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  1. We drove by this weekend during our trip to Great Falls. It was quite packed. From the road, we noticed the outdoor seating and large tented areas. Our son was asking what was that place and my wife replied we would go there for birthdays and anniversaries celebrations occasionally. Of course he had never been there and was wondering when we would go!
  2. Reston Location has a sign outside announcing hiring! Hopefully they will be able to open up by the beginning of the new year.
  3. Thanks Ericandblueboy for the concise review! As I was posting this thread, thought to myself you would visit it opening weekend at some point. Our last trip to Vinh Kee right before New Year's Eve since like a years ago!
  4. Han Palace 7900 Westpark Drive McLean, VA 22102 571-378-0162 Has anyone tried it out yet? Excited that there is Dim Sum in Tysons and hopefully it will be able to survive.
  5. Thanks for the offer to help Leleboo, we're ok on books. That's one area where we've probably gone overboard on since my wife or I have read to him every night after bringing him home from the hospital. Currently, his library is over a hundred books and that's after donating or giving away a majority of his border books. Actually my wife 'sneaks' several books into every Amazon order or we regularly place orders to our local bookstore, Scrawl Books, in Reston.
  6. Thanks, I'll need all the good wishes possible. He's usually good for 20-30 minute long sessions for individual assignments and video calls with classmates, too. Beyond that length of time, it's harder to keep it together. Actually, I can sympathize, that's my limit too especially when zoom meetings start to meander all over the place! Remarkably, about a month ago, he started really reading by himself which has been good for all of us. He's been going back to all the books we read to him for bed time stories and exploring them by himself. Tonight, cheese topped ramen has been requ
  7. His teacher said today that we'll be working our way up to an hour+ language session after morning roll call! I can see this working for 3rd graders and above but for 1st and 2nd graders it seems a bit ambitious
  8. Has anyone seen the Lucky Charms Magical Marshmallows only in any grocery store?
  9. It does seem like a long march with distance learning for kids. Today, our rising 1st grade son had a video chat with his new teacher. From what she said, the school day will be much fuller than the spring term as they have prepared to replicate a regular school day's activities with specials and different level reading and math groups. Everyday lunch will be between 12 and 1, so at least our schedule will be more fixed moving into the fall. At least dinner has fallen into a routine where we rotate thru 7-8 things over two weeks.
  10. Thanks for the impressive link, DaRiv18. Still having a hard time convincing my wife of the need to get a Green Egg. Look forward to seeing everyone's experiences using them.
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