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  1. Green Chartreuse brings back memories from college. Mixed it with Pinnapple juice to create a Swampwater. If I recall the Green Charteuse was 110 proof.
  2. Wine Cellars of Annapolis. I'm there most winter Saturdays as there is no boating. http://www.winecellarsofannapolis.com/calendar/632-european-cellars-french-spanish-imports-special-guest-matt-carroll
  3. Another Import I like is Franck Agostini. http://franckssignaturewines.com/ He is a rock star in France and set us up with a few appointments that were great. Tasting wine with a 7th generation farmer/producer was great. Though not set up for visitors and tours, we were welcomed with many wines to taste.
  4. I miss Arrowine. Doug had a really good palate. I currently buy from and frequent Wine Cellars of Annapolis. The owner Patrick is really good. Every Saturday and many Fridays there are tastings put on by the distributor and/or importer. As an example this past Saturday Aurilleo from Grapes of Spain was there pouring with a distributor. I know I like Spanish reds and after tasting 8 wines I did bring home a few bottles. I tend to go to this tasting frequently as I must pass by the wine store to leave the peninsula i live on.
  5. Is this grill pan or something else? Sounds great
  6. He may not know food but I bet he made amazing money all those years.
  7. The Annapolis town center location closed as well. Never tried it,
  8. Annapolis has many events such as Rock the Dock with unlimited oysters shucked by the oystermen who harvested them that day. Freshness counts.
  9. My two sons who play and follow hockey say the Caps need a strong Dman or 2 to make a long playoff run. Their argument is good Dmen will drive opposing shots down and those that are taken will be from further away. Only way this will happen is to trade Holtby before trade deadline.
  10. This was probably the best Westin we stayed at in El Ciego, Rioja, Spain. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/biolc-hotel-marques-de-riscal-a-luxury-collection-hotel-elciego/ Designed by Frank Gheery, stunning!
  11. Actually all rooms were renovated last year. Much better then the Sheraton we previously stayed in. When it's 2 nights a week, 45+ weeks a year, out of my pocket the Ritz isnt happening.
  12. We stay weekly at the Westin in Tysons so we accumulate and use lots of Bonvoy points. The Convention Center Marriott Marquis blew us away for the size and breadth of their gym. 2 floors of equipment, larger then many gyms.
  13. We brunched there last Sunday as part of my birthday celebration. My 2 sons, 26 and 29, normally don't do bottomless but really enjoyed eating and drinking for 2+ hours. The 26 year old played college hockey and eats like a monster, even he filled up!
  14. A few years ago we were told to make an appointment at Round Two near St. Helena. When we called on our way the winemaker son lead us to his dad house. Dad apologized for the rain, sat us at his dining table and discussed his philosophy of winemaking for 3+ hours while pouring and pouring great wine. Dad, Dennis Johns has been involved in the business for many years. His passion was phenomenal. http://www.roundtwowines.com/press/about
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