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  1. I'm planning 10 days in Ireland, in a few weeks. I'll file a full report, but has anyone been recently? Specifically, Dublin, Killarney, Dingle Peninsula, Galway, and Inish More. So far we're planning Beshoff Brothers for fish & chips (they have GF), Glover's Alley, Restaurant Patrick Gilbaud, and Aqua in Dublin. In Galway we're eyeing Oscar's Seafood Bistro and Loam, and on Inish More we've targeted Joe Watty's and Teach Nan Phaidi. We have a reservation at SOLE in Dublin, but might swap it for Chapter One or The Quays. Any suggestions would be gratefully considered!
  2. Last night we had dinner at Ototo ("little brother"), a Japanese grill restaurant on South Pearl in Washington Park. This unassuming little place was recently named best Japanese restaurant in Denver for 2018 by Westword. Ototo is one of three Japanese restaurants adjacent to the intersection of South Pearl and East Florida Avenues, all under the ownership of three Japanese brothers. Toishi and Yasu Kisaki manage the kitchens and overall operations of the three restaurants (Sushi Den, Izakaya Den, and Ototo), while younger brother Koichi Kisaki lives in southern Japan, going daily to the fish
  3. Tried Potager, at 11th & Ogden, last night for an early dinner. Service was friendly and efficient, and the kitchen seemed to keep up, even when the dining room was full. The appetizers we tried were all delicious: Lamb tartare ($10), with cured egg yolk, purple mustard, red onion and fried capers struck all the right notes, although my husband felt the fennel crisps overpowered the tartare. I couldn't try the crisps (gluten) but I found even the plain gluten-free table crackers I brought with me tended to blunt the bright flavors. Best idea: Eat the tartare itself on a fork or spoon.
  4. My husband and I returned to La Merise, sans dog, last week for lunch while shopping in Cherry Creek. Husband had a Croque-Monsieur with frites and I had an omelet with goat cheese and grape tomatoes from the daily specials menu. Both dishes were perfectly cooked, and both were very reasonably priced. Service once again was attentive, efficient, and well-informed. I'm becoming a real fan!
  5. To celebrate our arrival in Denver, my husband's brother and SIL took us out to dinner last night. We're still in a hotel, so couldn't leave Logan, our 11-year-old Doberman alone in the room. Our hosts selected a restaurant in Cherry Creek that would allow Logan to be on the patio with us: La Merise at 2700 E. Third Ave. Logan settled on his blanket with his water bowl and after a while he went to sleep. The restaurant is lovely, inside and out. Service was friendly, helpful and efficient. Our server was happy to help me select gluten-free options (not marked on the menu). I had a Gorgonz
  6. This has been a standby for me for several years, when I want a meal out that I know will be safe for me (celiac disease). It's always been pretty good food in a historic building, with fairly casual service. Recently the restaurant has changed hands, with Shawn retiring, and it is transitioning to its new name, Hamrock's, for its new owner, Bill Hamrock (formerly of Portabello's). There's new paint on the walls, nicer napkins, and a different style of service (a bit more attentive). Gone are the laminated red placards that say "gluten free" and the red plates for gluten-free dishes,
  7. This is still my favorite lunch place! I love the tamales, and the tacos, and any time posole is on the specials menu I order it, with the flautas. I asked Wesley once if he uses frozen or canned hominy. The answer is: None of the above. He buys dried hominy, reconstitutes or soaks it, peels off the skin, and cooks it. I'm not really clear on the whole process, but it sounds extremely labor-intensive. I'd rather eat his posole than try to make it that way myself. Suffice to say, the posole is made with lots of TLC. My husband loves the steak mojo sub, and does enjoy the shrimp and chips f
  8. It had been a couple of years since my husband and I last enjoyed dinner at Taberna del Alabardero, so we decided to return on July 1, as part of our “Farewell DC” tour. We had the chef’s tasting menu, and enjoyed it so much that we returned on July 29 for the July paella special (selected paellas for $22 pp). The wine list is long and varied, and does contain its share of wines in the three-digit price range, as well as a good selection of very enjoyable wines at $50 or less per bottle. Our five-course tasting menu ($65, $35 for wine pairings) started off with a lovely glass of gazpacho,
  9. We had takeout from Aabshaar Restaurant last night and it was amazing! Pakora came off the steam table of the buffet, but was delicious and crispy nonetheless. Keema was the best version I've tried (out of 3). Daal Mahani was full of wonderful flavors. Tandoori chicken was moist and flavorful, although some pieces were more bone than meat. This is really good cooking and we are so glad we tried it!
  10. Stuck in Springfield while our house is being shown (30 appointments this weekend!), we got takeout from El Paso Mexican Restaurant on Commerce for lunch. I had the Migas from the brunch menu, and my husband had the two for $5.99 deal from the lunch menu. He got a beef enchilada and a chicken quesadilla. All of the food was really delicious, and there was plenty to eat. The flavors were clean and clear, and this is clearly fresh-made food. At just under $15 for the two of us (before tip), we thought it was a great bargain, and it left us wanting to return to try even more of their dishes in th
  11. We went to Mirabelle for the first time on Saturday (7/15), and we look forward to another visit. The space is lovely, and the service was excellent. The wine list offers a broad range of choices, including bottles priced at less than $40. We ordered a red—Domaine de Bel Air, Cabernet Franc, ‘La Fosse Aux Loups’ at $40—and a white—Chinon 2011 and Bernard Defaix, Aligoté, Bourgogne Aligoté NV at $26— to accompany our meal. Others before me have mentioned the rabbit terrine, but I will, too. It was excellent—possibly one of the best dishes of the evening. So many terrines and pates are
  12. Was there for lunch last Friday, and it's as great as ever! And this write-up in Northern Virginia Magazine is well-deserved, IMO.
  13. Oh no!!! I was ready for my arepas fix today, only to see that the website was down, and Google Maps lists it as "permanently closed," and then this!
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