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  1. lion

    West Virginia

    We wanted to take our 4 year old on a railway adventure and figured to make a weekend of it.
  2. lion

    West Virginia

    Has anyone visited near the Blackwater Falls State Park in WV and if so any dining recommendations?
  3. lion

    Kitchen Countertops

    Recently I visited five granite counter top places as we are doing a small addition to the kitchen by adding a cabinet where the tv media center stands. We needed to use a remnant piece after visiting all of those places found prices varied $35-$55 per square feet. The piece chosen to use is a close match but still a couple of shades away from our countertop. There are several places in Merrifield and tons more in Sterling and would recommend negotiating. We decided to use Granite Center as it was a good mixture of service and cost. Actually enjoyed some tacos and beer at Crooked Run in Sterling after making a final decision.
  4. lion

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    I think that is the rub, the components to accommodate increased density are not being considered any real capacity at a county level. As Reston is not a 'city' in the established sense as Vienna, we're at the discretion of what the county wants to address. RA, the Reston Association, additionally has pretty much abdicated applying any reasonable measures to deal with the increased density issues.
  5. The baker one in Georgetown Inter harbor isn't that bad and we've enjoyed brunch there a couple of times with other families. Tried the Tysons location once with a friend on a weeknight and surprisingly it was fairly packed. We haven't made any attempt to try out the Wiehle Avenue location even though outside of South Lakes shopping center is the closest restaurant to us. It just seems like a place we'll go to with out of town visitors who need very basic cuisine and don't want to eat in a fast casual style restaurant.
  6. lion

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Again Reston's current info-structure can not support the current level of residents.
  7. lion

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    That's good to hear. Amazing that near the Reston US Post Office you now have smaller business area with Beloved Yoga, Chef on Wheels and now a loft building goin up next to Akamai! It use to just be low level offices. --- Mezeh Mediterranean Grill (Ferris Bueller)
  8. lion

    Balducci's, Several Area Locations

    We've gone many times as the parking spaces are easy to use and not an issue. Agree that it is a smaller store in many ways and unfortunately the quality at the hot bar is not up to the standards at the McLean or Bethesda stores. However the sushi counter is still very good and in a way probably is the best sushi in Reston! I'm not sure but it seems like Balducci's is lowering the quality some of the meats and seafood to bring down the costs to be more competitive with the other local grocery chains.
  9. We also have been there a couple of times. Nunu is the brother of the sister (owner) at Thai Luang and unfortunately they had a falling out many years ago now. His new place is good for Thai food and locally, he's one of the most friendly restauranteurs in the area.
  10. lion

    In Honor of Herschel Browne

    Sorry to hear that. Godspeed Herschel.
  11. lion

    Road trip to Chicago

    Second on The Pine Club and Young's Jersey Dairy. There are better tasting stuffed pizzas in Chicago but still fond of Giordano's.
  12. lion

    Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

    A very fortuitous trip and a great experience! Checking the back of the fridge yesterday during the World Cup and my 2016 120's are finally finished, need to stock up again the next round.
  13. Obviously heard about his drug history but didn’t know about the depression. Surprising to say the least. RIP.