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  1. Tonight is spinach ravioli-sagna. I didn’t have lasagna noodles and just wanted to use up some sauce and ricotta. Kids were amazed you can cook the ravioli right in the sauce, even though that’s how I do lasagna too, but whatever — it’s nice to feel like a wizard.
  2. My older started reading independently at 3.5 (because she wanted to, not because I’m good at teaching humans to read) and my 5.5yo started last spring during quarantine, before kindergarten. I actually became such a fan of the books we used to help them that I started selling them...and also went down the rabbit hole of encouraging reading. If you ever want some support, lmk. But back to the topic...why do my kids hate zucchini? It’s so inoffensive! They like a number of much more difficult veggies, but zucchini is a no go. This is hard at the end of summer. 🤣😂
  3. Meep. Even my 3rd grader has a hard time with a straight hour of virtual togetherness. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  4. International? CRIPES. Where ya headed? We are building a house up the road (different school district) and the Air Force will be paying for our move, and and we rent now so we don’t have to sell this time. It’s STILL stressful. Lion, that seems hard for 1st grade. We still (HAHAHAHAH) don’t have our final plan, but the suggestion was that it would be a bit of synchronous time in the morning, and asynchronous otherwise. Plus my 3rd grader gets gifted services, so that’s also supposed to be a once-a-week synchronous pull-out. But spending all day replicating “school” ... that sounds hard. At least you have a lunch break! Since I’m packing lunches again for my kindergartener, I’m largely doing it for my at-home older one too. It’s almost “fun” to eat out of the lunch box at this point!
  5. HI! Are we all still alive? Kids too? Excellent. Let's see ... I'm still exhausted, but now also feeling lots of guilt and angst and annoyance that my 3rd grader will only be going back virtually (by choice, since full-time in person with hundreds of kids seemed a bad idea) but a bunch of her friends have moved to in-person parochial school (Catholic dogma does not vibe with our laid-back-but-still-actually-Jewish existence). Little one is doing kindergarten full-time in-person at the private kindergarten at what was our daycare; it is basically already socially distanced since age groups don't interact, there's only one class per year, they have no cafeteria or gym, and teachers don't circulate (older one attended that back in the day for totally different reasons); masking is going great and they are having a blast. Meanwhile, I'm now making school lunch for one and dealing with an eating-because-bored other...it's like a 24-hour diner over here. How are you all?
  6. So apparently we've all stopped feeding the kids ... or it's a parade of chicken nuggets and homemade sourdough. LOL! @lion I tried to respond to you once before and teh site ate my comment. If you haven't splurged on Disney+ yet, do it -- on Wednesday, the original Bway cast filming of Hamilton drops. WORTH IT. I'm like 183% burned out on cooking. Three meals a day plus snacks, and that's just the kids. They invariably don't want to eat what I'm making OR what the other child wants. I have repeatedly told them I'm not a short-order cook and this isn't a restaurant, but I am so tired of the whining and fighting. Anyone else?
  7. Sorry I just saw this. We love Disney+. And if you have Verizon, it's free. Or it was, when it came out.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/30/parenting/coronavirus-comfort-food-kids.html For mine, it's pretty much any combination of carb + cheese. Which only reaffirms their maternity. (The little one also needs sweets, which reaffirms her paternity.)
  9. Science class today consisted of making banana bread, from scratch. I do NOT bake. It's just not for me. But not only did the kids and I do this today, I didn't even have to buy special ingredients. Definitely the apocalypse.
  10. Updates: Thanks to Coronavirus quarantine, I have learned that my kids legit love Caesar salad. They ate like an entire bag of salad greens with (not homemade, I’m just over it) Caesar dressing tonight. They’ve also sampled spinach souffle and ... IDK probably a lot of chicken nuggets. What day is it? I give up.
  11. Right now, I’m supremely grateful that my kids are not super-picky. Did my younger one complain that tonight’s dinner was chicken? Of course she did. Did she eat it? Yes, because she loves chicken. I feel for the parents who are trying to navigate this situation with super-picky eaters, and for those whose kids rely on school meals for one or two a day. This ain’t easy, gang.
  12. Hubs is traveling (let's ignore the COVID-19 implications there) and this is the one week of the year that my kids can eat dinner at a normal human hour instead of a time that would qualify for the early-bird-senior-discount, so I decided on pressure-cooker mac and cheese, thusly: macaroni --> campanelle cheese = gruyere and extra-sharp cheddar peas and carrots on the side for the kids, while mom's version got mixed with spinach and topped with spicy breadcrumbs Hors d'oeuvres were truffled salami and cornichons.
  13. I made this tonight. And by "this" I mean: I left out the ginger because I was out, used zucchini instead of potatoes, and basically just riffed. But one of the reasons I love Colu Henry's recipes is because riffing works. (I'm an unfussy cook, if you haven't noticed.) It was superbly flavorful and now I want to eat it all the time. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1019962-sheet-pan-harissa-salmon-with-potatoes-and-citrus
  14. So we're not doomsday-prepping or anything, but since my kids love foods that can be made in large batches and frozen, I happened to stock the freezer with chicken chili tonight. Bolognese is probably next.
  15. My older daughter is OBSESSED with meatball subs. She does not like meatballs with pasta -- I mean, she'll eat them, but she vastly prefers the on-a-bun preparation.
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