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  1. Several years ago we had a similar need while we were driving down to Florida from NYC. I chose Fayetteville (for no particular reason except location right off I-95) and we went to Fullers, a buffet that I cant recommend as BBQ but a place that I’ll remember fondly for years. The buffet table had more varieties of home style southern cooking than I’ve ever seen &, for a buffet, it was fresh and tasty.
  2. Well put. I have a “problem” in that I alternate with thinking that I really dont want to know the things we now get to know about our entertainers, restauranteurs, athletes, etc & then thinking that its more important that we do (& act upon it). I cant help but reject the “head in the sand” theory and walk away from those that disgust me.
  3. Well, its almost 300 miles from Brooklyn and I had to look it up to even know that so I'm not going to be very helpful here. But, if you're there on a Wed night, it seems that "Seneca Lake Duck Hunters" http://www.senecalakeduckhunters.net is open to the public and has "wing night". Looks about as quirky as it gets out there. eta: since its pretty darn close to Watkins Glen, I can't help but wonder if you're going to the 50th Woodstock Anniversary concert there (in August).
  4. Seattle is not until July. We’re flying to Paris for May. That’s why we had no miles left to use.
  5. Thread drift alert - we just bought our 1st First Class tickets for a July trip to Seattle to visit friends. It really was a big decision, since they were almost 3 times what coach seats would’ve cost. But we didn’t have miles to spend &, well, it just seemed like a good idea.
  6. Passing thru Baltimore on our way home from Florida, dinner at Clavel with friends who live here. All was excellent. The cocktails were interesting, tasty and well crafted. The queso fundido perfect, the tacos high quality (I had tongue and lamb - both solid). The shrimp ceviche was nicely done as well. Chips, nice bean salsa — what more could I ask for? Oh yeah, friendly, non-pretentious service too. A winner.
  7. On the positive side, that’s quite an Alabama defense they’re continuing to assemble, this time courtesy of the Giants (can’t find the article link, but I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about).
  8. Today’s NYT. Good article (In my opinion). Gets the various positions out there, although not with too much (enough)detail. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/23/us/politics/medicare-for-all-lobbyists.html
  9. Thanks for this. We’re gonna be in Charleston for 4 nights in mid-March & will probably include a revisit out to Wild Dunes, where we’ve previously stayed. Knowing there’s a dinner possibility out there might make our scheduling easier.
  10. 1- I would love to think that the majority of wealth (aside from inherited) is accumulated via “individual talent”. However, I think that, instead, quite a bit of it is “earned” thru the ability to put other peoples’ talent (& general labor) to work for individual benefit. 2- Is this belief absolute or is there room for it to be relative to how these “earnings” affect the rest of the pack?
  11. Two things: 1- re: Camden Yards. I have seen 3 Yankee games since our new stadium was built. All 3 have been at CY. Beautiful place to see a game. And a statue of Yankee great Babe Ruth outside as a welcome to us New Yawkers. 2- re: Manny Machado. Great talent, but I think his attitude sucks (at least what I’ve seen of it). Would’ve been nice if he had more Ripkin in him (or Jeter or Gregarius). I’m just as happy that we didnt get him.
  12. I don’t know how you can complain. Yes, the Orioles lost Mussina to the Yankees, but they got Showalter as their Manager. It’s not like Boston, who’ve given us Ruth, Clemons, Damon, Boggs, etc in return for.... we’ll, I’m not sure what they’ve ever gotten.
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