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  1. Sad to announce: the Wisconsin Ave location is closing at the end of June. After a 25 year lease, the rent is "too damn high"
  2. Does anyone have an opinion on (or experience with) "ugly food" companies (e.g., Imperfect Produce, Hungry Harvest)? Yes, I fell for the click-bait: I'm expecting my first box this week. Wish I had found the TNR article before signing up. It raises some good points. However, for me, it's an affordable supplement for CSA during winter months. Thoughts? Comments? Feedback?
  3. I had a really great experience at Siroc recently. It's a small space, but able to accommodate groups: there were two large groups while my party of 5 dined. The food was excellent and reasonably priced. ~ louise
  4. Oops! I done goofed. Again. I mis-labeled some vacuum sealed ribs: I can't tell if they are beef back or pork ribs. (Definitely not short ribs.) Because they are seasoned differently, I need to figure out what type of ribs these are. The ribs are about 5" long. There is a silver skin that I had cut, before I sealed them. (Do pork ribs have silver skin?)
  5. Okay"¦ I goofed. I bought home a rather large bunch of parsley (rather than basil) for a green goddess chicken recipe. What to do with all this parsley?
  6. I'm cooking up a pot of beans. I'm out of carrots; can I use the carrot tops -- the green leafy things -- as an aromatic? If so, do I sauté them, or just throw them in the pot?
  7. Tofu: one recipe calls for blanching the tofu in boiling water for 30 seconds; the other: simmer while the rest of the ingredients are prepped. Both are alternatives to the "drain and press" method. I really liked the texture of the blanched and pan-fried tofu in a mushroom and mustard greens dish. My question: why does blanching tofu draw out excess moisture more effectively than draining and pressing? It seems counterintuitive.
  8. [OMG! I've been away far too long! DR is giving cooking advice??!! Did hell freeze over as well??!! I've got nothing else to say.]
  9. Can this meal be saved? Last month I portioned, and vacuum sealed, fresh pasta. Tonight, I cooked one of those portions, according to the instructions - fresh or frozen, 2 to 3 minutes in boiling water. Although the potion sat at room temperature for 10 minutes or so, when I dropped it in the boiling water it did not separate. I stirred and gave it 2 more minutes. Still one big clump. I then put the clump into the sauce, to simmer for 2 min. Again, one big clump. Turned off the heat, covered the pan with sauce, and waited 3 minutes this time. Guess what? One big clump! I've cooked frozen,
  10. Alas, I will not be hosting Thanksgiving this year. However, after countless hours sifting through cookbooks and magazines and web pages, I present to you my imaginary Thanksgiving menu. Appetizers: Pork, shrimp and cabbage raviolis; Wasabi deviled eggs Salad: Lettuce mix with avocado dressing and pistachios Main: Turkey roulade "“ stuffed with sage sausage, chard, and walnuts; tea brined, roasted turkey thighs Sides: Ore Ida tater tots"¦ 'cause it's my menu and I can have anything I want; sweet potato biscuits with clover honey; Momofuku's Brussels sprouts; homemade apple chutney Des
  11. I'm meeting friends for dinner on Monday. Last positive review was 2011. Should we reconsider? (If so, craving Asian in Farragut North/West area. Suggestions?)
  12. I was recently gifted a bottle of coffee syrup. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I'm at a loss on how to use this... other than in beverages. Any suggestions on how I can use this, maybe as a marinade or glaze for pork or poultry or beef? (A quick Google search yielded recipes for coffee syrup, not on recipes that use the darn thing.) ~ louise
  13. LTC Mark M. Weber. You fought the good fight; you finished the race. RIP From his CaringBridge journal:
  14. Beef short ribs question: Although I had a great braising liquid -- Asian flavors -- I couldn't get over how greasy they were. (It's not the gravy/sauce that I'm complaining about; it's the meat that left a shiny puddle on the plate.) I was thinking: what if I parboiled the beef ribs? I did a quick internet search and almost every source says that's a no-no. Then I thought... ... what if I roasted the beef short ribs prior to braising? Say for 30 minutes in a 350 oven, then add the braising liquid and finish it off. My thinking: the short, initial cooking would render the fat (much more than
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