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  1. I bought the tri-tip from Lothar’s in Purcellville. (First time there—excellent German butcher) it was three pounds, and I spent a little time trimming one side of it. Seasoned with salt only, then cooked at 131 for nearly 7 hours. Patted it dry, applied olive oil, then a little more salt, fresh pepper, and garlic salt. Seared over very high heat on my Big Green Egg for a few minutes. Great results. Very tender and cooked evenly through. Highly recommended!
  2. Sous vide tri-tip finished on the grill, charred asparagus with bernaise, and mashed potatoes. Of note, the bernaise sauce was just right, but it broke while I kept it warm. First time for me, I think. Thoughts? Sous vide tri-tip was amazing.
  3. The only place I've been on your list is Boudro's, and while I haven't been in a while, it's always been an oasis in the desert of crappy river walk food. If you want to venture out, check out Pearl, which is a complex located in the long-closed Pearl Brewery. There are some highly rated, interesting spots in that area. It's a short drive from the River Walk. Breakfast tacos are everywhere in SA. Perhaps ask the hotel staff for ideas. If you change your mind about barbecue, try Barbecue Station for lunch one day. Enjoy your trip!
  4. The popcorn was not offered to us. I believe it to be available only on request. Nice report! Your experience seems very similar to ours.
  5. Stopped by last Friday to see what the excitement was all about. It was 1:30, and the place was still busy.Ordered a Sando Level 3 (hot), and it was great. The chicken was perfectly cooked, juicy, and the crispy exterior was just the right thickness. The slaw was a nice match, and the pickles provided a nice contrast to the spiciness of the chicken. I couldn't make out the spices, but the sandwich was very aromatic as well.For my tastes, level 3 was perfect--just enough heat to make my scalp sweat a little, but not too much to make it too painful to eat. I can see how hotter levels may induce significant discomfort. (Wash hands afterwards, at a minimum!)I hope they plan to extend their opening hours to weekends so I can visit more often.
  6. Not for comparison, but we attended a pasta making class at Villa Umbria, and it was quite enjoyable. I'm not sure if they are still offering classes.
  7. Damn. Strokes are nasty. My dad, who is now 81, suffered a stroke about 7 years ago while he and my mom were on a trip to China. (Very long story...buy trip insurance) Thankfully, he survived, thanks to Chinese health care professionals. He lost a great deal of mobility, but his mind was not affected. RIP.
  8. And the complete wine experience at Metier far exceeded the pairing experience at the Inn. I think the Inn's was $175, not including service or tax. A poor value, in my opinion.
  9. Great questions. The pairing was $145, service included, but tax was additional. I believe I heard Michael explain the pairings equated to three glasses total, which sounded about right. I'm afraid my memory escapes me, but Michael provided thorough explanations for each pairing, and he expanded my wine knowledge, albeit very briefly. I was intrigued by the pairing of a red wine with bass, but it was a great match. I suspect you are right about the harissa.
  10. We enjoyed an exceptional evening at Métier last week. From start to finish, everyone we encountered was wonderfully hospitable, and the service was flawless. Celia greeted us in the lounge--she is wonderfully charming. Michael Chesser, the Captain and Sommelier, was engaging and informative, and led our service. For my budget, it's a special occasion restaurant, and even though it was very expensive, it was money well spent. The dining room is relatively small, but spacious. The kitchen is visible, but we couldn't hear any sounds. If I had one quibble, it would be that three desserts was one too much for me. (Signs of age, I suppose) Instead of providing my own descriptions, I'll include a photo the menu notes. The restaurant was quite accommodating, and changed a couple of dishes to better suit my wife's preferences. For the wine aficionados and experts here, I'd be interested to get your thoughts on the wines used for pairings. I enjoyed each pairing immensely. Toro with hummus and lavash crackers served in the lounge, accompanied by a burnt cinnamon cocktail. Seared Bluefin Toro Puree of Savoy Cabbage soup with Rye Bread and Cured Foie Gras Crostini Crispy Skin Filet of Virginia Black Bass Scallops. (They prepared this instead of lobster for my wife) Confit of Maine Lobster. Pan Roasted Martin Farms Beef Poached Pineapple Upside Down Cake. (My favorite dessert) Métier Candy Bar Dessert number three. I honesty forgot the description, but it's a play on cinnamon rolls, accompanied by a hot buttered rum drink. Our view of the kitchen. Eric was visible throughout most of the evening, but the table was occupied and I didn't want to intrude on diners' privacy by taking a picture while they were present. Menu Menu notes Menu notes Wine pairings
  11. This is an important part of the article. "But the answer is not hard to understand. UMC is a global denomination with 12.7 million members: 43% of participants at the denomination’s General Conference coming from overseas, mostly Africa. And while Americans are moving left, African church leaders are not."
  12. Great call. We had drinks in the bar, and they were excellent. Thanks!
  13. The Jefferson is certainly expensive, but the hotel is quite exceptional. Spotlessly clean, with a staff who is skilled in the hospitality business. Pricey? Yes, but dollar for dollar, I think it's a better value than some of the higher-end chain hotels.
  14. We ended up having a couple of small plates at the bar, since we arrived between lunch and dinner. The mezze selections were excellent. I won't recount them all, but the warm feta coated in sesame seeds was delicious. I also got to try orange wine for the first time. I really enjoyed it, probably because I'm a fan of sour beers. Thanks for the great suggestion.
  15. Thanks, Don. We are willing to hop in an uber. Chaia looks tasty, though!
  16. My typically thorough planning skills are lacking today. I didn't research a lunch spot! Would love to hear recommendations for lunch today, keeping in mind we will be at Metier at 7. The Presto lunch at Fiola was my first choice, but it's not offered any longer. Thank you.
  17. Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions. I finally decided on the Jefferson. It's a bit expensive, but this is anniversary #25. Looking forward to a great stay!
  18. Narrowing it down to the Jefferson, the Fairmont, and the Intercontinental Wharf. Thanks for the great recommendations!
  19. I'm afraid I can't be of help. Would you mind if I piggy-backed on your question? The wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary at Metier, and I'm looking for a nice place to spend the night. The Intercontinental at the Wharf looks appealing, as does the Donovan. Don or a mod can shoo my question away if desired. Thanks!
  20. It was my fault for not checking the hours of operation, but it wasn't a wasted trip because I was on my way to the Galleria. A nice noodle dish at Sen Khao save the day. 🙂
  21. Has anyone been to Métier recently? If all goes according to plan, we will celebrate our anniversary there next Thursday. Thank you.
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