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  1. If this is referring to Shake Shack, it's $3.09 at my local outlet, and it's a substantial pile of fries. That and a burger is more than enough for a meal.
  2. Beef Celery is probably my favorite here. I've also never had a watery order, even steamed.
  3. Question asked in Philly by Phillies fans during the first half of the 20th century: "Are you a Philles fan, or an athletic supporter?"
  4. I'm still paying $10/week for the dead tree edition (which includes digital access). Continuous subscription since September 1987.
  5. Just not on the regular rotation. There are a few things I like at both places, but pretty much only go when that item is the craving.
  6. That's the most quotable line of the movie. I love it.
  7. I agree with you on half of that - Five Guys is glop. Shake Shack, without lines, is pretty decent for a fast casual burger.
  8. Roughly in order of frequency that we go (usually once a week at one of these places) here are the places I regularly hit: Bob's Shanghai A&J China Bistro Hot Pot Legend East Pearl Xi'an Gourmet Peter Chang's Super Bowl Noodle (when it reopens) Wang Manor [technically Derwood] New Fortune (for dim sum only, technically Gaithersburg)
  9. I'm interested, but only available Sunday the 8th. That following weekend I'm already fully booked.
  10. Yes, but it was popular enough to keep going all these years. Had it not been for the fire, would have stuck around many more. I'm just saying that if there's enough business to keep Dietle's going, I'm sure Rockville could support a Chaps.
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