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  1. On the positive side, that’s quite an Alabama defense they’re continuing to assemble, this time courtesy of the Giants (can’t find the article link, but I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about).
  2. Today’s NYT. Good article (In my opinion). Gets the various positions out there, although not with too much (enough)detail. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/23/us/politics/medicare-for-all-lobbyists.html
  3. Thanks for this. We’re gonna be in Charleston for 4 nights in mid-March & will probably include a revisit out to Wild Dunes, where we’ve previously stayed. Knowing there’s a dinner possibility out there might make our scheduling easier.
  4. 1- I would love to think that the majority of wealth (aside from inherited) is accumulated via “individual talent”. However, I think that, instead, quite a bit of it is “earned” thru the ability to put other peoples’ talent (& general labor) to work for individual benefit. 2- Is this belief absolute or is there room for it to be relative to how these “earnings” affect the rest of the pack?
  5. Two things: 1- re: Camden Yards. I have seen 3 Yankee games since our new stadium was built. All 3 have been at CY. Beautiful place to see a game. And a statue of Yankee great Babe Ruth outside as a welcome to us New Yawkers. 2- re: Manny Machado. Great talent, but I think his attitude sucks (at least what I’ve seen of it). Would’ve been nice if he had more Ripkin in him (or Jeter or Gregarius). I’m just as happy that we didnt get him.
  6. I don’t know how you can complain. Yes, the Orioles lost Mussina to the Yankees, but they got Showalter as their Manager. It’s not like Boston, who’ve given us Ruth, Clemons, Damon, Boggs, etc in return for.... we’ll, I’m not sure what they’ve ever gotten.
  7. Last week, we once again made Richmond our 1st stop on our way down to Florida. On a recommendation from an eG member who lives there, we ate at Brenner Pass. As I’ve already told her, everything we had was excellent. I especially loved my pasta with a chicken liver mousse “sauce”, while my wife’s duck was similarly excellent. Although I’m not particularly fond of the coldish industrial look & feel, the food more than made up for it. So, I fully agree - this is definitely worth a visit.
  8. "... Can you name one other movie this famous for which you can't name two actors? (I suspect only true, hardcore film buffs can name a second; I certainly cannot.)" Well, actually "2001: A Space Odyssey" immediately came to mind. I even had a little trouble remembering Keir Dullea & I never would've remembered Gary Lockwood had I not just looked it up.
  9. Not cheap, but very reasonable, is the Pub menu at Keen's (in my opinion, the best steakhouse in NYC). Only 3 blocks from Penn Station, its a great bar/pub to hang out at & it (I think) still has free pickled eggs if you ask. Perfect Olde New York. http://www.keens.com/OurMenus/Pub/
  10. MOMA's collection and its availability are great for NYC & we go (albeit with mixed feelings). Its the architecture/design of the place itself that, in my opinion, greatly detracts from the experience and, in fact, hinders the enjoyment of the art. I don't think it would matter if there were half as many people there, since the overall space was utilized in a way that makes for a very dramatic open middle but cuts out any depth for many of the exhibition spaces and places art in areas where you need to stand directly in front of the piece to view it without folks having to walk in front of you (like escalator landings!). Its a traffic design problem that even Ikea understands. The idea was to create as modern a space as the art it holds, but this execution of that concept is probably one of the worst things that they could've done with modern art, as stepping back and appreciating a piece from a reasonable distance is (for me, at least) a necessity. Rant over.
  11. Yes, but I hate it. The design is impressive until you try to find a single place where you can stand (let alone sit) & admire any piece of art without masses of people having to walk in front of you.
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