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  1. Going Friday! Perhaps the toughest decision is wine pairing vs a bottle or two. I'll be taking an Uber from Annapolis, while not cheap, is prudent given that I'll already be starting our anniversary off with Billecart Salmon Champagne before we leave the house.
  2. In 2010 my son received an award from the JCC Rockville for being a scholar athlete. The road of the crowd was deafening when they announced it was catered by Ben's from NY. The food was great thought it may be every 10 years that I'm able to consume such quantities of Jewish deli and side dishes.
  3. MarkS

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Amazing, given that Anne Arundel county will not let me put a boathouse on my existing dock. Anne Arundel is anti-development, the opposite of Tysons and Reston.
  4. At least the tortillas are fresh. Those tortilla machines may well outlast us.
  5. 10-20 years ago Uncle Julio's was in my kids wheelhouse. Who can resist a huge plate of fajitas. I remember that once a week they had goat leg, Cabrito, which was amazing. I think that ship sailed. Haven't been in a long time but they recently opened up in Annapolis. Will have to go soon.
  6. MarkS

    Butchery Classes

    I went to an event at Mess Hall, "Some Disassembly required", where a hog was broken down and butchered. It was a fun evening with great food to eat and take home as well. http://messhalldc.com/events/ https://brightestyoungthings.com/articles/recap-some-disassembly-required-mess-hall
  7. Good to know. Their crabcakes are great though the place is old school. Very much in the style of the Edgewater Inn, whose cakes were highly regarded but very old and dated.
  8. MarkS

    Ice Cream

    I would add Brewster’s to the list. I know the location in Annapolis never disappoints and that there are several in DMV area. Each individually owned and make their own ice cream.
  9. MarkS

    Video Door Bells

    From Ackerman Alarm I was given a Skybell(Similar to Ring) at a cost of $1 month for 36 months. After 36 months the device will either be vastly outdated or need replacement. I ws going to buy a ring but this deal seems much better. I get video and audio on demand when motion detected or the doorbell is pressed, video and audio is recorded and I can initiate as well from a mobile device.
  10. MarkS

    Preshow Dining Near Wolf Trap

    I would second Shamshiry. Fast, a few steps above Moby and close to Wolf Trap. I live at the Sheraton Tues-Thurs and Shamshiry has never disappointed.
  11. MarkS

    Napoli Pasta Bar

    I'll send my son. He is dating a girl who lives in Columbia Heights.
  12. You were absolutely right about clarity. Small but great selection of happy hour beverages and nibbles. Victor is a gem of a bartender and I can't wait to go back for a proper cocktail. We sat at the bar at 6:15 and the place was slammed by 7pm.