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  1. For anyone looking for a Sichuan fix in London, you might want to check out the new Bar Shu on Frith Street. It was opened recently to phenomenal accolades, and features a chef plucked out of the hugely popular South Beauty chain in China and Fuchsia Dunlop (the author of what I consider to be the seminal Sichuanese cookbook in English) as consultant. It comes at a price, however, with meal for four at around GBP 120, but what meal in London comes cheap? You can read about it from Fuchsia herself here: http://news.ft.com/cms/s/e8852bd6-e19f-11d...00779e2340.html
  2. We ate at Hanks last weekend and enjoyed it very much. We got there at 6:32pm, and were just too late to get the last remaining 4-spot table, so we were told it'd be a 30-minute wait. They took our cellphone number and we retreated to Trio's for some drinks and some chips with guacamole (I wonder how many diners wind up doing the same?). At precisely 31 minutes after we left Hank's my phone rang and we were seated. Dinner consisted of several oysters on the half shell per person, 1 oyster shooter per person, and then we each ordered mains. The oysters were great, though the presentation
  3. On a quick visit to NYC this weekend I decided to have lunch at Mario Batali's Spanish-oriented place, Casa Mono, at 125 E17th Street, near Irving Place. I have been a big fan of MB for a while, having eaten at Lupa and Esca several times, and using his cookbooks pretty regularly. However, I had never been to this place and decided to give it a try. Casa Mono is a pretty small place, with a number of tables and several seat along the bar (from which you get a great view of either the kitchen or the espresso maker, depending on which part you sit at). The menu is very interesting, with
  4. I knew I sold my old house on Bernard Street too soon! This would have been so nice to have had back then, since the only other dining option was a ridiculously bad bbq place. Oh, well.
  5. I went to Kaz yesterday for lunch for the first time in ages (even though I work two blocks away). Unlike my usual practice, this time I had a bento box lunch (the soft shell crab deal) along with a side of uni (sea urchin). It was all fantastic, though a bit pricy ($30 all in, with tax and tip). I need to go here more often.
  6. I go to A&J in Annandale on a sporadic basis, essentially going either when I suddenly get a craving for their stuff, or if I happen to be in the neighborhood, which is rare. But I was there this weekend with my partner's Chinese teacher for lunch, and we wound up talking about something I had noticed for some time--with one exception, any non-Chinese there were accompanied by Chinese people. I am not sure whether this is because of the location, or because the menu is a bit restricted, or some other reason, but there is really no reason for "foreigners" not to go here, since the food is f
  7. I would be very much up for a dinner at Joe's despite it being at the other end of the universe from my house. As for comparing it with A&J, they are very different places--A&J is a very "northern" style place, serving primarily the sorts of small dishes you can find anywhere in Beijing or Taipei (it's a Taiwan-based chain, though they have branches in Beijing now), while Joe's is a Sichuan place (its Chinese name, E'mei xiao guan comes from the holy mountain of Sichuan).
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