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  1. TFW your kids *thank you* for you giving them apples for dessert. (Of course, yesterday was dance recital, so Friday night was chicken nuggets eaten en route to rehearsal; dinner yesterday for the littler one was a grilled cheese, fries, oreo pie, AND a giant cookie, and dinner for the big after four hours of recital was a double cheeseburger and fries from McD's -- we've outgrown Happy Meals -- and a giant cookie. So, yeah, apples it is today. #notasaint #parenting)
  2. Spaghetti nests have become a MAJOR thing here, although they are basically no different from regular pasta (they don't hold together enough to be "pick up and eat like a muffin" edible, at least in our house). We had them again tonight. Kids missed the meatball "eggs" in the nest, but otherwise, it was a great way to get veggies into them via sauce.
  3. The kids wanted to make trifles and spaghetti nests, courtesy of recipes in the littler one's High Five magazine. We did that on Saturday, and we had a lot of pudding and berries (and, tbh, pound cake) left over. I finally dug out my tiiiiiiny mason jars (that I got with the intention of making home-made sous-vide egg bites but haven't yet, because Starbucks) and put the leftover pudding and berries into them. Perfect size for desserts!
  4. Solo on Mother's Day. I gave up. They had nuggets, and I ordered (too-spicy-for-kids) Indian. But ...
  5. Solo parenting with a migraine and zero appetite: Them: "What's for dinner?" Me: "Breaded fish filets." {aka the slightly larger version of fish sticks} 6: "YAY!" 4: "ICK!" Me: {sigh} "You eat them all the time and love them." 4: "I HATE THEM!" Me: "OK. Your other option is leftover Thai peanut chicken." {Made this earlier this week for the adults, because 6 doesn't like peanut butter. For real.} 4: "YUM!" So: one kid is eating fish, one is eating Thai peanut chicken, both think the other is insane. I am just waiting for bedtime.
  6. The first-grader’s lunch for tomorrow: egg salad made with eggs from today’s hunt, and matzah. (Preschooler selected egg-salad sandwich, real bread please.) Yet again, brunching has ruined their meal schedule: it’s 4:15 and they’re begging for dinner, despite snacking on fruit, candy, and hard-boiled eggs all afternoon. 🤦‍♀️
  7. Matzoh brei this morning was a hit. Tomorrow is Easter brunch at friends’; they’re handling the eggs and a ham casserole, and champagne, and we are bringing green bean salad and fruit salad. BTW, when my kids eat brunch, the rest of the day’s meals are an effing disaster. Holy crap.
  8. Spinach cheese frittata with a side of peas and carrots — offsetting the Happy Meal lunch and lemon cake pops for dessert. 🙄
  9. Leftover shells and cheese w/bacon, peas, spinach, breadcrumbs, and about 18 different kinds of cheese I had in the fridge. Big declared it the most delicious dish ever. Little picked out the bacon and ate it separately. 😆
  10. Speaking of chicken... chicken, zucchini, and black bean enchiladas (verde enchilada sauce, whole wheat tortillas). There are seven in the pan; collectively, they ate 1.25, so I guess we'll have some leftovers.
  11. https://trekmovie.com/2019/02/11/patrick-stewart-says-star-trek-picard-series-has-a-title-and-specifies-year-setting/
  12. I have now rewatched DS9 more than TNG (amazing, I know) and I come to a new appreciation for it each time. The fully-drawn characters, the exploration of different species beyond Cold War analogs -- let's not forget that TNG was created by Gene Roddenberry and still pre-Berlin Wall coming down -- and some really great acting even in the face of occasionally crappy scripts make it really watchable. I think DS9 is one reason I'm not upset by Discovery being less "episodic"...DS9 did a number of long arcs, and had many more through-lines than its predecessors, so while Discovery is really not Trek-y in the episodic way, I feel that it draws on the character development that DS9 pioneered for Trek. Plus Section 31. Because duh.
  13. There is so much buzz about this and it's going to be AMAAAAAAAZING!
  14. My response: "Girl, the actual thing we say to get people to eat weird stuff is that it tastes like chicken. EVERYONE LIKES CHICKEN. Also chicken noodle soup is made of chicken. I win." I miiiiight be petty, but also my 6yo has the argument skills of a 2L, so I'm suddenly regretting not going to law school.
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