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  1. Scored a reservation for four this Friday, and I'm certainly looking forward to it. A friend of mine ate there two or three times before the place became well-known, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a bit of a drive, even from Ashburn, but I know it will be great. Haven't read anything here--has anyone been?
  2. Sounds like you were blessed with a very wonderful father. My condolences on your loss.
  3. Driving up to Boston tomorrow to accompany my daughter to her post-college internship. Flying back mid-day Saturday, so I’ll have time for a couple of deals i understand there are hundreds of restaurants near the Copley Square area, which is where I booked a hotel. Any recommendations for a very short stay in Boston? Thank you.
  4. Thank you, Tweaked! Sounds like we have similar tastes and ideas. I’ve been to Grady’s, and while I agree it’s outstanding, it might be a tough sell. I will certainly look into Raleigh Durham, thanks for the suggestion.
  5. I'll be driving to Savannah at the end of the month, and while I have always made the drive in a day, I need to stop about half way (long story). Looking for recommendations for a place to spend the night. I originally planned to spend the night in Goldsboro in order to visit Wilber's BBQ and enjoy some whole hog bbq, but they are closed due to tax issues. "Department of Revenue Shuts Down Wilber's in Goldsboro" on wral.com NC BBQ trail spots would be a plus, and I don't want a massive detour, as I will be traveling with my wife and in-laws. (Pray for me. ;-)) Thanks!
  6. I've got a bit of the dreaded spring time crud, so I'm not up to posting about our recent experience at Chloe, but I will say it was better than ever. Every dish was a hit, and the service was wonderful. Sounds identical to beachgirl54's experience! I posted a few pictures on instagram, and you can find them if you search for the hashtag #donrockwelldotcom
  7. I think this is a great opportunity to get the DR forum some additional "mainstream" attention. Look for my tweet, and please add a like, retweet, etc. It's not for me, but it is for Don and all of the others who contribute to make this place a unique resource. Cheers. Of course, the original credit belongs to Shaho, who started this thread.
  8. I bought the tri-tip from Lothar’s in Purcellville. (First time there—excellent German butcher) it was three pounds, and I spent a little time trimming one side of it. Seasoned with salt only, then cooked at 131 for nearly 7 hours. Patted it dry, applied olive oil, then a little more salt, fresh pepper, and garlic salt. Seared over very high heat on my Big Green Egg for a few minutes. Great results. Very tender and cooked evenly through. Highly recommended!
  9. Sous vide tri-tip finished on the grill, charred asparagus with bernaise, and mashed potatoes. Of note, the bernaise sauce was just right, but it broke while I kept it warm. First time for me, I think. Thoughts? Sous vide tri-tip was amazing.
  10. The only place I've been on your list is Boudro's, and while I haven't been in a while, it's always been an oasis in the desert of crappy river walk food. If you want to venture out, check out Pearl, which is a complex located in the long-closed Pearl Brewery. There are some highly rated, interesting spots in that area. It's a short drive from the River Walk. Breakfast tacos are everywhere in SA. Perhaps ask the hotel staff for ideas. If you change your mind about barbecue, try Barbecue Station for lunch one day. Enjoy your trip!
  11. The popcorn was not offered to us. I believe it to be available only on request. Nice report! Your experience seems very similar to ours.
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