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  1. How was the peanut sauce? I am planning a noodle, veg, and maybe some leftover chicken dish and want to use peanut sauce. I like LOTS of peanut sauce. I think most sesame/peanut noodle dishes are under sauced. And I am looking for a new sauce recipe.
  2. Yesterday was grill night. Pork chops, brussels sprouts, carrots, summer squash all grilled. Salad and angel biscuits. And buttermilk ice cream and blueberry thing (yes, the recipe says blackberries, but I was out) for dessert. It makes him sooooo happy to be able to grill. Tonight I am trying to use up some of the pork roast from last week by making it into a shepherd's pie kind of thing. Blanched some broccoli, sautéed some fennel, mixed them into the leftover pork apple onion thing. Topped with mashed potatoes. We will see how it comes out. It's getting hot now. Also salad, and leftove
  3. Were it not for Jacques, I would be the only one able to make edible food here. When we got married, the husband could make meatloaf, hot dogs, and something he called "casserole." "Casserole" is pasta, generally elbow macaroni, with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella, baked. Of those things, hot dogs are the only ones I enjoy, and you can only eat so many of those. But then he watched Jacques on PBS. And then he wanted to make an olive stuffed leg of lamb. (I hate olives and do not much like lamb. Thank god for friends who are willing to eat experimental cooking!) So he made a stuffed l
  4. Dried mushrooms are amazing. I first used them not that long ago in this mushroom bread pudding recipe and now I am hooked. (And while trying to plan Christmas presents this year, we decided that my sister in law, who cooks a lot and loves mushrooms, is getting a box of assorted dried mushrooms. Ordered them and picked them up at the farm market. Now just need to wrap them and get them to her by December.)
  5. It's Sunday. But it's raining. So no grill night. Instead, pork loin in the crock pot with apples and rosemary. It was tasty, but too dry. Harvest grain bread from Ravenhook. CORN ON THE COB! (Pleitez, at the Petworth Farm Market, had a small little last batch of corn that they had harvested this week.) Salad. Later, cherry cheesecake brownies. (Hey, I had to use up the leftover cherry pie filling I made last weekend somehow!) Last night was delicious takeout from Purple Patch. Mezcalero takeout the night before.
  6. The lasagna was pretty amazing. Fennel is a pain - I have the worst time dealing with the core. It's one of the things I always use the mandoline for.
  7. I miss parties too. I love parties. (My yard is small, so only so many people in covid times.) I cannot wait until I can have parties again. Give me an excuse... Apple Bars 1 cup flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon soda 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup butter 2 1/2 cups sliced tart apples 2 Tablespoons butter 1/3 cup white sugar sift flour with salt, soda, and brown sugar. mix in oats. cut in butter until crumbly. Press 1/2 mixture into 7x11 pan (? Really? never heard of such a size. I use a 6x9 or an 8x8. Don't r
  8. I have had more luck turning those kinds of fruit into crumbles.
  9. Well, as usual, Sunday was grill night. Porterhouse. Potatoes. Salad. Yellow Squash. Carrots. Leftover cupcakes. Leftover broccoli slaw. Leftover brioche rolls. Oh, I had leftover cupcakes, rolls, and slaw because Saturday was also grill night. A friend has a round number birthday coming soon. So, we celebrated in our back yard. A few weeks early, in case it starts getting too cold to eat outside. Firepit was lit all afternoon and evening. We went to German Gourmet, and got a variety of brats, and cheeses, and salads. And Oktoberfest beer. I have to say, next time I will make the carrot s
  10. Tonight was eat more from the freezer night. While the salad and the pecan raisin bread were not from the freezer, the gorgonzola and pear ravioli were. Those were tasty with their butter and sage and wine sauce and some pecans. (recipe said walnuts, but I was out.) Quite tasty.
  11. Yesterday was grill day. Chicken thighs marinated with the last of the Cajun Power Garlic Sauce!, the last of our shishitos, carrots with olive oil and chili powder, acorn squash with olive oil and sunny spain spice for him. Also salad and 7 grain bread from Le Caprice. Miso strawberry ice cream and snickerdoodles for dessert. So, progress on eating down both the fridge and the freezer! (Freezer is WAY too full!) Tonight is a freezer night. Well, the salad isn't from the freezer. But the white bean and Kale soup is! Also grilled cheese sandwiches on raisin pecan bread from Raven Hook, wit
  12. Tonight is salad, and gingered carrot latkes with apple salsa (from Epicurious). Later, angel food jelly roll with vanilla ice cream. (Trying to use up jam. There is quite the backlog here. Ideas gratefully accepted.)
  13. Grilling night! Sadly, there is no more corn at the farm market. It is apparently done for the year. And I think that tonight's shishito peppers from the plants in the back yard may also be the last ones of the year. But we had some! So, pork chops and peaches grilled (NYT recipe), shishito peppers charred on the grill, salad, cornbread, yellow summer squash for him (probably the last of the year). Later, vanilla ice cream and jam thumbprint cookies. Oh, he also charred up some lovely anaheim peppers for me, and I turned them into chilis rellenos for the freezer with cheese, sal
  14. That's a really good recipe. I like to serve it with buttermilk ice cream. (I use the BI-Rite Creamery recipe.)
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