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  1. Weekends, y’all. I ran the dishwasher like twelve hundred times this weekend, and it’s loaded again AND the sink is full. I’m dying. WTH?! Side note: my kids love munching on raw veggies, or as I tell them, “crudité”, because I’m a jerk. So I finally realized I could use my party-to-go Rubbermaid tray to keep pre-washed and sliced and ready veggies IN THE FRIDGE ON THEIR LEVEL. It’s got peppers, carrots, broccoli, olives, and cucumbers. It’s perfect. I’m so impressed with myself. Harvard is totally gonna give me an advanced recognition at my reunion this year. (I swear my brain worked better before kids.)
  2. So, my older daughter had a close friend join her dance class, and Friend’s Mom, whom I know socially, suggested carpooling. Great! I am all about it. But Friend’s Mom has decided that on her days, she’ll treat them to Wendy’s en route. I don’t really care — fast food every two weeks isn’t the end of the world — but my preschooler now feels left out. So today, since my hubs was going to pick up the dancer, I got the mini a Happy Meal. She was truly in the best mood I’ve seen her in weeks. tl;dr Happy Meals actually bring the happy
  3. Tonight I’ll be presenting a masterclass in parenting, entitled Feed Your Kids Couscous: When Rice Doesn’t Make Enough of a Mess 🤦‍♀️
  4. I will preface this by saying I am not big on "hiding" vegetables in food -- I want my kids to learn to eat the veggies, rather than not knowing they're there. However, after the I Hate This Tomato In My Tomato Sauce fiasco, I've taken to pureeing my usual chunky vegetable tomato sauce. My kids know it still is full of veggies, but the little one is much happier to consume it when it's smooth. I'm wondering if it's a texture thing?
  5. Ithaca Hummus is ABSURDLY good, for store-bought and honestly compared to many of the house-made restaurant versions I’ve had (they tend to be looser, but I think a large function of that is the refrigeration in this case). It is available in Ithaca, which is gorge(ou)s, or at Wegmans, or apparently at some Whole Foods, according to their website.
  6. Many of the Japanese and Korean families here at the War College, when asked for the most authentic local sushi, cite our Wegmans sushi counter above the local joints. (Although honestly I quite like one of the spots in downtown Carlisle, but for my kids, who eat primarily avocado maki and tuna maki, the price-per-slice ratio is certainly better at the grocery store.) I do most of my shopping at Giant (which I can walk to), but I go to the Mechanicsburg Wegmans for certain can’t-get-anywhere-else items, prepared foods, and the cheese counter. All of which is to say, I grabbed a package of their “mushroom nuggets” today on a whim — basically breaded slightly cheesy mushroom bites at the pre-cut veggie counter — and I miiiiiight be addicted. Also their truffle mushroom paste/spread/whatever it is probably has crack in it. Double also, I appear to be on a mushroom kick.
  7. There are some that are actually made of fruit, or at least fruit juice. They are still candy, but I guess as candy goes, they’re better than, like, Nerds? Or Jolly a Ranchers? I am frequently amazed at the lunches my kids’ classmates have. I try hard to pack a protein, grain, veg, fruit. Apparently I’m unique in this where we live. But I’m personally not a big lunch person — I mainly eat breakfast and dinner — so maybe I am just out of the lunch loop.
  8. Pretty much. In the first sentence, "who" is the subject of the phrase. In the second, "whom" is the object. To most of us, "who" in the second sentence wouldn't sound terrible, but it would be wrong. In the first, "whom" would also sound awkward (and would be wrong). There are some slightly more complicated scenarios, but I can't construct one off the top of my head right now to illustrate.
  9. What is it about 5? Last night mine threw a fit because she didn't want tomatoes in her tomato sauce. The same tomato sauce that is on her pasta 90% of the time, which has never been a problem before. Lord wine me strength.
  10. Just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that mom whose kid has filet mignon and Brie in her lunchbox. #truthhurts #leftovers
  11. I don’t remember the last time I made a soufflé. Luckily, it souffled.
  12. Due to crazy schedules, we've hit a pattern of the kids getting the leftovers of whatever hubby and I had the night before. On the upside, this has meant that the other night they had a pasta potluck featuring bucatini with creamy chickpeas and spinach, and cavatappi with spicy turkey pumpkin sauce, and tonight was boeuf bourguignon over sour cream "rustic" mashed potatoes. Of course, tomorrow we venture to Disney on Ice, which means violently-bright sno-cones in outrageously expensive souvenir cups and hitting the drive-thru on the way home because they don't like any of the "real food" at the Giant Center. #everythinginmoderation
  13. Chicken cacciatore* with cauliflower rice. *no one told them about the mushrooms, which were therefore consumed without complaint.
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