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  1. We went a few weeks ago right when they opened. We also had the all green everything pizza and the four cheese pizza. I thought they were good solid pies with a sturdy, not soggy crust and very nice staff. The flavors were only good, not great. If I had a choice between them and 2 Amys, definitely go with 2 Amys. That being said, I welcome them to the neighborhood and plan to try to their other options to find something I like better. Not really in competition with Vace as it is different type of pizza, pricing, and restaurant.
  2. Having lived up the hill in CP for many years, we have regularly ventured down to Woodley Park to eat when we wanted something different. I agree with the general sentiment that Woodley is not a foodie destination, but it does have some good eats. Duke's Counter next to the zoo can be very good (especially the burger and drinks), Baked by Yael is a good grab and go dessert place, Lebanese Taverna has good food and since it was renovated a few years ago, very nice atmosphere inside (excellent baba ghanoush, ouzi lamb that comes with lamb-stuffed grape leaves, spinach fatayer, etc.), Tono Sushi while only ok sushi has rather good non-sushi Japanese items such as zaru soba (perfect on a hot day), tempura, etc., and Open City is what it is - I'm not a big fan but my wife and kids like going there - she likes the housemade veggie burger. I've been to Umi also a few times for a quick lunch and thought it was also a decent option - note it is a small restaurant. Afghan Grill was really good but I haven't been in a number of years since I had a lackluster meal - maybe time to try again. Also, it does have a real ice cream shop, not froyo, aka Baskin Robins, which while it is not artisanal gelato - it does have one of my all-time original, favorite flavors World Class Chocolate (a very creamy, not super rich chocolate blend available at every BR for last 30 years or so). So I get the complaint, but don't right it off completely. Also nando's isn't half bad for fast casual food. Also regarding the grass is greener comment about CP, I won't quibble that overall we have better restaurants but some of our "new" restaurants in the last few years include the not great Mr. Chen's Chinese that moved from Woodley to CP. So it is not all great.
  3. Really delicious lunch today for my first time at this restaurant at the Dupont location. Me and my buddy thought 3 dishes were excellent and the 4th good. The excellent were the half-a-cado salad (which a different friend had recommended as her go to dish that she gets every time she comes) - this was nice as a vegetable, lighter balance to the meatier/spicier other dishes. I agree though with my friend I could easily eat this by myself for a light lunch. Also excellent was the wok friend green beans with the best garlic ssamgjang sauce, and my other favorite was the cumin stir fried lamb noodles - good chewy noodles, lots of tasty lamb (some crispy bits and mostly soft braise) with nice slow creeping heat. The 4th only good was the smoked salmon rice bowl which comes with gochujang on the side. The ingredients were good quality but the flavors weren't as exciting as the other 3 dishes. Also the egg in the rice bowl looked good but wasn't very great - just tasted like hardboiled egg, not the soft soy poached egg I expected and it looked like. Can't wait to go back and try more. The people next to us ordered the huge fried chicken sandwiches - really thick pieces of chicken. Easily enough for 2 to share.
  4. I need to go to Vegas for a business trip in September and will be there for several days. Any recommendations for good food - pricey, but not outrageous is fine?
  5. Rather late to this topic but one thing I've brought to an annual potluck for a few years that got rave reviews was homemade banh mi sandwiches. I buy a few big baguettes, hollow them out a bit, whip up homemade mayo, toss on cilantro, sliced jalapenos, and some protein (usually grilled chicken), and then the only thing that takes real time to make - homemade vietnamese daikon/carrot pickles - (mostly inactive time). All of the above are super easy to make - it is mostly assembly. After I assemble them submarine sandwich style, I cut into individual portions with toothpicks. I riff on this reciple: https://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2009/06/banh-mi-sandwich-recipe.html People really like them.
  6. We go pretty regularly to the Cleveland Park location including a few days ago. Our favorites are the pesto fusilli with goat cheese, spinach agnolotti, meatball app (it is now rather good), and the ricotta cavatelli (more like super soft gnocchi) that come with the salmon are great, the gnocchi is also good, the big portion of branzino is good for the non-pasta eaters. They also often have a lamb shank special on mushroom risotto which is good. I also really like their house red wine. Lastly but not least their focaccia bread basket with roasted garlic hunks in the olive oil that they bring to your table is addictive. My kids could eat just this bread but they also like rigatoni with butter.
