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  1. Tab Hunter - one of my mother's favorites, although best known as Joe Hardy.
  2. I used to eat at Negril a lot when it was on 18th Street. It was good. And cheap! I was so young and SOOOOO broke then. I like rotis. When they have bone-in chicken, it can be a problem, especially when badly hacked up. A skill I never developed. Also, a skill that the folks at Teddy's Rotis never developed.
  3. I often find this situation in Caribbean and Indian places too. So frustrating. Meat on the bone is fine. Hacked up random bits of meat and bone are just annoying.
  4. Aside from her intermittent issues with FoH staff.... It was such a neighborhood place. So many of us got to know each other there - new and long-time neighbors. I so miss it.
  5. I have to admit we have several places like this - mostly because we live right up the street from the 11th Street blob of restaurants so we are down there a lot. Domku used to be our Cheers. How I miss Domku!
  6. saf


    I go to Silver Spring to get them. Saturday, 3 farms had them.
  7. Jhoon Rhee died the other day. Nils Lofgren wrote the jingle for the TV ad for Rhee's Tae Kwon Do studios. (He was a student there.) Nobody bothers me!
  8. saf

    New Orleans, LA

    I don't eat seafood, so I can't testify personally, but the dining companion says "Get with the "Ocean" sauce."
  9. saf


    Thank you! I'll be trying this.
  10. saf


    That's fascinating, and I would like to try doing that. Recipe? Or instructions?
  11. saf

    New Orleans, LA

    Last time we were there (11/16), we were told they were going to have to move - the museum owns the building, and uses the upstairs for storage. They apparently have decided that archives and restaurants should not share a building. They were looking for new space at the time. In the meantime, try Adolfo's, on Frenchman, above the Apple Barrel.
  12. saf

    One More Time?

    Just saw this - I'll ask a question.
  13. I have many issues with this. This is the only decent pizza that I can get delivered. Now what am I going to do?
  14. I think he just hasn't updated the page. Columbia Heights store is indeed gone, Kennedy Street was open on Saturday.
  15. We ate at the bar last night. So going to miss this place. I have a thing for movies, so the ability to go to the Silver and then have a good, affordable dinner has been great. Love the food, love the staff and will miss Nick and Elliot so very much.