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  1. Sorry I just saw this. We love Disney+. And if you have Verizon, it's free. Or it was, when it came out.
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/30/parenting/coronavirus-comfort-food-kids.html For mine, it's pretty much any combination of carb + cheese. Which only reaffirms their maternity. (The little one also needs sweets, which reaffirms her paternity.)
  3. Science class today consisted of making banana bread, from scratch. I do NOT bake. It's just not for me. But not only did the kids and I do this today, I didn't even have to buy special ingredients. Definitely the apocalypse.
  4. Updates: Thanks to Coronavirus quarantine, I have learned that my kids legit love Caesar salad. They ate like an entire bag of salad greens with (not homemade, I’m just over it) Caesar dressing tonight. They’ve also sampled spinach souffle and ... IDK probably a lot of chicken nuggets. What day is it? I give up.
  5. Right now, I’m supremely grateful that my kids are not super-picky. Did my younger one complain that tonight’s dinner was chicken? Of course she did. Did she eat it? Yes, because she loves chicken. I feel for the parents who are trying to navigate this situation with super-picky eaters, and for those whose kids rely on school meals for one or two a day. This ain’t easy, gang.
  6. Hubs is traveling (let's ignore the COVID-19 implications there) and this is the one week of the year that my kids can eat dinner at a normal human hour instead of a time that would qualify for the early-bird-senior-discount, so I decided on pressure-cooker mac and cheese, thusly: macaroni --> campanelle cheese = gruyere and extra-sharp cheddar peas and carrots on the side for the kids, while mom's version got mixed with spinach and topped with spicy breadcrumbs Hors d'oeuvres were truffled salami and cornichons.
  7. I made this tonight. And by "this" I mean: I left out the ginger because I was out, used zucchini instead of potatoes, and basically just riffed. But one of the reasons I love Colu Henry's recipes is because riffing works. (I'm an unfussy cook, if you haven't noticed.) It was superbly flavorful and now I want to eat it all the time. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1019962-sheet-pan-harissa-salmon-with-potatoes-and-citrus
  8. So we're not doomsday-prepping or anything, but since my kids love foods that can be made in large batches and frozen, I happened to stock the freezer with chicken chili tonight. Bolognese is probably next.
  9. My older daughter is OBSESSED with meatball subs. She does not like meatballs with pasta -- I mean, she'll eat them, but she vastly prefers the on-a-bun preparation.
  10. Weekends, y’all. I ran the dishwasher like twelve hundred times this weekend, and it’s loaded again AND the sink is full. I’m dying. WTH?! Side note: my kids love munching on raw veggies, or as I tell them, “crudité”, because I’m a jerk. So I finally realized I could use my party-to-go Rubbermaid tray to keep pre-washed and sliced and ready veggies IN THE FRIDGE ON THEIR LEVEL. It’s got peppers, carrots, broccoli, olives, and cucumbers. It’s perfect. I’m so impressed with myself. Harvard is totally gonna give me an advanced recognition at my reunion this year. (I swear my brain worked better before kids.)
  11. So, my older daughter had a close friend join her dance class, and Friend’s Mom, whom I know socially, suggested carpooling. Great! I am all about it. But Friend’s Mom has decided that on her days, she’ll treat them to Wendy’s en route. I don’t really care — fast food every two weeks isn’t the end of the world — but my preschooler now feels left out. So today, since my hubs was going to pick up the dancer, I got the mini a Happy Meal. She was truly in the best mood I’ve seen her in weeks. tl;dr Happy Meals actually bring the happy
  12. Tonight I’ll be presenting a masterclass in parenting, entitled Feed Your Kids Couscous: When Rice Doesn’t Make Enough of a Mess 🤦‍♀️
  13. I will preface this by saying I am not big on "hiding" vegetables in food -- I want my kids to learn to eat the veggies, rather than not knowing they're there. However, after the I Hate This Tomato In My Tomato Sauce fiasco, I've taken to pureeing my usual chunky vegetable tomato sauce. My kids know it still is full of veggies, but the little one is much happier to consume it when it's smooth. I'm wondering if it's a texture thing?
  14. Ithaca Hummus is ABSURDLY good, for store-bought and honestly compared to many of the house-made restaurant versions I’ve had (they tend to be looser, but I think a large function of that is the refrigeration in this case). It is available in Ithaca, which is gorge(ou)s, or at Wegmans, or apparently at some Whole Foods, according to their website.
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