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  1. Bethany last weekend. Dinner at Patsy's in downtown Bethany was very good. 4 of us all had different dishes and there were clean plates all around. I have a tempura fired whole fish and it was so good I wish I had two. My wife had blackened Tile Fish, well prepared and tasty though light on real hot seasoning.
  2. Caliente Grill in Annapolis has authentic made as you wait Pupusas with appropriate sides. http://www.calientegrillannapolis.com/antojos-salvadorean.html
  3. I am hoping he doesn't do that. Too much competition in DC and he will not be in Naptown cooking.
  4. I looked at the menu and it seemed heavy and old-school. I hit 60 is 6 month, watch my cholesterol and am trying to get in great shape. Now if only I could give up wine!
  5. We have a Newks in Annapolis. Never been, not going as I try to support the local spots as much as possible.
  6. I tried the District Taco in Tysons and was not impressed. It was meh with the salsa being the highlight. Not in the rotation.
  7. Interesting, we did the reverse. Raised our kids in Montgomery County for the Wootton school system, moved to Annapolis when they left for college for sailing and small town charm.
  8. Les Folies in Annapolis says au revoir after 20 years, closing on the 26th. I have only been there fro a wine dinner and it was very good. http://www.capitalgazette.com/news/business/ac-cn-les-folies-closing-0619-story.html
  9. Walk to Jack Rose is Adams Morgan if they are open. Drink, Uber back to Marriott.
  10. Ate here last night with some friends. Much more crowded a week after opening. Had a great roasted 1/2 chicken which was semi-boned such that the breast was boneless while still attached to the 1st wing section. Brussels sprouts were not roasted to carmelization but were served with a tangy dressing. My wife had the salmon salad and loved the smoked salmon. We went to the back bar after to part the 3rd period of the hockey game.. Very nice. BJs will suffer as the back bar has good food as well as being much brighter.
  11. I would think that if you selected the fruit in the store you should not return it. But if you use a service like Peapod or Amazon/Whole Foods where they select for you then you have every right to return.
  12. I believe 66 to 81, that seems fastest. We are staying in Asheville for 2 nights, then backpacking in the Blue Ridge mountains for 4 days before another 2 nights in Asheville. Beer and food in town, scenery and outdoors while hiking. Would be happy if the drive is 6ish hours not including a lunch break.
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