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  1. We stopped by La Colombe after our visit to Seylou Bakery. Its been a couple of years since the last time I was there, even much longer since the old days when visiting Philly was more of norm and going to Rittenhouse Square was a requirement for the drive home. They had an oatmeal coffee. Super smooth and tasty. Wow!
  2. I see we thought about stopping by back in 2017! 😂 I guess that's life with a little kid. We finally made it over there this weekend. Very impressed with the operation, the desserts were incredible and the gluten free loaf we took home got high marks from my wife. I enjoyed the slice of sweet bread that I tried. The price was high but honestly the quality was too. Geographically, it's a reach for us, but will try and make an effort from time to time.
  3. We were at a friends house for lunch a couple of months ago. Our son couldn't get enough of the yogurt they had. Of course we searched and picked up that particular brand. His interest lasted about 3 weeks!
  4. No! 😁 Getting out of cooking the regular standbys requires inspiration. Sometimes it feels like just getting things a little more organized and simplified in the kitchen which give the space to really try some new dishes.
  5. Went back for round 2 and they told us that the spice levels had been jacked up. Level 3 which I had before was roughly double what it was previously. It was still edible but not tasty as before. Definitely drank milk afterwards and could feel it it the digestion system. Heads up people if you are trying it!
  6. We’ve been to Maplewood, it’s pretty good.
  7. Sounds like a lot of fun, would like to attend. Unfortunately the Kite festival in DC is at the same time.
  8. Boiled egg, bread and butter pickles, avocado slices, and baby broccoli. Of course only 60% of the plate eaten. Also, dessert was a Hersey kiss!
  9. You are not wrong! Weird Brothers, 100 Bowls of Soups, Aslin Beer and Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant. And now Wooboi.
  10. Thanks Ericandblueboy! That looks very interesting and could easily hook up with my grill's propane tank.
  11. BP is looking at it from a strictly business point of view as parking spaces being revenue generators once the Reston Metro Stop opens. They are willing to sacrifice their commercial tenants who require customers to drive there, shop and leave.
  12. Wow! Hard to believe Fortune in Seven Corners closed. Yes, visited the Reston Fortune many times. A lot of Dim Sum places in the DMV have shut down, guess financially doesn't make sense.
  13. spinach and shiitake mushrooms with mozzarella and basil pizza. droopy chocolate ice cream. pineapple,. long day!
  14. Pizza looks good! Can't go wrong with the basics from Vace.
  15. They are definitely working out the kinks in the operation. Sorry should have mentioned that in addition to several items on the menu already being taken off permanently.
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