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  1. You can take a sailboat out to the San blas islands for a few days (sleep on the boat) which is a great experience, in Panama too.
  2. We did 10 days in Portugal and could have done at least 5 more. We didn’t even scratch the surface with 5 in Lisbon and 4 in Porto/Douro. We didn’t go to Coimbra, Sintra, or the Algarve, for example. I highly recommend the Culinary Backstreets all day tours in both cities (choose one, we did Lisbon with Martim) and Adega Vila Mea, Casa Guedes, and others. I’ll do a full trip report at sI’m e point. Also, there are a number of great Airbnbs
  3. In Portugal right now and Lisbon/Porto/Douro Valley is probably one of my favorite trips I’ve ever taken, and I’ve been almost everywhere (although I want to deepen my knowledge of Asia beyond SE Asia and Japan/Phillipines).
  4. I really did not enjoy the dishes, the price/value ratio, the service, or the ambience. On vacation in Portugal so cant write more but I echo all said above. I definitely won’t go back.
  5. The bus is terrible if you are arriving any time where there may be a backup at the tunnels though. I was in a long distance relationship DC-NYC for several years and getting into NYC between 3-8 on a Friday on the bus was torture. It added 2 hours to the trip. I sucked it up and took the train usually. Got a bottle of wine and some cheese and made it a party. Arrived pleasantly buzzed and in time for a late dinner.
  6. It’s awesome. And crowded. Make a reservation for dinner somewhere (Woodberry Kitchen?) for after. It will take you about an hour to see the street.
  7. Singapore street food gets a star.
  8. Any new Lisbon/Porto recommendations? Especially for New Year’s Eve, tu we will have 8 days to eat between these two cities, so looking for many ideas!
  9. Went through 30lbs of candy last night in mount pleasant.
  10. Casey Patten sounds a bit like he is acting lika an asshat in this article. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.dcist.com/amp/articles/create%3farticle_id=5b476430ca036e00014a030c
  11. maybe related to this Jul 7, 2018 - "Craft Beer Bar and Burger Spot The Black Squirrel Closing, Craft Beer Bar and Restaurant Seasons & Sessions Opening" on popville.com
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