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  1. Hope it is better tonight than the reviews on here. Going tonight pre Theatre (have 8pm show tickets at the National Theatre)
  2. Dino may be at a new location but I can tell you that they have not lost anything at all and maybe even improved. Went with my daughter after a Nationals game yesterday. Sunday night about 6:30 only a few tables were being used so it was nice and quiet. I can now recommend the rabbit!!! I even got my daughter to taste and she admitted it was good but wouldn't eat any more "Bugs Bunny" - lol. I think the homemade pastas are some of the best if not the best around. Way too full for dessert.
  3. Looking for nice but not outrageously expensive Sushi restaurant on the East Side in the 50's - 80's.
  4. I have had two extremely memorable unforgetable Risotto's. One was from Roberto at Labratorio. It was not runny and almost the complete opposite of what they say it should be on Top Chef, but it completely melted in my mouth. I would trust Roberto anytime to make great risotto. The other I am sure is not repeated these days. Filomena was making risotto inside of a cheese wheel tableside. This was about ten years ago and I have never had anything like this since. The creamiest and richest that I have ever had. Does anyone know of anyone now that would make risotto tableside?
  5. Meeting an old friend for brunch on Sunday and I would like something nice where we can catch up. She loves French Toast - so I guess plan b is where have you had the best French Toast? Is Volt brunch worth it? Anything closer that would fit the bill?
  6. While I am not in restaurant business, I do accept credit cards from clients. AMEX is twice the cost of Visa, We have talked about doing away with AMEX but sales feels the client backlash would be too great. It is an expensive but necessary cost of doing business these days.
  7. A few independents getting a free meal is not what the FTC or Attorney General has time to go after but both the FTC and Attorney General has determined that this is illegal. "5 Things That Paid Bloggers Should ALWAYS Do" by Heidi Rothert on blogportunity.com "New York Attorney General Cracks Down On Falsified Online Review" by Benjamin Stein on infolawgroup.com The one thing that I do know is that I have a daughter that still talks about Michael Landrum giving giving her a free large ice cream five years ago. Of course there is a difference between giving a free dessert to a semi regular and a standard course of business freebie. It just comes down to degree where the line between smart marketing and payola comes in. As the supreme court said "I can't define it but I know it when I see it"
  8. Had dinner here tonight. We had the 8 oz steak - oh right that is the only thing on the menu (lol). Actually it was very good, cooked to temperature order and the sauce had nice flavor. Nice portion size for the price without being supersized and not leaving hungry. As mentioned above the chopped salad was very good and not overdressed. The cauliflower was enjoyed and they didn't overcook it so it still had some crunch to it. The only thing that I found strange is that they do not accept American Express. The waiter apologized and said they are still working on getting that account set up. They do accept Visa. I know AMEX is more expensive but I don't think I have ever been in a restaurant that accepted credit cards and not American Express.
  9. They came and went and I never got there once. I would love to hear about something new and exciting in Bethesda but mediocrity seems to breed mediocrity.
  10. I have been to two different events at their facility. I took the kids to a donut making class and we had a great time. The class was packed and this is definitely a workable business but probably in the burbs where the rents are cheaper. I also went one night when they had a hypnotist there and that was a lot of fun too. Both events were sold out, but I did noticed that they were selling wine and trying to be something that they weren't. They couldn't decide if they were a bar or a community room and it felt very disjointed from that aspect.
  11. I think Papa Johns SUCKS but it is cheap and when the wallet is low and you have to feed the kids...
  12. Glad they are serving chicken options - I have a daughter that refuses to eat ground beef and this restaurant was off limits.
  13. I have been to the Myrtle Beach location, isn't any place I would go out of my way for but if in the area it is fine for a family meal.
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