  7. I wrote awhile ago about Naf Naf here but couldn't find a separate topic for it. It is another great place for middle eastern food, in what I noted before is the downtown DC good pita triangle when you have Little Sesame and Yafa Grille all within 2 blocks of each other. I had Naf Naf again yesterday for the first time in a while and it was excellent. Great pillowy, soft pita made fresh in shop along with perfect falafel - crisp on the outside, soft inside and not at all dry. The hummus was good and even better when topped with a bit of tahini and schug. The vegetable sides were pretty good too - very fresh. Amsterdam Falafel still has some of the freshest falafel in the city with a great toppings bar but their pita bread sucks - not only is it store bought it is almost stale tasting - these 3 places have surpassed it by far in my opinion.
  8. I realized no one has posted much in this thread for a while except for the most recent post on the 3rd location opening. I've been to the Zoo location, Duke's Counter, several times in the past year and even ordered lunch delivery a few times. The best dish is still the Proper Burger with its messy, tasty mix of sweet and savory toppings. Second favorite is the Fried Eggplant (aubergine) sandwich which is spicy with jalapenos and very satisfying for a vegetarian sandwich. I will note that all of the sandwiches are large - easily enough for two people or two meals. Both of these sandwiches come on good bread. I haven't enjoyed as much the sandwiches on the naan or the pastrami on weck on marble rye - the pastrami meat was only ok. Its been a while but the brisket sandwiches were better tasting meat. The fries continue to be great. The quinoa salad is good for a hearty non-sandwich. I recently had the new-ish sockeye salmon rice bowl which was good for a lighter meal. Kids like the chicken fingers (big surprise). The cocktails are usually rather good and they have lots of extended happy hour discounts from noon to 7 vs, only after work hours. The avocado toast is only so so and too spicy. My main wish is that they included the full sandwich menu during their very long brunch hours on the weekend. My wife and I occasionally like eggs/breakfast for brunch, but we mainly go to Duke's for sandwiches and their brunch runs during all conceivable lunch hours on the weekend (10-3 Saturday AND Sunday) which is why it we don't go there more frequently.
  9. Eating hummus with a spoon is usually a sign of good hummus. However, I get that they should have a better hummus to pita ratio.
  10. I'm looking for a place for dinner with good food and some type of special experience for a 70th birthday for 6 people including 2 kids. The bday boy isn't so much into high end/fancy restaurants but it would be nice to have something out of the ordinary since it is a special birthday. I thought already about the Compass Rose Bedouin Tent but am curious for other ideas. We need non-pork and non-red meat options, but chicken, fish, etc are fine. Thanks.
  11. Mother's Day lunch was great on Sunday at 2 Amys. 3 excellent pizzas for the Mom and kids - all classics - 1 margherita and 2 2 Amys. I went with the non-pizza courses - excellent burrata (although my wife thought it was too runny with cream), a special of bread crumb stuffed sardines on thin slivers of oranges (very good), and off the regular menu a huge portion of sweet and sour caponata. I was very happy indeed. Also great rhubarb chocolate chip ice cream.
  12. Tried Upside Pizza on my way to Penn Station last Friday - I wasn't that impressed. While they are clearly putting a lot of time and energy into their crust and pie, the flavor difference wasn't there - at least not on my white mushroom slice ("Falcowitz"). It was good pizza but I didn't think it was appreciably better than most other by the slice places in the city. As I continued down 8th avenue, I saw a few $1 slice places and almost went to one for a comparison but didn't feel like another slice. I did still feel hungry when I got to Pennsy foodhall next to Penn Station. I went to the Pat LaFrieda stand and waited longer than usual but really enjoy on the train my "World's Greatest Hot Dog" - nice bun, sausage snap, good flavor, with a bit of mustard and hot pepper slices. Not bad for $5 before tax and probably worth the extra money over the cheaper dogs on the street or Papaya King.
