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  1. Ooh, I have to get over there sometime and have the roasted squash with pomegranate molasses etc.! I love all four of those ingredients, and I haven't been there yet to try the hummus. Thanks for the tip on timing.
  2. Genevieve

    Eating at Nationals Park

    Nice! I am the parent of a baseball nerd (now a freshman in college) who's been co-commissioner of his fantasy baseball and football teams for a few years.
  3. That's sad to hear. We went there for many years and always liked it.
  4. Genevieve

    Eating at Nationals Park

    I do like hearing of other kids with fantasy baseball teams!
  5. Genevieve

    Eating at Nationals Park

    Did not know La Casita was there, but pupusas and horchata would definitely be my pick over almost all of Nats Park food, so I will definitely look for them next season.
  6. DaveO, did the ube cheesecake have chocolate in it? I found pix on instagram and wanted to check (I bet that would be a delicious combo, but I can't have chocolate).
  7. Calamansi is tasty in ice tea and when squeezed on lumpia just before eating. My dad had a calamansi tree in his yard when he lived there. I was a teen when I visited the Philippines and I wasn't a fan of ube then (at least not as an ice cream flavor), but my palate has expanded and I definitely want to try it again. I wonder if they do anything with rambutans there? Loved that fruit when I was a teen and I still like it. It looks like a red porcupine or spiny sea creature, and the inside tastes similar to a lychee. I was told they weren't available in the U.S. back then, but in recent years I've seen it fresh a few times (most recently in Seattle), and canned (which I didn't care for).
  8. Agreed. I really liked Kapnos, and appreciated having it in Arlington when other good restaurants have closed (ah, Willow). Went to Kapnos numerous times with lots of people, but can't bring myself to go anymore.
  9. We went last night as we were in the area, and our dinner was quite good. Between us we had Braised Octopus (black garlic aioli, crispy potato), Trofie Pasta (genovese basil & Italian pine nut pesto), Cauliflower (lemon, tahini, garlic, mint), and Roasted Baby Carrots (whipped goat cheese, candied pepita).That's an appetizer, an entree, and two sides, and it was quite enough food as we did not have room for dessert (neither of us were hugely hungry to begin with). We started with the gratis "flatbread" (really crackers) and labne (in a little circular dish like butter, and mixed with some things I can't recall other than a bit of jalepeno), which was tasty and a nice way to start. The octopus is a quite generous appetizer (I had it for a main with the two veggie sides, but shared all three with my dining companion and had some of her pasta). The potato disks were nicely crispy, the octopus (sliced rounds from the tentacles) was tender and tasty, and I avoided the little red rounds of hot peppers, though I had one octopus bite that was a bit fiery. (I definitely dislike when restaurants don't disclose the presence of hot peppers on the menu, because my husband cannot eat them in any amount or strength, but my dining companion last night didn't mind them. But if I'd gone with my husband and we'd planned to split the octopus as we've done in other places, we both would've been disgruntled.) The pasta was homemade and had an excellent texture, and the pesto was very fresh and good. ("Pine nut pesto" seems like a retronym to me, but maybe the menu was pointing out that the pine nuts were Italian.) It came with a couple of green beans and a couple small purple potatoes (potatoes with pasta makes me think of Big Night: "Maybe I should make mashed potato for another side!") The cauliflower was beautifully browned (it's always disappointing when roasted cauliflower is pale and underdone) and delicious, and the baby carrots were a beautiful and flavorful mix of colors, sweet, and well-prepared. All the cominations of ingredients were excellent.
  10. I understand that Boccato will be opening soon in a new location! Keeping my eye out for their post as to where.
  11. Genevieve

    Pre-Theater Dinner Near Arena Stage

    Thank you!
  12. We've eaten there a bunch since I last posted and always been quite happy with our food. The boba tea is good, too.