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  1. Thank you for both tips! We will give it a shot.
  2. ok- this is not about the cuisinart ice cream maker.. this is ABSENCE of ice cream maker question. I let a friend borrow mine and she left for the beach. My sister requested making blackberry ice cream after we go to Larriland on Friday. I am looking for no-spin recipes, does anyone have one? Alternatively, I found this one online and left a question.. do you think it will work? Is there enough fat to keep it from getting icy? https://www.sweetspicykitchen.com/desserts/blackberry-cheesecake-ice-cream/?fbclid=IwAR3HFBPWlL6ZbvIclGwDC0tG3WsLN9kvOBDaujgnN3ole8DUDbAv14DLtm8
  3. If you are in Frederick, Howard, AA Co. keep an eye out for Mike's Gelato. Mike runs a food truck with his gelatos, and they are fantastic. He came to our neighborhood one night and now we are hooked... our favorites are pistachio, hazelnut, lemon raspberry crunch, and chocolate. https://my-site-108372-109500.square.site/ He posts his locations on fb and instagram. He also does delivery, but we haven't tried that. He is doing scoops again, but we have just been bringing home pints at $10 each. This is our affordable indulgence of this stay at home time. HIGHLY recommend. Pro-tip: If you are more than 15 min away, bring a cold pack to bring it home. Though they refreeze really well.
  4. An update on my quest, I went to the HMart in Ellicott City yesterday morning right at opening. I got tea flavored kit kats, which are AMAZING!! They also had matcha, sake, orange, ruby/cranberry, and birthday ones you can color on. At $6 a bag, I only got one- and I regret that now. I also stocked up on my favorite snack: Ageichiban- which are fried rice cakes coated in sweet soy sauce. I got them as an impulse try in Lotte market- they are so good!! If you are at any Asian market- I HIGHLY recommend. I also got some Koala and mushroom cookies, mochi (and some fruit, so I looked like I bought SOMETHING besides junk food 🙂 ) Thank you all for your suggestions and help. I will definitely be requesting some Japanese treats this fall, and looking forward to a trip when we have a safer world.
  5. That makes sense, I didn't think of that.
  6. Thanks TheMatt! I will take a look when things lift. Until then, I shall dream of future trips abroad.
  7. Thank you Dean! I love his Youtube channel! II have definitely been watching a lot as we are safe at home. I will try to track some down, maybe at that store. Probably not great to ship now that it is getting so hot. My parents brought some home from Japan last year- most were really sweet but not all. If you ever see the Hokkaido melon Mascarpone cheese kit kats, BUY THEM! They are so good! Unexpectedly amazing, and not very sweet. Matcha and sake flavors, not sweet at all.
  8. I am definitely going to check out Maruichi! I will pair it with a trip to the farmers market in Rockville. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know of a local store that sells a good variety of Japanese kitkat flavors? I am sad about our honeymoon that isn't happening, and I keep fixating on this as a way to capture some of the spirit. I went to Lotte in Ellicott City and they had strawberry and macha. Does anyone know of any stores that may have some more of the specialized flavors? I know it is kind of a dumb thing but it is what it is right now. ETA: This sounded pathetic. I just love traveling and I am so sad we won't get to go anywhere this summer. but we are so fortunate.
  10. Everywhere... but we want to take our covid-postponed honeymoon. My vote is Japan.
  11. ALB


    Hoi An is so beautiful, I have no regrets about staying there. (I stayed in a nice little resort out of town though, so had to bike or take taxis in.) BUT I would have stopped for a day or 2 in Da Nang. Nha Trang is also gorgeous. The food was great at local spots, but the scene is touristy (lots of Russian tourists.) I may have replaced that stop.
  12. ALB


    I regret not staying there when traveling in Vietnam. Guides I met frequently named it as their favorite city, and it is so close to tourist central in Hoi An. I did have the best Bahn Mi there when we stopped for lunch!
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