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  1. Takeout from Purple Patch tonight - we've done this several times during this mess. It travels well, and I love them, so am happy to support them. Even the lumpia do OK - usually have to pop them in the toaster oven to recrisp, but still tasty.
  2. Pizza. Brie, blue cheese, caramelized onions, rosemary, cherries, and basil. I love cherry season.
  3. That is very similar to my 2 favorite chocolate ice cream recipes, both from David Lebovitz. One with raspberries, one with peanut butter. Yes, I live with someone who does not love plain chocolate ice cream, and I love both of these, so it works.. Both recipes are from "The Perfect Scoop." They are online a number of places. Here is the raspberry one. Here is the PB one.
  4. It was a relocation. Got takeout from here the other day. I had a craving for Chinese food, and this one is vaguely convenient. It was fine, but that's about it. I need a convenient, tasty option for Chinese food. All the Peter Chang places are further away than I wanted to drive on Saturday.
  5. saf

    Wardman Park Hotel

    I am too. We have had takeout from there several times recently. Still good.
  6. saf

    Wardman Park Hotel

    Wow. My dad used to stay there sometimes when he came to town for work. I'd go over and visit him, and we would eat either at Mama Ayesha's or (his favorite) New Heights. I liked it better when he stayed there than when he stayed at the Hinkley Hilton. Once Cafe Petitio closed anyhow. I liked getting treated to dinner at New Heights.
  7. My first try with that base was also gummy. Later tries were much better. Still don't know what I did to that first one though.
  8. Those are the best. Lately, the Columbia Heights Giant has been carrying those!
  9. Paris - a number of places. Kenya - also a number of places, including half of the bathrooms in the home I was staying in (a college friend's parents' place.) Paris was a first place the husband had ever seen what some folks call Turkish toilets, and others call Indian toilets (my friend in Kenya was Indian.) He was astounded by them.
  10. We got lunch from Buna the other day. Nice coffee house at Georgia and Allison. The husband has been going up there every morning for coffee since the closer coffee places have been closed. Gets him a good walk and a good coffee. Nice place. We didn't go much before, because there were closer convenient good coffee shops. Harrar is still my favorite, but they have been closed. Qualia is closer, but they have been closed. Anyhow, he likes their coffee. I've been getting my Saturday latte there too. And every time we are in there together, we look at the menu and say we should try the food. Friday was his day off. So we got lunch. They have a breakfast menu, a sandwich menu, and some Ethiopian specialities. He had a kitfo sandwich. Said it was delicious and quite spicy. I had vegetable rolls - injera with spinach, split peas, and lentils. Very very good. I would eat those again in a second.
  11. Beau Thai, Mt Pleasant, again tonight. Spring rolls, Shrimp and Garlic sauce for him, Pad Thai with tofu for me. Very tasty. And again, the line was well managed, and everything went smoothly.
  12. Didn't wanna cook tonight - tamales out of the freezer. Got to free up some freezer space and use the end of last week's pineapple salsa. Tomorrow I am going to make pizza with garlic scape pesto. Need to find that pesto recipe!
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