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  1. I love this place. I do wish they were a little better at letting you know when the downstairs tap room is/isn't open. Too many times I have gotten there to discover that it is closed for a private event. I don't particularly like the patio, and the upstairs bar is so small. Oh, but I love the beer!
  2. If you get off at L'Enfant and exit at the Maryland ave exit, you can get on the free Wharf shuttle. Runs every 10 minutes.
  3. That's probably what I want. Will have to find someone with a Costco membership. Thanks!
  4. I'm sorry. We've been in several times in both locations, and chatted with you, although I have never actually told you I was from here. (Seemed inappropriate.) We have enjoyed it every time, and wish we had managed to get in more often.
  5. OK, we ended up at Hank's Pasta Bar and it was OK, but we probably won't return. Just wasn't that good. But, one of us really wanted to try it, so... Thanks for the suggestions. I think we will end up out there again and will be using some of these ideas.
  6. And this is, of course, where we ended up because one of the group really wanted to try it. Good drinks, OK food, good service. The al dente was far more dente than either of us like. Also, why have places stopped giving you something to put your water glass on? It sweats all over, especially this time of year. Excellent gelato. We won't bother with it again though. Not like we get to VA often, so next time we will try somewhere else.
  7. Thank you. The only place of hers I have been to is Twisted Horn/Hank's Cocktail bar, and clearly that has been a while.
  8. Has anyone been to Hank's Pasta bar lately? That's been highly recommended elsewhere.
  9. Hey folks - we have to meet someone for dinner in Old Town on Wednesday. Is there any place worth eating there these days? And not too terribly expensive? Any food is good, although I don't eat seafood and don't much like Japanese food (except ramen). Suggestions? Thanks!
  10. I had the papusas last Saturday, with a friend. We got one order of chicken, and one of pork and shared. They were tasty, although pricey for what they were. $9 for 2, with the little thing of cabbage salad. We would have them again. They were good enough that I am going to try their tamales (Oh, how I love tamales) next time. We've also been stopping on the way in at the Rocklands pop up outside the park. Very good.
  11. I don't know about returning it - I might, especially what they cost right now. I have returned veg without any trouble. It seemed worth it. But that is exactly why I no longer even try to buy avocado at regular grocery stores. I am glad that I live close to a number of Central American grocery stores. They tend to have better avocados. They seem to be stored better. The first cherries of the season hit my farm market this weekend. They are quite good.
  12. Oh, Ploughman is so tasty. If you go to the fest, drink some!
  13. So, after much searching, I found a recipe. In Italian. Thank god for translation apps! Not quite what I remember, but very very close. I am going to tweak with it a bit, but it worked well enough to be delicious with strawberries last night.
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