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  1. Someone mentioned this the other day on Facebook as well, along with East Pearl, which I had no idea had started doing dim sum. Time for some reconnaissance, methinks!
  2. I've been twice with large-ish groups, and they were very responsive when we called in advance. They'll make it work.
  3. In, possibly +1 or +2. I've been here a half dozen times. The spicy trotters are freaking amazing.
  4. Very interested. 30-Mar is tough, unless this is a lunchtime event. We're hosting dinner that night, so need lots of afternoon prep time.
  5. I think you have to create a new topic to create a poll. If you do, please do it in the Events forum rather than here.
  6. Less than 10 minutes from me, so shoot me a message if you want to get a group together.
  7. Not just low heat - Eric Ripert had a video of making scrambled eggs, and he would only leave it on low heat for 30 seconds, then take it off the burner for a bit, then back on the burner, stirring the whole time, repeat until done.
  8. That's a tough draw for my Spurs. At least we spanked ManU at Old Trafford on Monday!
  9. Keith is a professional sci-fi/fantasy author who was done a number of media tie-ins over the years. He's one of the in-house media reviewers for the publishing house Tor. Besides current movies/shows, they contract him to re-review seminal sci-fi shows and movies, such as TOS, TNG, DS9, the Trek movies, etc. I've known him for more than 25 years. When my first kid was born, Keith named a character after him in the book he was working on at the time, a Spider-Man tie-in novel. Keith has forgotten more about the Marvel universe than I will ever know.
  10. My daughter was in a couple of shows at the fabulous Venus Theatre, just up C Street from LMM. Whenever I give directions to people, I say, if they're coming from the east, turn right at the cow.
  11. I've been a couple of times, but didn't realize it was the same people from Panda Gourmet. Good stuff.
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