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  1. Tonight I made pie for tomorrow. It is cherry. The juice all ran down behind the crust, and I think it is welded into the pie plate now. I am not sure what to do. Make another pie? Don't really have time for that - would have to be a very simple pie. Make something else? Chip it out of the plate when we serve it? I hate it when this happens. I also made pate for tomorrow. That seems perfect.
  2. We get occasional deliveries from South Mountain. They used to come to the Columbia Heights farm market, and we miss them there very much. Delivery is NOT as convenient, as they have a different, more limited list of items for delivery. But there are some things... Ice cream! Now that they have bought Trickling Springs and added their ice cream recipes, they have added a few of my favorites, including gingerbread. So good. And we did manage to get a pint of that in the delivery a few weeks ago. I hope that some day they come back to the market.
  3. Ran up here last Friday night, as the Obsidian Castle was on, and we needed to drink some on draft, and get a six for home. Beer as good as ever, and the service remains stellar. I can't wait until they allow seating at the bar again, but no other complaints. And I understand it, I just miss the bar.
  4. Quarry House again last Friday. And again, heading out to Silver Branch to drink, but wanted better food. So, burgers etc. at Quarry House, along with some good beer (happy hour, so nice prices too). And whisky for the whisky girl. Really, the service, the beer list, and the whisky list are great. And for bar food, it's very very good.
  5. Working on eating down the freezer, so that there is room for Thanksgiving stuff! So lots of repeats. Also, running around like crazy people, so making lots of simple dinners. Boring.
  6. So, dinner at the bar here on 11/10. Birthday celebration. (Following a funeral for a friend. Ping pong birthday!) Service as perfect as ever. Started with cocktails. He had a wolfhound, El Guion for me. Apps were Oeuf en Meurette for me and La Ratte potato confit for him. Then the chicken (naturally). And the delicious delicious delicious parker house rolls. The wine was a Tortochot Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles (don't remember the vintage) on the recommendation of the sommelier. (We always go for the advice when we are there. So many wines, so little knowledge on our part. We are never disappointed.) Split a roasted white chocolate ganache tart for dessert. Well, I ate most of it. He was pretty full. Delicious dessert wine to go with it, but can't remember what. Again, on their recommendation. It was not a Sauterne, but done in that style. So good. Anyhow, I would eat a LOT of those desserts too. This place remains amazing. (I want to go here for Christmas eve. Planning to call tomorrow, but I think it is already sold out. Was waiting to see if our dinner companions were in for dining inside. Oh well. Next year.)
  7. OK, so this was so cool. I want to go again, but don't have a super-highlevel membership, so I can't get more preview tickets. Will have to wait for it to open. The latest mirror room, lanterns, was just amazing. Everything was great, but I really wanted a LOT more time in that room. (Total aside. The boy has always been very traditional about candy canes. They must be peppermint, and they MUST be red and white. At Giant the other day, there were funfetti candy canes. White, with multicolored polka dots. We looked at each other, said "Obliteration candy canes!" And bought them.)
  8. Where did you find the Foretal? I can't STAND the Nouveau but the boy loves it. And so at Rodman's the other day, I got him 2 - the Domaine Manoir Du Carra and Henri Fesse. He hasn't cracked them yet. He also has some Georges DeBouf, but I don't just dislike that, I find it revolting. Anyhow, he would enjoy another one to try.
  9. More chicken tonight - this time with apricots and pistachios. This recipe is going in the rotation. Also, salad. And english muffins. Will be finishing the lemon blueberry cheesecake for dessert.
  10. And finally, this is opening soon! We have preview tickets for next Wednesday. Can't wait!
  11. I made a stop at Rocklands the other day, and noticed a new tea places next door. Moge Tee. Didn't get a chance to try it this time. Will have to plan a side to that side of town when I can get tea.
  12. We also have T-Mobile, specifically for the international coverage. Happy with it. If you are over 55, they have a very good senior deal. We got it as SOON as one of us turned 55. 2 lines, unlimited data, overseas coverage. Sign up for automatic payment, $70 a month. I don't know about their phone deals. We bought our phones through Apple. AARP - again, we signed up as soon as one of us turned 50. Travel discounts are the major selling point for us. I understand they also have good deals on things like insurance. A friend has gotten lots of good advice on legal matters surrounding aging from them for free.
  13. Once, I had a party to celebrate the beginning of spring training. We watched "Damn Yankees," and made and ate LOTS of baseball food. (Dogs. Caramel corn with peanuts. Pretzels. And beer too.) Once again, we've been cooking, but I keep not getting here to post! A friend has been staying with us while her house was getting renovated. So, she left. She does not like mushrooms. So tonight, chicken and mushrooms in a sour cream sauce over mashed potatoes. Very tasty. Also salad. Later, leftover lemon blueberry cheesecake that was made for a birthday party for a friend this weekend. So tasty.
  14. I have made them at home, but the Pretzel Bakery is very very good. And a lot easier.
  15. Tonight was another new recipe - Beans and sausage. Quite tasty. Also, salad.
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