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  1. I should add- I am not an expert on Indian food at all, but I think of House of India as a very good neighborhood spot. Royal Taj is the "fancier" Indian restaurant in Columbia. Also good. I resisted moving here for a long time believing I was leaving the diversity of food in Silver Spring. I am so glad to have great options here in Columbia.
  2. If you are in need of a place to meet between DC and Baltimore- my favorite lately is House of India off Snowden River Pkwy in Columbia. I have only explored the veg side of the menu but it has all been really good. The palak paneer haunts my dreams with large pieces of paneer and creamy spinach. The channa masala and other veg entrees have been delicious as well. There is a menu for 2 that also includes naan, soup and pakora for $40 a really good deal considering entrees are about $15. The meat version is a little bit more. The staff are also very nice.
  3. In case anyone looks for it- Frank's closed last year. I never went but it was popular with some people I know around here and the truckers passing through.
  4. It is really really heavy! and takes up the entire bottom rack of the oven.
  5. I use a baking steel that my boyfriend picked up from someone right over the PA line (I can find out where if anyone wants.) I believe it was $50-$70. It makes pretty good pizza (and bagels) in my not so awesome oven.
  6. The staff has turned over since I was involved with FFM, but looking at their website- the correct person to contact is Nony Dutton (Director of Markets and Programs) Nony@freshfarm.org
  7. As part of our carb tour of Manhattan, we got bagels on at Absolute Bagels at 108 and Broadway. They are the best bagels I have ever had (that I did not make at home.) Highlights were the egg and pumpernickel bagels. The sesame and everything were amazing too. We ran into friends who ran 50 blocks there, definitely the way to go. We walked 25 blocks each way, twice. Go.
  8. We stayed in Harlem during an impromptu trip to NYC this week. Looking for a treat to bring home for my parents, we found https://www.leeleesrugelach.com/. Advertised as Rugelach by a Brother- it was AMAZING. We got there late and raspberry was the only one left.. it was incredible. We have been kicking ourselves for not getting more for the last 24 hours. Mr. Lee has been making rugelach in Harlem for 50 years, and we saw him in the bakery. It was so much better than the usual dry deli cookies. If you are uptown, I highly recommend. W118 and Frederick Douglas, red and white striped awning. https://www.leeleesrugelach.com/
  9. Howard County is trying out a food hall too: "Flavors and Cultures Merge at Common Kitchen - Howard County's First Food Hall" by Patti Restivo on baltimoresun.com
  10. For the second time in a week I made Stella Park's chocolate chip cookies. The birthday girl brought them home (as it was her choice to share or not) and others were upset. Always a winner and so easy- https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/08/bravetart-chocolate-chip-cookies-recipe.html I use 2/3 semi sweet,, 1/3 bittersweet for the chips. I do not chop them, but use the bigger guittard baking bites rather that chips for semi-sweet (small for the bittersweet)
  11. I appreciate any and all suggestions! Our relationship is long distance and he is in Selinsgrove, so while we don't stop on each trip north and south, I pass through a lot!
  12. My manfriend and I like Troegs beer, so tacked on a tour/lunch to the end of a lancaster/ nevermind we don't really feel like Hershey Park trip with friends. The tour is a great value. For $10, we got a welcome beer, a 45 minute tour through the facilities from grain mill to packaging- 2 substantial beer samples, and a pint glass. We lucked out and there was space when we walked in- but it couldn't hurt to call ahead. The guide was knowleadgable about the process at Troegs and also in general, as he home brews. It was very interesting to learn about their smaller batch beers, which can substantially change year to year based on barrels, fruit, etc. Lunch afterwards was necessary, and very tasty. We got a flight of 3 other beers to try, and shared duck confit with polenta and roasted tomatoes and a brisket sandwich with slaw and fries. This was much much better food than expected! The duck especially, was well prepared with moist meat and nice sides. We fought over the fries that came with the sandwich. The brisket was also very good, but the duck was great. If I was passing through or finishing a day at the park, I would definitely stop in again- even without drinking. (after reading the above thread, we are going to check out Millworks!)
  13. You can get them at the farmers markets in Los Angeles..
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