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  1. Last night's dinner began a couple of gin-based cocktails inspired by a bottle of Ford's Gin that I managed to find. Classic Negroni for me, with the gin, Campari, and Carpano Antica Formula, and a Bee's Knees for Mrs. Reedm. Quite delicious. I prepared Steak Diane using Mark Bittman's NY Times recipe as a starting point. Very easy and tasty. As a side, I roasted some radishes with olive oil and a few seasonings. The 2016 Chateau La Grange Clinet Reserve was a fine match for the meal. I also attempted to make some chocolate covered strawberries, but the monk fruit sweetener used at the request of my keto diet wife (ugh) didn't set very well.
  2. As a follow-up, my daughter landed a great job in Boston. She looks forward to our upcoming visit, but denies that is because she will get a free meal or two. My wife and I will be there for three nights beginning next week. Mrs. reedm has requested Italian food at for at least two meals, so that's a starting point. We will be celebrating a wedding anniversary, so we are interested in a special occasion-ish restaurant as well. I'd be grateful for any and all suggestions.
  3. I wasn't able to try a couple of Scarr's or Grimaldi's, but my daughter and I ended up at Patsy's Pizzeria in Midtown East early on the afternoon of Super Bowl Sunday. We ordered a 19" Old School Round Pie, and mistakenly thought it would be more than we could eat. The pizza was delicious. The Old School Round essentially a pizza margherita. The sauce was a tiny bit sweet, but excellent, and the crust was thin and very light. Service was friendly and quick. Definitely a place I'd try again.
  4. Wow. Great video. I'll try to check the place out. Thanks!
  5. Minor thread jack. I'm going to be in Midtown East for work next week. Care to recommend any good pizza spots? Thanks!
  6. Checking in from Tokyo. Here are a couple of pictures I took while on walking food tour in Asakusa. The four pieces of Nigiri from the stand up sushi bar Hinatomaru were as good or better than any sushi I've ever had. (Not sure why the photos appear 90 degrees off)
  7. Looks like a lot of bold flavors. Glad it was delicious. BTW, the leaves appear to be mint instead of basil. I'll put the place on my list!
  8. I forgot how bad their sausage was. It makes me long for superb central Texas sausage such as that sold at Kreuz Market. (You can get it from Hill Country Barbecue, albeit at a significant mark-up). One of my late grandfathers made his own sausage, and it was incredible. He lived in North Dakota, and made it from scratch once a year. Whenever they would visit, they would bring sausage that had been frozen in milk cartons. You can find similar tasting sausage in Wishek, ND at https://www.wisheksausage.net/wishek-sausage/.
  9. I think it is one of the better chain bbq restaurants, but I don't crave it, and I won't go out of my way to eat there. For that, I'll seek out The Pit Stop in Sterling.
  10. That's a wild story! I've heard David Chang rant about the myth MSG is bad for you many times, but I've never heard the story you posted.
  11. Thanks for your write-up. Your timing is perfect, since I booked a table for tomorrow evening. Until I read about your experience, I didn't know what to expect since Wozniuk left to open his own place.
  12. Christmas breakfast, so not techically dinner, but I made "Maman's Cheese Souffle" using Jacques Pepin's recipe. Easy to prepare, and simply outstanding!
  13. One of my favorite things to use my sous vide for is to hold mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. Simply prepare the mashed potatoes, and place in a bag. (I don't recall the temp at the moment). Last night I used it for asparagus. About 10 minutes at 180. Excellent. I recently made a hollandaise using the sous vide. I think it's a great method. (I'll try to add links later, but google should get you there.)
  14. Black, and from France.
  15. 10 years later, and the price is still "only" $999/pound. Impulse shopping at the cheese case resulted in a $40 truffle I'd like to use, so I trust the awesome people on this board may have some ideas. (I believe they are fresh--they are not on display in rice as they were a few years ago.) Thanks!
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