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  1. Not to take anything away from Phil's fundraising, but if you live in the Ashburn area, I highly recommend AhSo. The food and drink menu continues to evolve, and I don't know of another place that others such a diverse menu.
  2. Phil is doing much better, and he was released a few days ago. That said, he has some significant events ahead of him. AhSo offers Phil's Black Manhattan, and part of the proceeds go towards his recovery fund.
  3. I stopped by the One Loudoun location for lunch today. Since I was solo, I tried two menu items. I should have taken pictures, but I realized that after I had already eaten most of the food. 😎 The lobster taquitos ($6.50) consisted of flour tortillas filled with a pleasantly rich, nicely seasoned lobster mixture, and then drizzled with a spicy sauce and served with a dollop of guacamole and and vegetable garnish. The taquitos were fried perfectly, and the serving size was larger than I expected. I'd easily order them again. I ordered the single portion of fish and chips ($9 for single, $13 for double, grilled or fried). The fish used was Hoki, which I've probably eaten before, but never intentionally. It turns out that Hoki, a white fish, is one of the types of fish used in a Filet-O-Fish. I digress. The portion was ample, nicely breaded, and perfectly cooked. The fish was served with a serving of fries, house-made tartar sauce, and a pickle. Again, very satisfying. While I only tried two menu items, I like the fact that the restaurant offers seafood prepared a number of ways. Ford's Fish Shack, which some see as a competitor, offers a menu that centers around fried fish/seafood. Slapfish offers plenty of fried foods and chowder, but it also offers Poke bowls, salads, and ceviche. Ford's is a full service restaurant/bar, while Slapfish is a fast casual spot. The staff was extremely welcoming and helpful. I look forward to a return visit.
  4. reedm


    Thanks for the great suggestions! My daughter has embraced my appreciation of food, so I'm confident she and her friend will find some wonderful spots.
  5. reedm


    My daughter and one of her friends will be in Amsterdam beginning tomorrow for a few days. (Both are 21) If anyone cares to recommend very good/great and inexpensive places, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Don, I hope you don't mind me sharing this, but I think this is worthwhile. Yesterday, I learned Phil Duong, AhSo's lead bartender, had been hospitalized following an incident this weekend. Details are scarce, but I understand he was severely injured while he was at a local restaurant. (Not AhSo). His injuries necessitated a medevac, and he is currently in an induced coma. I'm not a close friend or part of the family, but if you've met Phil, he's an extremely likable guy. If you would like to help with his medical expenses, Jason Maddens set up a Gofundme page . Please keep Phil in your thoughts and prayers.
  7. reedm


    I'll have to disagree, Don. It's ten times better than it looks! 🙂 --- The Green Zone (curls)
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I've recommended it to family and work colleagues. I didn't read it, but did listen to it via Audible. Narrated by the author, I didn't get the sense he was unsympathetic. He did address the need to address the underlying drug problem plaguing our country, one that hits the extremely poor the hardest. For my tastes, it's one of the best books I've enjoyed all year.
  9. If you enjoy a G&T, Simon Majumdar, or both, I recommend Simon's new podcast, titled "Eat My Globe," which just started a few weeks ago. He has an episode dedicated to gin, and it's highly entertaining and informative.
  10. We live less than two miles from AhSo, so we typically eat there once a week. It's great to have such a high quality, creative restaurant near-by. Their business appears to be on a positive glide slope, and that's great to see. I've chatted with people at AhSo who confirmed the new bar venture. I'm not in the business, but it seems to be a careful way to test the waters. Their lead bartender recently won a local bartending contest, so the expansion seems like a natural move. I'm glad AhSo is moving closer to you!
  11. reedm

    Dining near Dulles Airport

    I fully agree. There are quite a few enjoyable places to eat between Dulles and Harper's Ferry.
  12. I haven't read through the list, much less any of the reviews, but if you enjoy Spanish cuisine, I will tell you first hand Del Mar is worth a splurge.
  13. reedm

    Dining near Dulles Airport

    Ford’s Fish Shack in Ashburn may be a good option for you. The food is not terribly creative, but it is consistently well-prepared, and there is anough variety for most people’s tastes.
  14. reedm

    Dining near Dulles Airport

    I live in Ashburn, which is close to Dulles. What time and day of the week will you meet your friends?
  15. Sadly, I have not been, but a buddy of mine has tended bar there for a few years. (Green Pig Bistro prior to that). He recommends: Anything seasonal, Crab pasta, Boar pasta, Caprese, Burrata, and squash blossoms. Any of his cocktails should be terrific. Not sure if he is working tonight, but ask for Andrew.