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  1. We started watching Netflix's Waffles and Moichi show with our 6 year old son and throughly enjoyed it. Seeing Chef Jose Andres making gazpacho and doing a dance was a hoot. Definitely recommend watching it with kids and maybe even as a stand alone show!
  2. Great to hear Don. Both of my parents have gotten their vaccines and definitely feels like a relief in terms of being concerned they might get it. Hopefully, everyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one by May and perhaps the summer will return to a sense of normalcy.
  3. Saveur was the first 'cooking' magazine that I purchased. Even though it was a pretty skinny periodical compared to the magazines of the day when it was first published, it had such a unique style. When I recall the 1990s as a decade, I would still read The Washington Post and NY Times Sunday editions and magazines like Saveur. Saveur was a sophisticated but accessible culinary tourist experience before all of the cooking travel shows became popular.
  4. WAMU Announces the Kojo Nnamdi Show will end production on April 1 Very sad to hear, his food related shows were a window into the DC scene.
  5. Yes we also found the try again method but as our son has gotten older, he's becoming stronger in his opinions on food. It is interesting to see from a culinary point of view especially since my wife and I do place a lot of value on a diversity of favors and experiences. One thing which I think has probably played a large role is the isolation of being at home this year. Before we would go to restaurants or even travel and he was more likely to enjoy new favors. Now, he just wants his favorites! I guess comfort food during these trying times even helps him. Of course, we're getting tired
  6. The Szechuan peanut sauce is a good idea, sadly our son doesn't like the peanut flavor at the moment. Kind of funny, even for the Halloween candy, I end up eating his Reese's candies. Though you've given me the inspiration to give dan dan noodles a try! Thanks!
  7. We're wrapping up our New Year's Day leftovers, Halibut with pesto and pasta. Our son will eat white fish but mainly his fish favorite is still salmon. The perennial question, has anyone had any good results with trying a new recipe for kids?
  8. Stopped by at the opening yesterday and ordered a selection of pies and of course, the arancini. Everything was excellent and we enjoyed our first Neapolitan style crust in ten months. Again, they are one of the best in the DC area, the quality control as they expand appears to be working at this point and highly recommend them. We'll definitely be adding them to the regular rotation and look forward to next summer when dining out can become a regular thing again. During my wait time there, they had a brisk amount of business which appeared to be just from an article in the Res
  9. https://scitechdaily.com/social-distancing-isnt-enough-to-prevent-infection-how-to-detect-covid-19-super-spreaders/
  10. If it's Spartan Oil, second the recommendation. We've been using them for a while and the oil is very versatile. I've been listening to the Home Cooking Show podcast with Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway. They have a great unique resource page which might help with some new ideas for presents.
  11. Thanks for your successful usage review Rovers2000! Looks great!
  12. It was a great bird! Today's Turkey sandwich with my wife's gravy sauce made from the leftover pan drippings was excellent. This year used our regular oven settings instead of the convention setting which was about 15 minutes longer. Perfect!
  13. Thanks for the comprehensive notes and updates, Dr. Delicious. Looks like we are sticking with our stoneware pans and the regular oven. In the past, considered the Breville Pizza Oven, jeez looking at it just now, the price has increased to $1K! Regardless, we're more than happy with Pupatella opening up in Reston.
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