  13. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to check back here and missed the great reviews above. However, I did still manage to have some excellent food in Austin which seems to have a ton of places - definitely worth a foodie trip. Here is my reviews over several days earlier this week. We started at Torchy's Tacos, a local chain, very good chips, salsa and guacamole. We had this at 3-4 different places and it was always good. We got a bunch of different tacos and they were hit or miss. Very good was the fried catfish? taco and the blackened salmon. The barbacoa and chicken were so so. The fried avocado that my vegetarian Austin native family member loves was not good IMHO. Kids were happy with cheese quesadillas from the kid's menu. The cocktails were also hit or miss - the mojito riff lacked alcohol whereas the other one we had was fine but forgettable as I can't remember 😉 For breakfast, we had Biderman's Bagels conveniently located in the heart of downtown on 8th st, off Congress. They are classic Jewish bagel place with nice chewy, fresh bagels in a variety of flavors. Great late lunch at Fresa's on 1st St south of the river (there is 1 other smaller location across town N of the river) - like many Austin places they have a nice outdoor area. This was one of the best with big trees casting shade over the whole space. Service was ok despite a bit of an unnecessary wait for a table when there were a ton empty but food was delicious. The best chips, salsa and guac we had were here. Kids' loved their cheese quesadillas. The wood-grilled brussel sprouts subbed for meat in the variety of fresh and cooked veggie bowl including sweet potato were delicious. The shareable side of wood-grilled cauliflower with onions, chillis and a shallot vinagrette was amazing and ample. I told our vegetarian who lives nearby that would get this to go every other day. The chicken taco was very good. I got the citrus grilled chicken platter which comes with fresh flour tortilla, grilled onions and chillis, and beans and rice (I got the black beans - so good and white rice since I don't do bacon in the pinto and mexican rice). Very good make your own taco style. This place is just wonderful I wish it was in my neighborhood. (although I still think the tacos I had last week at Taqueria Habanero on 14th St in DC can easily hold their own with any of the tacos I had in Austin). Dessert at Sugar Mama's nearby was pretty good if you like cupcakes or rich treats. My kids' cupcakes were so rich they said they were defeated by them. My bourbon pecan bar was small and for good reason - very sweet and good. Better dessert was Amy's Ice Cream, another local chain that has multiple locations including one in the middle of the airport terminal, really good ice creams with lots of fun and traditional flavors. Very creamy. I tried a bunch of flavors on two occasions and my favorite was a special, Beehive Crunch (or something similar) which was vanilla, cinnamon, honey ice cream with pecan pieces. One Amy's spot that we went to off a main road on the west side of town is a combo with Phil's burger place so you can get burgers, corndogs, chicken tenders, fries, etc (big menu with lots of options but we didn't try it) - it has a nice playground outdoor space for kids to entertain themselves. Wonderful BBQ at Terry Black's BBQ close to the south side of the river, near Zilker Park. We went on a weekday night around 730pm and had to wait 30 minutes or so but it was worth it. We only had the brisket but it was a great mix of spice on the bark, smoky moist meat with some but not too much fat. When we got to the cashier/meat carver, we asked for brisket and she said oh do you like burnt ends and showed up a lovely specimen and I immediately said YES! We also got another good amount of brisket from the center. It was really nice having both because they were equally smoky but the burnt ends had extra rubbed spice and a bit more fat whereas the thin slices of regular were meatier and a bit more mild. They have 3 different BBQ sauces but we only tried the original which was a good standard sauce but the meat was so flavorful, it didn't need it. Also really good were most of the sides we chose: garlicky and medium (not too soggy) cooked green beans, really good cornbread, and mayo slaw. The only disappointment was the peach cobbler which was blech - the cobbler crust was so so but the peaches were cloying sweet mushy peaches probably from a can and then overcooked in overly gelled sauce. There is a nice indoor and nice outdoor seating and like most Austin BBQ it is all counter service. They also have a nice little bar you can order from while in line so you can sip beer, wine, or in my case an Austin cider in anticipation of your meal. For the tea lovers - head to the Steeping House, a small cafe restaurant with a very long list