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  1. This is *always* my question when they come home *raving* about something at school, and then I try to recreate it and they won't touch it. To wit: hard-boiled eggs, which they had at Easter time at school last year, and my Big requests weekly, and yet when we have them at home, they nibble and then discard. It's not my boiling, since half the time I'm buying the ones in the bag from the store. Daylight savings has gotten my kids eating dinner at a slightly more reasonable hour (key word: slightly). Where before they were ravenous at 4:30, now I can hold them off until 5:30. They are lately HUGE fans of MYO pizza, so I load up the sauce with veggies, and "weird-shaped" noodles (ditto on the sauce).
  2. We are on a chili kick, in the sense that I made eight billion servings of chili (estimated) and so we keep eating it. Luckily, my kids love chili.
  3. Falafel, green beans, black olives Also my little one was home with a cold and subsisted on popsicles all day.
  4. Tonight's menu is sushi and veggie gyoza from Wegman's. Tomorrow will probably be Panera delivery, because we're in the season when my husband travels all.the.damn.time and I'm just totally *done* by the end of the weekend!
  5. While-wheat spaghetti with roasted-veg marinara. At 4:40pm. This day has lasted 85417975575 hours.
  6. When you don’t have enough of the orecchiette or the elbow macaroni, you combine them and your kids think it’s hilarious to eat “Little Ears and Bent Elbows” for dinner.
  7. My older one is like that. No real sweet tooth but a fierce salt tooth — which frankly is also me, but not my husband. Littler Bits, though, is Totally In Favor of Sugar. Kids, man.
  8. Doesn't everyone eat leftover grilled cheese* with their sushi**? *Yes, this is apparently a thing...when I actually make the amount they normally request/insist they desperately neeeeeeed to eat. **And chicken noodle soup, because hey, might as well clean out the fridge.
  9. Also fun fact for the nut allergies: our public school isn't nut-free. I sort of assumed all schools were now, but nope. My first-grader can take nut products. She doesn't like peanut butter (because she's a contrarian, obvs) so doesn't, but she's allowed. The daycare/preschool IS tree-nut free, and of course my littler one DOES like PB, so we've done sunbutter occasionally for her. Mostly we stay away from it, as that's easier, and we snack on whole nuts at home.
  10. I can’t get warm, so I pulled out the leftover bœuf bourguignon to reheat in hopes of it warming us all up. Kids are drooling over it. They’re even eating the mushrooms. (Includes peas, because I’m a heathen.)
  11. Per the heating thing above: our daycare actually will microwave "heat-ups" -- we can't send a thermos, in fact. That starts at least in the 3yo room...not sure if younger, since we didn't go there then, but my older one's preschool starting in the one-year-old room served lunch and it was warm. So it never occurred to me to be wary of hot foods away from us! Ha! That said, both of my kids will choose to eat certain things cold that should probably be warmed up. Kids. 🤷‍♀️ We used to get the TastyBite spinach dal, and then they stopped selling it ANYWHERE that I could find it! Haha! I will say, the Maya Kaimal ones are tastier, IMO.
  12. I’m pretty sure that’s inhuman. I’m sorry for your struggle. (I’m only being mildly sarcastic here, because truly, dumplings are universal. I’m sure the Big will come around.)
  13. My first-grader’s first favorite food was spinach dal (no joke). My preschooler is “meh” on it so it’s fallen out of rotation, but then I found these (at Target, of all places). They’re really good. The little one even likes the one with squash. Meet dinner.
  14. Dude, I don’t blame you! My big went back Wednesday and then my parents showed up as a surprise for my birthday, so she took of Friday to be with them. My little wasn’t due back til tomorrow so that was going to be a mess regardless. Hubby is still active duty so he’s not furloughed, but we know too many people who are to feel good about it.
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