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  1. "Humanity is the victim, right wing propaganda is the problem" I'd start by adding the word "major" before problem & then agree that, in this situation, its a correct enough assessment. But... although I'm a left leaning type of guy, I cant say that what poisons humanity is always right wing ideology. Unless you want to just discount (or rationalize) how avowedly left wing countries have denied climate change over the years, poisoning the air and waterways, the "rest of the world" argument doesn't hold up on the environment. And I can think of similar examples for almost every
  2. Why, yes he is. Textbook. (from the Mayo Clinic's website) "Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the severity of symptoms vary. People with the disorder can: Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it Exaggerate achievements and talents Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate Believe they are superior and can only associate w
  3. Went to a Brooklyn place last night that will go nameless. Nice corner with outdoor seating on both sides. Tables spaced apart, waitstaff friendly and wearing masks. Good food menu & a nice selection of wines by the glass, with good pours & prices from $11-15. Large retactable glass doors open with a good jazz band (Miles Davis/Coltrane type stuff) playing inside for the diners outside. A Spanish chef who they said worked in some very nice places & who uses good ingredients with tasty results. So, we’re drinking wine (they even had a decent Txakoli that I liked) and the wait
  4. It looks like indoor dining at 25% might well start end of September. Meanwhile, we've been eating outdoors at several of our favorite local places for over a month now (approx 2-3x/week) and enjoying it.
  5. It’s incredibly strange for me to be watching on tv & not being there for at least several days, perched on the back courts watching non-“stars” & great doubles. However, due to this, I now get to watch the major matches that I never see &, since both Denis & Felix make it to my screen, I’ve watched them both - great viewing. At any rate, this also let me watch Djoker’s match. I agree that the stupid mistake that got him removed could’ve happened to any player not paying attention to anything but their inner frustrated voices. However, you also have to look at Djoker’s
  6. We were probably at a lot of the same concerts. Saw Cream at Madison Sq. Garden back then with a silly revolving stage. Also the Bangladesh Concert. Wound up standing on line with Joe Cocker for a table at Mitali Indian Restaurant on E. 6th St across from the Fillmore. CS&N did a week at the Fillmore and I caught a couple of these. If I remember correctly (always a tricky proposition), Mountain's post Woodstock band had a drummer who played with his hands, not drumsticks (Corky?). I also missed Woodstock. Over a hundred great concerts all told. It's a wonder that I ever got thr
  7. I sold my Eno stuff when I offloaded much of my vinyl several years ago. I only played this one once - that was enough. I’d rather listen to Yoko screeching. Inventiveness has its limits. However, I do occasionally miss the Eno/Fripp disc.
  8. Me too. And Jimi. Then I went off to Stony Brook, which had a concert series to rival any. Caught the Allman Bros. there instead. Glad I only registered for afternoon classes.
  9. Okay then. After all this, I’m gonna suggest that Barbados stays put & doesn’t start floating north. At least not without stopping somewhere for cold weather gear.
  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I thought I was old then, writing my aged perspective on this topic. Well... its 8 years later and I'm well into my Medicare and Social Security days. And I never did make it back there.
  11. I WANT THE ANSWER NOW! (please). Unless anyone else cares to play along.
  12. Definitely have too much time on my hands but I still don't know for sure where in Canada I'd land. I know that Barbados is east of everything else but does it hit Nova Scotia or is it even further east?
  13. Many years ago, my job at the NYS Office of Mental Health was to oversee the contracts with local non-profit corporations that served the mentally ill, including the large homeless segment of that population. One of the agencies that I admired from the time they were formed to the time I retired was Pathways to Housing, then a local NYC agency. It was headed by an Executive Director, Dr. Sam Tsemberis, whom I became friendly with and even played tennis with (beating him to a pulp of course). If you (Don) or anyone else is so inclined, here's some background info on it https://www.pathwaysh
  14. Hey, its (still) a food board, right? I'd vote for "To Serve Man" as (potentially?) most topical.
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