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  1. I don't know Humm and have only a few friends who do. But ignorance has never stopped me from hypothesizing. So, given that, I have 2 thoughts about him constantly changing EMP: one, that Humm is bored stiff and keeps looking around for a reason to continue as a chef/owner &/or two, that Humm keeps looking for whatever is trending and tries to be in the forefront of it. Maybe a combination of both. At any rate, I haven't been intrigued enough by any of his moves since the original, and am even less so with this one. I really think that, if he took another look at the overall current NYC dining scene, maybe he'd find that the EMP he dissected years ago would be a gold mine now. I mean, that duck alone...
  2. I'm mostly with you on this. She clearly didn't want to be there. And the melt down was an explosion of what was, no doubt, building inside for a long time. Her basic soft spoken zen demeanor has always struck me as a somewhat forced way of dealing. However, I don't think that this is a "gear" thing, as much as I agree that this is what usually separates the greats from others. Or even the pros from the hackers. For her, I think that what I'm seeing is major depression, maybe bi-polar. Of course, I only see what's publicly given to me but, if this is correct, then its as much a medical issue as a heart valve problem. One gets depressed as a normal emotional reaction, just as one's muscles tighten. That's "normal" overall. A somewhat deeper depressive episode may be more like a sprain or pull. You get through it, but it can be painful. What I think I'm seeing in Osaka is more a major illness and that's a magnitude of difference. And she's at the age that this first occurs. I wish her well but, mostly, I wish her to get some serious diagnostics done and not try to find "inner strength" or a "thicker skin" as a solution. Renewed attempts to just try again & tough it out will not work. Of course, I could be wrong. My wife tells me that's happened before.
  3. "...Can someone tell me if there’s any logical financial reason not to take advantage of this? I tried it for several transactions, and there are no surprises that I’m aware of". No there isn't. I have cashed in thousands, starting months ago, and its exactly as stated. Unless they offer a better bonus for cashing in points some other way, there is no reason I can think of to not use this method for quick, simple cash back.
  4. We'll be there sooner or later, but we keep re-thinking our traveling plans (or lack thereof). We're (again) somewhat reluctant to make any, given the yo-yo'ing restrictions and the possible need for us to get a booster vaccine in Oct or Nov. It may well wait again until April or May... or we might just show up in Oct. I'll bet we can find a last minute apartment to rent.
  5. The Bronx Zoo is great. We'll be there this Friday, as we're members but haven't yet been this year. As for where to eat, the Arthur Ave places seem to be fine choices (haven't been for years) but I thought that I'd just mention that they are a 25-30 minute drive north from where you're staying. Its actually a shorter or equal ride over to upper Manhattan. Any of the Harlem places (Sylvia's, Red Rooster, Amy Ruth's or even Dinosaur BBQ all the way on the west side) are in that same time frame. Come to think of it, all of Astoria, Queens' places are closer to your hotel as well. eta: unless, of course, you go to dinner directly from the zoo. Then, you're only 10 minutes away.
  6. Djokovic is really annoying me. I just don't want him to be this good. He actually seemed to wear Nadal down in the French semis (another of the greatest matches I've seen) and then came from 2 sets down to calmly win the finals. It would be nice for Federer to win Wimbledon and I wouldn't mind if Djokovic lost an early rounder. It would also be nice if I lost 50lbs overnight and grew a full head of hair.
  7. I agree with you. There should be a Palestine and an Israel, 2 countries, and I think that its the only solution that makes any sense whatsoever. However, its one of those things that, even if everyone agrees to, doesn't end the conflict. What about Jerusalem? Is it totally within Israel? What about Israel itself? Is it acceptable as a Jewish state and, if so, what does that mean to non-Jews living there? Exactly where is Palestine? -- Gaza and the West Bank are not currently land connected. What about the Jews living in areas that will become Palestine? I'm 68 years old and have never lived in a time where any of these have been agreed to. I suspect that I will not live to see that change. The "victory laps" are for the times that those in charge are forced to stop killing innocent people.
  8. Apropos of nothing really, I just remembered that Gregg is in your area (D.C.) working at https://www.culinaryconservatory.com/culicon. (Gregg Nelson)
  9. We agree. On current plans (or lack thereof) vis a vis EMP, as well as the history. I do miss the duck. As an aside, one of the early staff at EMP was Greg, who went on to be co-owner of an East Village place called Redhead (long gone now). Redhead became the unofficial "clubhouse" of many, many of us food board folk in NYC. Were you ever there?
  10. Me too. I think you're correct on Naomi's better net game and varied groundstrokes. However, although there are some heavier hitters in women's tennis these days, I think that it would be interesting to see if Naomi could withstand the power Serena had at her peak. As you know, its a very different game when you're taken out of your comfort zone and boy could Serena do that to her opponents. I guess we'll never know.
  11. 50% starting today. A talk with the Manager of our favorite local place revealed that this increase from 35% won't help them much (if at all), as they cant possibly go up the 15% and still maintain the 6 foot distancing with tables.
  12. Given the context (again, a place we know well, is small -5 tables in use) it went very well. It was great to go out for dinner again. But, ask again on Thurs., as we’re going out on Wed eve with another couple to Park Side, a large old line place in Queens, where let’s just say that vigilance will be required. It’s a different world there.
  13. And here we go again. We have reservations for 2 of our favorite places this Sunday (yes, Valentine's Day but, at 25%, our neighborhood place is gonna be all locals and not amateur hour) and then Wednesday. We've gotten our 1st doses over a week ago, so we're a little less fidgety.
  14. 2021 Australian Open: once again they’re meeting early (3rd round). Why are they (seemingly) always in the same quarter?
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