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  1. My company had our holiday party this year at Sequoia. It was.... fine. Considering the money we spent, we're wondering if there are better options. The biggest limiting factor is size - we had 250+ this year, and expect to climb closer to 300 this year. Who can handle events of this size and still put out food that will please? Would prefer not to do it in a hotel ballroom, though a hotel restaurant would probably be acceptable.
  2. Shoot, that's the one I thought we were talking about. No idea if the place in Laurel is the same owners.
  3. Kabob N Karahi was very good when I last visited - but that was years ago.
  4. This is where we had our wedding block (and stayed ourselves for the weekend) 2+ years ago. The Marquis Lounge, if you have a room on that level or have enough Marriott status to gain access, is fantastic, and provided a great view for July 4th fireworks!
  5. FWIW, if you get on the mailing list, every December Rose's puts gift certificates for sale. With the certificate comes the ability to make a reservation.
  6. I used to volunteer, and about 5 years ago they said I couldn't volunteer anymore, because I didn't have recent fine dining employment. Unless they've relaxed the volunteer screening, most of us aren't eligible.
  7. I used to volunteer for this, but there were apparently a few incidents with inexperienced volunteers. They are now enforcing the "must have recent fine dining employment" clause of the volunteer request form.
  8. Which wasn't even enough to close them down - it's an otherwise pretty excellent review. Every restaurant has mice and bugs - you just need to keep the food safe. Which, other than a couple of minor corrected items, they were doing.
  9. I could be wrong, but I don't think they do off-site catering. I think it's meant in terms of doing a buyout at Corduroy, or an event at Baby Wale.
  10. Grabbed a pic of my last 2 leftover tamales last night. On the left, the pork, in the masa with spices. On the right, the chicken with the plain masa.
  11. I will pour some good olive oil and a sprinkle of za'atar.
  12. I thought about it after we got into the car and headed out. If you were closer, I'd say yes, but it's not expensive stuff.
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