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  1. saf

    Vacation Ideas

    Panama is on my list - my great-grandfather is buried there, as it my great-uncle. They and my grandfather worked on the canal. (As did another great-uncle who is buried in PA. Also, my great-grandmother lived there. Seems they all went and some came back.) I want to see the canal, and the cemetery. You've been before? And enjoyed it enough to go again?
  2. saf


    In the December Giant grocery magazine, they had a recipe for eggnog cheesecake. It was surprisingly good, made exactly to the recipe. The crust was imperfect, so next time I will tweak it. Too thick. In reading it, and cooking it, I thought, perhaps I should take my Lindy's cheesecake recipe and just swap out the crust for a gingersnap crust, and the heavy cream for eggnog. I think I will try that next year.
  3. We were there for dinner on Saturday - 2 of the 4 of us had birthdays this week, and we celebrated. The food was great. The service (the upstairs bar, with bartender Zach, who we love) was great. And the cider was as good as always.
  4. It seems that they have closed/are closing. I'm not sure why, but I shall miss them. We were there for happy hour on Friday, and heard from some staff that Saturday would be their last day. No confirmation from management, or elsewhere yet.
  5. There is a corner. 4 on the end, then I am not sure how many along the front. We actually took the 4 on the end.
  6. At the bar itself. We are all bar people, and will preferentially eat at bars. There are some tables in there, although they are too low for me. When there are more of us, or anyone underage, we will get a table, but we do love eating at bars.
  7. Four of us had dinner at the bar here last Friday (10/12). We had originally intended to go to Kinship to celebrate a friend's birthday, but it turned out that they were closed. So... up the block and across we went. Just us at the bar when we arrived (early), but it filled up. When we eat there, we usually do the $30 bar menu, but being as this was a celebration, we decided to go for the $70 "Chef Surprise" 5 course menu. They were remarkably accommodating, as I do not eat seafood, and 2 others don't do mushrooms. I really appreciate this. It was absolutely delicious, and as ever, the drinks and wine are fabulous. I don't get here very often, and am always astounded that the wonderful bartender (whose name I have forgotten again) remembers us, and even remembers what we drink. I don't think we are that memorable - she's clearly a customer service genius. And the wine advice is really good too!
  8. Well there's the problem. We had checked the night before, when confirming time to meet. That seems a little late to me.
  9. Wow. That's amazingly annoying. I feel like this is a bit more prone to happen to us, since we tend to eat at the bar when possible, so don't always have reservations. Still, some notice out there seems sensible to me, unless you are a reservations only place.
  10. I love this place. However... (you knew that was coming, right?) Last Friday, 4 of us tried to go for dinner at the bar. We checked on the website, facebook, and twitter, and saw no reason not to go. Got their hours and arrived at opening. Seems they were closed for a private event, but had not put information out there to prevent folks from making the trip. I feel stupid doing this, but now I think we have to call before trying to go every time. Good thing Corduroy is so close!
  11. saf


    I like the vegetarian pho at 14th and Park NW.
  12. saf


    Tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, and sunflowers. Stupid squirrels.
  13. saf


    I am not Astrid, but... We have a potted pomegranate tree. It comes inside in the winter. It fruits, but the fruits are very small. Some have ripened, but as I said, very small so far. The biggest ones have been golf ball sized. There are a number on the tree right now, but squirrels have been taking them before they ripen. They take 2 bites, and then leave them on the ground. Stupid squirrels.
  14. I never liked the cream. I always scraped it out and threw it away. Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers are quite nice, and cookie-wise, very close. Better - NewmanOs have both good cookies and good cream.