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  1. Mother's Day dinner was whole grilled striped bass stuffed with lemon slices and parsley, fattoush salad, steamed broccoli, kale pesto pasta and pina coladas. Made some strawberry ice cream for dessert. The mother approved 😁
  2. I haven't had theirs in a while, but I've always enjoyed it. That being said, if you have a food processor - make your own. It is super easy and even if you used canned chickpeas, it is still rather good and ready in 10 mins.
  3. Got a new big grill so last night continued the grilling party - through on pretty much everything I had available: Burgers, onions, bell pepper, portabella mushrooms (to which I added some bbq sauce), bok choy, scallions, and celery. I've made grilled romaine salad before and loved it. Bok choy was a bit tough because these were smaller. Only lost one falling in the grates, but still probably would stick to larger leafy greens in the future. Also, I had a bunch of cilantro, thai basil and garlic - so through all of that with some scallions, lime juice, olive oil, dried oregano
  4. Mistake mushrooms is what my wife says every time I add them to a dish, but I agree they are tasty 😉
  5. Sabich salad - baked eggplant slices, hardboiled egg slices, israeli salad, tahini, amba, and zhug - with some baguette slices (because the local grocery had no pita)
  6. We ended up making Chicken Marbella too and using Halibut for the gefilte fish. Both turned out great. My brisket while cooked ok lacked some flavor (used Jewish Cooking in America - Joan Nathan's favorite brisket recipe). Need to try out some new recipes or go back to past winners like Smitten Kitchen's sweet and sour brisket. I did end up making 3 types of charoset - all winners: Ashkenazi, Kurdish (4 types of nuts, bunch of spices, dates, raisins and more), and Moroccan-style rolled into balls.
  7. Excited we'll have another brick & mortar space filled in CP and with a business that already has a following (that always have people waiting for sandwiches on Saturday morning), but I don't get this part of the article: "A second fast-casual restaurant—open for lunch and dinner, though not 3 AM cravings—is slated for Cleveland Park this spring" - why would you not open a place known for egg breakfast sandwiches during breakfast time? Seems really odd. They do say that the restaurant menus may vary more so maybe it will be a slightly different concept. I have never tried their s
  8. My Passover seder menu is coming together: So far already made herbed gefilte fish from the Gefilte Manifesto cookbook but with 2 TBs of added matzo meal (they say they leave it out of this one for a lighter texture, but when I made it that way in the past, it kind of fell apart) and 1 quart each of golden beet horseradish and carrot citrus horseradish relish from same cookbook. We also plan to make: -matzo ball chicken soup - hardboiled eggs, which in my wife's family tradition, you chop up some and serve with salt water in kind of a quasi-soup which get topped with crunch
  9. Roasted salmon with S&P with lemon wedge on the side and fish sticks for the kids Buttered, salted pasta (added roasted garlic and italian seasoning to mine) Cauliflower 2 ways - kids ate plain steamed, adults had roasted with montreal steak seasoning and tumeric, which turned out great). I relish the days when I can cook ONE flavorful meal for the whole family. This was not one of those nights. 😉
  10. Chicken and Whiskey continues to be our favorite pollo a la brasa place. One thing we like for white meat lovers is that they will sell you a 2 breast (1/2 white chicken only) deal which works well for us. In other good news, they are expanding to Navy yard: https://dc.eater.com/2021/3/19/22340034/chicken-whiskey-latin-rotisserie-bar-expanding-navy-yard-southeast-dc
  11. Friday night, I wanted to use up lots of winter veggies from our CSA so we had combo sheet pan of roasted Jerusalem artichokes, purple potatoes, rutabagas, red onion, and watermelon radishes. It was very colorful, but I think the potatoes got undercooked so were the least favorite but the radishes and rutabagas were great. All tossed with some olive oil and montreal steak seasoning. I also had a bag of brussel sprouts that I halved roasted in a separate pan with olive, salt and pepper then when done drizzled some good balsamic vinegar and more oil and S&P on them. For main course I made t
  12. Chicken soup with egg noodles Clementine cake Thanks to my wife - I got the night off from cooking.
  13. We got to have a Vday Date night so I tried to get a little fancy. We started with my own improvised creation whipped up from leftovers: Pita wedges with a shmear of beet hummus, topped with slices of roasted beets and goat cheese with dill: Then, we had red-wine braised lamb shank with farro and a side dish of kohlrabi, carrot, purple radish and apple slaw (adapted from Alice Waters cookbook):
  14. Do you ever feel underappreciated as the cook? It is such a shame that I have a house of bland, unadventuresome eaters. Last night I made SeriousEats Smashed Sunchokes from our CSA cooked in butter with fresh thyme (delicious and different, but only I ate them), tilapia sauteed with white wine and butter sauce with lots of fresh dill and parsley (my wife did like this one FWIW), and stir fried napa cabbage with sesame oil, garlic, ginger, pickled red chilis, onions (it wasn't very spicy at all but again only eaten by me). The others mostly ate old challah bread and fish sticks with plain steam
  15. Got a chance to try the new Schmaltz Brothers kosher food truck when it stopped in Cleveland Park, DC tonight. Overall, we really liked it. The best was the Bubbie's Brisket sandwich that is a bunch of very moist shredded beef brisket with slaw on a very tasty challah roll bun with everything bagel spice on top. Almost as good was the Zinger fried chicken sandwich which I got sweet/spicy with hot honey but they will also do Nashville style hot chicken too. It comes on the same good bun. Probably an acquired taste was the very non-traditional fried matzo balls with pickled onions and spicy aio
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