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  1. On my creek there is an old guy who rows on the water in a racing shell from March to November, 5-7 days a week. I asked him if he rowed crew in college and he shouted back "hell yea"
  2. If you have the discipline a Concept II rower may be the best bang for the buck to getting in shape. After 8 weeks home and hitting the rower hard 3x week I can say weight is moving down, getting leaner(more important then loosing weight IMHO) and my VO2 Max has increased such that my Garmin says I have the heart of a 20 year old, at 60. Granted rowing is dull and I keep putting together playlists to get me through the workout. It is also easy on the joints and hits most of the muscles. With 2 replacement hips running, a former passion, is not on the agenda.
  3. Bought 1 pound each of Shitake, Oyster and Hens of the Woods mushrooms yesterday from the Bay Mushrooms at the Anne Arundel farmers market Sunday. Preordered. Spectacular sautéed with EVOO salt and pepper. Grilled steaks and a 2014 Paul Hobbs Crossbarn. It was a very nice meal.
  4. Shaved Brussels Sprout salad with lemon juice, lemon zest, salt, EVO and sundried tomatoes. Let rest for 30 minutes so the shaved sprouts soften with the acidity of the lemon. Made this one up and my wife thought it was fresh and bright.
  5. My wine consumption is through the roof, cooking daily and takeout 1x week to get a break. Wild times
  6. Make a Painkiller with the coconut cream. All you need is Rum(Pussers) and some citrus juice. Painkillers are always good.
  7. I weigh myself daily, too often. Being home now for 4 weeks, I resurrected my Concept II rower and have been rowing again after a 30 year hiatus. Still the best piece of fitness equipment bar none, kicks my ass regularly. After 4 weeks of almost daily use I have become accustomed to torturing myself and am starting to row hard and long. It does take being a nut job as this isn't like Peloton where you watch a fit instructor on the screen
  8. For Passover tonight on the stove is short ribs sitting on a bed of caramelized carrots, onion, cabbage and simmering now with some Bordeaux for the next 4 hours. Added about a cup of chopped figs to add decadence and sweetness to the pot. Short ribs were browned in pot first, then put back in after veggies got happy. Roasted potatoes and rainbow carrots will be paired with the short ribs. Without any sweet wine my wife substituted port for the Haroseth. It will just be 2 of us but it will be interesting.
  9. One of my favorites in Annapolis, posted that they will deliver via doordash. When I texted them asking if they could deliver their Lime Gimlet, NO.
  10. We ate here last night with some friends who aren't very adventuresome eaters. They loved it. They each had Salmon. One had Salmon kebabs while the other had Saffron Salmon. I had a chicken and eggplant stew while my wife had the same stew with veal. Everyone cleaned their plates. Next time we will get 1 stew and a vegetarian plate so we don't stuff ourselves as much. It was packed when we left at 9 which shows they are clearly filling a void in the Mclean dining scene.
  11. For a few more days I suspect. Many closings in Annapolis Town Center due to high rents. Annapolis has many favored local sailor bars. From the Boatyard to Davis's pub. And we are about to get a nano brewery, Forward Brewing, in Eastport. Goodbye bad beer and food.
  12. We are generally overstocked. Next trip to Sam's club will pick up more paper towels, napkins and toilet paper. Beer fridge has a few cases of beer and wine cellar is over full. Party on.
  13. I have done that at wine tastings where someone left an untouched glass of great wine.
  14. I ate at Aracosia last Tuesday. Service was a bit backed up so the owner gave us each a glass of wine while we sat in the lounge, Nice. New to Afghan food we were suggested to order one grilled meat platter and one vegetable sampler. Both were superb. Funny the couple next to us left most of their food over as they said it was too spicy for their taste. We did not agree and cleaned our plates. Spicing was complex and fresh. Owner came by at the end to ask how everything was and to let us know that food is all cooked fresh with no butter. This was really good and we will probably go back often.
  15. Green Chartreuse brings back memories from college. Mixed it with Pinnapple juice to create a Swampwater. If I recall the Green Charteuse was 110 proof.
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