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  1. Actually, my daughter (the little girl in my profile avatar, now 20) made the boule!
  2. Wings there still rock. Pro tip: for takeout, order by the quart instead of bowl. Much cheaper per serving, and you probably have most of the stuff they're going to throw on in the house anyway.
  3. So far we have done Bob's Shanghai, A&J, CSNY Pizza, Spice Xing, and Hard Times Cafe. Tomorrow is Yekta Kabob.
  4. I will readily let people in when they signal and attempt to merge reasonably. If it's obvious that they've zoomed past a long line of cars and tried to cut in at the front, I am hugging the left side of the lane like a motherf*cker. Merge in behind me, jackass.
  5. Obviously postponed for now. Since the close date is June 14, I hope they will open again before closing for good.
  6. Wish I would have seen this earlier. On social media today they announced that they would open tables at Metier, and I saw at least one walk-in.
  7. My wife and I got engaged at Grapeseed, and our first date was there. But we didn't meet on DR.
  8. That dinner was sold out within seconds of the email going out. Luckily, I was able to grab a table off the waitlist at 6pm. Anyone else going?
  9. As Tim's review mentions, they don't provide much help in assembling a dry hot pot, and it's too easy to fumble the combination. But when you get it right, it's addictive.
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