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  1. Great idea! Continuing this thought, maybe you can discuss how to make some classic dishes around here like the Lychee Salad at Rose's or the Roast Chicken at Kinship.
  2. I'm surprised no one has responded yet. This sounds great! I'd like to hear about the big chefs that put DC on the food map, from Jean Louis Pallidan, to Jose Andres, to Aaron Silverman. (Apologies to the dozens of great chefs I omitted.) Also the recent (20 years or so!) explosion in the quantity and quality of restaurants. Also, I'd like to have you interview Don.
  3. This place is closed and the sign has been removed. Not sure when it happened but pretty recently.
  4. Yikes! Is this a catastrophic (near) total collapse of an empire or a planned reduction of the footprint?
  5. Interesting. I've noticed a similar drop off in some music forms too. Are people chatting about food/music/etc a different way or just not chatting like the old days?
  6. You think I remember that far back?!?!?! About the only thing I remember is we had to promise not to be affiliated with a restaurant, and/or admit that we were if we were. At least I think I remember that!
  7. I don't know if it adds anything, but I always sprinkle some oregano in the bottom of the pan before adding the slices
  8. Just out of curiosity, what does the new member approval process look like? Do you reject people?
  9. Nailed it! I feel the same way and always wondered why this isn't noted more in reviews and write ups. The d├ęcor feels decades out of style.
  10. Wowzers! And I see that price is for any day of the week. When I did it, it was on either Thursday or Friday, which was cheaper by maybe 100 bucks than the Saturday night price. I'll revise my original comment: "Consider sitting at the chef's table in the kitchen with 5 close friends". 100 bucks per person (6 people) is much more palatable than 300 bucks per person (2 people)
  11. If you go, consider sitting at the chef's table in the kitchen. Sure it will up your bill by 300 bucks or so (this info is more than 5 years old, so ymmv), but most of my strongest and best memories of that night had more to do with sitting in the kitchen, than with the actual food. The food was fantastic, but I keep thinking more about the non-food aspects of the night. There are a lot of extra frills when you sit in the kitchen. I won't mention any of them here because some are sort of dramatic and will be more effective if I don't spoil the surprise.
  12. Look at Elizabeth's. It's off the beaten track, and a little funky, next door to a great record store, and it has a great brunch. First come first served for brunch. https://www.elizabethsrestaurantnola.com/brunch/ They do a "make your own mimosa" where they just give you a bottle of champagne and a pitcher of OJ and let you do the mixing. Fun and reasonably priced!
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