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  1. Thank you, Don! I try to stay hungry, as do you.
  2. And the winner of our burger poll is...
  3. As if you needed another waste of time, come to AWCE and pick your favorite burger in the D.C. region. It don't cost nuthin' to vote. [Note to Rocks: I couldn't find a previous thread for All We Can Eat, which is rather pathetic. If there is one, I know you know what to do.]
  4. Thank you, Don and the others on this thread. The response has been overwhelming -- or at least overwhelming to me. I prefer to just keep my head down, whether over a meal or in a book or just plugging away at this computer. And thanks to those DR members who reminded me to change my signature. You know who you are! -Tim
  5. Chef Liu Chaosheng has partnered with Oren Molovinsky (Mie N Yu, Harry's Tap Room) to bring Sichuan hot pot and street food to a wider (whiter?) market.
  6. Fire Station 1 Restaurant and Brewing Co. (minus the on-site brewing) is set to open this week or next. Details here.
  7. Some background on why Matamoros moved just a few blocks away from his former Silver Spring restaurant.
  8. T-minus 10-days and counting for your bowl of designer Fruity Pebbles.
  9. The news is regrettably true. Enzo Fargione was fired as chef at Teatro Goldoni.
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