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  1. A quick trip to visit my sister and deal with some things in Mom’s house. Fun to cook for another human! I made grilled Asian-style sticky ribs, mushroom fried rice and grilled bok choy. I put the ribs in a slow oven for about an hour with a little bit of water and soy sauce and covered them tightly. I find that pre-cooking them keeps him from drying out on the grill.
  2. Monday I defrosted a piece of steelhead trout from wild Fork, which is turning into one of my favorite things ever. I had a lot of homemade Caesar dressing, so I coated the fish with that, and then topped it with diced tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and onions. Cooked the fish in foil packet, and served it with roasted tiny Yukon Gold potatoes and steamed broccoli. This is a really easy and flavorful way to do fish. Homemade Caesar dressing has all of the right stuff for fish: lemon, garlic, olive oil, Dijon. Yesterday I defrosted a thick bone-in pork chop, also from Wild Fork. Marinated
  3. Sounds like a great base for an Asian style barbecue sauce.
  4. I had one egg left in the refrigerator that had to be used, so yesterday‘s breakfast was a fried egg over very spicy black beans and rice. Sliced Florida strawberries on the side.
  5. Broiled Steel head trout served over a bit of leftover pasta with a simple sauce of Lemon, butter, garlic, white wine, dill, salt, pepper. The vegetable was sautéed tiny green beans and slices of red pepper.
  6. I make a version of wonton soup by using Trader Joe’s mini cilantro chicken wontons, which are delicious and have 150 g of sodium for four dumplings. So, about 38 g of sodium each if you were going to eat more than four, which I do. I simmer garlic and ginger in low sodium chicken stock, with a splash of low sodium soy sauce, hot chili oil, and five spice powder. Then I throw in giant handfuls of bok choy. You could use other greens if that is what you have. Then, add the frozen dumplings and cook them until they are heated through. This makes a pretty satisfying wonton soup for a lot le
  7. I’ve been thinking about quiche, so last night I made a ham and Swiss cheese quiche flavored with tarragon, that I enjoyed for lunch today.
  8. It was kind of weird to watch the Super Bowl solo, but I made habanero honey chicken wings and a Romaine salad and watched anyway.
  9. My mother would’ve wanted us to go out to eat! She loved restaurants and good food. Growing up here, you don’t necessarily appreciate it because you are steeped in it, but when you go away and you realize other places are so, so different, begin to crave your motherland. Every time I come back, I have such renewed respect for everything that is New Orleans, and especially the resilience of the people, because they are freaking rockstars.
  10. Even though the reason I had to travel here is sad, it’s nice to be back in the land of good food. Rosedale‘s, by Susan Spicer, continues to operate on all cylinders. Spacious outdoor patios, casual environment and a casual menu. This is close to city Park if you are going to the sculpture garden, which I highly recommend. I had shrimp Creole that was served on rice with two perfectly fried planks of eggplant… Ethereal. http://rosedalerestaurant.com If you are in the central business district, we got excellent Indian street food from Tava in the Auction House market, which is a lovely
  11. It’s really nice to be with my sister, and to be dining with someone and sharing food instead of eating alone. Last night we grilled a T-bone and a fat ribeye, and shared them, along with a giant Caesar salad. There was king cake for dessert.
  12. To my mom, aged 89, a resilient and resourceful woman who passed unexpectedly but peacefully in her sleep on Saturday. She recycled and re-purposed before it was cool, she was a voracious reader, a gifted seamstress, and she loved a dirty joke. My mom and dad‘s liquor cabinet had become pretty depleted over the years as they got older and more sick, but there was a giant bottle of crown royal, some shitty sweet vermouth, and an ancient bottle of Peychaud bitters. I’m having a Manhattan in a New Orleans Saints glass that is probably 40 years old. Fly free, mom.
  13. I had defrosted some ground beef, and was looking on the Internet for inspiration when I came across a Thai-inspired ground beef stirfry. I made a sauce of soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, chili paste, garlic, ginger, lime, and brown sugar. Browned the ground beef and separately sautéed yellow bell peppers, carrots, onions, and celery. I added the sautéed vegetables to the ground beef along with the sauce, and at the end threw in a whole jalapeño, sliced thin and let that cook together for a bit. Topped with cilantro and served over rice. Success!
  14. Chicken Tinga quesadillas, served with a simple salad. I poached and shredded three chicken breasts. They were set aside while I made the Tinga sauce. In a blender, I combined plum tomatoes, chicken stock used for poaching the chicken, chilies in adobo sauce, onion, garlic, cumin, and oregano. I then cook the sauce until it was very thick, add it in the chicken, and let it simmer for a while. Nicely spicy.
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