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  1. They are also serving the rolls "Connecticut style" - hot lobster in drawn butter instead of mayo. It's my personal preference if you ask me.
  2. It looks like the Bice group is opening up a restaurant in the old Old Homestead space in Bethesda.
  3. That's because he's so gosh darn cute! Well it's happened before.
  4. Staunton I'm heading to the Shenandoah this weekend with some friends - one of whom is from Staunton, VA. He's recommended that we have dinner at Staunton Grocery. Their website currently lists only a sample spring menu. Does anyone have any experience with this place or know anything about the chef (Ian Boden)?
  5. I'll be celebrating quite well this weekend thank you very much!
  6. It looks like the place is about to open. But "Cherry" has been painted over on the awning with the word "Plum Blossom".
  7. It looks like there will soon be a new Persian restaurant opening up a couple doors down from Philadelphia Mike's on Wisconsin Avenue. Anyone have the scoop on it? A visit to the current website (Javan Restaurant) brings up a password prompt.
  8. I must whole-heartily agree. What's the point of having "the single best pie in the D.C. area" if you have to be some part of inner circle (or read food bulletin boards) to find out about it? At the very least, add it to a specials menu or something.
  9. I'm going to be in Provincetown (without a car) for 10 days next month. These suggestions are a great start, but are there any other places I should check out or avoid completely?
  10. Although I do find this thread entertaining, how much more of this "my penis is bigger than your penis" do we have to take?
  11. Yes - it must've been really trying finding the farm-raised creature in a 150 acre fenced in area. Click
  12. This info is probably way outdated, but if no one else replies, at least it's a start. Click me!
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