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  1. Went here last night with the kids - great atmosphere, a world away from Max's. Loved the ambiance. The food was also very good - salads, pita, hummus and kebabs. I thought the lamb was much better than the beef, unfortunately they were out of the sweetbreads. Portions of the kebabs were a little small for the price, but overall I left very happy. It is very busy though, so come early and be prepared to wait.
  2. Nice to have a good Georgian in the area. Fun atmosphere, friendly helpful staff. Went here on NYC and mainly stuck to the classics - pickles, the eggplant rolled over walnut paste, spreads, dupmplings, lobio kotanshi, the ajaruli khachapuri, lamb chops, chicken, and a sea bream. I thought everything was at least solid, and a few things - the khachapuri and the lamb chops - were very good. The khinkali dumplings were not the best I have ever had - i like them a little fuller and the meat/soup more flavored. As mentioned, the wine list is very Georgian. Many of the wines are very "st
  3. Had lunch here yesterday. The lechon is good - great crunchy skin, fatty meat. I got the combo and substituted the white rice with garlic rice - a mistake, as the latter is pretty greasy. I definitely felt like I had overindulged afterwards...thank god it was a sunday and i could take a nap. The kids had crispy chicken adobo sandwiches accompanied by some great fries - I may also have sampled those excessively too, now I think about it...Next time i might focus on the papaya salad as a side, otherwise the whole thing can become a grease-fest.
  4. Had dinner here with some friends on Friday. Overall, it was OK, but not great. We had: Nua Dadd Deaw - fried sun-dried beef. Pleasant enough. Chicken Sate - the peanut sauce was very good but the chicken itself lacked flavor. Moo Yang Kati Sod - quite good pork belly skewers. Pla muk yang - a few pieces of grilled squid. Pretty disappointing, not much squid, and not much flavor. For my main I had the Kua Kling. They had run out of ground pork so I had it with sliced pork. It was a little one-dimensional - extremely spicy, which I liked, but didn't have that mix of oth
  5. Had dinner here last night. Overall a nice Indian option in a neighborhood that doesn't have many. Upscale modern vibe. Some good beer options and lots of (very expensive) indian whiskeys that I didn't try. I did have two of the happy hour cocktails, and found them both too sweet... Menu is pretty traditional indian restaurant fare, nothing very outside the box. We tried the aloo papdi chaat, tandoori gobi, and vegetable uttapam for starters. All solid, with good flavors. For mains we had allepey fish curry, lamb vindaloo, chicken kesari tikka with sides of dal makhani, ba
  6. I used to eat there occasionally in the UK. You are right not to get too excited, but if you are nearby and hungry it is not a bad choice. I would put it at around Pret-a-Manger levels on the Brit-owned-quick-lunch-option Satisfactionometer.
  7. Went here for lunch yesterday: we could either wait for a table that could do bbq, or be seated immediately in a place that could only do hot pot. We did the latter. Nice choice of broths - miso, herb, and spicy Szechuan were all good. The hot-pots are individual rather than one large shared one. Extensive beer selection for this type of place. As noted above, you have to go to get sauces from the salad bar, which they don't tell you about. Some of the sauces had run out, unfortunately, hopefully just a teething problem. But all in all a good addition to the hot pot options, if nothing to get
  8. Went back here on Friday night for another excellent meal. The meat really is outstanding - had the lamb tartare again (despite just having read an article on the dangers of raw lamb - worth the risk!) and the "meat mountain", every aspect of which was delicious. A mountain I am willing to die on. Expensive, but worth it. The one thing that left a bad taste in my mouth was the bill - three suggested tips of 20 percent, 25 percent, and 30 percent. Is this normal now? a 30 percent tip on what was already a $300 bill for 5, including 2 kids, seems excessive. I am happy to leave 20 percent, b
  9. I would estimate that the croutons (apparently they are "barley rusks") made up about 35 percent of the salad by mass. Does a Greek salad even need any croutons? In any case I enjoyed the salad despite the croutons. Some of them were the only thing left on any of the plates we had...
  10. Despite having lived here on and off for almost twenty years, I had never made it to Iron Gate. That changed last night when I went for an early dinner with my father. The place was busy, so they are clearly doing well. Food was excellent - we had a Greek salad (delicious if a little bread-y), bison tartare (my second-favorite thing), beets, perfectly tender octopus, and a lovely gnocchi (my favorite thing, pleasantly spicy), followed by some cheese for desert. As has been mentioned, the wine list will be quite mysterious for those of us without much knowledge of Greek wine, but our server st
  11. Finally made it here last night with the wife. Some parts were great, but others disappointing. Maybe I chose poorly, but I was not hugely impressed. We had: Crispy salt cod: this was solid, though the smoked cauliflower was a little rich. Salami cotto: also good, though more acid in the accompanying peperonata would have cut through the fat better. einkorn sourdough with yoghurt and smoked trout roe - my favorite dish of the night, though the bread was a little too charred at the edges. corzetti and garganelli - the pasta itself was good, particularly the garganelli,
  12. I have had a couple of meals here recently and I think it is a nice addition to the neighborhood. It is in the former Grapeseed space. I tried the Doro Wat, the vegan sampler, Quanta firfir, and the fried fish. Everything was good, I would say no better or worse than the places I used to go to around 9th and U in DC. So probably not worth making a detour for, but nice to have a solid Ethiopian option. I didn't love the decor - there as some more private areas but most of the tables and chairs are pretty close together and it can be loud. There also appeared to be a lot of staff comp
  13. Got there at 4 last Saturday, we ended up being the last couple to be seated in the first sitting. Good cocktails, good wine list, including one of the few pet-nats I have seen around here. I spent a few weeks in the Philippines a few years ago and have to admit that I wasn't really impressed by the food at the time, especially compared with what was available in neighboring countries. This time I really liked what I tried - bitter melon, banana hearts, the tuna, and the pork sausages. The flavors are unusually and (as far as I can tell) very authentic. Nice level of spice. The bitte
  14. Had lunch in the bethesda branch on Saturday. They seem to have changed their menu options, no more piadini, instead it is either salads or "fast-fired" pizza. I split a salad and a cauliflower-crust pizza with the missus while the kids split a regular pizza. Overall, it was better than I expected. I don't kid myself that the cauliflower crust pizza was particularly healthy - it was after all covered in cheese - but the taste was good, as was the salad. The kids' pizza was probably the weakest link, but they were happy enough with it. This place is never going to compete with real
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