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  1. Yes, I ate there last week. In short, we had a very good meal, and enjoyed the experience very much. The great dishes were really great, but there were a couple of misses, that just didn't quite work out. Service was excellent (as expected given Carrie being there), and the wine list was very interesting. I'll go back.
  2. We went a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it. We had a group of three, and walked in at around 7:15 pm on a Saturday night. It took about 30 minutes for a table in the bar area to open up, and the staff was very welcoming, and got us cocktails while we waited. Everything was fantastic, particularly the service. The wine list has many very interesting choices. I'll write in more detail later, but we're excited to go back.
  3. Overall I like this place, and the people are super nice. My main objection to the place is that the space itself becomes very unwelcoming when it is full. So on a Wednesday early evening it's a great place to meet a friend for a glass of wine. But on a weekend I wouldn't set foot in here. Of course that's a problem for most H Street bars.
  4. On U Street itself there's no place that I like better than Archipelago (I have not been to Imperial yet). If you expand to include V Street and some of the cross streets (not 14th) I'd say Izakaya Seki. But we are big fans of Archipelago. As for your geographic divisions, I agree. If I'm going to eat at Archipelago or Izakaya Seki (or Haikan, Hazel, American Ice Co, etc) I'm not considering spots on 14th Street when deciding where to go. The same is true in reverse.
  5. I had lunch here earlier this week and quite enjoyed it. It is extremely similar to Bibiana, or at least seemed that way. They have a three course business lunch (same as Bibiana) which is a good deal, and which is what everyone at our table went with. My grilled squid was delicious, as were the items from the antipasti bar.
  6. We go here quite regularly these days, basically any time we have a show we're going to at U Street Music Hall or Lincoln Theater. Our go tos are the Hot Chicken Steam Buns, Sichuan Eggplant, Dan Dan Noodles, Sichuan Dry Fried Green Beans, and Smashed Cucumber. At happy hour prices the Dan Dan Noodles are $6 (regularly $10) and the Steam Buns are $5 (regularly $7). The drinks are great, service is friendly and attentive, and it's seldom slammed. Strongly recommend it.
  7. We've been to San Sebastian before, and agree, it's an incredible city.
  8. Not sure if this is the correct thread or not, I couldn't find a better one. My wife and I are going to be in Galicia later this fall, and we've never been. Anyone on here have any recommendations, suggestions on things or places not to miss, or even a city in which to base our operations? We have flights booked right now and not much else, so everything is appreciated.
  9. Definitely! I "discovered" Full Kee for myself when we were kicked out of our office on the Hill because of Anthrax and were temporarily located in the GAO offices. After that I would also often hit this during jury duty. Or pre-some of the delivery service apps we would get carryout from here when it was late and we didn't want to cook. It was among the first "good" Chinese food I ever had.
  10. Just bumping this to say that if anything the food right now at Kith/Kin is the best it has ever been. We had an outstanding meal there on Saturday night. And the wine list is just as disgraceful. The "best" options are spending $50 for Kim Crawford or something similar.
  11. I can report that as of two weeks ago the Miami location was still fantastic. I remain a huge fan. So while I would much prefer a local stand alone restaurant here, I'm more OK about Yardbird than most other offshoots.
  12. A few thoughts from our recent visit: Cocktails Regent Cocktail Club - Currently closed for renovations. Should be open in the fall, but not sure when. Sweet Liberty - I really enjoy this spot. It's much more casual, and much cheaper than most spots in South Beach, but the drinks are great and the staff is incredible. Rose Bar - This bar, in the Delano, is basically my replacement for the Raleigh bar until that one re-opens. It feels very old school, and they do a good job making drinks. Food Taquiza - It's back! They have moved across the street and maybe one block south of where they used to be located. They're now in a different hostel, and have a slightly expanded space including a full bar. But the tacos are equally delicious. Stubborn Seed - My favorite restaurant in Miami right now. Everything we had was delicious. Annoyingly they don't even try to keep their online menu close to current, but the Warm Celery Root was fantastic, with basically tempura maitake mushrooms. There was also a crudo of some sort that was delicious, and a suckling pig with carrots. Every dish I've gotten here has been great, beautifully plated, and with interesting textural differences. Byblos - I hadn't been here before. We had a very nice meal, and with good service. I won't be rushing back, but I would be happy returning. Pubbelly - I continue to love this place. Yardbird - And this one.
  13. I'll post more thoroughly soon, but we just returned from Portugal yesterday. Ate at Alma Saturday night. I'd definitely keep that reservation, it was quite delicious. His other restaurant, Tapisco, is also quite good. We stumbled in there one night when the line for Ramiro was completely insane.
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