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  1. Its esthetics. We sent with Caesarstone in Kitchen, 3 bathrooms and bar. All told 6 different colors/styles, we are very happy.
  2. Interesting that Dogfish and most craft beers are now in cans where a few years back not so much.
  3. we stuck with traditional and got the color from tiles, counters and such.
  4. The point is that all these ranges get pans uber hot, way beyond what is typically needed. I.E. If you sauté on high you must tend to that pan constantly and simply can not do the same if you had 3,4 or 5 pans at that high setting.
  5. Lots of beverage choices in cans in Annapolis. Boaters do not want glass on our boats.
  6. Hard to believe Cindy Wolf at Charleston has been a runner up 8 times. There just aren't that many better cooks then her.
  7. I can vouch for my Wolf range, 6 burners plus French cooktop. All the specs regarding BTUS are overkill as there is no way regularly turn one burner on high except to boil water and turning all 7 to high would heat the house. The stainless on my range match the stainless on my sub-zeros as well as my Asko and Fisher Paykel dishwashers and Kohler sink.
  8. Exactly. I go annually on my way to a wine dinner in Oxford.
  9. You are so right about Ava's, great place though I dragged an anchor in the harbor the same night!!! The Scottish Highland Creamery in Oxford is great for adults and kids.
  10. On the fire in Easton is always good and there seem to be other farm to table places there as well. Oxford has the Robert Morris Inn and is a nice town. Cambridge seems run down. St Michaels is always good, Cracked Claw for Crabs and I know there is a good pizza place on the main street.
  11. Ate here again before the Caps game. These folks are smart as they noticed I was there previously. The Chicken was great in a crackish kind of way. My wife mentioned they baste in lard, great flavor and crisp. Garlic shrimp were good, portion size was great but shrimp were on small size. Trying to keep my belly from growing we had two vegetable dishes. The Shishito peppers are on of my go to, and they were great. Again-Good fun spot with decent food They did mention they have started the brunch which includes breakfast paella. Highly recommended.
  12. Nice area. I have sailed to the Mears marina next door. Very lively bar Jelly Fish Joel’s where the main attraction is grabbing a drink and watch how many boaters fail to navigate a very narrow and shallow channel and run aground.
  13. Ate at the Vienna location again. Plaka was hoping at 7pm when we walked in to grab the last table. I had a 1/2 roast chicken with Salad and veggies. The chicken was good, a bit under seasoned but solid and had much much less fat and other pieces then a Peruvian joint. My wife had a salad bowel with shwarma and we had a 9$ bottle of wine. Seems if you ask every night could be 1/2 priced wine night. Total was 32 which hits the bulls eye for cheap eats. We will be back as they try hard and everything is generally fresh.
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