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  1. It is the best sushi in this price range in DC and has become my go to place for work lunches. Honestly I think the sushi there is better than the sushi I had at my last Kaiseki tasting menu at Sushi Taro
  2. As an Irish man married to a Filipina and someone who has eaten at multiple Armstrong locations going back almost 20 years I really wanted to like this place...... .....But...... .....we went on Memorial Day Monday and the vibe was really strange and soporific. I'd agree on the cocktail menu its pretty unappealing so I opted for a very average Rose at $13/glass. The place was more than half empty and as we sat facing the kitchen it meant that the underutilized kitchen staff spent most of their time gazing out at the diners / checking their phones / fixing their hair - the whole thing was a little off putting The food was decent but overpriced for the portion size - $15 for a tiny bowl of pancit, almost $20 for adobo with perhaps 2 pieces of meat in it - the whole grilled fish was good - halo halo was good but the caramelized bananas has the texture of cardboard Service was stilted and weird - took forever for my daughter to get our drink and despite asking they would not give us dessert menus until our table was cleared. If this place was closed by the end of the year I would not be surprised.....
  3. 2 Amys is just so freakin good - been a couple of times recently and the bar menu just blows us away - the Porchetta is to DIE for, the tomato salad with ricotta and chives melts in your mouth - the meatballs are as good as ever - feel very lucky to be a 10 min drive and glad they are still top notch 10+ years after opening
  4. its a very small room but the portion sizes are actually quite generous and perfectly appropriate for a solo diner - we shared because we like to try everything, i don't necessarily think its the modus operandi - I can't fully recall if we were just stuffed or didn't find the desserts appealing - enjoy!
  5. Yes, Prequel seems to be a full time pop up host for both DC and non DC restaurants. Dining room is nothing fancy - about 8-10 tables. Service is basically a one man show the host/bartender/waiter/GM Bryan (?) is a nice guy who holds it all together despite his many hats and is happy to answer all types of questions about Prequel. The food was very good. I've always liked Hamilton's touch and I think he puts together a great menu. One of my initial takeaways was that literally everything on the menu appealed to me, something I can't say for many restaurants lately. Our party of 4 split the following for appetizers: a charred romaine lettuce (very good), an oyster stew (very good but could have been great with a little more seasoning), foie gras on french toast (very good but could have been great with a thicker and less overdone piece of french toast) and fried sweetbreads on waffles (very good). For entrees we had roasted oregon morels on grits w duck egg (very good), icelandic cod (very good to great), seared scallops (very good to great) and lamb chops (very good). We would go back and hope to see Hamilton in his own place in the near future. We skipped dessert and had a post dinner cocktail at Brick and Mortar - a bustling little cocktail bar in the basement of the same building.
  6. Any recent recommendations for Chicago?
  7. As huge fans of Cityzen and Chef Ziebold we were excited to hit up Kinship last night with some friends - the food was generally excellent but we had pretty significant issues with the pacing. Its a beautiful space and the ladies in our party were especially taken with the "sitting room" and fireplace up front. Food wise, the hits of the night were the Lobster French Toast, the sunchokes and the Tuna Egg Pancake dish. Mushroom torchon, duck, celtuce w lentils and desserts also really really good. Someone mentioned upthread that they were still working out the service and I tend to agree. We were seated at 9, got our orders in fairly quickly and by 10.30 had only received 2 dishes. When we asked what was going on, the server tried to imply it had been at our request because we had made an off hand comment when ordering that we assumed that because we were ordering all small plates they would not come at once. Theres a bit difference between dishes not coming at once and two over a 90 minute period. We also ordered Parker House rolls at the beginning of the meal and once our final dishes were arriving (at around 11.30) we realized that order had been forgotten and had to ask again. The soufflé is delicious but again as someone noted upthread I was expecting something much bigger for a $24 "for the table" dish.
  8. We've really gotten to love Macon over the last year or so. The service is warm and friendly, the cocktails are excellent and the food is great. It is a real gem in a neighborhood struggling for top class culinary options. Unfortunately I have it on pretty good authority that Dan Singhofen is leaving at the end of the year. I really hope this is not true but if so I hope they hire a replacement of the same caliber.
  9. not a regular poster any more but felt a need to post this and hopefully people realize based on my history on the board I am not one to wantonly slam a restaurant had the worst service experience in years at the Cap Hill location about 2 weeks ago - arrived for late lunch with a relatively large group of 10 people and were seated in a busy but not slammed and rapidly emptying dining room at roughly 1.20 - we ordered standard lunch fare - burgers salads etc and a few folks ordered milkshakes The we waited, and waited, and waited........servers assiduously avoided our table and eye contact - water arrived around 1.45 and we waited and waited and waited - at 2.15 I flagged down someone who appeared to be a manager and said we'd been waiting for almost an hour - as I complained food and milkshakes started to arrive - she seemed mildly concerned in a perfunctory way but there was no acknowledgement by the waiter of any service issues we finished our food, got the bill (no adjustments for lousy service) and left without anyone else checking in or inquiring as to service never again.....
  10. we stopped by Saturday night after dinner and scored 4 seats at the bar - I have to admit when i initially heard about this place i thought it would be too precious for its own good but I was wrong - MH is a real gem - the staff were delightful, the drinks were great and the food that we tried was excellent - we will be back
  11. Any more recent Paris experiences? I have 5 days there in Nov
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