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  1. Yeah I used whole eggs (usually 2) and don't cook. This is the recipe: https://www.food.com/recipe/ben-jerrys-sweet-cream-base-77368 I've done it this way for years, but probably safer to cook the eggs first.
  2. I totally agree. I don't care if it is traditional or not (I only eat bialys on occasion), but I like a good amount of the onion mix in the middle of my bialy - because that is what makes it special. I was happy to enjoy some good bagels from Bullfrog Bagel's very popular food truck in Tenleytown (next to City Bikes) over the weekend but disappointed by the bialy which had only a speck (two small bites) of onion mix in the center.
  3. CSA provided a lot of strawberries so time for strawberry ice cream. Cut up berries, macerated in sugar with a bit of lemon juice, then after refrigerating for more than an hour, pureed them and poured into the sweet cream base. Turned out very creamy with nice strawberry flavor. We usually use the #1 Ben & Jerry's ice cream cookbook sweet cream base which calls for two eggs, which makes a nice custard for 1+ quart of ice cream. What are your thoughts on eggs - none, less, more?
  4. We recently did coconut chocolate chip - using the Ben & Jerry's ice cream cookbook's sweet cream #1 base, then added 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and a handful of shredded sweetened coconut. Let that all chill in fridge for a while and then ran through the Cuisinart ice cream maker. Added another 2 handfuls of coconut along with a bunch of 55% mini chocolate chips in the last 5 minutes of the churn. It was pretty good but next time I would add all the coconut at the end to avoid clumbs of it in some bites and use semi-sweet chips as the dark chocolate was too bitter. Still had good coconut flavor. Most recipes in the B&J book and elsewhere call for adding coconut cream, not shredded coconut so may try that next time but we kind of liked the shredded coconut.
  5. We are planning at trip to Southern Utah in April to hit the 5 national parks (Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce, and Zion plus other national monuments, state parks and other amazing wilderness). The only recommendations on the board are for Moab near Arches/Canyonlands and they are rather old and mostly non-recommendations. Anyone been more recently and have suggestions? One place we were told to check out is Hell's Backbone in Boulder, UT. Thanks.
  6. Marshall Friends have a place near Marshall and so we've been through it a few times in the last year or so. It is a nice stop very close off 66 with a small strip of restaurants, thrift shops, grocery store and gas stations and a Tractor Supply & Co. We love Red Truck Bakery which has rightly received a lot of good press. We really like their large cakes - some of our favorites are the Orange and Kentucky Bourbon, the lemon is similar to the orange and also good. The Shenandoah Apple cake is well made but not as well-liked as the others. We haven't had any of their gorgeous pies but I bet they are winners too. The biscuits, granola, muffins, donuts, and cupcakes are very tasty too. I had a strawberry chocolate chip muffin over the weekend that a sweet and delicious. I haven't tried them yet but they also have ice cream pints with mixins from the bakery. A while ago we ate at Gentle Harvest and thought it was only so so for their dine in options. They do have a nice selection of market items but a bit high priced. We went for the first time to Whole Ox butchershop for lunch which was great for big, excellent fried chicken sandwiches and good burgers (great buns on both), the fries were ok but could have been crisper. It is a nice shop which is a meat lover's dream with all kinds of cuts to cook and other prepared foods including lots of good looking sausages. It has a small town feel but it is upscale with lots of gourmet goodies, nice small wine selections, and very nice service. We haven't tried it yet, but also on the little strip in Marshall is Field&Main which is a bit more upscale dining which I've heard good things about. Upperville A bit farther north of 66 (but really only 10-15 min drive) is Upperville with the very nice British pub, Hunter's Head Tavern. We went last year a couple of times and really enjoyed our meals. Nice selection for kids and grownups. When it is warm they setup a big tent on their patio which is nice too. I don't remember exactly what we got but think it was fish & chips, salads, fried chicken, burgers.
  7. Last night stopped by for a quick dinner and had basically the same meal as last year. The cemitas torta without ham - great sandwich - crispy on the outside from grilling or panini pressing the bread and rich, multilayered flavors on the inside with a really nice fresh crunchy chicken milanese. Chips and salsas are still good. No queso this time but per my prior note I don't think I was missing anything. My friend had 3 tacos for his first time there and thought they were really good. I saw a lot of people getting plates of various kinds of fajitas that looked and smelled very good. This is nice strip with two of my favorite Mexican places in DC just a few doors apart.