of teas and surprisingly good long menu of food (beyond good pastries). I ate a very nice vegetable korma with reddish grains with spicy tofu, good soft scones that come with tasty strawberry preserves. I had a nice bite of the vegan caesar salad with cashew? dressing. PopBar for dessert was good and different. It is a western/middle US chain. It is downtown and sells sorbets (so so) and gelato (better) popsicles that you then choose to dip whole or half in a variety of chocolates and then can add toppings that stick to the dips. Another night we had good if you are in the area but not destination Italian in the heart of downtown at La Traviata. Started with some nice salads and then good chicken parm, a special 3 cheese ravioli was light and good, and linguine with truffle oil sauce and mushrooms was good. Good vietnamese and desserts at Elizabeth Cafe on 1st St south of river (not far from Fresa's) - decent spring rolls with a variety of choices that comes with very nice dipping sauces (PB, avocado, and vinegar), then the chicken thigh bun on vermicelli noodles was only so so - well made with fresh ingredients but lacking a bit of flavor. Better was the avocado and sprout banh mi (they have lots of variety) which was pretty classic banh mi on great rolls. Dessert - sorbets and beignets were rather good. Beignets were like small puff pastries that were sweet but not coated in powdered sugar as elsewhere and come with a nice jam to top them with. We ate several breakfast items at Caroline's downtown because it was in our hotel the Marriot Aloft - most were good. The Go Green Smoothie was a fave, the cream cheese frosting topped cinnamon roll was hit (although the roll was a bit crispy, not doughy soft as usual and which I prefer), interesting lemon curd topped kougin aman, very good and standard pain de raisin, their egg, black bean breakfast tacos are a few small bites of goodness with the added ranchero salsa, the spinach, roasted poblano and egg white breakfast sandwich was also good. Skip the lemon cake and chocolate zucchini bread. Pancakes were decent. Another fun dessert place was Baked Bear a bit hidden next to the downtown Trader Joe's in the Shellholm old power plant complex - good ice cream and cookies and lots of encouragement to make your own ice cream sandwich. Unless you have a big appetite, I recommend get a nice scoop with just one warmed up cookie on the side (lots and lots of different options here including brownies too). My kids both loved the bright blue dyed Bear Batter flavor - cake batter ice cream with brownie or cookie bits in it. I liked the blackberry crumble ice cream with the salted peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. No regrets. We also had a very nice meal at the downtown Flower Child which is a national chain that just opened a DC location near the IMF/Foggy Bottom. I got the 3 vegetable sampler with great spicy eggplant (this one was really good and worth a trip), good sweet potatos, and ok indian charred cauliflower along with their spicy BBQ tofu strips - also good. The salads were not as exciting but good. We enjoyed the immense candy selection (with lots of regional and retro options) at Big Top Candy in the middle of South Congress strip. Lastly, we sampled the surprisingly good options at the airport. The East Side Pies made to order personal pizzas were rather good and we only had plain cheese for the kids. To the left of it was slow but good (much slower than you'd expect for airport food) Fly Chicken or some similar name which had great meaty chicken tenders. Of course we also had another round of Amy's Ice Cream. I had heard very mixed reviews of the Salt Lick BBQ location in the airport and passed it up - but I was tempted to bring home the ready for travel whole brisket for $80. Not food related but also caught some good music at the dive bar C-Boys on the southern end of South Congress.
  14. Headed here for first time soon - any recommendations? preferably places that are kid friendly and also have vegetarian options too. Thanks
  15. First time on Sunday for an afternoon treat. The weather was nice but still didn't expect the line wrapping to the back. Good news was it moved fast. Me and the kids each got custard which was good and rich similar to Kohr Bros but a little richer and less sweet (I think slightly better). Portions were small but that was ok since it is rich. Chocolate and vanilla were both good. I also got the passion mango sorbet which was very nice and paired well with the chocolate. I like how you get multiple flavors even in a small. The only downside was the m&m topping (only topping any of us had) which were advertised as m&ms but were either stale or carob coated candies or something else. Did not taste right and were thrown away. So stick to the ice cream.
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