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  1. Had a splendid dinner here last night. Anything smoked including the beef ribs were superb. grapefruit and shrimp salad was tasty and original. Jose’s Andres did well.
  2. MarkS

    Butchery Classes

    This mess hall event returns in 2 weeks. Both educational and entertainment. https://mailchi.mp/147438080fbf/some-disassembly-required-returns-to-mess-hall?e=dceaefbbdb
  3. MarkS

    Conch Fritters

    Good to great conch fritters can be found at the small shacks at the harbors in the Virgin Islands you can only get to on a small boat. An example is Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke in the BVIs. http://www.soggydollar.com/
  4. You both have it covered. We stay at the Sheraton Tues and Wed night every week. I try to limit dining out so I don't wind up like a blimp but still need to explore the area, I will add that the Silver Diner and Roti are good for quick salads. Still meaning to hit Caboose Brewery. Shamshiry we take back to the hotel so I can drink with wine I buy at Walmart!!
  5. Went on Tuesday. Patrick was cooking and serving and the meal was solid. The three of us had Scallops, Short Ribs and Lamb steak. All solidly prepared and a large plate with starch and vegetable. Shared a nibble of homemade Ricotta with figs, superb. Washed down with a bottle of Rioja Reserva, this was a great experience and a solid place I will add to our rotation. Will certainly be back for happy hour at the bar sometime this fall.
  6. That looks great. Hoping to be on anchor somewhere around Oxford or Saint Michael’s, so no.
  7. MarkS

    Laurel Meat Market

    I recommend Old Line meats in Baltimore.. Call 1st http://oldlinemeats.com/about.html
  8. Charleston could be the best restaurant in Maryland and on of the top in this region. We dined there Friday night and it was spectacular. Amazing attention to detail, service was on point and the food, wine and presentation were all world class. Cindy Wolf, executive chef, was there as quarterback and expediter making sure every plate that left the kitchen was as she envisioned. Started off with a glass of Sancerre while allowing a bottle of 2012 Chateau Canon to breathe. Great wine service, all proper stemware with a Sommelier who was both engaging, attentive and informative. We each had 4 courses. Possibly could have done with 3 as dessert is included. No room for the Cheese course though the cart looked lovely with a selection of 12 cheeses I started off with the Lobster Curry Soup. Amazing Followed with a sublime crab flan. Amazing Alaskan Cod with lemon and Onion beignets. Spicy, very interesting. Yummy Veal Tenderloin. Matched perfectly with the last two glasses of Bordeaux. Dessert- Chocolate Pot De Crème. perfect Very nice place with great space between table. They actually iron the tablecloths when changing them out, as well as give you a fresh linen each time you get up. Though no enforced dress code, everyone was dressed up. This is special dining. Cindy Wolf has been a Beard runner up several times. She should win. This is great dining. If you haven't been, go.
  9. Going Friday! Perhaps the toughest decision is wine pairing vs a bottle or two. I'll be taking an Uber from Annapolis, while not cheap, is prudent given that I'll already be starting our anniversary off with Billecart Salmon Champagne before we leave the house.
  10. In 2010 my son received an award from the JCC Rockville for being a scholar athlete. The road of the crowd was deafening when they announced it was catered by Ben's from NY. The food was great thought it may be every 10 years that I'm able to consume such quantities of Jewish deli and side dishes.
  11. MarkS

    Paid Parking Slowly Killing Reston Town Center?

    Amazing, given that Anne Arundel county will not let me put a boathouse on my existing dock. Anne Arundel is anti-development, the opposite of Tysons and Reston.
  12. At least the tortillas are fresh. Those tortilla machines may well outlast us.
  13. 10-20 years ago Uncle Julio's was in my kids wheelhouse. Who can resist a huge plate of fajitas. I remember that once a week they had goat leg, Cabrito, which was amazing. I think that ship sailed. Haven't been in a long time but they recently opened up in Annapolis. Will have to go soon.