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  1. I am on a search for Singaporean food (or Malay which is close) Hainanese chicken rice, laksa, chili crab, etc. Is there any place in the area that focuses on these foods? I am in Howard County but happy to drive (for take away.)
  2. I do! I will go back and look at it. I put it quickly back on the shelf years ago when it said to boil apples to make your own pectin. I will definitely look for her peach jam this summer! Thanks for the reminder.
  3. I am looking to make strawberry jam this weekend after a long hiatus of jam making. Does anyone have a recipe they love for canning? I do not love the outcome with low sugar pectin.
  4. Yeah agreed. and when you live in a less dense area for good options, that comes up each time there is an issue.
  5. Update: I called yesterday. Somewhat got an apology, but then they hadn't done the refund because they LOST THE REFUND LIST! But they refunded my order once I called. I ended up getting bagels from Royal Bakery in Olney, near my parents. They were a mess last year, but by this point it was almost noon and the crowds had cleared out. I wish they weren't the best bagels in the area, but I don't anticipate issues on non holidays I guess.
  6. They are newish to our area. Honestly, we'll be back.. because they have the only good bagels in Columbia (but it may be a while.) I hadn't considered it was a back end system issue, vs a poor system management issue. I was so bewildered that ordering ahead did not mean that my order would be at the top of the list for that time slot. I was also frustrated because about 50 people were hanging in the small restaurant waiting for their orders. This place was so good about covid safety when they opened, this was insane. I really feel for their staff (which I will also mention when I call.)
  7. Thanks Don. I wanted to make sure I wasn't out of line before I call tomorrow to complain. (and make sure I get my refund!)
  8. I pre-ordered bagels to pick up for today, anticipating a mothers day crunch. When I arrived at said store, I checked in at the time appointed on the text confirming my order. It said arrive at 10:15. At 10:45, I asked an employee who said they were behind. At 11:05, I canceled my order when I called and the employee could not tell me when my bagels would be ready. At 11:30, I got a text my 10:15 order was ready. Am I unreasonable to expect that my order (of a dozen bagels, no sandwiches) is ready in the era of my order time? Or to expect a text with a delay? I was very frustrated and had a car with a bag full of cream cheese and lox. I realize these are first world problems, and it was a holiday- but still.. shouldn't my order be filled for roughly the appointed time? I was order 13 for the day, they were on 340 when I gave up.
  9. I was the last one to write here- but for a pandemic update.. I was fortunate enough to receive my covid vaccines at the cvs next to wheaton plaza (as I will always call it.) Hollywood East has an IMPRESSIVE contact free system. I almost don't want to share because it is so great. but you will not be near people. There are video screens and electronics involved. In any case, I realized when I looked (while waiting after my shot) that you can get dumplings any time... not just lunch hours. I drove mine 40 min home, so they were not as good as right out of the steamer, but that is my issue not theirs- and it still hit the spot. They are my favorite dim sum spot, and if I were closer.. I'd get dumplings al the time. I will go more frequently and I am glad they are still there. If I am nearby- I am glad to know I can get them after 3 pm. I got har gow, chicken ginger dumplings, and shrimp toast (treat yourself after a shot, right ?)
  10. Hi All, I haven't been to the FreshFarm Silver Spring Market in ages, but I was driving through the area 2 weeks ago and made an impromptu stop at the market. The Coulter Farms profited most off my stop, but it was worth it! I tried the berry smoothie, maple yogurt, and their milk. We loved them all. The yogurt especially hit the spot- not too sweet or sour. But the milk was DELICIOUS with cookies one night. All organic. If you are driving through MoCo on saturday mornings, I recommend the stop. The week I was there, the market was up by the ice rink.
  11. In case any one else is interested, my doctor recommended I buy Kf94 masks. She got them at HMart, but we aren't going in stores now.. so I crossed my fingers and bought some on Amazon. I will still wear another mask over, but they are so much cheaper than KN95s.
  12. I live in Howard County where we are fortunate to have both a Kung Fu Tea and a Gong Cha for when the mood strikes. I think the difference is... Kung Fu Tea marinates their boba in honey, Gong Cha in brown sugar. We have had over brewed black tea at Gong Cha, but easily remedied by ordering ooh long. We are boring orderers (mine is milk tea with pearls, 30 or 50% sugar, light ice) so I haven't tried the more exciting parts of either menu.
  13. Thank you all! We had some changes in circumstances so we won't be able to go in the next few months, but I am definitely saving this list for spring!!
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