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  1. I've found that you need to try out the recipes a few times and insist they take as we say a "polite bite" which means an actual real taste of the food and not a sliver. If they don't like it, then they don't need to keep eating, but then if it is something I think they'll like then we insist on future tastes. After 3-4 times, if they still don't like it we move on. We've only had limited success but hey any success is worth it, right? I think my girls are finally ok with the occasional green bean to add to their limited vegetable repertoire. The multiple tries approach is also good because I
  2. After hearing about it for many years, we finally tried Great Wall recently. We liked it so much we got it again the next week. Both times we enjoyed my wife's favorite Chinese-American dishes of vegetable lo mein (lots of good vegetables that are not overcooked), chicken with broccoli (flavorful brown sauce and again nicely cooked veg), and egg drop soup. I also tried some of their more authentic dishes from the Ma La section of the menu. The first order, I really enjoyed the fish with black bean sauce (a bit spicy (not numbing) with some nice funky bean flavor) - fish is sliced and battered
  3. I've seen it parked several times in front of the Tenleytown Z-burger. No idea of the connection either.
  4. I also have received a huge amount of cabbage in my CSA the past few weeks. Looks for some good slaw recipes or other recommended uses for big green cabbages.
  5. We stop at Red Truck Bakery every time we head out to Shenandoah or other towns out there (it is only a 5-10 minutes detour off the highway) and we always love the cakes. The orange bundt cake and Kentucky bourbon are our two faves. Still good but not faves are the apple cake and triple chocolate cake. The granola is very sticky and good with a nice twist with added coconut. The cookies and other goodies are good but the cakes and pies are why it is worth stopping or going for a trip. Also a few doors down and across the street is a really good small butcher/gourmet foods shop that makes good
  6. Chicken and Whiskey has become one of our favorite delivery options. The chicken is so juicy and flavorful. Just fantastic and they have upped their carryout/delivery game during covid - very quick, well-packaged and fresh every time. We also really like their yucca, black beans, fried plaintains, and coleslaw.
  7. Had a really delicious takeout dinner from Anju last weekend. Tom Sietsema's old Post review's primary complaint was the food came out too fast, but that is great for delivery 🙂 Everything traveled well too. We had: Goguma - korean sweet potato, sesame honey butter, herb muchim. This was really surprisingly good. The blistered skin had a nice char flavor and was crackly that was a nice contrast with the creamy rich buttered potato. It comes with a bit of foam that actually held up ok for the first part of the meal. Recommend you eat this first though for carryout. Bul Guksoo - chill
  8. As usual, trying to please the eaters in the fam that prefer blander food vs more flavorful food. Mix and match pasta/veggie night with fish: Simple penne pasta tossed with olive oil and salt Roasted butternut squash with salt, pepper, sweet paprika and a bit of olive oil, then tossed with a bunch of almond dukkah when it came out of the oven (best part of the meal) Napa cabbage stir fried with garlic, coriander seeds, allepo pepper and finished with a bunch of zaatar and squeeze of lemon. (was ok but I expected the cabbage to crisp and wilt more, probably needed a hotter w
  9. Last night my wife did all the cooking and we had lentil soup and cornbread muffins (Ina Garten's recipe). The muffins were great - I had to stop myself after 3.
  10. I really love Chiko and as long as you can handle some heat it is a great option. It started to get in my regular rotation before Covid and has continued during the pandemic (they have really upped their carryout/delivery game). Still wonderful are the half-a-cado salad (one of the few non-spicy dishes), cumin lamb noodles, and pre-covid I had in-store a great spicy fried chicken sandwich (which was rather large too). Our favorite dish is the brisket rice dish. They take Wagshal's great brisket and season it well and scatter over rice with some veg and a soft-center shoyu egg with some nori sl
  11. Sauteed tilapia with smoked paprika and cumin on top of salad greens with sauteed tomatos, cilantro, bell peppers and a bit of pickled jalapenos. Kids ate cheese quesadillas with some veggies.
