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  1. Posted this in the Cheesecake Factory thread but cross posting here. It’s all true and my love of the Chinese chicken salad is vindicated. https://www.latimes.com/food/story/2019-08-20/cheesecake-factory-restaurant-review-lucas-peterson
  2. https://www.latimes.com/food/story/2019-08-20/cheesecake-factory-restaurant-review-lucas-peterson All sounds true, at least my love for the Chinese chicken salad is vindicated.
  3. I loved WTF and it will be missed. I will admit that I love the Chinese Chicken Salad from Cheesecake Factory (and only this). I could see myself getting it for lunch here.
  4. I went to Le CouCou a month ago. It was spectacular and we were seated next to Diane Sawyer, Quincy Jones, and Gayle King. I would NEVER possibly think to wear shorts there. Also, if the restaurant is a place that calls to confirm the day before (and they did that to me and it was no big deal) I’d also assume it’s not a shorts place.
  5. We are early 40s and tend to go to hipper places in DC and went a few weeks ago for a baby moon dinner. It was expensive but I had prepared for a $1000+ bill before so we just went in with a spirit of enjoying it. The decor is plush and fun and avoids being stuffy somehow. The staff also were great but unstuffy. Many of the dishes were spectacular (there was a red pepper soup I can still taste). The cheeses were good and the cheese kitch amusing. As people who love fine dining but hate stuffy it was a great meal.
  6. Love Azul. And Mero Toro. Azul for traditional Mero Toro for food and wine from Baja California.
  7. Grand cata on 8th and o. The best.
  8. They should make their delivery easier to order. We live nearby and can hardly figure out how to order from them.
  9. Also went to Evvia in Palo Alto for dinner. Sat at the bar and had some gigantes, a lamb chop, artichokes, wine and a dessert. Good food, nice bartender, expensive at $100 for one person.
  10. Went to Angler Saturday night and wow it was good. Antelope tartar, Tina with tomate gelee, hen of the woods, escarole with XO, herb salad, roasted beet, 60 day porterhouse, many excellent wines, fabulous caramel sauce on the desserts, green chartreuse. Friends are friends with the owner/investors so I didn’t pay, and we had spectacular service, but wow I loved it. Sat in the “lodge” side of the house, not the fish.
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