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  1. Takeout again. Pickup was a lot more efficient than last time. And once again, leftovers will make multiple lunches. Chicken Fatteh for me again, mixed kabob for him again, and garlic hummus for apps. And of course, salad, but that was house made. In discussion with the friends we coordinate takeout with, we determined that their online ordering page is one of the best in town right now. Clean. Easy to use. Allows for scheduling pickup time. Confirms everything, including pickup location, before finalizing. Allows for special requests, which are reviewed and responded to. (On we
  2. I never had either, until we went to AV for the first time. We had heard about the white pizza and wanted to eat it. White pizza for apps. Then mains. And here was this thing I had never heard of and it had chicken liver! I had to have it. So tasty. NYT has a good recipe, as does Lidia.
  3. It's on the list for next week. Thank you! Tonight was leftover meatball subs. Still tasty.
  4. Spaghetti Caruso, salad, focaccia. Cheap red wine. OK, not really spaghetti Caruso. Linguini. The end of a jar of red sauce, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed chicken livers. But tasty! Oh, that sounds tasty. Do you make it? What else is on it?
  5. Salad again. I made a new salad dressing, and am enjoying it. Then, meatball subs! This meant a trip to Litteri's this afternoon for sub rolls. Well, sub roll. Those are big rolls. So we split one. I always enjoy trips to Litteri's.
  6. Yes. Pigs in a blanket is one of his favorite snacks and he doesn’t get it often.
  7. Some days when you are working on eating down the freezer, you eat weird things. Salad, of course. But then, we had found some tiny sausages, frozen, having been intended for pigs in a blanket for a party that had not happened. So, pigs in a blanket for dinner! Why not? And the boy rejoiced. The ice cream repair came out fairly well. And with brownies, it was extra good.
  8. You sound like both my mother and my husband. I have a thing for Dairy Queen myself, but they both want BK if we are eating fast food. (I kinda have a weakness for ice cream. And onion rings. BK only has one of those.) (I note, my mother no longer eats red meat, so not a thing any more there.) When I was a kid, I used to like a place called Carrol's. It was a very upstate NY thing. They had very distinctive architecture and cool cartoon glasses. My husband had never heard of it. Several years ago, we stopped at a Burger King somewhere in MD. It looked like a Carrol's to me. A bit of
  9. Oh how I wish. If so, I would eat dessert there ALL the time! No, they call them "Fontina Zepploe," and they are described as "Italian Fritters, green onion, tomato jam." They are quite tasty, but not like those.
  10. Have to say, Nick didn't give exact proportions. He just said to make a cranberry simple syrup, infuse it with some spices (he was using star anise), and then use a splash of it in the glass, top with sparkling wine, float a star anise. My advice, based on having made it after some research: do a 1:1 ratio of sugar to water. Cook with cranberries, but not too long because they are FULL of pectin, and you don't want your syrup to gel. Both of these recipes should work well.
  11. Years ago, when Ray's the Classics first opened I think? Maybe a year or two into it? Anyhow, one December quite a while ago, Nick had this cranberry champagne cocktail on the menu. It had a cranberry simple syrup, sparkling wine (I think it was a prosecco? They had a nice prosecco), and a star anise floating on top. It was quite tasty. I was so sad that it never made a comeback. I made him tell me how to make it so I could have it again.
  12. Takeout from here again on Friday. We had the zeppole for apps. I had chicken wings - they are lemon garlic, and quite tasty. The boy had "Red Wine Campanella," which is described as, "braised short rib, bacon lardons, mushrooms, caramelized onion, pecorino" All tasty. Really, the major lack here is dessert. I am always sorry that the dessert is rarely worth eating. (I hear the tiramisu is good, but I do not like coffee in my tiramisu so that doesn't work for me.)
  13. Takeout again last night - this remains one of our regular takeout spots. Lumpia. Tocino. Chicken adobo. We didn't get wine last night, but the wine is well priced. We just already had enough here. I look forward to eating here again when we can eat out again.
  14. Salad. Fried chicken stuff. Biscuits. It was good! Later there will be brownies, and experimental frozen peppermint stuff. It was homemade vanilla ice cream with smashed up peppermint candy. Sadly, the cream appeared to be less thick than usual, so... it was very icy. So today I got (another brand of) cream, whipped it, softened the ice cream, and whipped it into the whipped cream, and put it back into the freezer. We will see how it came out.
  15. Tonight was, as ever, salad. Then, due to a vegetable box containing (nasty!) chard, we had potato, sausage, kale (kale replaced with chard) skillet. And it made the chard edible, and was pretty tasty.
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