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  1. Actually, I'll put my 2cents in and say that, although you are/were seem to be correct in this case, your generality doesn't really stand up for another reason (other than RWBooneJr's, which I also agree with). That is, there are quite a # of folks who take pleas and/or settle even though they know they are not guilty simply because they don't believe that they have the resources to win. Sometimes its "better" to not take a chance in our system.
  2. Steve R.

    "The War To Be Her"

    This is an excellent documentary about a champion Pakistanian female squash player who grew up in Taliban controlled territory & had to disguise herself as a boy to play sports or get educated. Highly recommended & now seems to be airing on PBS stations. http://www.pbs.org/pov/wartobeher/
  3. Just to be simple minded about this, I paid the $450 for the CSR + $75 for my wife as authorized user/cardholder this year. That's $525/year. Two year total cost = $1050 I got $300 credit within a month by paying for my garage with the card (they consider this travel -- if they didn't, then my gas would've gotten me the rebate eventually even if I didn't do anything else). This'll happen again next year. That's $600. I received 50,000 points for signing up, which can be used for cash at 1 cent/point. That's $500. Two year total credit = $1100. So, the way I see it, the other major feature of 3x miles on my gas + restaurants is a perk, since my card is free for at least 2 years. Quite a perk, as both my car and I eat a lot.
  4. Yes. Its great for the backstory and sets the stage nicely for the series. Its also pretty good. However, be aware that a)there are 2 versions and the one you'll probably see is the revised one (which I think is better anyway) & b)the series has a very different cast of characters than "The Gathering" so don't get too attached to any of the characters. I actually liked Babylon 5 more than the Star Trek series.
  5. Steve R.

    Men's Tennis - Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

    As another tangent, does anyone know what channel the match between Nadal and Isner is on? Oh wait... it's only soccer that has a 3rd place game.
  6. I love it when there's actually a score of more than 1 by either team. What a treat. Congrats to France.
  7. Steve R.

    Men's Tennis - Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

    Admittedly, this is tangential but Anderson’s 2 wins over Federer & Isner in loooong 5th sets at Wimbledon made me wonder if this guy ever hits the wall or loses composure.
  8. Steve R.

    Men's Tennis - Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

    Of course I gotta add another 2cents here. There are players who I think are the best and there are players that I love watching. Federer is at the top of my list on both. For me, Johnny Mac is much more one of those I love watching, but who I don't think showed as one of the greatest players ever. And Sampras is the opposite for me, although I admit that during his reign I wasn't watching as much tennis, since I was fully engrossed in squash. Lupica's article is nicely written. Thanks.
  9. Steve R.

    Florence, Italy

    Sorry you didn’t get to spend more time in Florence but I’m sure that where you stayed was gorgeous. As a side bit of trivia, Figline Valdarno is where Sting has his estate. We met his staff one night at a restaurant in Florence (Cucina del Garga) when we overheard each other talking about the same town - where we had just toured around (our Florence landlord lived there & invited us to dinner) & where they were living.
  10. Steve R.

    Richmond, VA

    Just looked at their hours (after your posting). As we leave Brooklyn heading south on a weekday (Jan 2nd) & get to Richmond after 4pm, it does seem unlikely that we're going to get to try this place unless our return trip in late March brings us to Richmond on a weekend. Oh well.
  11. Interesting. I remember having almost this exact conversation with you just before we launched this food board. 😇
  12. Steve R.

    Richmond, VA

    It was on our short list of places to try when we passed thru in Jan and in March, but we went elsewhere (see above post for those). We'll probably go this Jan when we pass thru again. Unless, of course, you hate it.
  13. Steve R.

    Amazing Presidential Trivia

    Well, that one I actually knew without even thinking. If you know that Eisenhower was next, there's just no place for a Republican, other than those 4, to have run subsequent to that. Just think: Jeb was very close to making that trivia even more interesting.
  14. I really do get that lots of employees are negatively affected if this place closed, but some of the industry's reputable folk could have picked them up at other local places if Hamilton/Merriman and others helped broker a deal. Instead, its annoying that they will be partnering with Ken Friedman. Should he have been bailed out in this way or should he have been pushed to leave the business the way Batali & others have? And, is it really possible to continue running a top restaurant in a location where the industry's offenders had a "rape room"? Seems more than a little tone deaf to me. Not that I was ever a regular at either place, but I don't think I'll be going to Spotted Pig or Prune anytime soon, whereas I've not stopped going to Otto or other ex-Batali places. Just me?
  15. Lyon. Can fly in/out of Geneva & be only 2hrs away, can drive to/from Marseille/Aix or other Provence places in around 3 hours, can do day trips in all directions and, best of all, Lyon is great. Can stay around Place Bellecour (Hotel Le Royal Lyon is my recommendation - has the Bocuse Institute Restaurant on site), there are river boats, an old city with a lift up to a great view and Cathedral & its a very walkable place. Did I mention that there's a lot of good food?