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  1. Do you all remember back in the day when I put chix fried steak on the Vidalia lunch menu!!! chix fried steak + robuchon potatoes + wild mushroom gravy + sunny side egg I would run it during truffle season and shaved more blacks during lunch then dinner. peace from music city
  2. If I may: Executing a multi course tasting menu takes an extreme amount of knowledge, skill of technique and humbleness for the craft. This is an extreme undertaking, that with youthful vigor and bravery does not have fear for "failure". Why so? There isn't enough experience to understand the successes and pitfalls. This does not mean there isn't talent, it merrily means there isn't enough life experience. Is failure forthcoming? No, remember all a young 26 year old opened Komi, and it blossomed to the extraordinary. However, Johnny learned from the experience and started moderate and grew; smart move. What we are experiencing is the multi media hype to swell the public minds of the extraordinary, when what it is is just youth and will see many growing pains. Media promoting youth to me more giant then reality: Remember DC we had RG3, high priced, and where did it lead! Wish the team, the chef and the investors good luck. We all have a choice to dine or not. Just like tomorrow. Peace from the south. rj
  3. Wow that is incredibly insulting. However I can laugh them off because you have no idea the facts or the real story. Quality of life is now an important factor in my life. Watching at a distance as my twins grow without being a major factor ineeds to change. 9 years their father has been absent and married to restaurants. This is their Christmas present. A papa.
  4. THIS IS IT!!! NYE!!! SEATINGS WE HAVE 12 SEATS LEFT FOR THE FIRST SEATING, 6 FOR THE SECOND. cocktail snacks mochi/sake/togarashi/cricket paste lamb shiguku oyster/cucumber caviar/gin gel/miso butter/sake air kibbeh/rootbeer leaf/yogurt oats/pigtails/apple snails/spinach puree/rose salt/rosemary roes american ossetra caviar/kelp chawanmushi/caper gelee/little brioche smoked salmon roe/cauliflower/botarga/crystal lettuce catalina island sea urchin/ink sponge/ tomato jam crustaceans spiny lobster/olive oil-meyer lemon emulsion/watercress bull's blood beet/avocado-horseradish gelato/crab roe dust stone crab/braised in fermented mustard butter vegetation & truffle white onion/hen egg/puffed barley/date/perigord black truffle brassicas/white beans/black truffle bouillon/dehydrated pork skin potatoes/porcini mushroom/wild spinach/potato gelato/oxtail/alba truffle water tasmanian sea trout on the embers/shiraz infused crème fraiche bluenose bass/parsley puree/syrah/sunchoke land squab/persimmon/gourd/fermented barley butter/quatre-epices ox cheek/parsley root/black trumpet mushroom/ravigotte miyazaki beef/maitake mushrooms/umami emulsion/daikon transition robiola/parsnip cream/almond brittle/white truffle honey sweet trippin at the cider mill caramel/fig/porcini mushroom/honey chocolate/peanut butter/coffee happy endings little things/small bites chef rj cooper - cook with soul
  5. "Bar Agricole and Trou Normand Bring Back Tipping" by Stephanie Tuder on sf.eater.com
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