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  1. No. Then there would be Yankees fans at the park. That would be bad.
  2. I need to try that too. But the South Mountain stuff is really good, as is Mount Deseret.
  3. saf


    Have you looked at Litteri?
  4. We had to meet someone in Olde Towne Alexandriae for dinner again a few weeks ago. This time I managed to remember that there is a Pizza Paradiso there! We had a good dinner.
  5. A long time friend, married to an even longer time friend. She left us Monday night.
  6. I like this place a lot. A bit pricey for a neighborhood regular place, but tasty and the prices are fair for the food. Just more than I can afford every week. Service slightly flaky but pleasant and welcoming. It hasn't been there all that long, and I understand it may not last much longer. We were there last night - group of 6. Food and drinks were all good. The cocktails are stellar. The beer list is a bit too short and basic, as is the wine list. We ate a variety of food, and the only issue with dinner was that I forgot to specify no cilantro and so had to remove cilantro from my chicken. The big thing though was dessert. They have buenuelos on the menu, but never have them. I love them and want them. As a matter of fact, the only dessert of a six item menu they had last night was a coffee flan. Good thing it's so close to our house. We all went there for ice cream and cookies instead.
  7. Some friends were presenting a paper at a conference down by Dupont this morning. We met up for brunch after. When we lived down in Shaw, this was a favorite place (we were young and broke. It was walkable, welcoming, affordable, and had decent food. Late 1980s.) So, brunch at Annie's for the first time in probably 20 years. Maybe longer. Nice basic brunch, decent prices, friendly service - I remembered why we used to like it.
  8. We eat here regularly (mostly sitting at the bar) and really enjoy it. Drinks, food, baseball on tv... But (you knew this was coming, right?) it makes me insane when places use air fresheners that auto-spray in the bathrooms. And for some reason, the air freshener smell here reaches all the way to the front (from the very back of the place.) RESTAURANTS - STOP using air freshener! (Bedrock Billiards is also guilty of this.)
  9. One of the jobs was in NY - so $2.01 an hour. This was in the 80s. And it was 4 different places. They all took the service charges out, and often "missed" one or more tips. Eventually I went to work for a place that was cash only. Loved that! I still prefer to use cash, and always tip in cash. Folks assume I do this to allow people to avoid taxes. Yes, taxes from their employers, not from the government.
  10. This is why I tip (and generally pay) in cash. Yeah, I know people say it's only so they don't have to declare it. Maybe, but... when I waited tables and tended bar, I declared my tips. I wasn't the only one. But I never received the full amount of the CC tips. And yes, I tracked them.
  11. I did some googling. It appears that it is either Welsh or Irish and has a long history. It looks nasty to me, but the modern versions appear to be set with jello, and I don't eat gelatin.
  12. Yes, a number of times. LOVE the beer, especially the fact that it's not all hop bombs. The food is nice, but limited. And the times I have been there when they have pop-up food folks, it's been a bit pricey. As with many new beer places, it's a bit kid-friendly for my taste, but as long as we can sit at the bar, it has worked out.
  13. I used to go there all the time, specifically for the Indian tacos. It's gone downhill a lot.
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