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  1. Everywhere... but we want to take our covid-postponed honeymoon. My vote is Japan.
  2. ALB


    Hoi An is so beautiful, I have no regrets about staying there. (I stayed in a nice little resort out of town though, so had to bike or take taxis in.) BUT I would have stopped for a day or 2 in Da Nang. Nha Trang is also gorgeous. The food was great at local spots, but the scene is touristy (lots of Russian tourists.) I may have replaced that stop.
  3. ALB


    I regret not staying there when traveling in Vietnam. Guides I met frequently named it as their favorite city, and it is so close to tourist central in Hoi An. I did have the best Bahn Mi there when we stopped for lunch!
  4. I live in Columbia, and really- it is one of our better options for a lot of people. Usually the brisket is cooked well and cut nicely, and other meats are nice too. (I have not had as much consistency in other locations.) I had not had the sausage, but sides are decent and they have sauces I like. The people that work there are also wonderful. That being said, if you live in areas with other bbq places you like- I am not sure I would drive for it frequently. I wish they had pickles though!
  5. Thank you! I have family there and I will try to remember to stop by next time I visit!
  6. Do you have any suggestions of where to get saltenas in MD? I still dream of the ones in Bolivia.
  7. I met friends for a weekend in Lancaster County in the fall. I recommend Gracie's on West Main in Leola for great breakfast in a very welcoming environment. The house made jams were especially good. ETA looks like they are closed for renovations until June 4. http://www.gracieslancaster.com/
  8. This feed is making me feel better. I was in Chiang Mai several years ago and I was walking around looking for a place recommended for lunch. I was starving and saw others I was traveling with at the McDonalds and went in. It was better than expected, and the salt welcome on a very hot day.
  9. I should add- I am not an expert on Indian food at all, but I think of House of India as a very good neighborhood spot. Royal Taj is the "fancier" Indian restaurant in Columbia. Also good. I resisted moving here for a long time believing I was leaving the diversity of food in Silver Spring. I am so glad to have great options here in Columbia.
  10. If you are in need of a place to meet between DC and Baltimore- my favorite lately is House of India off Snowden River Pkwy in Columbia. I have only explored the veg side of the menu but it has all been really good. The palak paneer haunts my dreams with large pieces of paneer and creamy spinach. The channa masala and other veg entrees have been delicious as well. There is a menu for 2 that also includes naan, soup and pakora for $40 a really good deal considering entrees are about $15. The meat version is a little bit more. The staff are also very nice.
  11. In case anyone looks for it- Frank's closed last year. I never went but it was popular with some people I know around here and the truckers passing through.
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