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  1. Let me know how this goes. We want an outdoor kitchen and believe we have selected the cabinets and appliances. We are hiring a designer to create specs and then will need a firm to install, build and manage. Though we are leaning towards stainless cabinets there is work as we want a dummy wall built behind them to create a counter top lip and run electric.
  2. Dull as it is, I probably eat turkey breast 4-5 days each week on top of a salad. Even more on weekends when it is warm outside, a turkey rollup is my go to while sailing. I typically buy and Like Trader Joes all natural Turkey Breast, very think sliced and low salt while full of flavor. This is typically found near the cooked chicken strips and fresh meats, not in the deli area. I recently tried using instacart to deliver Turkey Breast from Wegmans and the Fresh Market. Both were major disappointments as they were salt bombs and thin sliced. Fake Turkey. What is you go to Turke
  3. Spent last week in Asheville with my family. We stayed at a townhouse, hiked and took advantage of the great beer. Funkatorium, Green Man, Burial and Wedge were ll able to seat us safely outside. brought in Curate, ate outside at Duck Taco and inside at Tupelo Honey. All great experiences. Took a cooking class at Asheville Kitchen and was really rewarded when my younger son(27) made desert for his roomies, Bananas Foster he learned in class.
  4. I tried Wegmans from Instacart for the 1st time today. Short Ribs became a large standing rib roast. Tomatlios became green tomatoes. But the brisket I got l is huge and looks great.
  5. Anne Arundel county has ordered all restaurants to cease on premise dining for a period of week weeks starting Dec. 16th. Certainly another blow to a fragile set of businesses.
  6. In Annapolis many restaurants now have tents for additional Covid spaced seating. I am concerned that the air circulation in those tents is not any better then inside. At least one place, Soul, state BYOB for out door dining under the heat lamps. Bring Your Own Blanket. We do try to bring in from a local non-chain establishment once a week. Also part of a biweekly CSA and have already paid for next year. I did become a founding member of our 1st brewpub, Forward Brewing and will do my part to keep them in business. Lastly, I can see the floor in our wine cellar. Consum
  7. Wow, the INN is nice but that rate is crazy. For much less you can charter a 40' catamaran with a captain for a couple of days and go to St. Michaels.
  8. Pirates Cove is the perfect place to boat to on a great day. Popular dock bar with good crushes as well as reasonable sandwiches and fried seafood. There is a more extensive indoor menu but if you boat here and snag a slip(there are 5-6 slips), it is perfect.
  9. Forgot to mention Prix Fixed is 75/PP. http://flamantmd.com/ I believe Tom recently reviewed it, though I stopped reading the post.
  10. Flamant has pivoted several times in this pandemic to include delivery Wed-Fri, a market, fresh croissants Sat. They recently opened for dinner Thurs-Sat with limited seating both inside and outdoor with a fixed prixe menu. We at there Friday night. Snacks were a trio of small but superb nibbles including a perfect and plump oyster, pork belly cigar and 1/2 a soft shell crab. Wife had a really interesting salad with a truffle emulsion while I had charred Octopus. Her main of duck breast was really good as it w Her main of duck breast was really good as it was thinly slice
  11. Day boat Scallops from OBX Couscous with summer vegetables Sauvingnon Blanc-Cold and crisp
  12. Saturday Prime NY Strips from Sam's Very Green Beans from local farmer market charred with grill pan 2013 Elyse Cabernet. My wife and I thought this was too thin for our taste. Not bold and deep
  13. Stunk. It seems that our age and heavy team was a step or three behind the whole series. Maybe Seattle want Panik, I don't. Or Boyd. We got nothing from our 3rd and 4th lines. And someone needs to light a fire under Kuzy's ass, he can't just play one way hockey.
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