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  1. The closures have definitely been discouraging, but I haven't given up hope yet! Thamee, which is replacing Sally's, could/should be really good, and not just a casual spot. We've still got Maketto, Sospesso, Stable, and Fancy Radish. But yeah, losing Sally's was not great!
  2. Good question that we're still trying to answer! We'll be at Maketto more often for sure. I'm curious about the restaurant replacing Sally's, and we're going to try one of their pre-opening dinners later this month. And we probably need to give Sospesso more of a chance. Otherwise, I'm not sure. It's a huge hole.
  3. I'm headed to Montreal next month as well, so any current recommendations are definitely welcome! I'm reading through this thread now as well. Thanks.
  4. Reading this and realized that I hadn't posted anything about where I ate when I spent the week before the election there last fall. Here are a few spots I'd strongly recommend: Cured - Best fine dining meal I've had in San Antonio Carnitas Lonja - The best food I've had in San Antonio. It's amazing and you should 100% go. Supper - We had a very nice dinner here as well I'll try to type up my notes in more detail soon.
  5. We ate there last night to pay our final respects. It was, as usual, a wonderful meal. I'm really sad to see it close. I'm excited about Thamee, but there are many other restaurants I'd have rather seen them replace.
  6. I'm traveling to Portugal in early July for a wedding in Porto. I'd appreciate any recommendations, either in terms of itinerary, restaurants, sights, etc. Current thoughts are to hit Lisbon, Porto, and the Douro Valley.
  7. I'm going off of memory, so my details won't be quite as sharp. I ate there once with me and my wife, and then a second time with three friends. It's plates designed for sharing (of course, because every place is), but you could easily turn it into an appetizer-entree spot. There are about four larger, entree-sized plates, and then eight or so smaller offerings. Also, unlike a lot of spots like this, after you order they'll course things out for you, so you don't have the all too common problem of every plate showing up at the same time, or you getting your steak before the crudo shows up.Or at least that was our experience with two different servers. Service is also wonderful. I don't remember what exactly I had, and I know that they change their menu frequently so the webpage isn't super helpful. The chicken dish on the menu, with truffle butter, brussels sprouts, and gnocchi sounds like what we had, and seem to remember it being mentioned as a signature dish for the restaurant. It was fantastic. But really everything was good. I'd happily go back. Sorry I can't provide more detail, my memory isn't what it once was!
  8. Just a note that they're also available for delivery via Uber Eats. I actually didn't realize they were on Postmates as well.
  9. The best ceviche I've had in DC recently was at Poca Madre. It was fantastic. I've enjoyed it at China Chilcano as well.
  10. Bullfrog Bagels has them, at least at the H Street location.
  11. We were visiting with a friend on this trip, so our dining wasn't as well planned as it normally is when we travel. That said, we still ate wonderfully in Portland, and really enjoyed it. Fore Street - We tried to get into a number of places that evening, but there were serious waits at both Street & Co and Central Provisions when we stopped by. So we ended up at Fore Street, which was able to get us in quicker. It was fantastic. The Portland Hunt & Alpine Club - Great cocktails downtown, we killed time here while waiting for our table to be available at Fore Street. Grace - This restaurant is in a former church, and we had a wonderful meal. The kitchen is where the pulpit would be at the front of the church, and it's a very visually striking restaurant. Eventide - It was awesome. I'm still dreaming about that lobster roll. Great oysters as well.
  12. I just realized that I've been to Miami a few times since I last posted in this thread. Taquiza unfortunately lost their lease and are closed. Earlier this year we had perhaps our finest meal in Miami at Alter in Wynnwood, which is a neighborhood I hadn't spent any time in before that visit. We also had a great time at the J Wakefield Brewery, who we've experienced before from their collaborations with 3 Stars here in DC. Also in Wynnwood, we had a fun lunch at 1-800-LUCKY, which is a food hall with a number of different vendors serving different types of Asian food, as well as a record store and two different bars. Habitat, which comes from the Pubbelly folks, is solid, but my favorite non-Pubbelly restaurant in Miami Beach these days is Stubborn Seed, from Top Chef winner Jeremy Ford. I've eaten there twice, and both time's it's been fantastic.
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