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  1. No. I was at the restaurant. The prices I quoted were from a dine in experience in January, versus their current online menu I have photos of the menu from back in January, and I’ll try to dig them up off my computer
  2. Their prices have gone up since they opened. I was going to do take out a while back but the jump in prices really turned me off. Back in early January the Shanghai Pan fried Pork Buns were $11.95. Now they are $15.95. A mere 33% price increase! The Roasted duck fried noodles only went up a buck from $15.95 to $16.95. It looks like they changed the names of some of the other dishes, or eliminated them because my receipt is not matching up with their menu for other things.
  3. Climbing the lighthouse in Buxton is always fun, but get there as early as you can. It gets hot and crowded later and the staircase is narrow! Taking the ferry to Ocracoke and exploring is a nice diversion if it's not a beach day. But again, arrive as early as you can. In the fall, winter and spring, visiting the Pea Island is great for wildlife (birds) but you'll need binoculars.
  4. This reminds me of something I read in Jeff Tweedy's book. Or the exact opposite of what was in that book. Jeff is the singer song writer for the band Wilco and put out an autobiography of sorts a few years ago. In it he chronicles his issues with brutal headaches, depression, anxiety, and becoming addicted to pain pills. Anyhow, he ends up in rehab and recounts this story from one of the group sessions: "One guy told us about seeing his father murder his mother when he was nine and that he had his first taste of alcohol that night because his father forced him to drink whiskey, thinking it would make him forget what he'd seen. Hearing a story like that made me ashamed of how little I had to survive and how much pain I'd derived from so much less actual trauma. What was I going to say when the group got to me? 'Um...I cry a lot. I get scared sometimes. I have headaches and it makes it hard to make music.' That was the worst of it. I was out of my league." He then talks about how a bunch of them were in the smoking room after a group session and he confided to them, "I feel like I shouldn't even open my mouth. I don't want anyone to get the idea that I think my situation compares." "This big black guy, who towered over me, turned and started shouting at me. 'What the fuck is that shit? Shut the fuck up! We all suffer the same motherfucker!" "I'm sorry, I said, backing away. I didn't mean-----" "Listen to me, motherfucker, listen. Mine ain't about yours. And yours ain't about mine. We all suffer the same. You don't get to decide what hurts you. You just hurt. Let me say my shit, and you say your shit, and I'll be there for you. Okay?" Anyhow when I read Don's "foie gras/cheeseburger comment, it made me think of this, but in the direction of pleasure, not pain.
  5. I think/hope everything is well with them, but they just didn't want to put employees or customers in harm's way trying to get to and from Kinship. That's the way I read it anyway. I completely support the (peaceful) protesters, but my heart bleeds for these poor restaurants who are fighting a crisis on at least three fronts: shutdown due to the virus, government inaction and ineptitude and now riots in the streets.
  6. Field and Main is doing blind tastings on Thursday nights that you can follow along on Facebook. Neal Warva leads the tasting and discussion and other people chime in with comments. I did the one last Thursday and it was a lot of fun. You can revisit past one as well, so you don't have to tune in live if you can't at the time. Here's the message from their site: Mystery Wine Game With Neal Every Thursday at 7:00pm Join Neal live on Facebook every Thursday at 7:00pm and play the Mystery Wine Game! Neal will blind taste a wine that staff selects for him - and you! If you'd like to grab your own bottle of the mystery and play along you can pre-order via the link below. Either way there will be lots of Q&A available throughout. All you have to do is show up at 7:00pm on our FB page and watch! No sign up necessary. Be sure to download your F&M tasting sheet here! Order Your Mystery Wine Here
  7. This is related to the mention of Dave Chang's podcast in the Momofuku CCDC thread, and it's long and rambling. The short version is bolded below. I find Dave Chang an interesting and entertaining guy, not to mention opinionated(!!), and I recently started listening to his podcast. In early February he had a podcast titled "A Candid Conversation Between Chef and Critic, With Adam Platt", who is the food critic for New York Magazine. As podcasts usually go, it was a meandering conversation but part of it centered on a newly opened Chang restaurant (I don't recall the name or location). Anyhow, the critic went out of his way to emphasize that he didn't consider Chang to be the chef of this restaurant, and of course Dave agreed. The critic made this point over and over like it was some sort of revelation, and it was almost as if he felt he was breaking new ground by separating the restaurateur from the actual person doing the cooking. In my mind, I was like, "Duh. Dude, we get it already. Move on!" Platt seemed to be patting himself on the back for making this distinction. So I'd like to thank Don for highlighting the person in the kitchen and not the celebrity chef on all these threads! I might not have "got it" when I first joined this site, but somewhere along the way, I saw the wisdom and importance of it. Thanks! Back to the podcast, I was really annoyed with Adam Platt's attitude regarding his power and influence. Chang understandably took the side of chefs and restaurants vs. the side of critics and was pushing back on this guy and giving him some shit. Platt on the other hand was completely caviler in what his reviews could do to a restaurant and took little to no responsibility for what a bad review could do to a restaurant. I'm not implying that critics shouldn't tell it like it is, good or bad, but to completely downplay or dismiss his influence seemed like total BS and sort of covering his ass. In my mind I was saying, "Dude if your word/reviews are so meaningless, why are you even there?!?!?" Disclaimer: This was my first exposure to Adam Platt. He may be wonderful and thoughtful and have sunshine coming out of certain body parts, but his attitude on this topic really bothered me and I'm not a fan!! ;-)
  8. In anticipation of a carry out birthday dinner for my son tonight, here's some pics from way back on March 7th when he was home for spring break (longest spring break ever!). I don't remember much on the specifics, but the meal was a great success and all the dishes were great and unique! Lobster Stuffed Skate Wing - Pommes Boulangere, Melted Leeks and Watercress Gratin Crepinette of Lamb Saddle - Cumin Roasted Carrots, Fregola and Spiced Pepper Sauce Panko Crusted Black Bass - Shiitake Mushrooms, Yellow Chives, Garlic Chives, and Mushroom Consomme The food looked better than the photos
  9. That was a great, touching, and moving discussion. I was particularly struck by the rage in his voice when he ranted (in a good way) on how "I will never let my employees ever be this exposed again"
  10. Great news! You got your wish!!! Let's break out the champagne. Sorry to be a snarky dickhead, but your last sentence really offended me. Maybe wait until the body is cold before dancing on the grave.
  11. The Wegmans in Alexandria/Telegraph Road has some now. I bought some last night on a whim. Now I'm googling recipes like a madman!
  12. I can't imagine how tourists navigate the GW Parkway from National Airport to (across the river from) Georgetown. It's much easier now with GPS/Waze, but a few years back it must have been awful if you were trying to get to Arlington Cemetery or to the Lincoln Memorial or anywhere along that stretch. I've lived here 30 years and even with help from my phone, I have to pay maximum attention when I'm driving that stretch. Going north seems worse than going south. As a first time visitor to this area with a good old paper map, it must have been rough, with a lot of wrong turns and a lot of backtracking involved.
  13. RIP. Very sad. Loved his avatar and his posts.
  14. The best thing about the to-go menu is the written description of the dishes! Love the details (that are always lost on me during the quick verbal delivery)
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