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  1. Their cherries have added sugar, or at least they did last time I looked.
  2. Well, I would say they had been pitted. As to additives, I have never seen them with anything added so I have no idea on that. What would they add?
  3. Hey folks - I'm looking for dried cherries, preferably dried sour cherries, that are not sweetened. I generally get them at Mediterranean Bakery, but they were out this weekend, and this has happened more and more lately. Yekta carries them, but their dried cherries still have pits in them, and that won't work for me. So, thoughts? Thanks!
  4. I saw that at an AFI preview, with RBG (and Justice Stevens) in attendance. It was amazing.
  5. Thanks! Although, thinking about it a bit more, he did come from the Big Hunt, which was still fairly new at that point. So, no surprise he kept up the beer thing that Deneen had started.
  6. Pierce's, Elmira NY, now long gone. My grandfather and his wife took me, along with my second sister, there when we were about 10, I think. Our first experience with fine dining, and our favorite thing was the dessert cart!
  7. This will mean I don't eat dogs at the park any more. They were the same price as the nasty NatsDogs, but I found them much better. They were usually hot!
  8. Bedrock had a small, and good, selection of craft beer before that. I remember when Brian Harrison was the new manager there, long before the Reef, and the beer selection at Bedrock was already decent before he got there.
  9. Huh. My grandfather, a first generation German American, taught me how to make potato pancakes. And he is the only person I have ever known besides me, and he taught me, to put sugar and sour cream on potato pancakes. Although, I like applesauce as a side.
  10. Panama is on my list - my great-grandfather is buried there, as it my great-uncle. They and my grandfather worked on the canal. (As did another great-uncle who is buried in PA. Also, my great-grandmother lived there. Seems they all went and some came back.) I want to see the canal, and the cemetery. You've been before? And enjoyed it enough to go again?
  11. In the December Giant grocery magazine, they had a recipe for eggnog cheesecake. It was surprisingly good, made exactly to the recipe. The crust was imperfect, so next time I will tweak it. Too thick. In reading it, and cooking it, I thought, perhaps I should take my Lindy's cheesecake recipe and just swap out the crust for a gingersnap crust, and the heavy cream for eggnog. I think I will try that next year.
  12. We were there for dinner on Saturday - 2 of the 4 of us had birthdays this week, and we celebrated. The food was great. The service (the upstairs bar, with bartender Zach, who we love) was great. And the cider was as good as always.
  13. It seems that they have closed/are closing. I'm not sure why, but I shall miss them. We were there for happy hour on Friday, and heard from some staff that Saturday would be their last day. No confirmation from management, or elsewhere yet.
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