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  1. What an excellent children's museum! We really enjoyed our first visit there, but, having been, there are a few insider's tricks to enhance the visit: there is a ton of outdoor space so loads of sunscreen is a must bring swim/wet gear, as the outdoor ponds/stream are best enjoyed with water shoes and the ability to dry off (towels, change of clothes, etc.) if you plan to use the baby/small toddler room, parents must also wear socks to enter/chase your kid it is located in a large park, so if your kids haven't had enough fun, you can picnic, frolic in the fields, and play on the equipment before/after the museum you can bring your own food!! there is a LOT to do, particularly if you kid likes to play in water. You should be able to spend as long as your kid can tolerate away from home, because there really is something for everyone (that is, kids under 10 or so) to do Our kids most liked the water play area and the outdoor physics-based stations. We didn't really spend much time in the nature center or climbing areas (they are really good!), which really surprised me about our usually monkey-like children. Absolutely recommend if you're in the area with younger children.
  2. For the past month, they've pretty much just eaten curry and noodles/rice/roti (and sometimes all 3), with apples and mandarin oranges on the side, and peanut butter, toast, and yogurt when they are not in a curry mood. Moving is hard, but Malaysia (we are here for the school year) is curry-licious.
  3. All flights on American from LAX leave from the AA terminal, INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS. Ask me how I (now) know this. It's only the next terminal over from Tom Bradley but it is confusing and a giant pain if you've got a ton of luggage and a couple of sleepy babies with you.
  4. Doctored up some chicken/veg broth with wine, soy sauce, and powdered ginger, onion, and garlic to make a quick soup for using up some dried Asian noodles, also adding a chicken breast, shredded, and a few handfuls of chopped, frozen kale. Not bad at all! And it went well with another loaf of no-knead bread. We aren't going to have a problem using up that bread flour after all...
  5. Loaf of no-knead bread (6-hr rise, still looks and tastes great, like magic!), chicken Katsu, jap chae, cucumbers, and lots of fruit. Last night we had pan-fried, walnut-encrusted White Sea bass. Actually a little heavy - the fish was amazing and didn't need that much help. Made red beans and rice earlier in the week and now I think we're done cooking for a few days.
  6. We're starting to eat down the pantry, which might results in some stranger meal mash-ups. In the meantime, last night we had a perfectly normal dinner of grilled chicken thighs, roasted zucchini and carrots, cucumbers, brown rice, and All The Stone Fruit.
  7. We are Frito-ing as well! Made a batch of chili last week and the leftovers weren't a popular choice until we got some Fritos to eat with it... This weekend we made some doctored box curry (Golden Curry, medium heat) with lentils, potato, carrots, peas, and chicken, and also the Creamy Almond Mughlai Cauliflower using this recipe. The creamy sauce tastes like a great homemade korma and our personal preference was to nix the star anise, add more chili flakes, and minimize the sugar. To eat up some of the leftovers, I layered the cauliflower curry over microwaved a potato (don't laugh, I really like the texture and it's so quick and easy) and topped it with a fried egg. SO GOOD!!! For sides we've been eating the heck out of the stone fruit lately. We are basically made of cherries and nectarines at this point.
  8. Pizza, takeout, ice cream. They are living their best life and we don't have to cook. We can't do this forever but in the meantime...😎
  9. Now this place is interesting! We visited the Cerritos location and Creamistry's gimmick is that they make your ice cream fresh-to-order in a billowing cloud of liquid nitrogen. While the process is very much a gimmick (and makes the line move rather slowly), there's no denying that their technique yields an extremely dense and rich ice cream. Apparently the flash-freezing process eliminates or minimizes the formation of ice crystals. One nice aspect of the available choices is the variety of bases - organic, vegan, etc. Our group tried a bunch of the flavors and they were all strong/bright/tart, as appropriate, and there are a ton of candy-n-more type toppings to choose for additional customization. The chocolate combustion we tried was basically the ice cream version of fudge - airy, this ice cream is not. In fact, their own description of their product is "decadently rich and luxuriously creamy ice cream with virtually no overrun!" There are many locations (60 now, primarily in CA, AZ and TX, with apparently hundreds more of franchises in the works) and a huge expansion push that reminds me of the 5 Guys story. Incidentally, the use of liquid nitrogen keeps the stores nice and cold, which is additionally refreshing on hot days. It was a bit expensive, about on par with any premium scoop shop these days, but I like that they have a genuine element of "can't get this anywhere else" and it's a fun treat.
  10. Went to the Class 302 Cafe location in Cerritos and wasn't super enthused. The drinks are big and colorful but were wayyyyy too sweet, with no compensating tartness, for my tastes. Our group had several of the boba drink options (tea, smoothies, etc.) and I didn't care for any of them (soft boba, ugh). It looks like other locations have an interesting self-serve option, sort of like the Pinkberry of boba spots, but the Cerritos location is counter service only where they make your drinks. I noticed that shaved ice was big with the other patrons while we were there (well, also it's summer). I didn't see if the Cerritos location has hot food but it is available at other locations, according to the online menu. Has anyone else been? The self-serve boba bar might be interesting.
  11. Chicken katsu has been unlocked!! My husband has been working on it and found the right combination of ingredients and technique this weekend. The chicken (thigh) was juicy and tasty (because...salt), the panko breading was thin and crunchy, and the bottled sauce was the right kind of tangy (we never stock mustard so our homemade sauces hadn't been cutting it). We made a cabbage slaw (sesame vinaigrette) that paired really well and served it over rice, though it would be a great combo on a nice bun as a sandwich.
  12. We live to serve 😉 There have been a LOT of popsicles and ice cream sandwiches consumed in our yard after dinner lately...
  13. My kiddos have been eating rice + cucumbers + meat (pulled pork, grilled salmon or chicken, sauteed bee, etc.) + fruit all summer, and we've been pretty happy.
  14. Grilled sockeye salmon with a dry BBQ-ish spice rub, served with rice, cucumbers, sauteed zucchini, and chopped mangoes. It was more or less a deconstructed version of this recipe minus the avocado, and I think we'll just follow the salsa recipe as well next time since it was quick and easy and everyone liked it.
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