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  1. Sundae in the Park

    LA Food Trucks

    Eater has a nice retrospective checking in on various (relatively) famous LA food trucks.
  2. Sundae in the Park

    LA Food Trucks

    Eggslut has morphed into a hugely popular mini-chain with 4 LA-area locations, one in Vegas, and one in Beirut??!! It doesn't appear to have a truck anymore. Ludo has two locations; a stand in the Staples Center and a spot on Universal Citywalk. I miss their truck. BellyBombz has two storefronts; one in Artesia and one in Whittier. They still run a fleet of trucks but I always check and triple check that they're coming to an event, because I've been frequently disappointed by their last-minute cancellations (granted, they come up a long way to get to my county but sometimes they just never show up!!). I still try to get their boneless wings whenever they come up our way.
  3. Sundae in the Park

    LA Food Trucks

    Here's what we've had to say on the LA food truck scene in the past (from the original Dining in LA thread):
  4. Sundae in the Park

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Thanks for this, leleboo. It's heartening as both of my kids are going through picky phases (I hope they are phases! Especially as they are for completely different foods!! *tears at already-mom--thinned hair*) at the moment. They still eat my potstickers (taken directly from my mom's playbook and stuffed with ground turkey, egg, and spinach), thank goodness (had them last night, again), but having those every day is...impractical. One eats Cheerios and the other consents to eat wheat toast daily but otherwise, the struggle is real And, unfortunately, shrugging off obstinately fasting kids isn't an option as they are both off-the scale tiny. With our elder son, there was a period where he would only eat Chinese restaurant food. Our takeout place loooooooooves us and actually calls back to check if our order changes from the usual to make sure it wasn't in error.
  5. Oreo cookies are the best! My favorite growing up except when I was in the mood for vanilla cookies (Vienna Fingers, which I can't find any more ). Nowadays they are the only cookie I buy from the regular store, though sometimes cookies from Trade Joe's sneak in the basket. If you crush a couple and top your ice cream with them, it's just about as good as going to Cold Stone. And the oreo cookie pie crust is my definition of holiday decadence. Original only, as I think the new flavors (excepting double-stuffed) are a travesty.
  6. Sundae in the Park

    Visiting Los Angeles

    Eating in LA won't be the same without Jonathan Gold to consult 😰 Luckily, there are thousands of reviews to check and hopefully the LA Times will keep the Goldbot up for a while to continue auto-generating Gold's suggestions.
  7. Sundae in the Park

    To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now?

    Jonathan Gold, who led the discussion of the LA food scene for so long and has now left us 😰
  8. Sundae in the Park

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Beans (red and pinto beans, done in a crock pot) and rice (done in a rice cooker), warmed-up Hawaiian pork rescued from the freezer, grilled corn cut off the cob, cucumbers, grape tomatoes sauteed until they popped, and purple cabbage peanut-sesame slaw made for some pretty awesome not-burrito bowls. More importantly, none of this prep made the kitchen hot and we'll have lots of leftovers. Unfortunately, baby ate only pork, big kid basically ate only rice. Sigh.
  9. This is a good writeup from Vox about the underlying industry particulars of the U.S.'s aggressive stance on this issue: The next frontier of Trump’s defense of baby formula. Apparently they are setting the stage to support promotion of the "growing-up milks" formula substitutes as well. As a counterpoint to the general outrage on this topic and with regards to the missed opportunities in adding nuance to the WHO's BFing recommendations, here is an essay from Slate illustrating the problem (and almost my exact experiences) with how promotion of BFing under the WHO's "Baby-friendly" guidelines is implemented, at least in the US: WHO’s Language on Breastfeeding Really Is Flawed.
  10. YES. This is why the WHO guidelines and support matter so much, particularly, in developing countries. Regardless of what you think about the quality of studies showing that breastfeeding makes kids smarter / better behaved or provides superior nutrition*, it is basically inarguable that breastfeeding is a substantially safer method of feeding in places with inadequate sanitation and literally saves lives. Then again, this administration hasn't shown much interest in helping people in or from developing nations so this stance is, sadly, par for the course. *I say this as a BFing mama on her second round feeding a year+ child that thinks the pressure to breastfeed in the U.S. has gone way overboard. Promotion of a feeding method and pressure to do so are not the same.
  11. Sundae in the Park

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    July 4th grill-out was Korean BBQ and Gochujang chicken thighs, corn, and tomatoes, with sauteed zucchini, roasted cauliflower, sliced cucumbers, watermelon, cherries, tater tots, and brownies. Yesterday we cooked a bunch of food to prepare for our end of the national heat wave and made beef-turkey meatballs, lots of pasta, guacamole, more roasted zucchini and cauliflower, and an apple spice cake (random, but I had some old apples to use up). We've been making a lot of "pink drink" for the kids, which is usually a medley of frozen berries and/or cherries, lemonade or OJ, and maple yogurt (this is key!). I threw in some frozen mango this time and it didn't change the flavor or color appreciably, but probably added some different nutrients. Very refreshing in the heat, and I think I'm going to try making this concoction into popsicles.
  12. THE HABIT BURGER GRILL SPICES UP FAN-FAVORITE WITH NEW SRIRACHA LIME SPICY GREEN BEANS This article has a picture of them. Don't know if you have them at your local Habit, but mine does!!!! And they are GOOD, especially if you like the crunchy, spicy, mayo-ey, ridiculousness of an over-topped sushi roll. They say it is a limited-time item but I hope it sticks around for a while.
  13. I had hoped they were talking about breakfast, which would be a reasonable change. I don't think they got quite the reaction they were hoping for.
  14. Sundae in the Park

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    We went to the Asian market!!! So this week we had 1) Shanghai noodles with shitakes, baby bok choy, and chicken, 2-3) gochujang noodles twice (one with long noodles and once with rice cake ovalettes, and the noodles are accompanied by more boy choi and ground pork), 4) pork and spinach potstickers, and 5) chicken and pork/vegetable steamed buns. On the side, we ate loads of honey mangoes (have to, when you buy a case and don't want any to go bad) and cake rolls from the store bakery.
  15. Sundae in the Park

    Dining at Airports

    This was a while ago but I was really disappointed by a visit to ink.sack at the LAX International terminal. Most of the sandwiches sounded ordinary and uninteresting, and the banh mi pork was sold out at 6 PM on a weekday. I got...something, but all I remember was that it was fine, small, and didn't feel it was worth the $$. 800 Degrees Pizza was slightly better. They do have a wood-fired oven and but I'm not sure they keep to VPN standards. My pie had a slight char to the underside and some decent floppiness, but the ingredients were just OK and didn't taste like anything exceptional. Still, this was pretty good airport fare, though it didn't make me want to try the other locations. Skewers by Morimoto in Terminal 5, however, was a pleasant surprise. Their ramen was quite decent (especially for an airport! though a little salty) and the ramen pork noodle bowl was downright delightful (no soup, but springy noodles, rich pork, and crunchy vegetable-ish bits). The American-looking rice and meat plates looked bland and boring, but I'd eat any of the ramen-based meals again. BTW, in case you think a trek from Terminal 5 to the International terminal (only 1 away! how far can it be? and the food is supposed to be so good!) will be quick, it's about a mile+ with all the weird turns you have to make, so plan accordingly.