelp. So far, there's only one post praising them for putting everyone in danger and that's from someone whose last Yelp post is from 19 months ago. Hummmmm. ETA - my post is about the Grille at Flower Hill. ktmoomau snuck in before me! ;-)
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