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  1. Escoffier

    Mul Naengmyeon (냉면)

    If you don't mind traveling out of Annandale, Woo Lae Oak in Tyson's Corner. If you want to stay in Annandale, Han Gang would be the next best. --- Mul Naengmyeon, Baltimore - (DonRocks)
  2. You take a slice and then using your chopsticks (one in each hand), you tear it into bite sized pieces. Please don't eat it with your fingers.
  3. My mission in Korean dining Happy to help, no apologies necessary or required. Just enjoy Korean food (like I do).
  4. Must have gotten lost in the mail... We're always happy to help others experience Korean food. Don't be afraid to just point if something looks good (or interesting). At places like To Sok Jip, you're going to run into a minor language problem and you'll discover that true Korean food service has absolutely NO connection to American service. Korean service may seem a bit abrupt if you're not used to it, don't take it personally, most Korean restaurants are small and the idea is to feed you and get you on your way.
  5. Escoffier

    Dining in Annandale

    With the utmost respect (for Hangul badly translated into English ) bonchon (properly capitalized as Bonchon) is a Korean Fried Chicken chain with a number of restaurants in the DC Metro area. The word you meant is panchan or banchan (파친). Glad you enjoyed the BBQ overload, now go to Gom Ba Woo and order haemul paejun (해산물 팬케이크), the excellent mandu (만두) and the dolsot bibimbab (돌솥 비빔밥). Or if you really want a true Korean experience without the somewhat Americanized service, go to To Sok Jip and point to anything on the menu. You wont' be disappointed. PS: Banchan is an important part of EVERY Korean meal and is almost always unlimited. A hard concept for Me-guks to wrap their heads around. 😎
  6. We went back once or twice after Shinmoto was gone but the experience wasn't the same. The ramen remains very good, but we never tried the sushi again. If we want sushi and are in the area, we go to Yamazoto. While the sushi may not be prepared with quite the same respect for the fish, it's fresh, the rice is done in the Tokyo style, and it's consistently good.
  7. I've called for managers a number of times. A lot of times to compliment a server for going out of their way to give good service, to have the chef thanked, etc. I've also spoken to a manager to say that something wasn't correct (not hot enough, bland, etc) so that axe swings both ways. I see no reason why asking for a manager should "cast a pall" on any dining experience. If you don't want to remark on service/food, good or bad, stick with some place safe like Cheesecake Factory.
  8. Jeez, I was curious, if there were THAT many things that weren't up to snuff, why not call over the manager right then. The money you spend is yours and you should receive value for value spent. C'est la vie (or something). 😋
  9. Two nits to pick. One, you said "What annoys me is that after trying to give genuine, helpful feedback we go no acknowledgement. We should have been comped the Bellini at a minimum. Maybe offered a discount on the check or on a future visit." Overall, I'm not sure why you think the Bellini should have been comped, because nit number 2: "The manager should have been called to talk with us (they were NOT remotely busy by this point)." What prevented you from asking for the manager when you first tasted the "bad" Bellini and what prevented you from asking your server, when she returned, to speak to the manager? If you found something lacking, the time to speak to the manager was then and not days later. Even a quick word with the manager and your problems might have been solved.
  10. At this stage, I don't think anyone knows. I haven't talked to anyone in the family for a couple of months.
  11. Jeff Yates who owned Hunting Creek, Table Talk, Old Town Cinema and what was Generous George's Pizza Place passed away a little over a month ago.
  12. That may be true (on their website) but, unless you prefer dining in a place with paper covered windows...(that was as of last Friday).
  13. Hey! if people in Rockville can call that Potomac North, we can call 8th and I st. NW Penn Quarter.