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  1. I didn't know that was possible. How did you do it?
  2. Following a friend's champagne recommendation, I bought a bottle of Mailly Brut Reserve Grand Cru. (About $40 at Total Wine) For my tastes, it was one of the best champagnes I've ever tasted.
  3. Feeling faint....can barely type...
  4. My neighbor gave me a sizable jar of uncut moonshine. I'm interested to know if anyone here has any tips/recipes. I'm not into the apple pie types of flavors, if that narrows the options a bit. Thanks and Happy New Year!
  5. I ended up just doing without--added a splash of red wine vinegar for acid, then seasoned the sauce generously. The result was delicious--I'll probably do it this way next time i'm in the mood for beef wellington. I burned the first batch of puff pastry circles--the directions called for 20 minutes, which is far too long. I highly recommend the potato gratin recipe--they were easy to make, but my were they tasty! (Didn't make the sticky toffee pudding yet)
  6. Christmas Dinner: "Deconstructed Beef Wellington" for my wife and I. Individual Portobello Mushroom Wellington for our (vegetarian) daughter. Hasselback potato gratin Green beans with almonds Sticky toffee pudding
  7. I read capers could be a substitute in some dishes. Not sure if that would work for a sauce.
  8. Yessir. I struck out trying to find a source. Glad to hear any ideas for a substitute ingredient.
  9. As the title indicates, I've been trying to find green peppercorns in brine. Neither Wegman's nor Harris Teeter carries that item. Does anyone have a source in/near Loudoun County? Thank you!
  10. Great article--I could never quite figure out the flavor profiles. In my youth, I may have wanted to try the hottest offerings, but those days are gone. I learned that level 3 is too much for me now. I wish I had learned that before I ordered the Level 3 chicken and waffles! lol
  11. I haven't ordered anything from Salmon and Sable, but if you're interested in buying seafood from a family fishery, take a look.
  12. At the risk of being boo'd/booed off of the forum (not really, I hope), has anyone tried Popeye's Cajun Turkey? Thinking about trying it this year.
  13. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I find the Lemon & Blueberries Parfait to be excellent. And yes, Jeni's is expensive. 🙂
  14. I've ordered from the South Riding location a handful of times, and the results have been very good. If there's a better pizza place in our area (I live near Broadlands), I'd like to know. Their "personal size" pizza is 16" x 6", btw, and the half is bigger than we will ever need. Wings are great as well. I'm no expert on Buffalo style pizza, but the tomato sauce is sweeter than most sauces I'm familiar with, and the crust is somewhat similar to focaccia. I personally enjoy the cup and char pepperoni.
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