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  1. If you're exploring outside with your kids NolaCaine, would recommend the Seek app by iNaturalist. My wife uses it was our son when walking in the woods to help identify plants and he definitely has taken to learning about what different kinds of mushroom there are and how not to eat them. That's great that your garden produces enough for your meals!
  2. We had a couple of friends and their families drive to upstate NY and the finger lakes, rent out cabins and enjoy their experiences. In those experiences, they brought all their own food and were isolated the entire trip. One family member drove up to CT to visit with friends who have also been social isolated right after school closed. Yesterday, I was doing curbside pickup at REI and the line outside to get in was over 30-40 people. It would appear locally most people are going to parks and camping.
  3. He does a good job with sandwiches but it's more the classic deli style and definitely is open to adjustments like any deli. Groceries wise, a little more expensive than other comparable places but super convenient for people who live in Vienna and Reston. My frequency varies but usually once a month. Chase/The Sandwich Shop usually for our family is almost weekly because of the proximity and we all like something there.
  4. lion

    Shinya Shokudo

    Recipes from Midnight Diner looks interesting. My wife was just telling me that I need to move in the kitchen as I was making Tamagoyaki without taking all of the space like the chef from Midnight Diner.
  5. We must be on the same spice kick Deangold. During last week's grocery run, I went to Lotte and picked up several items you mentioned with the idea of making Sichuan Chicken, Doenjang Jjigae and Jae Chae Noodles. My wife has requested some Japanese cooked items as well but we're just doing one new dish a week! I have been watching Chinese Cooking Demystified, too. They do a really good job at explaining the intricacies of Chinese cooking and suggesting substitutes for items that you may not be able to purchase easily. With Korean food, we found a couple of Dolsot cooking bowls in the back of our cupboard that vaguely remember purchasing eight years ago. Back then had the idea of branching out to try it at home but of course having a kid and other life moments let that idea slip away. Unfortunately, my first attempt at Sichuan Chicken was not with Chinese Cooking Demystified's recipe because of time and needed to cook the chicken that night. The modified recipe I found was good but both my wife and I felt like it should have had more of a Sichuan peppercorn favor like HKP's does. Are you using a wok or frying pan to make your chilies? Gas or butane burner? A Chinese friend who is a private chef mentioned that getting the heat hot enough with the wok makes a substantial difference terms with the wok-y caramelization flavor profile with good Chinese food.
  6. We've been watching with expectant eyes the past couple of time that we've driven by the location. Our son doesn't remember going to the Arlington location a couple of years ago so he's excited as well and of course, my wife can't wait. I won't be making pizza at home on Fridays for family movie night in the fall...
  7. I lived nearby Greek Town during that time in my life so ate there all the time of course. One of my fondest winter memories was being in line outside the Parthenon, and the wait staff would give shots of ouzo to help with the cold and the wind. Down the street was Maxwell Street where everyone would go after hours to grab a polish sausage, greasy fries, and a can of soda! Those were the days when eating after a party night in the middle of the night would be okay the next day. 🤣
  8. Pizzeria Due was definitely a favorite, more than Uno, when I lived in Chicago for a year in the late 1980s. My guilty pleasure was Giordano's in the Greek town location and ate many meals there and take out. During the winter months when it's freezing outside having a stuffed pizza helps a great deal with dealing the cold wind from the lake! I ordered many years ago since haven't been to Chicago since 2006 and my motivation was nostalgic.
  9. Deangold, we're on the same page in terms of dining indoors and putting together another relief package. However, Fairfax County opened up to Phase II on Friday and some people will eat indoors. Yesterday was my shopping day and driving around I saw many people eating outside of restaurants. Unfortunately, there are people who seem to be going back to "normal living' in the activities. I'm not trying to judge people who do eat inside at restaurants but wondering what the experience would be like and how things have changed for them. Since we have high risk people in our household, we're pretty much be under the same conditions for the foreseeable future. However, we're hearing from extended family and friends that are loosening restrictions and even traveling for the summer to isolated locations.
  10. As restaurants open up for indoor sitting in the area, I wanted to ask if anyone has actually done it. Going out yesterday for a shopping day to many locations for groceries and other items, there seemed to be a wide range of people using masks or not. What was your experience? Did you feel safe? How did the food rate to previous visits?
  11. Actually shipping Chicago deep dish or stuffed pizzas to DC metro area costs ~$60 for two pizzas. Has to be 2 day shipping with dry ice and usually they only do it during weekdays. Never used Goldbelly but you can directly ship from various Chicago pizzerias. I've done Giordano's many years ago.
  12. Lolli and Pops, the candy store in Tysons Corners Mall has many Kit Kats favors such as green tea or matcha. They used to have other countries candy like the UK's Cadbury, too.
  13. Yes it's a great show. I made a thread years ago. Actually there is a Japanese version before the made for Netflix seasons and they made a film for theaters as well. And there are Korean and Chinese versions of the concept.
  14. My wife said she needed to talk with me. I thought it was something serious, but apparently she wanted to discuss where we should plan to visit when it's safe to travel. We decided on Hawaii. Are people daydreaming of future trips? And if so where?
  15. Are you using some kind of planter system or just a regular pot? Wife and son want to do that on our deck but haven't had the time to research it.
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