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  1. From our local, 100 Bowls of Soup:
  2. Sorry to hear that, he definitely was a character with his posts.
  3. NYTimes Article "What I learned When My Husband Got Sick With Coronavirus" By Jessica Lustig
  4. Gene of Audioholics has posted a couple more videos to follow-up getting a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. We shared it with some family members since he carefully explains how he has tried to stop from developing pneumonia. Living Coronavirus Dealing with Retest, Isolation & Recovery How I'm managing my COVID-19 symptoms Even though this is a website that focuses on great restaurants and cooking, the danger is real. Be safe people!
  5. Here is a YouTube video from Gene of Audioholics describing getting and going thru having the virus.
  6. Yesterday ordered some Sichuan chicken from our local Chinese place and it was clear they were very appreciative. Unfortunately, when I was there there only had one table, normally they would have at least five or six.
  7. Ended using the left overs turkey meatballs on Balducci's brioche buns for my son's lunchbox last week and he loved them as well.
  8. The link above is for the desktop version. Here is the mobile link which doesn't show the map just lists current statistics and then subdivides the information into tabs which may be easier to see. Depending upon your cellphone model and browser you may have to rotate to landscape to see the tabs at the bottom of the page. Mobile link
  9. Pizza Hut on Wiehle Avenue has closed down and been somewhat cleaned up a bit. There doesn't look like any construction going on at this time but I know my wife is very excited so hopefully it will open up before the end of the year. Across the street at the Wiehle Avenue metro stop, Matchbox is on the way, too.
  10. Finally got around to making some turkey meatballs and they were such a hit with our son that he's been eating the leftovers in a hamburger bun for his lunch at school.
  11. I have not checked the CDC website but read that they have stopped reporting numbers of cases geographically. In case people are wondering where outbreaks are occurring, John Hopkins is continuously updating their GIS database. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by John Hopkins CSSE
  12. I don't think prepping for healthcare or environmental issues these days is loonie behavior. Last weekend, we did a bit more than the regular Sunday shopping which amounted to adding on our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly trips, since that is how we prioritize, i.e. fresh fruits, vegetables, & meats; soups & breads; and household supplies such as toliet paper & towel paper, etc...Probably maxed out those categories for 3-4 weeks with frozen items. Being prudent or prepared seems like simply a good safety precaution. Simply washing your hands over the course of the day five times can reduce respiratory illnesses 45%. One modern day era thing most people forget is to clean their cellphones. Studies have shown they are a major problem with accumulating germs.
  13. Sad to hear another deli closes shop. About ten years ago frequented there fairly often for their portobello mushroom sandwiches which were always tasty.
  14. Unfortunately, in many 'arts' the process of maturation as a group of people coalesce around something they love begins the long slow walk to commercialization and the inevitable decline in quality and process. Very few cultured actives are able to continue to maintain a high standard when these forces are able to act. The process of extraction starts and be it for financial rewards, respect or ego issues such as control less to lack of originality and stagnation. People really do kill the golden goose unless collectively as groups of people there are self imposed limits.
  15. I believe she would see her using smart cellphones and etc...so it didn't seem like she was Amish but thanks for the link and clarification, Don. Thanks for the update TedE, we haven't been there in a while probably last summer. Hopefully the different dairy producers in the area will be able to recover and move forward.
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