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  1. I think I mentioned this in the Kinship thread but it bears repeating. A few years ago in fairly typical fashion, I over ordered at Kinship and one of the dishes was the Roast Chicken. By the time it arrived, we were pretty stuffed and we ended up taking a lot of it home. They packaged up in little cardboard boxes like take out Chinese is served in, the only difference was these were brown. Anyhow my son ate a bunch of it that night and the boxes got lost in the fridge somehow and I didn't discover them until 6 days later. When I tried the chicken it was still more moist than a Costco chicken fresh from the store! The Kinship chicken sat in the 'fridge in a cardboard box for almost a week and it was still better than just-purchased Costco chicken!!
  2. Just out of curiosity, are they a couple, romantically? The only reason I ask is they always seem to be mentioned together.
  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear on the political part. I'm not judging him on his politics. I'm judging him for being mean and petty and it reminded me how Trump spitefully fired the former Director of the FBI one day before his retirement date therefore cutting his retirement compensation. Yeah, Frank signed the agreement, so that sort of negates my argument/feelings on this, but having him work in another restaurant won't hurt Mirabelle in any way. Could you imagine Jose Andres doing this?!?! Me neither. Some of the places I won't go to for political (and other) reasons are Chic-Fil-a and Jimmy Johns.
  4. I don't have a dog in this fight, but that's not going to prevent me from shooting my mouth off! I've never eaten Ruta's food (I tragically missed the whole Palena thing somehow) and I've never eaten at Mirabelle, but this lawsuit seems so petty, vindictive, mean spirited and Trumpian, that I see no reason to ever go to Mirabelle or any of Hakan Ilhan's restaurants. My little protest-of-one is not going to be felt, especially since I've never been a customer of any of Ilhan's places, but I'm not going to give my money to places that I disagree with politically or ones that are run by jerks.
  5. To (maybe) answer the question in the subject line (but not in the tread), my best (favorite) tomato is Paul Robeson. It has a rich, deep, smoky taste that I can't match in any other black tomato. I always plant a few different plants in succession planting style because my Paul Robeson's always get ravaged by disease. It's the one downside. Second favorite is another black variety: Black Krim. It does much better than Paul Robeson and is more prolific and the taste is great too, it's just not as good as PR. But close!
  6. I'd be interested in this as well. And I actually HAVE made bao buns a couple time...…...lots of fun and very good!! ;-)
  7. Great idea! Continuing this thought, maybe you can discuss how to make some classic dishes around here like the Lychee Salad at Rose's or the Roast Chicken at Kinship.
  8. I'm surprised no one has responded yet. This sounds great! I'd like to hear about the big chefs that put DC on the food map, from Jean Louis Pallidan, to Jose Andres, to Aaron Silverman. (Apologies to the dozens of great chefs I omitted.) Also the recent (20 years or so!) explosion in the quantity and quality of restaurants. Also, I'd like to have you interview Don.
  9. This place is closed and the sign has been removed. Not sure when it happened but pretty recently.
  10. Yikes! Is this a catastrophic (near) total collapse of an empire or a planned reduction of the footprint?
  11. Interesting. I've noticed a similar drop off in some music forms too. Are people chatting about food/music/etc a different way or just not chatting like the old days?
  12. You think I remember that far back?!?!?! About the only thing I remember is we had to promise not to be affiliated with a restaurant, and/or admit that we were if we were. At least I think I remember that!
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