  8. I've been back several times in the last month to Tino's as it has become a close by favorite of my kids. They law the simple pie aka cheese pizza, which I think is pretty good too. I've enjoyed two of unique pizzas on a few occassions - Shrooming with lots of mushrooms for a savory dish with some sweet accents from roasted pear and the My Dear HoneyNut which is a really out there but good pie: " honeynut squash puree, charred honeynut, burrata, pickled delicata, pine nuts" It is very different and on the sweeter side but not with a nice balance from the nuts and extra rich creamy burrata. Last night we also got a cheese pizza with their pesto sauce instead of tomato - my wife and I really liked it. Lots of good but not overly strong flavor in the pesto. I'd get it again. We also had their endive, grapefruit, and hazelnut salad which was nice and light. So I think I recently wrote in the pizza forum, this is a great place to drop in or add to your local rotation but not destination dining. They also have a good rotating menu of desserts and a full bar. One night we got their smores rice crispy treat which was damn tasty (didn't see it last night but saw more sophisticated items like a pot de creme plus they always seem to have ice cream scoops).
  9. Don your bar is set too high. Good pizza like any good food makes you go wow. After writing the above post, I headed to Vace and got two slices of onion and Wow! it was good (probably not wow head across town for but I doubt almost any pizza place is like that unless you are hankering for a slice already). Full disclosure - I needed to eat my veggies so I also had a spinach empanada which has the same filling as their spinach pie and it was pretty tasty too
  10. Great article from Tim Carman of the Post on his 10 favorite DC metro pizza: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/food/best-pizza-dc/ Note Cleveland Park has 3 out of the 10 (hometown neighborhood pride). I haven't eaten at all 10 places but for the 3 in CP, I agree all 3 places deserve to be on the list but I personally would pick different pies at each. Vace - White with onions (hands down the best they make and one of my all time favs. Cheese is ok but Vace's white pizza is better - love the crisp crust either way) Tino's - Shroomin (although I don't eat octopus so Octopie from Carman's list isn't an option for me) 2 Amys - Magherita or Etna 2.0 (Calabrese is good but it was too salty last time I had it)
  11. I've been a few times to Archipelago and really like this place. Foremost, the food is rather good riff on chinese food. The ground beef dan dan noodles are very good, the eggplant is also a standout. The tiki drinks are tasty and just downright fun. The whole place is very chill. I was there last night while they have a Sippin Santa pop up which means a bunch more of tiki drink specials with goofy xmas names like Xmas Eve of Destruction and Sippi Santa (both were good, but the latter was really good). Worth checking out for a fun time on U St.
  12. Yes. Great quality ice cream with good standard flavors and some good creative flavors. Go ask for tastes and you'll probably find several you like. I like the brambleberry. Also there fresh waffle cones or waffle cone pieces are good.
  13. Best use of leftovers - knishes filled with mashed potatoes, caramelized onions, cranberry sauce and a bit of turkey. Second best use of leftovers - knishes filled with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a bit of turkey. Even better - add some dijon and spicy or whole grain mustard to left over cranberry sauce and use that to dip the knishes in. Knishes for the win. Not as good but quick alternative - instead of making knish dough (which is super easy, I use Smitten Kitchen recipe), use store bought puff pastry or empanada wrappers.
  14. Went back to Spices twice in the past two weeks - once for weekday dinner and for lunch yesterday. I think people including me to need to reassess their views. I had two rather good (worth it if in the area but not destination dining) meals. The rainbow salad was very good, the tofu "fries" are a bit addictive, and the pad see yew was the best I've had. I usually don't like pad see yew because it is way too sweet but here it was only lightly sweetened and very nice. Check it out again.
  15. Going to in-laws this year and so my cooking duties are limited - but I'll probably make those dishes they don't make that I like - homemade cranberry sauce and stuffing. I may turn the stuffing into a knishes as a way to sneak in my favorite part of thanksgiving. I figure they all like my potato knishes and so if I also happen to make a few stuffing knishes no one will mind. Always tough dealing with the cook who refuses to let anyone bring anything.
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