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  1. We went on Sunday at noon and all found parking without trouble (though the lot was moderately full near the restaurant, there were spaces, and there was plenty of room elsewhere in the lot). It's our new favorite dim sum place. More details later.
  2. We're going there this weeked - @Lydia R thanks so much for posting the menu! How is parking there? Only thing I could find is a yelp review saying parking is tight.
  3. My recollection from talking with the Cafe Dalat family around the time they were closing was that the parents were retiring rather than opening somewhere else while the building was being renovated, and their kids had been working there as second jobs while they had busy first jobs in other fields (including one in a medical field). So while I was so sad to see Dalat close, I understood that the second generation might be somewhat relieved. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this recollection, or whether anyone who worked there might have decided to open another place, but that's the conversation my husband and I remember having. Miss them very much still! This was in 2005, before I had found this site, and I posted on Chowhound when they closed: "I'm very sad to report that Cafe Dalat, on Wilson Boulevard in Clarendon, is closing for good at the end of this month. According to the Clarendon Chronicle, the building's owner reached the point where he had to renovate or tear down, so he's renovating. The businesses in his building will need to close down or move elsewhere (at least for the duration). I asked at Cafe Dalat last week and they have decided to close. They have great Vietnamese food (including the best pho I've found -- even Pho 75's pho doesn't taste like this, with the hint of anise and the wonderful restorative smell and flavor). They have tons of vegetarian choices (love the cari chay, tofu curry with a good variety of veggies) and great crispy spring rolls. Prices are cheap, and the room is bare-bones (it used to be a pizza joint and looks it). A great place to take kids. So sad to be losing this neighborhood treasure!"
  4. Some of the NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour folks tweeted in the fall about eating there and how terrific it was, and particularly how incredible the crispy stuffed sage leaves were. Because of that, I ordered them when we went in November and they were fabulous. If anyone reading this goes to eat there tonight or tomorrow before closing, get the sage leaves.
  5. Oh, that is so sad!!! We went in November for a celebration and it was as wonderful as ever, or better, in both food and service. We've been for a bunch of celebratory meals in the last few years and will very much miss it. It was always a special evening. And a lovely space as well. If Rob Weland's new restaurant is in DC or NoVa, we will absolutely be there with some frequency. (If in MD, we'll get there sometimes, though it'll be harder.) I hope he keeps the focus on fresh local vegetables, as that was my favorite thing about Garrison (and the lovely ethereal pastas). But everything we had at Garrison was terrific and we will look forward to his cooking wherever he goes!
  6. I went to the Penn Quarter location on Tuesday and was extremely happy with my lunch - so psyched to have this nearby for weekdays! (same disclosure as before - I have a relative who works at the other location, but that does not affect my view of the food) I had the taco trio and ordered two roasted butternut squash tacos (goat cheese, caramelized onions, chipotle yogurt, and mint) and one braised mushroom taco (feta, salsa roja, and cilantro) - love the mushroom especially and would get two of that next time (or one of each plus a cauliflower if they had that - the other choices on Tuesday were vegetables I'm less fond of but many people like: roasted beet, creamy kale and potato, and sauteed green cabbage). Butternut squash was great, I just like the mushroom more and would get two of those to one squash. Quality was top notch, the same as at the original location. Also had green rice with feta and toasted pepitas, and a caneta cookie, and a lemon ginger shrub. They'll have more drinks, but only had the shrubs and iced teas on opening day. They will be adding some add-ons that are on the printed menu but weren't in stock yet -- beet-pickled egg (chiles, caraway, and apple cider brine) and cilantro-lime jalapenos. There is a roasted celery root tlayuda on tostadas with pipian and black beans and feta - I will have to try that. Definitely will try the sweet potato soup, and the pumpkin and spice cake (queque). The space is quite a bit bigger than the original location, and is open and airy (lots of natural light). Adding this to my regular lunch rotation!
  7. Thanks all! The Penrose Giant in S. Arlington has them and we will get some tonight. They were my first guess, but didn't pick up the phone last night when I was calling around (no one did at any store - lesson learned, don't press the number for the produce department, just press the number for customer service instead, as they answered this morning).
  8. Where can I find fresh tomatillos, preferably in Arlington? I struck out at Whole Foods Clarendon (where I've found them before), Mom's Organic Market, and Trader Joe's. I'm hoping the South Arlington groceries will be more likely to have them because of more demand. No one's been answering the phone at the ones I called (probably too late in the evening to be as fully staffed, can try again tomorrow), but I'd rather not have to go from store to store to store to find them. Thanks!
  9. Ooh, I have to get over there sometime and have the roasted squash with pomegranate molasses etc.! I love all four of those ingredients, and I haven't been there yet to try the hummus. Thanks for the tip on timing.
  10. Nice! I am the parent of a baseball nerd (now a freshman in college) who's been co-commissioner of his fantasy baseball and football teams for a few years.
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