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  1. Pigged out here last night. I've been hitting the gym hard and thought I needed a treat, so I ate for 2(maybe 3). The Salmon Jaw was a meal by itself. The Edaname I shouldn't have ordered, not fuzz but meh. Had 3 rolls, another 10 piece of Nigri and a beer. Normally would have had a few beers but the diet is keeping me in check. Great value at Happy Hour, will come back.
  2. Celebrated a birthday Friday night here. We brought a 2012 Caymus Cab which they charged $20 for corkage. Truly a bargain for the 1L bottle. In my opinion Preserve does great thing with veggies and small plates. We had fried Kale serverd with a crack like sauce, mushroom medley, Brussels Sprouts, Merguez Sausage and broiled oysters. All great but the Kale, Brussels and mushrooms were stand outs. My son has a large plate of pork, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut which he really like. Preserve is a small local operation. They do a great job between the food and service of treating you well, feeding you good food and as you leave you ask yourself why don't I come here more often.
  3. Fractured Prune works at the beach where folks are willing to wait for a doughnut. But that was a fail a Dupont Circle where people go nut at Starbucks waiting 5 minutes.
  4. Seafood paella Saturday night washed down with many bottles of Rioja Riserva. Paella included lobster, shrimp and scallops. I made stock for the paella with the lobster and shrimp shells. The stock made the paella wonderful.
  5. Mason had a truck last Saturday at the Tug between Annapolis(Westport) and Eastport. Annapolis won but Eastport had a much better party.
  6. MarkS

    Wine tasting

    I'd recommend Rioja, Riserva and Grand Riserva all from same house Muga.
  7. MarkS

    Lobster Rolls

    I have neighbors who crab in our backyard creek. Keeping them in a live cage until they have caught a few dozen. I'll try that route next year,
  8. No way I'm going for a Lobster roll in a Crab cake town. Kind of like visiting Napa and ordering Virginia wine. I believe mason's is up by Church Circle.
  9. MarkS


    Bagel City in Rockville had them as did the Bagel store in Traville but take it with a grain of salt as I haven't been to either in several years.
  10. The Robert Morris INN in Oxford MD is scenic, on the water and historic. I have only eaten there for wine dinners where the chef has knocked it out of the park. Robert Morris Inn Nov 22, 2018 Thanksgiving Dinner
  11. If Level was in DC this board would be all over it though then we would have folks nitpick over the noise, seating, parking or service.
  12. Had a great dinner at Level Saturday night. New on the menu were crispy Cauliflower with pickled vegetables and sweet and sour sauce-Delicious. Also Brie and Fig flatbread was rocking as well. Never have any trouble getting a reservation as Level is up the street from City Dock and Ego alley.
  13. MarkS

    Dining near Dulles Airport

    The Ice House Café in Herndon used to be great when I lived there in 1984, cant vouch for it anymore. Paradise Indian in Herndon is solid.