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  1. My wife works at a well-known kitchen wares store in in Tyson's Galleria, and last night I learned Andy's Pizza recently reopened. We have enjoyed Andy's on a few occasions, and it's always been quite good (and much better than anything around Ashburn), so she brought a pizza home for dinner. I'm glad to report their New York style pizza is better than ever. We ordered a half margherita and half sausage and jalapeno pizza. The 18 inch pie was perfectly cooked.. The crust was relatively thin, a bit crispy, and a bit chewy. Andy's uses a relatively light hand with the sauce, cheese, and top
  2. If you're not averse to using a recipe, Real Deep Dish has dough recipes that have worked well for me. You'll find a number of dough recipes--despite the name, you're not going to be limited to deep dish pizza.
  3. I made "The Original Plum Torte" for the first, but not last, time. The recipe is a NY Times favorite. Even though I over baked it a bit, it was absolutely delicious. My daughter and I polished it off in less than 24 hours. Highly recommended!
  4. I understand--I didn't remain very long, either.
  5. Sounds about right. I seem to recall too much talk about less than stellar restaurants as well.
  6. I was for a short while. I don't recall why I left, but don't expect to see anything similar to the quality content you find here.
  7. Bangkok Golden is now Padaek. It is still owned by Chef Seng Luangrath.
  8. Here's a story in the NY Times confirming the same. It's an interesting read, if you're not behind their paywall. "David Chang Closes Two of His Restaurants" by Amelia Nierenberg on nytimes.com
  9. And why am I just finding out about this pizza forum? 😉
  10. Bob, If you're not familiar with Ahso, I recommend you give them a try. They have really stepped up, and are offering a variety of great options. Ramen on Monday, Tacos on Tuesday, BBQ on Friday.
  11. I happened to be near Wooboi earlier today, so I picked up a "level 2 sando" for lunch. I placed an order online, and it was ready within 10 minutes. The place was always packed during my previous visits, so it was nice to get a sandwich with only a nominal wait.
  12. Tonight we enjoyed pan seared and oven roasted Berkshire pork chops with citrus dressing, oven roasted baby Yukon gold potatoes, and Thomas Keller's creamed summer corn.
  13. It appears the Fairfax location is still offering a limited menu. "To-Go" only. Tip: get the creamy jalapeno
  14. Osso Buco tonight, served with some leftover roasted potatoes and green beans. To be honest, I wasn't thrilled with the results. Not sure why.
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