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  1. Thank you. Even though my friend's wife has some health issues, she was only 67 which these days seems still young. I look forward to hearing about the day and hopefully seeing some photographs of Bao buns.
  2. Is the start time still going to be 1pm? Unfortunately, I have a funeral service to attend that morning and it looks like I won't be able to make it to the Cooking club meeting.
  3. Stocked up on three or fours tubs of TS, but it's been such the staple of what we could good local ice cream hard to consider what should come next. From the thread so far, looks like Sarah's Handmade is the unknown quantity for us, will have to try it soon.
  4. Organic Butcher of McLean. Also Balducci's stopped using a cheaper kind of salmon and is back to the higher quality one.
  5. Wow that's a total surprise! Trickling Springs has been our ice cream and milk for many years. They've only been growing the past five years, it doesn't make sense from a business point of view. Must be a behind the scenes issue with the owners. Very sad to lose a local business that we use all the time.
  6. The Sushi Geek has a great write up and visual for Madai. I've always wanted to try the seasonal sea bream, Sakura-dai but haven't able to swing it since it's so rare. Also a lot of Japanese sea bream sold in the states usually is something else.
  7. I have to resist buying those Wegman's family pack size of chicken nuggets, just too tempting to warm up an entire plate in the microwave and munch them all!
  8. We go 2-4 times a year usually for lunch as it's a good place for my wife and I to have a mid day 'date'. The food quality is similar to when it opened, it's always enjoyable but lacks a certain sophistication. However the atmosphere is pleasant and a welcome addition to enjoying a meal in a non chain venue. Additionally, sitting outdoors on the patio can feel slightly transportive as the lake and breeze let you feel like you are someplace else. The prices are slightly higher than the value of the food but taken as a whole, commiserate with the overall experience.
  9. I also have an evening party to attend so starting earlier works for me as well.
  10. This one from Babish who I've never watched before seems interesting. Binging with Babish: Bao from Pixar's Bao.
  11. Wow! For a certain period of my life that was the go to late night dining place in DC. Everyone that I took there always enjoyed it!
  12. Great! What time frame are we aiming for and what can I bring?
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