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  1. Hmmmmm - not too much input on Gravitas. FWIW we ate there several times in 2019 and loved it. Wondering if anyone has tried the Chefs Tasting Counter menu and if its worth it (to the extent that any meal priced at $210pp before drinks tax and tip can be "worth it")
  2. Holy post from 8 years ago! But yes, Magruders and Ben continue to be my go to for many of alcohol purchases - they have fairly aggressively embraced the "barrel pick" genre - a particular recent favorite of mine is Bens barrel pick of a cask strength Barrell (the brand) bourbon. George also picked a barrel but I prefer Bens. And they do great whiskey tastings upstairs although I guess those won't be happening for a while.
  3. It is the best sushi in this price range in DC and has become my go to place for work lunches. Honestly I think the sushi there is better than the sushi I had at my last Kaiseki tasting menu at Sushi Taro
  4. As an Irish man married to a Filipina and someone who has eaten at multiple Armstrong locations going back almost 20 years I really wanted to like this place...... .....But...... .....we went on Memorial Day Monday and the vibe was really strange and soporific. I'd agree on the cocktail menu its pretty unappealing so I opted for a very average Rose at $13/glass. The place was more than half empty and as we sat facing the kitchen it meant that the underutilized kitchen staff spent most of their time gazing out at the diners / checking their phones / fixing their hair - the whole thing
  5. 2 Amys is just so freakin good - been a couple of times recently and the bar menu just blows us away - the Porchetta is to DIE for, the tomato salad with ricotta and chives melts in your mouth - the meatballs are as good as ever - feel very lucky to be a 10 min drive and glad they are still top notch 10+ years after opening
  6. its a very small room but the portion sizes are actually quite generous and perfectly appropriate for a solo diner - we shared because we like to try everything, i don't necessarily think its the modus operandi - I can't fully recall if we were just stuffed or didn't find the desserts appealing - enjoy!
  7. Yes, Prequel seems to be a full time pop up host for both DC and non DC restaurants. Dining room is nothing fancy - about 8-10 tables. Service is basically a one man show the host/bartender/waiter/GM Bryan (?) is a nice guy who holds it all together despite his many hats and is happy to answer all types of questions about Prequel. The food was very good. I've always liked Hamilton's touch and I think he puts together a great menu. One of my initial takeaways was that literally everything on the menu appealed to me, something I can't say for many restaurants lately. Our party of 4 split the f
  8. Any recent recommendations for Chicago?
  9. As huge fans of Cityzen and Chef Ziebold we were excited to hit up Kinship last night with some friends - the food was generally excellent but we had pretty significant issues with the pacing. Its a beautiful space and the ladies in our party were especially taken with the "sitting room" and fireplace up front. Food wise, the hits of the night were the Lobster French Toast, the sunchokes and the Tuna Egg Pancake dish. Mushroom torchon, duck, celtuce w lentils and desserts also really really good. Someone mentioned upthread that they were still working out the service and I tend to agree. W
  10. We've really gotten to love Macon over the last year or so. The service is warm and friendly, the cocktails are excellent and the food is great. It is a real gem in a neighborhood struggling for top class culinary options. Unfortunately I have it on pretty good authority that Dan Singhofen is leaving at the end of the year. I really hope this is not true but if so I hope they hire a replacement of the same caliber.
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