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    Tried Potager, at 11th & Ogden, last night for an early dinner. Service was friendly and efficient, and the kitchen seemed to keep up, even when the dining room was full. The appetizers we tried were all delicious: Lamb tartare ($10), with cured egg yolk, purple mustard, red onion and fried capers struck all the right notes, although my husband felt the fennel crisps overpowered the tartare. I couldn't try the crisps (gluten) but I found even the plain gluten-free table crackers I brought with me tended to blunt the bright flavors. Best idea: Eat the tartare itself on a fork or spoon. Grilled squid with smoked fingerling potatoes ($15), olives, sundried tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette had great flavors, but contained about twice as many Kalamata olive halves as pieces of squid. The squid itself was delicious, but the plate itself was really out of balance, in my opinion. Steamed mussels ($15), in an etouffee broth with garlic aioli and cornbread croutons was about 1/2 lb of plump, perfectly steamed mussels in a flavorful, not-too-spicy broth. It was one of our two favorite dishes (tartare was the other), although the croutons were oddly sweet, according to my husband. We both agreed that the appetizers were better than the entrees. Sauteed scallops ($29) with lemon-fennel risotto, fried sage, and fried caper brown-butter sauce was just OK. The scallops were crisply fried on one side, so they weren't overcooked, but they were pretty small. I didn't get much lemon or fennel flavor from the risotto, which was gummy and lost my interest after a few bites. The brown butter cast a ring of butterfat around the plate. The elements just didn't come together, and I left almost half the risotto on my plate. Lamb sugo with tagliatelli ($23), shiitake mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, mint and feta cheese had good flavor, according to my husband, but not very much sugo relative to the pasta. We'll keep an eye on the menu, and try it again in the spring.