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  1. We've stopped off 95 in Richmond for break on our way to SC and enjoyed the urban Farmhouse market & cafe, mainly for quick and tasty sandwiches.
  2. Thanks Tweaked, Ace looks like an interesting option.
  3. Thanks Don. That link is a good starting place to look for places that have an intersection of loding and good food experiences.
  4. Thanks for the update Ericandblueboy. Most likely they are being hit with higher cost ingredients especially in regards to Chinese ones.
  5. We're looking to rent a cabin later in the fall. Has anyone stayed in the area or could recommend dining experiences nearby? Thanks!
  6. Has anyone been recently? Or done take-out? Been hankering for some Chinese recently and wondered about this place.
  7. The summer fly by and the iron fish pan has sat on the counter next to the bamboo steamer unused. I guess in someways going places again has been the cause which is great. Unfortunately the graveyard of unused cooking items at home continues to justify my wife's raised eyebrows when talking about organizing the kitchen.
  8. It's a complicated situation with many factors to compare vaccination with wearing masks. Factors such as distance between people, duration of that encounter, and air flow play such an important factor. Additionally, HVAC filtration systems capability, i.e. regular level filtration, HEPA or even HyperHEPA makes a substantial difference with number of people indoors. Ideally, with the Delta variant, people would be vaccinated and wear masks. However all masks are not created equal. Aaron Collins has been doing a great job on his youtube channel scientifically verifying the capacities of masks. Kids Masks, Ultra-breathable and More Mask Review- More KF94s...
  9. Will do but it may be a couple of weeks. Was planning on BBQ on Saturday but it looks like rain. Last weekend ended up getting some Hake from Blacksalt and broiling it in the toaster oven which turned out pretty good!
  10. I'm also on the search for a good basket or grill fish plate. Wife has been getting tired of salmon dishes. Picked up the Sur La Table Cast Iron Fish Pan last weekend but haven't used it yet. Instead broiled some Hake in the toaster oven which turned up pretty good.
  11. We're finally getting out again over the past month. Haven't traveled out of the area yet but planning on Cincinnati for August to see my wife's family and another family gathering in November at the Smokey Mountains, TN. Woo-hoo!
  12. Thanks for the update Ericandblueboy. Vihn See was one of the last places we actually ate as a family before the quarantine and have been missing dim sum and dumplings. We actually tried making shumai at one point but of course it was very uneven. Looking forward to visiting them again soon.
  13. We started watching Netflix's Waffles and Moichi show with our 6 year old son and throughly enjoyed it. Seeing Chef Jose Andres making gazpacho and doing a dance was a hoot. Definitely recommend watching it with kids and maybe even as a stand alone show!
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