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  1. Hopefully it uploaded properly.  If it didn't let me know and I'll cut and paste.  I originally tried that but it didn't work for some reason,  There"s one mistake in the recipe.........there are onions in the ingredient list, but they're never motioned in the directions.  I usually add them halfway through the cooking time.


  2. A true patriot. He probably won't last long..............or, he may reverse course and save this presidency, and the country along with it.
  3. Maybe the upstairs part of Daikaya? I've eaten there a whopping two times (both for lunch during the week) and it has been very quiet. One time a couple people looked like they were having a business meeting.
  4. How about Grapeseed in Bethesda? I've only eaten there once, but really loved it. Good prices too. (Wrong end of the beltway for me sadly)
  5. The law of unintended consequences is going to get a good workout here I suspect. Couple that with the new, and possibly already scrapped, 20% tarriff on goods from Mexico, like fruits and vegetables, and it's gonna upset the whole damn apple cart (pun!)
  6. Really?!??! Wow, that's great. I love those things. Do you recall any places off the top of your head? Any idea how a non Chinese speaker/reader would order them? Show them a photo on my phone maybe?
  7. Definitely get one of the garlic sprout dishes (chicken, pork or shrimp I think). Very interesting and unique look and flavor. I think they're the only place in the area that offeres them. I love their dumplings too. (But I love dumplings in general). I like the duck better at "Peking Duck" on Rt 1 in Alexandria. It's cheaper and better as they carve it very quickly so the meat still warm and the skin still crisp when you eat it. At PGI they carve it too slowly.
  8. Wow. Sad. I'll be cranking the Allmans on the train ride home tonight in his honor.
  9. Lots of moms and other assorted females, but lots of dudes too. As far as the "sharing and helping each other" goes, I was somewhere on the mall near 7th St and a group of people were chanting "WE NEED AN EPI PEN, WE NEED AN EPI PEN" an a minute or two later, a woman came running through the crowd to the rescue. Very cool.
  10. I'm resting my aching feet and raising a glass or 6 to all those others on the Mall today. What a turnout! What a scene!
  11. There's also a old school, family run Greek Place in Crystal City called Athena Pallace or something like that. This is probably the most "normal" and least expensive of the three