  12. Flint Hill Griffin Tavern, our perennial favorite for good pub food and cakes, didn't let us down during Covid travel last weekend. They are taking reservations for inside and front porch and doing no reservations for the big outdoor patio that is tented and has one heater in the center - which allows dogs (plus) and also smoking (boo). We showed up at 7pm on Friday after some annoying NOVA traffic and despite first being told it maybe 20 mins for a table on the back patio, we were seated in 5 minutes. Often the service is friendly but a bit slow, but this time they really went out of the
  13. thanks, This is a great technique: https://jp.foundation/video/cutting-washing-and-julienning-a-leek I have been throwing out too much of the leek. Also love Jacques - this is a good reminder I need to check out more of his recipes and videos.
  14. Went back this week and had delicious butter croissant and almond croissants. The almond one has a runny almond cream filling different than others I've had but it was very tasty and didn't overpower or turn the pastry to mush as some others do. The friendly baker told me it is a 2 person pop up operation where they both bake everything and mind the mini-store. This is also the same great pastry as the pain a raisin. Next I'll have to try the peach and cheese handpie. They also have a few savory options like a ham and cheese croissanty-thing (sorry didn't get the actual name since I don't dig
  15. Chicken piccata with spaghetti Roasted watermelon radish and fairytale eggplant with herbed tahini sauce. I would never have thought to roast the radishes but saw a recipe online after I was wondering what to do with this big bag of large radishes in my CSA share. These were really good and nice alternative to the usual thin slice on salad or pickling. Muscadine grape smash cocktails - I did a riff on this recipe with these good but odd varietal in the CSA. https://food52.com/recipes/24395-concord-grape-smash While the recipe calls for white rum, we made a few and I thought the drink
  16. Baked salmon with lime wedges (fish sticks for the kids) Stir fried mustard greens and spinach with onions, garlic, ginger and soy Steamed broccoli Steamed short grain rice
  17. I haven't tried this one but maybe try Alton Brown's recipe: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/the-last-pizza-dough-ill-ever-need-8132795 He is usually spot on with very specific instructions that may help. Also I have had my own fails, I recommend just rolling with it - especially stretching the dough. I have made a lot of rectangles, etc and they all taste fine even if they don't look perfect. Last night we had Angelico pizzas but I had some extra time so I also made: Salad - mix of arugula and romaine with quick sumac pickled red onions, pickled rhubarb, cucu
  18. With the closing of nearby Firehook in Cleveland Park, it created some good opportunities for Al Volo. They took over the lovely Roma garden behind Firehook which is a nice social distance setting with each table already spaced apart under grape vines with a small fountain in the center. They also invited a baker to setup a pop-up bakery in the small retail spot connected to the restaurant - operating 8am-3pm and you can take your baked goods to the garden too. Today I sampled the pain aux raisin and it was excellent. The baker herself sold it to me and it was warm from the oven - really high
  19. Despite my continued devotion to B&J's recipes, I found I didn't really like their main chocolate recipe that calls for unsweetened chocolate. Instead I've started making Philadelphia style chocolate ice cream where there are no eggs and you use a mix of cocoa powder and melted chocolate. The cocoa powder makes for a rich taste and the melted chocolate balances it out to have a good chocolate taste that isn't too bitter. I normally use semi-sweet chips for the melted chocolate but sometimes throw in a quarter amount of dark chocolate for a dark flavor. Seems to be a winner with everyone so
  20. I've been the past few years in the summer. It is overpriced and the restaurant is a bit hit or miss - some dishes have been really good and some so-so. That being said they regularly offer discounts on their rates if you schedule far enough in advance. I think these rates are significantly increased from what I've paid in past years and I've never had to pay in advance for a meal credit.
  21. Usually I make a big lunch for friends to enjoy on Rosh Hashana. I was sad about not having the lunch this year due to Covid, so I made the lunch anyways and then spent Sunday delivering food to friends. This year was some of the greatest hits: Smitten Kitchen's roasted eggplant with tahini-yogurt sauce with crispy spiced chickpeas, and from same cookbook - Honey Harissa Farro grain salad with feta and mint, Persian Jeweled Rice, Zahav's kale, apple, walnut, and sumac onion salad, potato knishes, homemade whole grain mustard, and lots of pickles.
  22. You need to make this cake: https://barefootcontessa.com/recipes/bourbon-honey-cake Ina Garten's recipes in general are great but this is just so good. My wife made it over the weekend and it is so great.
  23. Steamed tilapia with ginger garlic soy mustard greens (one pan dish) with jasmine rice. Felt in the mood for spicy so added a bit of chile garlic relish.
  24. Chicken soup with egg noodles and a few dilly beans.
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