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  1. I am hopeful that the Graham family retains Clyde's local charm. There are a few thousand employees of the Clyde's Group, and they have families. There are also many of them who have been there for life, because they are well-cared-for, including medical benefits. I love how you can go into any Clyde's and order off the menu, and if they have the ingredients, they'll make whatever you ask for. I love how the twice-a-day raw bar happy hour at every Clyde's is the best deal in town, especially if you love oysters. I love how the Oyster Riot is now a major food event in the DC area. I love how seriously they take their decor, including the lighting, and I really love the attention to detail, like the silver-plated screws on the nautical dock cleats at Mark Center. I love the commissioned paintings, like the massive Babe Ruth mural inside the front door at Gallery Place. If the Graham family continues this local treasure along the same lines, it will be a good thing.
  2. Yes, Vincenzo was amazing Italian seafood. At one time heralded as the best seafood restaurant and best Italian restaurant -- both -- within many miles. I also miss New Orleans Emporium in Adams Morgan. Spot on creole food, as is you walked through the door and entered New Orleans. Blackened lamb chops were perfection on a plate. Upstairs at the bar, oyster shooters before they were cool and "cajun popcorn" (battered and fried crawfish tails) with Dixie Beer were how you started.
  3. Much thanks for this rundown. I have eaten at Spiaggetta for their annual Seven Fishes dinner in December, and it was quite good. I've also eaten at Fred's Tavern and enjoyed a credible club sandwich.
  4. I have had a number of decent meals here, and it was a solid food choice from that northern end of Ballston until Wilson Blvd rolled into Court House. Thanks for posting, Dave. I'll have to drop in sometime soon.
  5. Thanks Don. I forgot to mention that any suggestions will be rewarded with a review here (in August).
  6. I should cross-reference my recent visit to Saison here:
  7. Avalon - Stone Harbor I need some help. Lady KN scooped up a residence in Avalon for a week in August this year, and I'm more interested in the food options. Any reasonably close and not-to-be-missed meals ranging from subs/hoagies to full-on sit-down meals are welcomed. Recent information is appreciated. We'll be spending most of our time in Avalon and Stone Harbor.
  8. I'm guessing Wall Street, where you were putting the finishing touches on the Rockwell Inc. IPO, and then celebrating at Per Se.
  9. Is this the one that was famous in the '80s for Szechuan cuisine? I ate there often....
  10. The Lady and I had a hankering for local sushi on a Friday night, so we headed to Osaka....but now, it's Izumi. Owned by UnCha Howard and her husband since last summer, the interior hasn't changed much since its Osaka days. UnCha Howard is Korean, and there are many Korean dishes on the menu. The daily special was seafood BiBimBap, for example, but Lady KN and I went there to enjoy the sushi. We ordered a solid $100 worth of nigiri and rolls, all of which came out on a wooden boat. The kitchen sent out a baby octopus amuse, and they were braised nicely, almost sweet. The rest of the fish was pristine, and the rolls were delicious. The tuna and salmon were excellent, and looked fresh with bright shimmering colors, as well as very clean taste. The mackerel was as clean as it gets, with decidedly non-fishy taste. The Spider Roll and Spicy Dragon Roll were really good. We would return for the sushi, but now I'm thinking I have to check out this kitchen's Korean bona fides. Annandale is next door, but Korean food in Springfield needed a shot in the arm, and maybe UnCha Howard will provide it.
  11. BTW, for what it's worth, Bozzelli's is offering $3.14 pizzas on National Pi Day, March 14.
  12. Sorry you had to suffer for us, Don. I had a few bad experiences here myself, a few years ago, so whenever I'm in that neck of the woods, it's usually for the halal butcher or Thai Ghang Waan.
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