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  1. Prubechu is one of my favorite restaurants in the entire city. They have an a la carte menu, but we mostly stick to the $65 tasting menu. If you go with 4+ people, the tasting menu is required. Guamanian food (from Guam) food is a delicious mash-up of native Chamorro food, combined with influences from Japan, Spain, and the US, who have all claimed the island at some point. The beer bottle/can list is really good, and the guys who work there are total beer geeks, so they'll occasionally have some off-menu stuff or an interesting keg on tap. It's right by 24th/Missio
  2. The green tea flavor (new as of this year) is dangerously good.
  3. Went to Californios this week for the fourth or fifth time, and it once again blew me away. The food is right up there with the best tasting menus in Mexico City, imo, maybe ranking just-under Pujol in my book. It would not surprise me at all to see this get a second star in the next couple years. Tickets are shockingly easy to come by for cooking of this caliber. Food+tax+service comes to $204/person (at least for the tickets I bought this time) but the wine list is really fun so you'll probably end up spending more. Thankfully, the ticketing system ensures that past-you pays for the
  4. Rintaro is excellent. My favorite yakitori in SF. Go early so you can maximize your chances of the best skewers (thigh oyster, liver, hearts, tail, duck) still being available. If you are by yourself or with just one other person, I love sitting at the counter so you can watch Koko (sp?) or one of the other yakitori chefs work their magic. Literally the only thing I don't love about Rintaro is that their beer selection is not good, and they don't have a full liquor license. Oh, and that the dashimaki tamago is only sometimes on the menu. If you see it, get it.
  5. Dumpling Kitchen is very meh. Kingdom of Dumpling has my favorite XLB in town. Shanghai House does good ones too, and the chicken wings are insanely good. If you're down in Mountain View, go to Bamboo Garden. Best XLB in the bay area imo.
  6. In happier news, Prubechu has been exceptional on all three of our recent visits. Guamanian cuisine is not one I was familiar with: it's a crazy mashup of various external influences (Spanish, Japanese) with some tropical pacific as the base (think coconut milk, banana leaves, lots of excellent fish, pork). Crazy good, and the tasting menu has recently gone from $45 to $50. Great bottled beer list as well.
  7. Local's Corner has closed. Tim has been cooking at 398 (which just opened and is pretty tasty classic French) before he moves to Seattle. Super bummed.
  8. The missus and I spent a week in New Orleans last month. Ended up not getting a rental car so our radius from the quarter was pretty small. Definitely getting a car and staying in the Marigny next time around. Regardless, our favorites are listed here, mostly inspired by @jparrott. The TL;DR? Go to Cane and Table. Go to Peche. And yeah, cabs are easy to come by when you're in/near the quarter, and damn unreliable anywhere else. You have to call them and just hope they show up...we had decent luck with asking places to call one for us, but we also didn't venture too far out so as to no
  9. Additional reading: http://www.classetouriste.be/faviken-magasinet-restaurant/ http://fergusmiller.com/2013/07/15/faviken-magasinet-2/ http://foodstudio.no/column/a-walk-on-the-wild-side-at-faviken/ http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2013/06/faviken-restaurant-sweden/
  10. Fäviken is a 7 hour drive north from Stockholm. We split the drive in half and spent the night in Mora, which is a cute little lake-side town with not a whole lot going on. Spending the night somewhere halfway interesting means increasing it to at least 9 hours of driving. If you decide to drive up from Stockholm, I highly recommend doing a one-way car rental and flying back from í–stersund. If you fly both ways, you'll either need to arrange a taxi or rent a car. Fäviken is unlike any restaurant I've ever visited. It's absolutely the most remote location of a should-be-Michelin-starred
  11. Food: Smörgí¥stí¥rteriet: Great fancy Swedish cuisine in a rustic/casual atmosphere. We had a late reservation and (I think because we were the last table) they refused to do the full tasting menu. Why even offer the late reservation? Ugh. That said, a great meal. And they definitely win the coveted "most diacritical marks in a restaurant name" award. Kryp In: Twists on classic Swedish fare, very well-prepared. In the touristy part of town: be prepared to hear English spoken at all of the tables around you. Tranan Odenplan: This is the Swedish equivalent of a French bistro. Come here
  12. Coffee: Coffee Collective was the best espresso I had in town. Nothing else really stood out. Food: Manfeds & Vin: Great little wine bar and restaurant. We had a fantastic lunch. Close to Coffee Collective and the Mikkeller bar. Kí¸dbyens Fiskebar: We didn't try any entrees but the apps were fantastic. Razor clams, oysters, shrimp, all lovely. Noma: At this point, it needs no introduction. Ridiculously difficult to get a reservation (we scheduled our entire trip only after I managed to get a 2-top for lunch). Unfortunately, it ended up being a little disappointing. Maybe our e
  13. My ladyfriend had a conference in London so I tagged along and ate/drank while sort-of-working. First off, here's where I drank espresso: https://foursquare.com/beerandpork/list/espresso-in-london Beer: Craft Beer Co: I only went to one of the locations but it was easily the best beer bar I went to on the trip. 14 beers on cask, another 20 on tap. The Rake: Jake was not messing about when he recommended Borough Market. This is a fantastic beer bar in the middle of it. The Harp: CAMRA's pub of the year, 2011. Great beer list, but it can get super-crowded so go during off-hours. Bree
  14. I had a really disappointing meal at Benu in '12. Possibly the worst ratio of cost/quality of any meal I've ever eaten. State Bird always impresses me, but you'll either have to get lucky with a reservation or wait in line (gross). I haven't been to Saison in several years and it was at their old location, but I didn't love that meal. Definitely preferred Coi. But sample size is 1 for both.
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