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  1. Another year, another 1st round meet up. Felix did not fare well & got a 1st round farewell. Denis moves on unseeded.
  2. Nope. I have tickets for Monday & Wednesday, so of course they scheduled her first round match for Tuesday. And, just to piss me off even more, they schedule Felix to play Denis in the first round - on Tuesday, of course.
  3. I’m kinda bummed at Gauff getting a wild card into the Open. Sure, she deserved it, but now I didnt get to see her in the Quals today. Guess I’ll just have to hope that her 1st round match gets scheduled for Monday, when we have tickets.
  4. Thanks for that. Sounds like something we might do when we next go to Charleston. While I'm at it, I might as well close the loop on my above post. As stated, we were in Charleston for several nights on our way home to NYC from Florida in late March and loved Fig. We were also pleasantly surprised at Purlieu & would definitely go back. A nice Southern influenced French meal was had at 39 Rue de Jean and I believe they have a Savannah location as well. Chez Nous was also very good but its a very limited menu of 2 choices, changing daily, so I’m not sure if its always as it was when we dined there. All but 39 Rue de Jean took reservations thru Resy.
  5. Just saw a current interview with Santana where he states that he wasn't expecting to go on stage for at least 6 more hours so he accepted acid from Jerry Garcia and wound up hallucinating throughout the set. He said that to explain his faces (like the above screen shot) - he said that he was trying his hardest to stop the guitar neck from slithering out of his hand, as it kept curving and moving.
  6. Unlike the lofty theatrical pursuits of The Hersch on that weekend (see his post from 5 years ago), I was busy working that weekend, delivering drugs. The legal kind - I worked for a local drugstore bicycling over prescriptions to those who wanted them brought to their door.
  7. Great clip -- I've watched it many times, since I'm a fan of both of them. Reports have it that Cocker was upset at watching Belushi, since he didn't recognize (or appreciate) the movements. At least 35 years ago (I know that much because I was with a previous girlfriend, something that was frowned upon after I took up with my wife 35 years ago), I stood on line waiting for a table at a then popular Indian restaurant in Manhattan (Mitali) one block from the Fillmore East. Right in front of me/us was Joe Cocker. I was totally amazed that, in the 15-30 minutes we were there together-ish, he had none of his singing "mannerisms" while socializing.
  8. Dean: if you’re reading along, you should know that there’s a SlowEurope thread about your impending closure. That’s how far reaching your places have been. Ginny & I wish you the best and hope that your withdrawal from restaurant ownership allows for more travel, opera and relaxation. We’ll miss dropping by every couple of years.
  9. No hanging chads, just some hanging drop shots. You can probably form a coalition to protest, after the fact, just about anything. On a less sarcastic note, several of my tennis friends & I just had a conversation, completely apart from Wimbledon, about the charm of the tennis scoring system; specifically, that it’s not cumulative the way other sports are & so a player continuously has the opportunity to re-set and start from 0-0, both at the beginning of every game & every set. All of us played other sports and loved them but, if you go down 6-1 in a baseball, soccer, hockey, football or even a squash game, you need to make up that deficit to win. I guess that there’s a genius there that I appreciate, especially since it serves to keep butts in their seats a lot longer.
  10. Over 50 years of watching tennis & I have never seen a better match. As aFederer fan, it will take a while for me to get over him unsuccessfully serving at double match point - so damn close to winning another major - but all credit to Djokovic for hanging in there and breaking. They are both truly great players in every way. I just wish that I could like Djokovic more. But I don’t.
  11. Okay. I wasn’t really going after #s of Grand Slams being more important, but unattainable for others (like Laver). I was more wondering why your “Race To Be The GOAT” title wasn’t followed by more than one graph (comparing Grand Slams won), like one of weeks ranked as #1, record/titles in secondary tournaments, # of titles on different surfaces, etc. Not asking you to do the research.... just suggesting that stats other than Grand Slam titles would go into my definition of the GOAT.
  12. Interesting. Am I to infer that you closely correlate Grand Slam titles with the GOAT designation?
  13. My wife didn’t believe me when I said (yes, BEFORE the match) that Halep was going to win. Tiriac was fun to watch. He looked scary. Apparently, he still does.
  14. As I said, I’ll be surprised if Djokovic doesn’t win. And, unfortunately (since I’m a Federer fan and like Nadal just fine), I think that Djokovic comes out of this stronger, having had to play real grass court tennis today.
  15. Yeah, but that’s the National news. The party needs to sink major resources into state & local races. I would think that local news media would see this as a money maker and glom onto it, knowing that people like soap operas especially when they know the local “stars”. Abrams’ race in Georgia, Beto’s in Texas, the Fla. Governor and Senate races — all got lots of media coverage. From what I can see right now, all eyes are on the current Democrat Presidential clown car and not these other key places. Shouldn’t Beto have made a run for the other Texas Senate seat, etc?
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