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  1. Old people too! I am already a bit stir crazy.
  2. The chicken was as amazing as ever. The potatoes were good, as was the salad. It traveled very well, and heated back up beautifully. Unpack it as soon as you get home so the salad doesn't get too hot. There was no bread available when I ordered either. So I made an expedition across the park to Bread Furst, and we had a nice baguette with dinner. Ginger molasses cookies. So good. I thought I made good ginger molasses cookies. Oh, I have a new level to aspire to now.
  3. Thank you all! I posted this after checking Kinship and finding them sold out. Apparently, folks cancelled. I managed to get a dinner pickup slot from Kinship tonight! So, chicken, fizzy wine, and cookies. My husband is so excited. Roast chicken is his favorite meal, and this is his favorite roast chicken! Sadly, bread was sold out, but I can find something for that. My favorite bakery is closed for now, but maybe something else. Or maybe I will make parker house rolls this afternoon. Can't compete with theirs though! I'll be using these other ideas too. I fear a long time without restaurant meals.
  4. I still won't eat meatballs with pasta. But I love love love meatball subs. I also like kazhak meatballs with cherries on flat bread. But I do not want them on pasta.
  5. Hey folks, I'm looking for thoughts on nice places that are doing takeout. Thursday is our anniversary. I had a plan! Kusuma exhibit at the Hirshhorn. Nice lunch somewhere, probably the bar at Central. Building museum for the afternoon. Then a good place to sit at a bar and watch opening day baseball with dinner. Clearly, this is not happening. Not any of it. At least, not this week. We could make a nice dinner, but we are doing an awful lot of cooking at home, and miss eating out already. So, thoughts? We live in Petworth. I would prefer to keep it in the city, or at least not too inconvenient from here. Pickup is probably better than delivery. I don't eat seafood, but he does.
  6. Make vacherins to serve the ice cream in? I use the recipe in Jacques Pepin's techniques book, and make them the right size to serve one scoop of ice cream.
  7. I like to make ice cream. I have a lot of extra egg whites. I freeze them in an ice cube tray. They last a long time and thaw fairly quickly. If you like Ramos Gin Fizzes.. Swiss meringue buttercream. Meringues. Angel food cake (I prefer chocolate). Pavlova. Macarons. Here, useful roundups of recipes to use egg whites from David Lebovitz The Washington Post
  8. AGH! There is an ice cream truck that parks at the rec center down the street from me. I hate it. I can sing its entire song, and I hate it so.
  9. Cinder took the space on Upshur where our much-missed neighborhood wine bar, Ruta del Vino, was. It is, in my opinion, not very good. Also, it's Romper Room in there most of the time.
  10. This makes me insane. I take thyroid meds. I NEED them. But no, I can't refill until I am almost out. And so, vacations require groveling to the insurance company to get the refills a week early. And emergencies don't exist in their world.
  11. They are lovely - they have been vendors at the Columbia Heights farm market for years. They don't bring the cider to CH, but you can get it at Each Peach in Mt P.
  12. Jolly Scot from Appalachian Brewing in Gettysburg. Sometimes you can find it around here in bottles. It is nice.
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