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  1. We landed up at Bastille, and it was perfect. She was able to order a nice salad with grilled salmon, and the only substitution she needed was to remove the croutons.
  2. I'm sure you're just trolling me at this point, since there's absolutely nothing on that menu that she can order.
  3. The Tavern is just the kind of restaurant that should work - until you carefully read the menu. Meats are almost all marinated. Side veggies are sauteed in onions, garlic, shallots, etc. Even salads have ingredients she has to ask not to be included. We could probably make it work, but it's *work*. Mexican is almost uniformly out, again because of marinated meats and onions in everything. I threw Rustico and Bastille by her, and will see what she says.
  4. They marinate all of their meats, too.
  5. I don't think so, because rubs/sauces are likely to have garlic, and the sides are all out.
  6. Taking a cousin to lunch tomorrow. She has a mid-afternoon flight out of DCA, so need something in Arlington/Alexandria/etc. - maybe within 10-15 minute drive from the airport? She has some odd medical dietary restrictions that are similar to a low-FODMAP diet. So she can have plain grilled/seasoned proteins and vegetables, but nothing marinated, no garlic/onions, no starches. For that reason, she has to avoid a lot of "ethnic" foods. She eats at a lot of steak/burger places when she eats out, or orders a salad; last night we had Greek at Kellari Taverna, and that was perfect. I'd love to take her to Jaleo, but I don't think she can navigate that menu. I know there's a Ted's Montana, Good Stuff, Legal, and McCormick & Schmick's right there, but was hoping for something more interesting. Any good ideas?
  7. Unless the Spurs do something Spursy and give away their 9 goal differential on Sunday. Given that we didn't have a stadium for more than half the season, barely had Kane for half the season, and didn't touch the last 2 transfer windows, I'm pretty satisfied with CL next season and CL semis this season. As banged up as we are, and without Kane, I don't see us getting through Ajax tomorrow, though I'll be over the moon if we do.
  8. I think so. They used to offer pickup at their farmers market appearances, but now that they're not doing those... The farm is located in Darnestown, near River and Travilah. Not sure the delivery range - he comes to me near Falls/Montrose, and charges a paltry $1/week for delivery (there might be a friends discount in my fee, not sure).
  9. Query Mill Farm CSA, in Montgomery County, has a few openings for the season. Inquire at querymillfarm@hotmail.com. They do require pay upfront for the season (30 weeks x $20/week, plus a small delivery fee if you choose delivery rather than pickup), checks preferred (no plastic). They produce a newsletter every week detailing what is coming the following week, and you have (some) ability to substitute if there's an item you don't want. I am not connected with the farm, other than having been a CSA subscriber for almost a decade. I get a grocery cloth bag full of produce every week, way more produce than my $20 would get at a farmers market or grocery store. And it's turned me on to some greens that I never would have bought on my own. The season runs from May-November (they just started this week). Query Mill Farm has been in operation in Montgomery County for nearly 40 years. They grow organically on 1 1/2 acres, but are not certified. They emphasize American heirlooms and special European and Asian varieties. They feature heirloom tomatoes, season-long lettuce, and multitude of greens. No tree fruits. While they used to sell at local farmers markets, they have recently switched to CSA-only.
  10. The Eriksen-to-Madrid story originated in a tabloid. Spurs are unlikely to sell him unless the money is huge and they have another central midfielder lined up.
  11. He started a bit over 2 months ago!
  12. My son is a senior at UMCP, and as soon as Tim's article posted he went there with some friends. Loved it, and said there were a lot of students there. (FYI - that's how old my profile avatar is - my son is the kid on the left with Flay and my daughter)
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