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  1. After spending more than a year away from eating at restaurants in person, my wife and I ventured out for the first time late last month for dinner for my birthday at Tail Up Goat. It was a fantastic meal, and I'm so happy that they made it through to the other side. At that time, they had switched to a tasting menu only format, which for our purposes was fine. Service was impeccable, the wine pairings were wonderful, and it was just across the board a fantastic experience.
  2. It's sad to see this club close. It had great sound, and I saw some very memorable shows there over the years. Hoping the rest of DC's live music venues can hang in there.
  3. Cap Lounge closing is really rough. It's the first place I ever went in DC, and was a big part of my life for many years after. Here's a fitting obituary by Tony T, who managed the Lounge for a long time before opening up the Pug on H Street. https://barredindc.com/2020/09/11/guest-post-tony-t-remembers-capitol-lounge/
  4. Last night we got delivery from Red Hen for the second time, and both times it was a good experience, and a good splurge meal (last night was my wife's birthday). We got charred octopus with potatoes, Sardinian Fregola Salad, Maloreddus, and cacio e pepe. Delivery was very smooth, and everything was delicious, including the wine pairing.
  5. I made a peach cobbler a couple of days ago. Once I finish eating it I'm going to make this. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1021204-peach-pound-cake?campaign_id=58&emc=edit_ck_20200708&instance_id=20089&nl=cooking&regi_id=58112818&segment_id=32906&te=1&user_id=83a355ce4c8af55f250a7bd9218362f3
  6. Obviously to each their own, but I think this most recent season was the best ever. The quality of the contestants was absurdly high. They seemed to get along really, really well. The one chef, Malarkey, who was kind of cast as the "heel" for this season seems to have been universally loved by the other chefs on the show. And I thought the finale in Italy was very well done.
  7. That list is incredibly long. I hope at least some of these places survive. Rappahannock Oyster Bar on a beautiful Saturday for lunch when the Union Market windows are all open. Archipelago for tiki drinks and Sichuan food before a show at the U Street Music Hall. Thamee for some of the most interesting and unique food in my neighborhood. Taqueria La Placita for some really good tacos. And probably first on my list, Tail Up Goat, for incredible food and service. And so many others that I can't even count.
  8. Initially this really surprised me. But after thinking some more it doesn't. They're whole business model seems based around conventions and conferences. Hard to see those coming back soon, and some of them may never return. That's a huge property.
  9. Fiona is the best. For grilling, it's pretty straightforward. I painted them here with some melted butter and Old Bay, and grilled for about three minutes per side. Just make sure your grill grate is clean, and oil it right before you put them on so that you don't have sticking.
  10. District Fishwife. Second time this Spring I've gotten them from her.
  11. Grilled soft shells and asparagus last night. It was delicious.
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