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  1. Had a truly delicious meal here a couple weeks ago, and the best service I've had in years (I told the waitress that and she was so glad to hear it - new in town - she was fantastic, anticipated every need, went out of her way, etc.).
  2. Genevieve

    Dining in Rosslyn

    Rosslyn will also have a middle/high school as of fall 2019, where the 8th-12th graders have off-campus privileges and a number will likely be going off-campus for lunch with some frequency. At their current location (walking distance Lee Heights), there are often students eating at the Lee Heights shops for a quick dinner before events, rehearsals, etc.
  3. Excellent 'sandwich' post by 2 Amys. I'm so sorry they have to deal with this!! Wishing them the best dealing with their insurers and all the pain-in-the-butt of renovating/rebuilding. Will look forward to when they reopen.
  4. Genevieve

    Dining in Annandale

    Definitely looking for regular japchae, not spicy. But thank you! And I do like steamed buns - never had them with japchae.
  5. Genevieve

    Dining in Annandale

    Where would you go for jap chae, either in Annandale or elsewhere (NoVa or DC)? Thank you!
  6. I will say that when I had some MilkBar desserts at Momofuku in Toronto (a pie and a cookie), I thought they were delicious. It's possible that the local incarnations aren't as good. But I have not tried and am not really interested in the cereal milk, etc.
  7. Had an excellent meal at our celebratory dinner, with very good service. Three of us arrived first, and they seated us without us asking to be seated. Steak was delicious as always (I had a taste of others'). I had the scampi for the first time, and they were really delicious - that's what I'll get in future rather than the scallops (which are good, but I liked these more).
  8. Last time we went to a show at the National, we ate at Pinea in the W Hotel beforehand, and had an excellent meal.
  9. I really like Ice Cream Jubilee, and it will be an excellent addition to Ballston. The Coconut Lychee Lime, Thai Iced Tea, and Banana Bourbon Caramel are very good, and I love the smell that comes from their fresh-made waffle cones.
  10. We're going tomorrow for a belated birthday celebration. Hopefully will be as good as always!
  11. We still miss them in the Clarendon location, where we went weekly when my kiddo was little. Great family restaurant. We've been a few times in Falls Church and still like it very much. Good fresh fish, good service, nice vibe.
  12. We were big fans and will really miss them (and will seek out their new location, hoping they won't go too far). They had interesting flavors (lucuma!) and good variety. On warm evenings, there were always happy people outside the shop eating gelato, including folks on benches and children in child-size chairs Boccato had out there. Always put me in a good mood walking by (and getting gelato there was a favorite way to end an evening). They were good neighbors to the neighborhood, too.