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  1. Wiseguy’s Arlington locations are definitely good, and they have one near the Navy Yard, but I haven’t actually been to that one.
  2. Not sure I’ll make it to Vienna, but I see Goong Glure, which is one of my favorite dishes at Thai Ghang Waan.
  3. Lots more locations, according to the web site, including a Pentagon city alternative to the impossible-to-find-parking original Rosslyn location (and both are open on weekends, which I didn’t think used to be the case). Still excellent, if a bit crowded for takeout at lunchtime for my taste in these COVID infested times. The pizza is great, probably our favorite of the non explicitly Neapolitan style, now that there’s no more Pete’s Apizza in Arlington. Light, just right crispiness crust (by the slice), and good sauce (for the relatively traditional toppings anyway - haven’t tried the Korean or chicken tikka ones). And, very important, great garlic knots.
  4. I think the Impossible burger I had at Big Buns (which I like better than Beyond) was better than the vast majority of random burgers I’ve had (not including places like various Ray’s, and maybe BGR at its peak).
  5. Definitely my favorite bagels in Alexandria (at the Del Ray farmers market), although Bagel Uprising are also good (except for everything - at BU those are weirdly sweet. Everything shouldn’t be taken that literally).
  6. How does Thai Ghang Waan (In Springfield) fit into this list? It used to be our favorite up to a year or two ago, but after a couple of less good meals it dropped off our rotation.
  7. Yelp has menu photos. The laminated eat-in black background and red background specials menus are all from 4-6 months ago. They do indeed show 11.25 for the Shanghai pan fried pork buns. They also have white takeout menu photos labeled 3 months ago, and those show 12.75 for the same item, I think.
  8. We want to second the positive review of the soup dumpling (both pork and pork/shrimp/okra). Better than anything I know of in NoVa, and at least approximately as good as last time at Bob’s Noodles 66 (which was probably about a year ago). We actually liked the pan fried (hand pulled, not +$1 Dao Xiao (?) hand cut) noodles, even though I agree that the sauce was tomatoey in an unexpected way.
  9. Had the hummus (classic) and lamb “shawarma” a couple days ago at Chinatown. A pretty mixed experience overall. The best part was the pita - very fluffy yet substantial, which I like. Hummus was pretty good with the various spices it came with, but kinda bland without. I thought it needed salt and/or lemon juice and/or garlic. There was also nowhere near enough pita, so I had to get more (at $1 apiece), and saw lots of people eating it with a spoon. With a spoon! Lamb had a pretty good flavor, but nothing like shawarma - it basically seemed braised. The chicken shawarma on someone else’s hummus looked right, but I didn’t get to taste it.
  10. A few years ago I expressed jealousy of a friend who worked near the Whitehouse because he was close to Breadline (which, despite allegedly being way past its prime, I still think is pretty good). I was completely appalled that he said “why bother going to Breadline with its long lines since Potbelly is right there.” And he’s not a millennial, so I think this problem transcends generations.
  11. For a long time I agreed with that assessment - it was our favorite (at least in the VA suburbs, which is what we can usefully sample), but the last couple of times it’s been just OK. Crispy rice salad was still great, but other things didn’t seem as good as we expected. I don’t remember details, unfortunately. Some curry, I think, probably red, and perhaps pad soon sen (off the menu, but they’ve always been nice and made it for us). I’d like to hope that it was just a one (or two) off aberration.
  12. Interesting. The report I heard damned them with faint praise by saying that they were like the ones I bake - better than many because they’re the desired fluffy Israeli style, but not really great. When I make them the puff always seems to go away within a few minutes of baking, so maybe they were just sitting for a bit before they served them?
  13. The oversight I find most outrageous is Dolci Gelato so high but not mentioning Casa Rosada, which is way better (at least compared to the Old Town Dolci location), in our opinion. --- Trickling Springs Creamery (DaRiv18) Sarah's Handmade Ice Cream & Treats (smithhemb)
  14. I actually like the original Vaso’s quite a bit better than the King St location, although it’s less vegetarian friendly. More in the “you don’t eat meat? That’s ok, we’ll make chicken” style of Greek cooking.
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