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  1. Many years ago, my job at the NYS Office of Mental Health was to oversee the contracts with local non-profit corporations that served the mentally ill, including the large homeless segment of that population. One of the agencies that I admired from the time they were formed to the time I retired was Pathways to Housing, then a local NYC agency. It was headed by an Executive Director, Dr. Sam Tsemberis, whom I became friendly with and even played tennis with (beating him to a pulp of course). If you (Don) or anyone else is so inclined, here's some background info on it https://www.pathwayshousingfirst.org & here's the link to the D.C. agency https://pathwaystohousingdc.org. I don't know the current leadership & certainly not the D.C. folk, but I'd guess that they're continuing the great work they've always done. And, of course, if you want to reach out to Sam and drop my name, he may not hang up. On specific topic, I greatly appreciate your above post and think that any such help is greatly needed at all times, but especially now.
  2. Hey, its (still) a food board, right? I'd vote for "To Serve Man" as (potentially?) most topical.
  3. So, it appears that all the threads are now read only except for "WTF" which, apparently, has allowed me to start a new thread 🤯. At any rate, before this too ceases to allow comments, let me use the opportunity to thank Don for creating & maintaining this board over the years and to thank the rest of you for providing some interesting and entertaining commentary. I'll miss this forum, even though I remain active on several others & get some kicks that way. By the way, I think the messenger function is still working as well. And, just in case Don is only carrying out a lengthy April Fool's joke... well, ya got me. 😡
  4. Uh-oh. It seems that I can read everything but can’t post.🤯
  5. The best joke will be on April 16th when we all try to post and cant. 🤯
  6. Well, obviously our plan to be in Montreal for the month of May has been cancelled. To their credit, the folks renting the apartment to us waived their cancellation policy and are allowing airbnb to refund the entire amount. We'll remember that if/when we look to re-schedule. Since we were driving, that was really the only financial outlay, so we're fine on that front. I felt guilty cancelling the restaurant reservations that we already made, as I'm sure they will need the business if/when they re-open. Oh well. We're hoping that we all get through this in good health & think that maybe we'll try again for August. I guess we'll see.
  7. It took me a day to process that DaveO passed away 2 months ago and I didn't realize it. He was the person that I had the most (virtual) interaction with over years on this board and I'll miss him. We went back and forth, both on the board and thru pm'ing. He was supposed to go to a reunion of friends in Brooklyn awhile ago and we discovered that the friend's house was only blocks from where I live so we made tentative plans to go for a drink. Then the reunion got cancelled. And, when I was in D.C. a couple of years ago, we made plans to meet at Dino's Grotto. But he wound up having to go out of town that weekend so, again, we didn't meet in person. We were/are basically the same age, discovered that we had very similar ancestry, knew some of the same people and enjoyed discussions/arguments on sports, current events and anything else we came across. I loved his presence here and looked forward to reading his thoughts and ideas. We will all be the less for his absence.
  8. Had lunch today with a couple of old CH friends, one of whom worked mixing & sound engineering some of his work. His (Tyner, not my friend) style was never easy for me to listen to, but I appreciated it all the same.
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