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  1. My 4.5yo is in a phase of critiquing everything (even if she goes on to eat it). Tonight, it was that there are "stripes" (ridges) on the pasta. I'm thinking back to when my French family served me rognons (kidneys) without (a) me knowing what a rognon was or (b) offering an alternative. Granted, I was older, but still ... lord wine me strength to deal with preschoolerhood again.
  2. When you promised your kids pasta but all you have prepared is vodka sauce ... well, eat hearty, kids! #thealcoholcooksoffright #dontcallCPS
  3. Oh, yours are the ones sharing that honor with mine! I keep warning them how disappointed they're going to be when it isn't tomato season any more. They don't believe me. Mwahahaha, their loss. With back-to-school this week and hubby out of the country, we've been eating a lot of couch picnics consisting of random leftovers. Phoning it in, to the max.
  4. GOOD LORD IS SUMMER OVER YET? I think tonight my kids ate cheesy scrambled eggs that were absolutely way more cheese than egg. I am so done.
  5. I don't know why, but this typo made me laugh hysterically. Bzzzzzz. 🐝🤣 Tonight my kids are eating deli turkey, brie, and (cooked) broccoli with hummus. But they also had dessert before dinner, since Big's camp went to the college bakery for a field trip today and came home with cupcakes and cookies, which of course we COULD NOT WAIT UNTIL AFTER DINNER to consume. I actually kind of prefer giving the massive sugar infusion before dinner; it gives their blood sugar time to regulate before bed.
  6. Not gonna lie -- achieving that feels like SUCH a huge success to me on the (incredibly rare) occasions it happens!! Why is it that children have the ability to leave just the right amount leftover that it's not enough for another meal, but too much to be part of anything else??
  7. Cheesy eggs, spinach dal and rice. My kids are so weird.
  8. I have a splitting headache and don’t feel like cooking. So my kids are eating leftover grilled chicken, salami, and jicama & celery with hummus. 🙄
  9. I had planned pizza for tonight (veggie marinara and sprouted-grain pre-made crust from Wegmans, to kind of make it healthy, plus a crapton of cheese, because kids). Of course, summer Fridays are “pizza lunch” at camp AND classmates have brought celebratory pizza lunch for my preschooler the last two days, so ... yeah, we might have achieved maximum pizza.
  10. TFW your kids *thank you* for you giving them apples for dessert. (Of course, yesterday was dance recital, so Friday night was chicken nuggets eaten en route to rehearsal; dinner yesterday for the littler one was a grilled cheese, fries, oreo pie, AND a giant cookie, and dinner for the big after four hours of recital was a double cheeseburger and fries from McD's -- we've outgrown Happy Meals -- and a giant cookie. So, yeah, apples it is today. #notasaint #parenting)
  11. Spaghetti nests have become a MAJOR thing here, although they are basically no different from regular pasta (they don't hold together enough to be "pick up and eat like a muffin" edible, at least in our house). We had them again tonight. Kids missed the meatball "eggs" in the nest, but otherwise, it was a great way to get veggies into them via sauce.
  12. The kids wanted to make trifles and spaghetti nests, courtesy of recipes in the littler one's High Five magazine. We did that on Saturday, and we had a lot of pudding and berries (and, tbh, pound cake) left over. I finally dug out my tiiiiiiny mason jars (that I got with the intention of making home-made sous-vide egg bites but haven't yet, because Starbucks) and put the leftover pudding and berries into them. Perfect size for desserts!
  13. Solo on Mother's Day. I gave up. They had nuggets, and I ordered (too-spicy-for-kids) Indian. But ...
  14. Solo parenting with a migraine and zero appetite: Them: "What's for dinner?" Me: "Breaded fish filets." {aka the slightly larger version of fish sticks} 6: "YAY!" 4: "ICK!" Me: {sigh} "You eat them all the time and love them." 4: "I HATE THEM!" Me: "OK. Your other option is leftover Thai peanut chicken." {Made this earlier this week for the adults, because 6 doesn't like peanut butter. For real.} 4: "YUM!" So: one kid is eating fish, one is eating Thai peanut chicken, both think the other is insane. I am just waiting for bedtime.
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