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  1. Lewnes in Annapolis is where you want to go for a great steak in a steakhouse experience. As good as the great Chicago joints with great steaks.
  2. Living in a hotel In Tysons two night a week has my belly expanding and wallet shrinking. Thus 1 night we try to go to a healthy and cheap option Salmon salad at Roti is winner winner chicken dinner. Noting special but at 12/person nothing really is special. The salmon is good and the salad and toppings offer great variety. Comparing this the Salmon Kabobs at Moby Dick, Moby gives you more salmon but the salad is much plainer.
  3. Great idea. I donated through world central kitchen. We sailed out of Marsh Harbor last February. I know someone who lost his Marina and business there, another person whose sailboat sunk down there and have a good friend whose but is here but due to be back in the Abacos in November.
  4. We ate at Rasika West on Sat August 17 before a Kennedy Center Show. Despite options above we were extremely happy with solid food, great service. The meal was well paced and the dishes we ordered were great. We stayed mostly with fish dishes and were very pleased. They recognized our 34th anniversary with champagne and desert on the house, great. And by the way, Squeeze at the Kennedy Center, phenomenal.
  5. Riva Road, I believe where an old business building sits vacant. On the other hand Aldi has been rumored to be coming to my side of Annapolis where C&C liquors sits boarded up on Bay Ridge Ave.
  6. Wegmans coming to Annapolis 2020. Close to Whole foods. Shoppers has already announced they are closing and I bet either Giant or Safeway nearby will close as well.
  7. Dinner last night with spouse and son. Right in the wheelhouse as they offer a broad selection of dishes. We had short ribs, pork chop and Branzino ..everyone cleaned their plates. Washed down with a great Priorat and dinner was very solid. Bazin's executes very well and at a price point below Clarity. Bazin's was full on a Wednesday night which good to see and they have parking below and behind their establishment.
  8. I held a paella class for about 20 neighbors this winter. Lots of interest beforehand little during cooking. Folks didn't want to come early to make sofrito. Much more interest when food was finished and corks were popped.
  9. That was a ton of equipment. Enough for several restaurants. Seems parts of the place were used as storage for equipment from other Rays.
  10. Another solid meal at Patsy's last night. My son thought his Rib Eye, my wife and I had entrée salads and they were both excellent. Crowds have died off so that a 6:30 dinner reservation was honored promptly. The space is nice, real nice. The booths are very comfortable, noise level moderate and you quickly forget that you are in Tysons, hell hole of Nova. Service is superb, 5 stars. GAR knows how to run restaurants and train their staff, it show. Food is solid. This is not fancy but a place I can go to every week and feel good about it and its price point. The back bar looks real nice. I'll be sure to check it out once hockey season starts again.
  11. I live close to Mike's in Riva and Cantlers. Mike's has great crabs and is always packed.
  12. Bethany last weekend. Dinner at Patsy's in downtown Bethany was very good. 4 of us all had different dishes and there were clean plates all around. I have a tempura fired whole fish and it was so good I wish I had two. My wife had blackened Tile Fish, well prepared and tasty though light on real hot seasoning.
  13. Caliente Grill in Annapolis has authentic made as you wait Pupusas with appropriate sides. http://www.calientegrillannapolis.com/antojos-salvadorean.html
  14. I am hoping he doesn't do that. Too much competition in DC and he will not be in Naptown cooking.
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