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  1. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Tonight is halved hatch chili peppers stuffed with yellow onion, green onion, chopped up white mushrooms, Italian breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, and a bit of chicken stock.
  2. dcandohio

    What Are You Baking?

    Baking, again. There was an excess of plums in the house, and in searching for easy recipes to use them I came across a stone fruit clafoutis recipe. I have made one before, but never with plums. I thought it turned out great, but my father said it tasted like a damp danish pastry.
  3. dcandohio

    What Are You Baking?

    I. Never. Bake. But my 91 year old dad wanted a custard pie. I dug up a recipe, followed it closely, and produced a pretty decent product. Dad was thrilled.
  4. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Salmon baked and topped with yogurt mixed with coriander chutney. Roasted beets* Tomato and cucumber salad * I love beets but roasting and peeling makes such a mess in my all-white kitchen. I refuse to eat canned beets. I took a chance and tried Stahlbush Island Farms frozen sliced beets that I saw at Lucky’s Market. They are just plain, blanched , frozen beets. They are very high-quality, and I am glad that I tried them because I would even serve them to company.
  5. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Escarole and cannellini bean soup with a chicken stock base. A hand full of blueberries and a piece of dark chocolate.
  6. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Breakfast for dinner. Potato omelette. I sautéed diced potatoes until they were really brown. Beat two eggs with a little milk, S&P, garlic, and Italian seasoning. Right before the omelette was set, I sprinkled the top with grated Parmesan cheese. Served it with a little slice of store-bought chocolate chip brioche.
  7. dcandohio

    Venice, Italy

    After a leisurely riverboat cruise around the venetian islands in August, I will have almost a full day alone in Venice before I return to Fort Lauderdale. I would like suggestions for a reasonably priced restaurant where I could have a good lunch or dinner as a solo female diner. I am staying in a hotel near the airport, but obviously would be open to take the vaporetto wherever I would need to go. Thanks.
  8. This is sort of my “walk of shame” in this thread. Here goes. Freezer cold Tanqueray with diet CHEK brand tonic water (Winn Dixie brand) and a big piece of lime. Ice maker (crescents of) ice in a French jelly jar. View of the ocean. Perfect.
  9. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I love finding new things at Trader Joe’s, and today it was frozen cauliflower gnocchi. While the gnocchi were boiling I made a quick skillet sauté of chopped fresh tomatoes, Kalamata olives, garlic, chili flakes. When the gnocchi were almost cooked, I put them in the skillet with the tomatoes. After they had cooked in the sauce a bit, I put it in a bowl and topped it with a lot of grated Parmesan Reggiano. It was really tasty, but I think next time I am going to start the gnocchi in a skillet with a little bit of water, and then add some butter to brown and crisp them a bit. These gnocchi are pretty good if you are looking for something low in fat and calories. They are quite filling. In my opinion, the TJ cauliflower gnocchi are far more successful than the TJ cauliflower pizza crust, for those of you who are into substituting vegetables for less healthy alternatives.
  10. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Tilapia baked in parchment, topped with chopped tomatoes, black olives, garlic, onion, olive oil. Roasted tiny potatoes Salted Caramell ice cream
  11. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Do you blend the bread in with the rest of the vegetables and seasonings? And do you toast at first, or not?
  12. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Curry chicken salad on top of sliced summer tomatoes.
  13. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    Casual 4th of July beach picnic: Asian cucumber salad with lots of cilantro Shrimp cooked in Zatarain’s seasoning and then marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, sliced onion, garlic, capers, loads of coriander. Miniature red, yellow, and orange peppers stuffed with a mixture of goat cheese, fresh corn, mild hatch chilies, cilantro. Brownies Sangria
  14. dcandohio

    Dinner - The Polyphonic Food Blog

    I made a tabouli using cauliflower rice instead of bulgur wheat. It was very good, and I served it with a broiled lamb shoulder steak that I had dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper.