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  1. They are definitely working out the kinks in the operation. Sorry should have mentioned that in addition to several items on the menu already being taken off permanently.
  2. He’s selling them on his website! 😂 I’ve been using our Breville Toaster oven and it does a fairly good decent job. Would like to see a demo of the Breville Pizzaiolo but yeah it may be over kill! However it has been fun making pizzas with my son so part of the thought behind purchasing it would be the science experiment style cooking with him.
  3. lion

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Made pizza last night but gluten free. My son helped with the fresh mozzarella. However he didn’t want red sauce instead preferring some premade pesto as the base. Honestly the GF dough recipe needs some work!
  4. Stopped by last night and they were doing a fairly brisk level of business. Place had the normal decor which has become the standard post chipotle style of fast food restaurant style. A few things were already off the menu most likely to stream line the production. Generally people were there to test their ability to deal with the Nashville levels of hot chicken. As some local high school students were dealing with getting the highest level “5” and sweating, I selected the Sando sandwich at level “3” “3” was tasty with a little kick but not unmanageable. My wife ate some of mine and she said that it wasn’t hot-hot May try the “4” at some point in the future.
  5. Breville made a new pizza oven ($800 clams!)! When I bring this up in conversation with my wife, she shakes her head. She knows the depth of my temptation to add to the clutter of the kitchen countertop no matter how nonchalant I try and keep this conversation. 750 degrees at home! Leopard spots! I would relegate the air fryer to the garage shelve to make space! Eater has a youtube video! Has anyone seen one in action?
  6. I went with a bunch of friends, a couple who are Korean. It's casual and fun with a group of people. Food was decent but nothing to write home about, honestly it's more about hanging with friends. In that capacity, it's an enjoyable space.
  7. lion

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    That's for the data point! Another year or two does seem right. Unfortunately it limits what we can pack with his lunch and he's starting to not like certain foods at school that get cold.
  8. lion

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    My son is the exact opposite, he likes to lick lime wedges. Actually when we go places, we will give ours to him and he will squeeze it over the rice. He really is interesting to see his tastes even at a young age!
  9. lion

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Our son is pre-k, so we haven't broached 'hot' foods away from us yet. At what age did you feel comfortable with that?
  10. lion

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    How do you deal with the hot/cold temperature thing? Packing lunch still is a challenge with that.
  11. Recently was having a converation about Menomale and a nearby local said they had switched to Timber. We still haven't tried Timber yet but it seems to have the heat in the DC pizza scene.
  12. We're been getting take out from there once a month (eating there less frequently) since last my first visit back in April 2017. Only problem haven't been to HKP only once since then and I kinda of miss the hole in the wall atmosphere. Cumin fish.
  13. lion

    What Are Your Kids Eating Tonight?

    Cheese omelets, avocado and Route 29 Sweet potato chips. Very lazy but tasty dinner.
  14. Some of friends got their son into a Mandarin immersion elementary school even though they don't speak the language. One of the strategies they employed, which apparently is popular in their set, is for their son to watch Peppa Pig episodes back to back in Mandarin and English. Their son's native Mandarin teacher was surprised by his vocabulary level with no Mandarin being spoken at home. Good luck Kat!