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  1. Lettuce arrived overnight. And so... salad. And BLTs! Later, ice cream. Working on making space in the tiny fridge/freezer.
  2. At the game on Sunday, back in our own seats. Our other 2 did not go, so we filled one seat with another friend, and had one empty seat. Had the semi-usual "Excuse me, you are in our seats." "No, these are ours." "No, this is 308." "Oh, sorry. Which way is 309?" exchange with folks when we arrived. Dudes, we have had these seats for 10+ years. We know where we sit. Beer - stella. Plain, fine. Dogs. I like them less every time. This time they were hot though! Still, total salt bombs, and NO ONIONS yet again. Brought in water. Next time, I will go back to bringing in food. Luckily, I
  3. So, tonight. Chicken with herbs and lemon - simple, and tasty. Also, some bread. No salad. Why? So, Saturday night we came home from a wonderful dinner. Went to the fridge to get a drink. The fridge was a bit warm. It had been making click noises... I should have realized. So it appears that the fridge is dead (again.) Luckily for us, last time it died, we got a small (not dorm sized, but not full sized) fridge for the basement. So, up and down the stairs we go carrying as much of the food as we could stuff into the downstairs fridge. Luckily, only had to trash about 20% of fridge content
  4. Saturday night, a return to the bar at Kinship. Trying to make up for 2 missed anniversary dinners, several missed birthday dinners, and a planned Christmas Eve dinner. And as ever, so very tasty! We started with drinks, a "split tail" for him and a Mai Tai for me. Then he had soft shell crab appetizer while I had ricotta dumplings with poached asparagus and artichokes. For dinner we had the "For the Table" ribeye (usually his roasted chicken obsession means that we end up with the chicken. I am okay with that!) and a bottle of Piedrasassi, Rim Rock, Arroyo Grande Valley (I love sommelier
  5. I would be really happy to eat at your house.
  6. I'm interested, but a bit intimidated. I would try to go!
  7. Went for dinner again last night - 4 of us, sat inside this time. Drank a lot of cider, tried the Rose Gin and Tonic, ate a bunch of different food. Made reservations to go at least one more time before they have to close. Really, it is so sad. But the food is still good, and the cider is still good.
  8. Tonight was easy dinner night - cleaners came today, and we hate to make the kitchen gross so quickly! So, salad and pork buns. Pork buns made from leftover crockpot pulled pork that we pulled out of the freezer. The recipe uses frozen bread dough, but I just made this bread dough. Assembled and baked them over the weekend, popped them into the freezer. They nuke well straight out of the freezer. Quite tasty. Later, ice cream.
  9. Huh, can't find a topic for this. Well, it isn't exactly a restaurant. it's a beer garden with some food. Good beer that regularly rotates. So, last night we wanted out. Early Nats game, nice weather, let's walk down to the beer garden for some baseball, beer, and bar food. So, a few innings of baseball, some nice beer, and a "Beer Garden Platter," which is 2 brats with kraut, mustard, and onions (he gets my kraut. Bleah cabbage.), and a giant pretzel with mustard and cheese sauce for dipping. Nice evening. https://midlandsdc.com
  10. Asparagus season is coming to an end, so pile it on for as long as we can! Tonight was omelettes with goat cheese, mushrooms, and asparagus. Also salad and toast. Strawberry season may be running down too. So I made more infused vermouth for strawberry spritzes this weekend, and tonight the last of this week's strawberries will be on top of ice cream again.
  11. Us too. We also have quarter season tickets. The baseball obsessed one that I live with always buys the full postseason package, figuring we can always sell what we don't need. (He was right about that!) We went to every game of that post season, although our other 2 ticket-pod folks only went to some. What a run that was!
  12. I love this place. We went there for my MA graduation celebration, when they were still in the hotel. I think we went the first time for an anniversary celebration, and just keep going back. We also eat most often at the bar (although not always the bar menu), because we like bars. But we have also done larger groups at tables. Did Christmas Eve there one year. That was good, and worked out very well for one friend's mom who has some crazy food restrictions. Thanks for the encouragement to get back in there soon.
  13. I made tibs! Had leftover lentils and injera, so wanted to make stuff to go with them. My sinuses melted. The boy was so happy. I will make these again. Later, ice cream topped with sliced strawberries. Chocolate, I think. We have some South Mountain ice cream in the freezer.
  14. Saturday was grill day this week. 5 of us for grilling and games. So, a beer can chicken, carrots, asparagus, potatoes, summer squash, not-grilled salad, and not-grilled harvest grain bread. Butterscotch pudding with whipped cream, chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, and peanut butter cookies for dessert. Very nice - and getting to see a friend that I have only seen on zoom for the entire pandemic was SOOOOOO nice! Did some batch cooking today, and looking forward to tonight's asparagus mushroom quesadillas with guacamole and with strawberry salsa. Oh, and salad.
  15. Lentils! OK, first, salad. Then Misir Wot with injera. Injera obtained from the lovely folks at Buna. (The boy has been getting coffee there almost every day since he got sent home to work. OK, not quite. He went to Quaila for a while, but when they closed for a while, then went to online ordering and pickup only, he started walking a little farther. And they really are such lovely people. And we both do love Ethiopian coffee. And he likes the extra walk, since he's not getting his commute metro walk in any more. And it is closer than Harrar. That is too far for every day. I think that they do
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