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  1. I'm headed there in early April and have a very similar itinerary and the same questions. Not looking to do any fine dining on this trip. Will be staying in Marolles, but was thinking of going into Ixelles one evening if there's a place worth seeking out. Seanvtaylor, have already taken some notes from your posts, thanks! Btw, I will be solo if that makes a difference in any recommendations.
  2. Hi all, So I normally don't eat grains as they make me sick, but I'm about to be tested for celiac disease and gluten allergy/intolerance and in order to get a proper test result you need to be eating gluten. So if you wanted to indulge in some of the best homemade bread and pasta in our area without breaking the bank, where would you go? Prefer MD or something in DC easily accessible on the green line, but I'm open to other options. Would prefer not in VA though. (I realize not breaking the bank is relative, so maybe no entrees in the $30s? Twenties, meaning pasta is likely in the l
  3. I finally got to the DC Costco for the first time so I could go on an alcohol buying spree (I'm in MD so my local Costcos don't sell alcohol, boo hoo). My first impressions: I was surprised to not find more liquor outside of the standard vodka, gin, whiskey, rum. They had vermouth and a couple of other things, but not much else. I was hoping to find some Campari or even Aperol and a few other things along those lines. I do remember hearing the Kirkland vodka was decent so since I was out I figured a big bottle for $13 was worth a shot. Lots of whiskey/scotch choices, but you seem t
  4. Is this really the only Venice thread? I will be in Venice for one day and one night on my way to Slovenia shortly. Any suggestions for a good, but not too pricey dinner, possibly in the Cannaregio neighborhood? I will also be in Trieste for a night if anyone has suggestions for dinner, drinks/wine, or breakfast there.
  5. Rieux, thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm headed to Slovenia in less than 2 weeks (!). Hisa Franko is booked for my night in Kobarid. Any other suggestions? I will be in Ljubljana for the other nights I'm eating, and venturing into Trieste for one night, but I will post in a separate thread as I'm also in Venice for a night.
  6. So I failed to include that this is for this Sunday. I didnt realize reservations at Rasika were difficult so that's off of our list. Any other suggestions? We are meeting 2 friends coming from VA, but I have to drive back to MD so I'm trying to avoid having to venture too far away. I was hoping to just leave my car at the Kennedy Center and walk or take a quick Lyft to dinner. A friend recommended Circa or District Commons?
  7. This has probably been asked many times before, but looking for a place for dinner on a Sunday after an afternoon performance of Hamilton. Hosting a friend who is in town. There will be 4 of us, all "foodies" with virtually no restrictions except I'd like to not totally break the bank (especially after paying for Hamilton!) and my visiting friend is a vegetarian. I was thinking about the Rasika in West End. Shameful, but I've never actually been to Rasika and I thought it would provide a lot of good vegetarian options. But, after reading recent reviews I am worried my friend, who happens
  8. Thanks for the heads up about the Parmesan Whisps, will definitely try those! I'm into the Kirkland fish sticks when I'm not prepared for dinner. They changed them recently - each stick is now thicker/bigger and the coating is nice and crispy (with the caveat that I cook them using my convection setting). There are also basil & garlic chicken meatballs that I believe are organic that I like. Those and a big bag of the Kirkland stir fry vegetables plus whatever spice blend or sauce I have on hand makes quick, healthy lunches. Also, the cave aged Cabot cheddar with the black wrappi
  9. Ohhh, thank you. Laundromat Cafe doesn't open until 8 so nice to have an earlier option. ETA: So apparently The Laundromat Cafe is now Egill Jacobsen (still well reviewed).
  10. Longshot, but does anyone have any updates or additional recs? We are going to Iceland for 4 nights in May. We will be spending one night each in (in order): -A farmhouse off the beaten path, about 30 minutes from Selfoss (would likely eat dinner in Eyrarbakki or Stokkseyri, the Airbnb listing mentions good seafood restaurants in both) -Hofn (about 15 min outside) - there's a restaurant in our hotel, but I'm thinking it may be worth splurging on langoustine in town? -Hvolsvollur -Reykjavik Our flight lands far too early the first morning (5 am) so we plan to head to Reykjavik f
  11. You have 8-9 full days/nights in Spain in mid-May. Where do you go and what do you do? Barcelona for at least a couple of days is definitely on the agenda, but otherwise, we've been considering a lot of options, including a day trip to Morocco or a little time in nearby parts of France. We do not need to fly in/out of the same airport. We're very open to what we do. We all enjoy hiking, food, culture, art, wine so I think a balance of time exploring a major city or two (including museums, architecture, food, etc.) and some trips to smaller towns/countryside would be nice. When I was in It
  12. I have the 6 quart IP and it is smaller and lighter than my crockpot, but my crockpot has 3 inserts. I would say generally speaking they're about the same size so it's an even swap space-wise, but with much better features. If you get one, I also recommend a few accessories: -The clear glass lid for storage so you don't have to transfer food ( http://a.co/iu6aOIV ) -The silicone mitts ( http://a.co/h8X8rnh ) -The silicone steamer basket ( http://a.co/2Vlpxxj ) It comes with a metal steamer basket, but the silicone one is useful for a lot of things, especially "hard boiled" eggs.
  13. Great timing on this post. A group of friends host food "paloozas" routinely with some theme, typically meat based. Last weekend was porkapalooza. What began as a joke about someone bringing scrapple ended up in a quite delicious scrapple dish. Said friend made what I would essentially describe as bruschetta with seared scrapple on it (seared scrapple on a crostini with a topping of cherry tomatoes, evoo, vinegar, and garlic). It came from the idea of the ketchup/scrapple pairing, which I had actually never heard of either, but I also didn't grow up in this area so scrapple was completely fore
  14. Do you have a slow cooker? If so, replace it with an IP. Results from a pressure cooker are SO much better and if you want to slow cook something the IP has that feature. Can't post now, but wanted to mark the thread so I can come back. Always looking for new ideas, especially paleo ones. Has anyone made yogurt with goat's milk? Hoping to try to soon to see if it will be more cost effective than the $7 container at Whole Foods.
  15. Does anyone have any recommendations for a late brunch/early lunch spot in or near Bowie for tomorrow? Meeting a friend who is traveling from her hotel in Dupont to Crownsville and thought Bowie might be a convenient spot to meet (I live in Laurel). Trying to avoid her having to do much traveling off the highway while not having to drive super far myself. Appreciate any suggestions. ETA: If I can't come up with anything better I see there's a First Watch right off of 50. Not exactly fine dining, but I could live with that.
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