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  1. Eggplant and onions-Cube eggplant toss with EVOO, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, onion.. Cook in aluminum tray on grill for 1+hours. Tri Tip from Trader Joes Probably a Cabernet Sauvignon
  2. Swordfish is generally our go to at our local fish store, Annapolis Seafood Market. 14.99-16.99/Lb, fresh from the Atlantic. Generally they get a few fish in and cut lots of steaks from the loins. Very easy fish to grill. I have bought a few whole Yellow tail snapper as well. Have the fish monger gut, scale , take head and fins off. Stuff with some herbs and fruit and this also is easy in a fish basket on the grill. Though I am in Annapolis I tend to avoid whole crabs. Just can't see buying a dozen jumbos at 100+ dozen and then having to do all that work.
  3. Grilled swordfish with Basil chimichurri sauce. Green bean grilled on grill pan outside burner. Rioja
  4. Thanks for the advice. XL egg it will be. We really like Danver cabinets and will probably lean towards Lynx for a grill and burner. Need to plan in the fall so this get installed next Spring.
  5. Next Years project is an outdoor kitchen. We have a lower area on our deck which is 10x12 and has both gas and electric underneath. If you have an outdoor kitchen what appliances did you install and would you make same decision today. I find myself grilling everyday and having an egg as well as a grill seems to open up more possibilities.
  6. CBF is having Oyster pop ups at their locations across the DMV to help promote Oyster farming. I ordered 50 from Harris Creek Oysters which I will pick up this Thursday at their Merrill center location in Annapolis. Harris Creek is on the eastern shore and the owner said they would be harvested that day. Just show up with a cooler of ice in the trunk. We will be grilling them to open. From what I have seen they are still raw but this is an easy way to open them. Will pair with some cold Sanceere.
  7. We are fortunate to belong to a sailboat club which has several cruising boats. 2 weeks ago we sailed from Annapolis to St Michaels. St Michaels was empty Sunday to Tuesday. The Marina had bikes we could borrow and we were the only ones in the brewery there. Our 35th Anniversary will be an overnight from Annapolis to Rockhall. I joked with my wife that our dinner decision will be the single or double crabcake. October we will go back out for another 4 nights, destination TBD. We have way too many Bonvoy points and free nights. They will be unused until there is a vaccine and I feel really confident the world has this beat.
  8. Hard boiled eggs(actually steamed) with a V8... Dull.
  9. My lunches most days are too predictable. Salad and some leftover protein thrown on top. Eaten in 15 minutes or less between zoom meetings.
  10. Smoked Salmon from Sams club on a slice of Dakota bread from Great Harvest.
  11. Grilled chicken Breasts Roasted Brussels My take on Peruvian green sauce. Chicachurri made with Jalapenos. Awesome
  12. They now are taking reservations and have an outside tent in their parking lot for expanded outside distanced dining option.
  13. When i moved to Rockville in 1985 and until I moved in 2015, Bagel City was the place for bagels. Times have changed and I can't remember the last bagel i have eaten.
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