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  1. Steamed tilapia with ginger garlic soy mustard greens (one pan dish) with jasmine rice. Felt in the mood for spicy so added a bit of chile garlic relish.
  2. Chicken soup with egg noodles and a few dilly beans.
  3. Last night leftover salad with some added veg- chopped bell peppers, red onion, cucumber, black beans, hardboiled egg, steamed cauliflower, tahini sauce, and leftover salsa on a bed of greens.
  4. Last night was make your own taco night/use up leftovers/clear the fridge. Warmed up a variety of corn and flour tortillas we had along with a choice of toppings: plain or spiced grilled chicken, chopped red onion, chopped parsley, seasoned spaghetti squash (from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook's squash taco recipe which is easy and good), canned black beans, crumbly goat cheese, steamed cauliflower, and boiled green beans. I also made a salsa with the same attitude - grilled an assortment of CSA fresh chillies and a large peach half and after seeding the chillies threw all of that along with a chop
  5. We had baked salmon with cumin/paprika spice, mashed potatoes with some sauteed onions, and green beans. Not too bad for simple dinner cooked up during virtual back to school night - especially because I had to make an almost second complete meal for picky bland eaters (i.e. my kids) of pasta with butter and salt (for kids who hate potatoes) and chicken nuggets.
  6. Sadly tonight's dinner is only Angelico pizza - plain cheese for kids and pesto with onions for adults. Too busy to cook tonight.
  7. Usually every summer we go to Ocean City, MD and make regular trips to Dumser's Dairyland. Having a variety of flavors was my consolation for missing those trips this year due to Covid. Also on a lighter note - who doesn't like choices and more ice cream 😀
  8. Last night dinner was reheated left over rice and noodles with sauteed tilapia with mideast spice blend for adults and fish sticks for kids along with plain steamed broccoli florets. Too add a punch of flavor (something I always want but my bland eaters don't always agree with) I stir-fried green pepper, scallion, and chopped kale with garlic, ginger, and soy. Dessert was a mix of ice creams - turkey hill vanilla, Ben & Jerry's various chocolate flavors, and homemade blackberry chocolate chip.
  9. I totally get this feeling. That is why I am constantly re-reviewing my cookbooks or checking out new ones from friends or the library and trying out new dishes. I love online recipes but unless I already have something in mind (like a specific ingredient or type of dish), I find it tough to get new inspiration - but actual cookbooks you flip through them and see an interesting recipe and then kind of tuck in away in your brain and come back to it. I did this last night when I cooked Stuffed Delicata Squash from the Shuk cookbook. I had flipped through it awhile ago and then when I got some de
  10. Got 2 nice big eggplants in the CSA this week, so Sunday and Monday lunch was Sabich - great Iraqi israeli sandwich of fried/baked eggplant, hardboiled eggs, chopped Israeli salad, zhug, amba, and tahini sauces with some extra leftover pickled chile garlic relish. Lots of recipes out there but really great details in the Solomonov Israeli Soul cookbook (great one for so many home-made vs. restaurant recipes (I love the Zahav cookbook too but it is more fussy). Today was eggplant with anchovies and oregano from the Ottolenghi Simple cookbook. First time making this dish and it was a hit. V
  11. Bouranee Kadu - afghan "pumpkin" with garlic yogurt sauce. CSA sent me a biggish kabocha squash and I remembered how much I liked this dish when I had it years ago at Afghan Grill in Woodley Park. I googled and found 2 slightly different recipes. Turned out rather good - lightly fried the squash, then added spices and tomatos to make a curry like sauce...finally stirred up some salted plain yogurt with minced garlic and drizzled the garlic sauce on top and sprinkled with chopped mint. I kind of picked and chose between the 2 recipes I found and failed to follow one of my cardinal cooking rules
  12. That is a great idea. I'll have to try that next. Just filled up my freezer with more blackberry stracciatella.
  13. I just put up around 10 jars of peach jam and around 20 jars of blackberry jam using fruit I pre-ordered from Kuhn's Orchard that I picked up on Saturday at the Cleveland Park Farmer's Market. Happily they all seemed to turn out well even if 2 lids didn't seal right the first round in the water bath, but second time was the charm. I used the Pomona's Pectin which is great in that you get a quick set and don't need a ton of sugar in your jams. They are still plenty sweet I did a cup of sugar for each 4 cups of mashed peaches and did 1.5 cups of sugar for each 4 cups of mashed blackberries. It w
  14. You also can't go wrong with Ina recipes. Martha Stewart are hit or miss in my experience
  15. Anything from a thanksgiving menu should help you narrow down choices for those herbs - bread stuffing would be good and easy. It is not only for 1 time a year 🙂
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