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  1. Heading to Amsterdam/Brussels in a few months - any recent travelers with recommendations? @MarkS - any places to hit from your trip? TIA!
  2. jandres375 - not sure this may be helpful, as I was looking for restaurants w/out being in those areas nor family friendly, however, going next week and our list includes: Budatai Luquillo Food Stands Kasalta Metropol El Jibarito San Juan Cafe Jose Enrique La Casita Blanca Los Pinos Panaderia Espana Santurce Market Mallorquina Quatro Sombras Bar Gitmo Caveat: All this is based off friend/online recommendations, so no idea of quality/etc. but hope that helps. Would appreciate if you post any other places you have researched - my usual online sources seem sparse in this locale!
  3. Hi, my name is Adam and I am a beef jerky addict. Specifically, the sichuan style found at Joe's Noodle and Sichuan Pavilion. While they are slightly different in style, I have been thinking about how to make this at home and hoping the DR crew can point me in the right direction! I've never really made beef jerky before, but to me this style is not like the traditional "American" kind where the meat is dehydrated. Not sure if it is marinated/cooked and then put in sauce or just marinated and cooked.. help!
  4. Just noticed this today, guess I am the latecomer.. still under interior construction but the window signs are up. Coal ovens, gelato, bar, wines... parking, air conditioning, all listed. Hope it is making progress, to me, the more good, quality pizza places nearby, the better!
  5. This gringo's favorite pupusa in that area is La Casita!
  6. Okay need some help here - any ideas on how to make a home version of the tofu/peanut/cilantro dish? Aside from the main ingredients, my stumbling block is I can't taste the sauce in my head now. Any ideas? Is it marinated tofu? Just sauce? Thanks!
  7. Stopped in Monday night to check it out. Similar to DC, but obviously a much wider layout. Patio was under construction but looks like it could be nice when the weather turns. Apps: 6 sliders - cooked well, buns were great (actually better than my last MatchboxDC experience). Onions were tasty although a bit on the cool side. Bacon wrapped shrimp with grits - great flavors, grits were delicious even to my usual non-grits eating self. They were lukewarm, not sure if that is how they are intended to be served? Pizzas: Matchbox meat (with added wild mushrooms) - best of the bunch. Great flavor, well cooked and just the right bit of spicy. Spicy Meatball - another win here, good flavors. Added bonus - an extra meatball (instead of the usual 1 per slice). 4 Cheese - this was the one letdown of the night. The outside edges were way overdone, and the middle of the pizza was super greasy. Only pizza not finished. Dessert Lemon tart - I think came with some type of blueberry sauce, which was m-e-h. However the tart was great - great texture and as someone who wants lemon deserts to be tart and not overly sweet, it was spot on. Service: Our server was very friendly and for the most part attentive. We were seated upstairs, so it did seem like there were periods we didn't see him for a while when I assume he was downstairs @ the kitchen. The only thing I noticed that seemed odd to me was the other server(s) covering our area walked by with water pitchers multiple times while our water glasses remained empty. Thought it would make sense for them to keep an eye out. Overall a good experience and probably will be back sooner than later. It *is* on the pricier side of our usuals (A&J, Joe's, etc.) but definitely happy to add to the Rockville list.
  8. That would be very generous and appreciated I am sure - however not taking my chances. Managed to book a reservation a little while ago, be there early Saturday!! Thanks in advice, looking forward to what sounds like some amazing food!
  9. Thanks for the recommendations everyone! In addition to finewine in G'burg, definitely a few new places not too far into DC I hadn't heard of before.
  10. Hi all, Hoping to reach out to the community for some advice. I am looking for a place to pickup some wine for my upcoming wedding at the end of October. I am thinking maybe 3-4 cases (well not sure really, but ballpark), half white half red. Right now looking in the $15-35/bottle range, depending on if there are case discounts, etc. Anyways, my request for help has two wrinkles... One I live in Rockville, so off the top of my head the only place I know of with at least some selection is Rodman's. Two, my mother is coming into town today, and tends to be a bit.. 'particular' at times about her wine. Since we'd like to try a few wines before buying the lot, and she is here the next few days, I'd like to find a place where we could have a good selection to chose from and buy a few bottles to try - the challenge I am having is that with all the other plans, we don't have a lot of time to drive too far to get wine. So while I'm open to any VA suggestions, if there is anything closer I would be happy. Hope that is enough detail, if not let me know. Thanks in advance! oops I did check the index, and have Paul's on the short list as well.
  11. Dean would be the one to figure it out! Okay really a shameless plug and another vote for Rockville since it is oh so close by =)
  12. Heading to Venice (and Florence/Rome) in November - any updates? Joe H?
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