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  1. They are also serving the rolls "Connecticut style" - hot lobster in drawn butter instead of mayo. It's my personal preference if you ask me.
  2. It looks like the Bice group is opening up a restaurant in the old Old Homestead space in Bethesda.
  3. Staunton I'm heading to the Shenandoah this weekend with some friends - one of whom is from Staunton, VA. He's recommended that we have dinner at Staunton Grocery. Their website currently lists only a sample spring menu. Does anyone have any experience with this place or know anything about the chef (Ian Boden)?
  4. I'll be celebrating quite well this weekend thank you very much!
  5. This info is probably way outdated, but if no one else replies, at least it's a start. Click me!
  6. My buddies all loved this place when I took them there for dinner this past Sunday evening, but perhaps the best compliment came from my friend who had just recently returned to the U.S. after a year-long stint in Tokyo. "This place smells like a Japanese restaurant is supposed to." Tone Change: OK - although my friends were impressed, dinner was not really what I've been used to whenever I've gone during the week. Perhaps it's because it was a Sunday night and they were swamped, but most of the sushi I had was merely decent (the textures seemed a bit off) except for the amazing spicy sc
  7. For regulars of the Dupont market on Sundays, who do you go to for meat? I stopped by this past Sunday morning to pick up a pound of bacon for a last minute brunch with friends (our moms were all traveling out of the country for Mother's Day). It tasted great, but I'd say the bacon was 90% fat (not that there's anything wrong with fat - it's just I would've bought more had I known I'd be left with only enough strips to feed 3 people).
  8. Is anyone planning on attending the Voting Rights march on Monday? (And to make it relevant to the board) If yes, would anyone like to meet up for a bite beforehand?
  9. The person who put the remainder on his card owes you $20.00.If you simplify the situation into just 2 parties, this becomes clearer. For example, you have a bill for $100.00 and plan on leaving $120.00 (or $60.00 each). Let's say you end up putting $60 on your card (which includes tip) and the other person puts "the remainder" on his card (or $40.00). When your credit slips come, you will have paid the correct amount, but most likely the person with the remainder will see his slip of $40.00 and think he only has to tip $8.00 leaving a total of $48 instead of $60.
  10. I can do either day (although I'm assuming his offer does not apply to Wednesday, February 14).
  11. Count me in for Bombay Curry and Etete. I'm a tentative yes for Los Tios depending on whether I go away that week or not.
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