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  1. Sorry, by Fresh Fields I meant Whole Foods - I always forget that they merged and changed names. I have been to 2 locations, the husband has been to another one. P Street and Old Town know what I mean, but don't know when it will be back in stock. Friendship Heights looked at me like I was nuts and had never heard of it.
  2. Here I am again, looking for food that I have bought in the past, but can't find any more. Fresh Fields used to have a baked lemon ricotta. It was lightly sweet, and quite tasty. They no longer have it, and don't know when it will be back. Trader Joe's apparently carries it at Christmas. But I want it now. Bower's doesn't have it. Yes! doesn't have it. Cork is attempting to find it for me. I have not yet been to Wegman's. Need to make time to get to the burbs. Anyone familiar with this and know where I can find it, or how I can make it? I have found it online, but really prefer to purchase locally. Thanks!
  3. Email the Nats and let them know. I don't use credit for entertainment if possible, and have handled it by purchasing FAR less at the park this year, and last year when it began. Perhaps that explains the faster lines - surely we aren't the only ones.
  4. I liked that place, but the New Orleans Cafe, around the corner from the emporium, was my preferred place of those 2.
  5. Another one bites the dust - Good Silver is gone, replaced by something from new owners called "The Queen's English."
  6. it seems that this place has closed. (Looking for a place to eat in VA, which is a foreign country to me....)
  7. We were at the bar last night one last time. This will really cramp our style. Where to go now that is walkable, with decent food, good beer, and Nats on tv? I don't know. And oh how we shall miss our bartenders.
  8. Thank you! I shall have to figure out where this place is and get there.
  9. Nope - they only have sweetened dried cherries. And not tart cherries either.
  10. Thanks! I found dried unsweetened bing cherries at the Takoma Park Co-Op this weekend. Not as good as sour cherries, but will do, so I got them. I'll have to go look at Trader Joe's next time I am near one.
  11. Their cherries have added sugar, or at least they did last time I looked.
  12. Well, I would say they had been pitted. As to additives, I have never seen them with anything added so I have no idea on that. What would they add?
  13. Hey folks - I'm looking for dried cherries, preferably dried sour cherries, that are not sweetened. I generally get them at Mediterranean Bakery, but they were out this weekend, and this has happened more and more lately. Yekta carries them, but their dried cherries still have pits in them, and that won't work for me. So, thoughts? Thanks!
  14. I saw that at an AFI preview, with RBG (and Justice Stevens) in attendance. It was amazing.
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