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  1. To my Dad, who left his earthly body today, on Father’s Day, at age 91. He was brought to this country as a very young child as an immigrant. His parents died when he was very young, and he was shuttled from foster homes that went from bad to worse, until he escaped to live on his own as a teenager, and then joined the Navy. He earned a masters degree and was a gifted teacher. He had an amazing head for numbers. He adored my mother, he doted on his children, and he was an engaged grandfather. My dad liked good food, red wine, and a martini with Tomolives. He had a big personality, and a zest for life. I am comforted knowing that when he arrives on the other side, Leah Chase will be cooking a meal for him, and Dr. John will be playing music. Tonight I will raise a glass of red wine to Leonard. 💔
  2. Trader Joe's organic chicken hot dog on a bakery bun with yellow mustard, cheddar and homemade spicy beef chili.
  3. Yesterday I made shakshouka using the leftover mushroom marinara from the meatball dinner. I used Parmesan cheese instead of feta, so I guess it was a more Italian version. I had half of a beautiful local bakery ficelle in the freezer which I warmed for dipping.
  4. Homemade meatballs A store-bought Arribata pasta sauce, to which I added onions, red peppers, garlic, mushrooms, thyme, and oregano. Zucchini noodles
  5. Something that I make that always blows people away is a log of goat cheese (I buy the big log at Trader Joe’s) baked in a very spicy, preferably homemade, marinara sauce. I use an oblong au gratin dish that is just the right size. If you are going to the trouble of homemade bread, this is a beautiful and delicious topping for any bread. Always wows people because I have never known anyone else to make it.
  6. One pan meal: salmon and chick peas. I had some spicy olives from the salad bar, so I chopped up a few of those and mixed them with the chickpeas. I seasoned everything with lots of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, and Greek seasoning. It was a surprisingly tasty meal. The spicy olives and chick peas were delicious. That’s going to enter into the rotation, for sure.
  7. I haven’t been cooking much due to travel and lack of motivation. This weekend I made a sort of vegetable Tian with zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, and tomatoes. I kept it simple with just onions and garlic sautéed on the bottom of the pan, and a drizzle of olive oil plus a little sprinkle of salt and Parmesan on the top. Baked, covered, about 50 minutes. Then I uncovered it and used the broiler to brown the top. I Should have added herbs.
  8. It’s not that hard to get a good shrimp poboy. Bevi is very popular, very casual. But if you are anywhere near a local chain called “New Orleans hamburger,” which is basically a fast food joint, they have very good fried seafood Poboy’s. If you want to go to Bucktown, you can also enjoy a Poboy at Deannies or R&O.
  9. I love my Cesarstone counter. I think the color is “Buttermilk.” Easy to keep clean. I don’t worry about chipping.
  10. Liuzza’s and Parkway don’t open till 11. Neither should be very crowded then unless there is a big festival nearby. But August isn’t really the height of festival season because it is so freaking hot. If you’re going to either one, you are close enough to City Park that you must visit and see the newly expanded sculpture garden. It’s phenomenal. I drove by on Wednesday before it was open. The garden is free, and there is lots of free parking. Trust me.
  11. 2016 remodel. GE Refrigerator, Bosch dishwasher, Frigidaire stove and microwave. No problems with matching.
  12. That was a popular saying on my Catholic grade school playground!
  13. I marinated baby back ribs Greek style: Lemon juice, garlic, oregano, olive oil, salt and pepper. I pre-cooked them in a 300° oven for about 40 minutes, and then finished them on the grill. I was going to make a salad when my neighbor called and said that she was “gifted” a crudités platter and a cheese platter left over from a party. So we had ribs and vegetables and cheese and crackers. Kind of a weird meal, but we enjoyed it immensely as we were sitting under a tiki hut with a beautiful view of the ocean.
  14. Easter dinner: Starters were Serrano ham and cantaloupe, and Manchego cheese and various crackers. I topped steelhead trout with a mixture of chopped Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red pepper, garlic and pomegranate balsamic vinegar. Those went into the oven alongside a pan of asparagus with just salt pepper and olive oil. While the fish cooked, I sautéed some riced cauliflower until it was pretty dry, then added some garlic, and let that infuse, and then added chopped up artichoke hearts, lemon juice and Parmesan. I plated the fish on top of the cauliflower rice, and with the asparagus spears, the plate looked rather pretty. Dessert was supermarket Keylime pie, as requested by The guests.
  15. I don’t know a lot about golf, but it seemed to me, on Sunday, he played a very competent and elegant game. It was a pleasure to watch him win.
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