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  1. Ventnor Sports Cafe, Scott Auslander's Pub and Sports Bar on 18th Street Showing Every Nationals Game in Adams Morgan I was wondering when the Nats started playing baseball in Adams Morgan.
  2. You might also want to check the two places in Kensington I posted. Il Portico is a bit more up-scale (but not coat and tie stiff) but more white tablecloth. La Pappardella helmed by Luigi the owner, and Fabio in the kitchen can give you anything from pizza to home made pasta. This is a more relaxed somewhat traditional Italian restaurant. La Pappardella is in Earl's Court at: 253 Old Brompton Road, Earl's Court, London SW5 9HP It's close to the Earl's Court, West Brompton, and Glouster Road tube stations. (if you take the tube, buy an Oyster card, saves you money and you get the £5 card fee back when you cancel the card)
  3. Andy Hayler's Review --- We invited some friends for dinner at Il Portico after almost random restaurant picking. What an amazing bit of luck. Home made pasta, an owner and servers who treat you like family and food that was both beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to consume. We started with Prosecco and asked for focaccia rather than the (home made) thickly sliced bread that was offered. The owner (who also happens to own the pizza restaurant next door) told us that he would be right back because he would have to go to the pizza restaurant to fix it for us. I hate to abuse superlatives, but even the focaccia was excellent. Just the right amount of crispness and perfect chewiness. There was a bowl of olive oil on the table when we arrived and after savoring the focaccia sans oil, we made use of it. A great way to start. I'll try to put the courses in some order of what was served. Because we asked for Antipasti and then a Secondi followed by dessert there was a lot of food on the table. Antipasti: Salumi (directly sourced from small family run butcher shops in the Apennines Mountains) with Coppa and Pancetta with cubed Pecorino. Second dish was butterflied prawns lightly broiled and just brushed with olive oil Third was Parma Prosciutto with Lardon and Pecorrino and the fourth and final antipasti was Pulpo (octopus) gently broiled and finished with olive oil and spices. Primi: Grover decided she wanted Linguini so she had Linguini with squid ink, lobster, shrimp and cherry tomato. This was a huge serving of linguini with almost a half lobster, tons of shrimp and enough cherry tomatoes to ensure the contrasting sweet, tart flavors. The three of us had: A T-bone of Tuscan veal with wild porcini mushrooms, broiled Monkfish, and tortellini. This was three separate dishes as everything was served family style.Suffice it to say, there were four very satisfied (and satiated) people at the table and a number of cleaned plates. The only thing left was some Linguini that Grover was unable to finish. Dessert: Let's just say traditional. Tiramisu, Affogato, Gelato con Balsamico. We all shared in spite of everyone complaining they were full. We finished with "golden Grappa" made in-house which was one of the best grappas I can recall every having. Needless to say there was no room for coffee but it was hardly missed. For wines we had Prosecco di Conegliano and for dinner a red from a region just north of Tuscany which unfortunately I did not get the name of. Just let me say, it like the food, was excellent. This is traditional serious white tablecloth Italian dining and worth every penny. Dinner was approximately £65 a person. Il Portico is located at: 277 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London W8 6NA Phone: 44 2076026262 and is open for lunch and dinner.
  4. From WTOP.com: https://wtop.com/business-finance/2018/09/report-taylor-gourmet-to-close-all-d-c-area-shops/ From Washington Business Journal: https://www.bizjournals.com/washington/news/2018/09/21/report-taylor-gourmet-to-close-all-d-c-area-shops.html?ana=wtop_bd From Washingtonian Magazine: https://www.washingtonian.com/2018/09/21/hoagie-chain-taylor-gourmet-will-close-all-of-its-stores/
  5. We go to Al Dente on a fairly regular basis. We always sit at the kitchen counter and just ask Roberto to make us 3 or 4 courses. Dinner is always excellent and a lot of the times, things that may be placed on the menu in the future.
  6. Escoffier

