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  1. Didn't you have a "pay $1/year" for a family-style meal at one point for kids? I think Zack put a hurt on you once for that.
  2. Excellent time to be in NOLA for Tales.
  3. Am I misreading (or is it a typo) that they put mayo on the sandwich?
  4. I haven't been to Big Buns since I worked in Ballston, and that was long enough ago that my lunch was Big Buns or Pupatella TRUCK. Big Buns only won when the truck wasn't there. It's only about 10 minutes drive from where I work now (7 Corners), so I'll give it a shot some day. My money is still on Mi Cuba.
  5. 8/4 is too soon. I agree with avoiding Labor Day weekend. 10/20 is fine with me, but I think any later than that and we risk non-picnic weather. I think we should either coalesce around that date, or book now for something in the Spring.
  6. I think October 13th is perfect.
  7. I will chime in that the July date is too soon, we have traditionally done Sunday to allow our industry peeps to attend, and from a weather perspective, IMO September would be preferable to August.
  8. It was on Monday. Note that while doors officially open at 5:30p, they have been opening doors at 5p.
  9. Yesterday, the US Women's Soccer team scored 13 goals against Thailand in their opening match at the World Cup. In the last four World Cup tournaments, the US Men's team has scored a COMBINED total of 12 goals.
  10. How did that happen? Here's the AP story: https://www.apnews.com/4a426c72c23d483b95b45776cfbd01cd
  11. FYI - click through from the Eater story to the AP wire story - the damning details are there.
  12. Click Seems to me like they had a number of chances to make this right, including settling, and going to court is a mistake. Even if they win, the publicity is going to suck.
  13. In Rockville, we've been going to Urban Hot Pot and Hot Pot Legend. Riverside fell behind them in quality, IMO.
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