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  1. Yes, I was caught off guard when I opened the menu. We were looking for a cheap night out.
  2. If this is a bistro, it is the most expensive "bistro" in town right now. Many of the entrees are damn near $30, and what I ate a few nights ago (brasied beef) was very fatty and just bad!
  3. I don't buy that you can leave Komi Hungry, although I thought the header to that section was pretty funny. That being said, on my last visit to Komi in July, they did cut back on the portion sizes (which was a good thing) so I left less full than my prior visits, but not hungry.
  4. I was in Japan this summer and we ate at a Yakitori bar in Kyoto, and I have never had such fresh tasting chicken before. It was a really fun place to eat. I think DC is ready for a place like this, along with a tempura and wine bar ( a new trend in Japan).
  5. Now you are talking, a round of chicken skins sound pretty good right about now.
  6. I struggle with this everyday, as the choices or quite limited. I would say your best bet is Breadline or Wasabi, and please stay clear of Naan and Beyond (Potbelly is better), unless you like tasteless food. Also, Restaurant Kolombia is a good choice for lunch.
  7. I have eaten here several times. I would agree that it is hit or miss, but the wiener schnitzel is the best thing on the menu. I do think this place is a little overpriced for what it is, I have seen way too many items being re-heated in the microwave. I love the desserts, though!
  8. The Pizza Margherita tonight was quite good. However, this was my last visit to Bebo. I just cannot deal with the bad service. My wife, who is the most patient person I know, ask me: "Why do you keep coming here"? It took two hours to to get out of here tonight, and we only had two pizzas, a sulumi and one dessert. My pizza arrived 10 min. after my wife recieved her pie, and it only arrived after I ask about it, with not explanation or apology. All this, and the place was not busy at 6pm on a Sunday. I just can't win here, so I give up!
  9. How do we know what any of these people believe? There is nothing wrong with selling frozen pasta, if it pays the rent.
  10. I like Bourdain's show, but who does he think he is? He sold out more than Rocco did, and from what I understand, Rocco was a better cook. Hey, so what if he is selling frozen dinners; he has to support himself somehow.
  11. I was planning on taking some out of town guest here next week. However, I was concerned about the service in the dinning room ( the bar service has always been better), now your review makes me wonder if this is still a good choice.
  12. You should have had the pork sandwich (which I had today) or the fish. I like breadline, but not that much to walk 10 blocks in this heat.
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