    Criticizing the Critics

    paraphrased :)
  7. Escoffier

    Chef and My Fridge - Korean Competitive Cooking

    How's your Hangul? (and I'm not sure I'd want anyone to open my fridge after that 17 hour flight).
  8. A really simple premise..8 chefs, 2 moderators, 2 special guests, 2 guest refrigerators. Yep, a crew goes to the guests house and picks up their refrigerators and bring them to the studio. While the show is in Korean (Hangul), there are copious closed captions so anyone can follow what's happening. A typical show starts with the introduction of the episodes guests. These are usually movie or television or musical stars and are all quite well known by the intended audience (for me? Not so much but that doesn't make this any less fun). One of the two visiting stars goes first. The two moderators do an "inventory" of the fridge of that guest. The guest is then asked for a theme for the dishes they would like to be made from the ingredients in their fridge. Themes have included "Increase my appetite", "Make me want to drink more Soju" and "Remind me of home" are somewhat typical. Two dishes are named and then 4 of the 8 chefs are selected. The chefs decide which of the two dishes they are going to create from the fridge ingredients and the competition starts. They are given 15 minutes to create a dish or dishes that they feel will satisfy the guests request. There is an amazing amount of creativity displayed along with huge amounts of humor. At the end of the 15 minutes, the dishes are presented to the guest (and then the 4 remaining chefs and the moderators). The guest has to select the winning dish and chef. The chefs are all well-known and respected Seoul chefs (with one exception who is a writer but also a SERIOUS foodie) and their specialties range from Korean (naturally), all of Asia, and European as well. The series is on Netflix and you can find it by searching for Chef and My Fridge.
  9. Next time try Ja Jang Myun with seafood (and somewhere else), preferably at Jang Won which is between the VA Commerce Bank and the Tires Plus store. You'll find the same service, only two types of banchan (the pieces of onion that you dip in black bean sauce is my favorite), not much English (a very heavily Korean clientele) and the same eat and leave vibe. And if you don't like the Ja Jang Myun, try the Kung Pao Shrimp (the Korean version is nothing like P.F. Chang's I promise). (I'm going to regret telling people about this place because it's where we go for ja jang myun and I really don't want to have to contend with a herd of people to satisfy my craving 😀)
  10. Grover and I were the first to snag dinner at Chef Will Artley's pop-up at Bastille. He's there July 19 to 29 while waiting for his new restaurant to be completed. To say that the five course for $55 dinner we had was amazing does not even begin to describe how well the flavors balanced and complemented each other. The menu: Smoked crab cake with root slaw and remoulade (this might be the best slaw I've ever eaten. I could be totally happy just eating five courses of it alone); BLT Gnocchi with Sweet Corn; Agnoloti with Ham Hock Broth and Popcorn; Sea Bass with Succotash and Horseradish, and for dessert, Banana Trifle with Caramel and Candied Pecans. Dinner was excellent, the service was impeccable, and the entire experience was a steal at $55 per person. I had the wine pairings which added $35 to the total but the pours are generous, they paired well (with one exception which I believe was corrected after we finished dinner) and timely. Highly recommended before Chef Wili decamps to Scott's Restaurant, Bar & Cask Club, which will take over the former Co Co Sala in Penn Quarter.
  11. Escoffier

    Dining in Alexandria

    Nasime is NOT and never will be a "sushi place". Sashimi? Yes. Sushi? NOPE! (and never let the chef hear you say Nasime is a "sushi place". )
  12. Escoffier

    Mul Naengmyeon (냉면)

    If you don't mind traveling out of Annandale, Woo Lae Oak in Tyson's Corner. If you want to stay in Annandale, Han Gang would be the next best. --- Mul Naengmyeon, Baltimore - (DonRocks)
  13. You take a slice and then using your chopsticks (one in each hand), you tear it into bite sized pieces. Please don't eat it with your fingers.
  14. My mission in Korean dining Happy to help, no apologies necessary or required. Just enjoy Korean food (like I do).
  15. Must have gotten lost in the mail... We're always happy to help others experience Korean food. Don't be afraid to just point if something looks good (or interesting). At places like To Sok Jip, you're going to run into a minor language problem and you'll discover that true Korean food service has absolutely NO connection to American service. Korean service may seem a bit abrupt if you're not used to it, don't take it personally, most Korean restaurants are small and the idea is to feed you and get you on your way.