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  1. Love Azul. And Mero Toro. Azul for traditional Mero Toro for food and wine from Baja California.
  2. Grand cata on 8th and o. The best.
  3. They should make their delivery easier to order. We live nearby and can hardly figure out how to order from them.
  4. Also went to Evvia in Palo Alto for dinner. Sat at the bar and had some gigantes, a lamb chop, artichokes, wine and a dessert. Good food, nice bartender, expensive at $100 for one person.
  5. Went to Angler Saturday night and wow it was good. Antelope tartar, Tina with tomate gelee, hen of the woods, escarole with XO, herb salad, roasted beet, 60 day porterhouse, many excellent wines, fabulous caramel sauce on the desserts, green chartreuse. Friends are friends with the owner/investors so I didn’t pay, and we had spectacular service, but wow I loved it. Sat in the “lodge” side of the house, not the fish.
  6. You can take a sailboat out to the San blas islands for a few days (sleep on the boat) which is a great experience, in Panama too.
  7. We did 10 days in Portugal and could have done at least 5 more. We didn’t even scratch the surface with 5 in Lisbon and 4 in Porto/Douro. We didn’t go to Coimbra, Sintra, or the Algarve, for example. I highly recommend the Culinary Backstreets all day tours in both cities (choose one, we did Lisbon with Martim) and Adega Vila Mea, Casa Guedes, and others. I’ll do a full trip report at sI’m e point. Also, there are a number of great Airbnbs
  8. In Portugal right now and Lisbon/Porto/Douro Valley is probably one of my favorite trips I’ve ever taken, and I’ve been almost everywhere (although I want to deepen my knowledge of Asia beyond SE Asia and Japan/Phillipines).
  9. I really did not enjoy the dishes, the price/value ratio, the service, or the ambience. On vacation in Portugal so cant write more but I echo all said above. I definitely won’t go back.
  10. The bus is terrible if you are arriving any time where there may be a backup at the tunnels though. I was in a long distance relationship DC-NYC for several years and getting into NYC between 3-8 on a Friday on the bus was torture. It added 2 hours to the trip. I sucked it up and took the train usually. Got a bottle of wine and some cheese and made it a party. Arrived pleasantly buzzed and in time for a late dinner.
  11. It’s awesome. And crowded. Make a reservation for dinner somewhere (Woodberry Kitchen?) for after. It will take you about an hour to see the street.
  12. Singapore street food gets a star.
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