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  1. I'm not a Starbucks fan, and I typically avoid the place whenever I have a choice, but a business associate wanted to meet at the new Starbucks in the Marymount University building on the corner of Glebe and Fairfax Drive. It was actually a nice, clean, well-laid-out space. I had a cold green tea, which was not nearly as offensive as their coffee. On that side of Glebe, I still can't understand why the continuously-empty SER is still in business. Unless they do an amazing dinner and weekend business, they must be going broke.
  2. Kind of a shame. Like going to see a major league baseball game, and instead, seeing the Orioles.
  3. Michael Bozzelli is making the Alban Road flagship a special place for a good meal. And occasionally something interesting happens: 🚨🚨🚨 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Food Dude USA 💥 WILL BE FILMING 🎥 AT ALBAN RD, Fri 8/23 // stay tuned for info about killer deals🍕, beer 🍺 tasting & live music 🎸on that day 🙌 Food Dude is an interesting concept on the YouTube platform.
  4. One of the specials at Breadline today was the Cuban, and what I saw on nearby tables looked like reasonable ingredients, but on a baguette....I went with my standard French Madrange ham (jambon) and cheese with butter on a baguette.
  5. Your link hits a pay wall. It's Graham Holdings, who sold the Washington Post to Jeff Bezos. I think this will be a good move for Clyde's.
  6. Sorry, but Norma's has closed. It was a simple stand in a large market, with a relatively pedestrian oven, but she won the 2016 Caputo Cup in New York. Serious pizza.
  7. I grew up -- born and raised -- in the quaint Lancaster of Amish and Mennonite food. I grew up in the Lancaster of five food groups -- corn, chicken, flour, sugar, and dairy. I grew up never knowing that a jalapeño pepper existed, and where 'exotic' meant the annual festival at the Greek church. When I went into the Air Force in the late '70s, nobody I met had ever heard of pickled red beet eggs, shoo-fly pie, chicken corn soup, hard pretzels, silver queen corn, or anything close to organic farm-to-table fare. I'm glad Lancaster is on the food map now. I have gently been encouraging this forum to take a big cooler and head two and a half hours north for a wonderful day of foraging the local markets and grazing the local restaurants. (I suggest late summer -- September-ish -- for the chicken corn soup bazaars at the county fire halls.)
  8. Other than Copa, I have eaten at Mi & Yu Noodle Bar, and it was good enough for a return visit. So was Copa. Lots of tantalizing treats on display at many of the food stands....
  9. Way back in the '80s, when Joe Thiesmann's restaurant was on the corner of that strip, Samadi Sweets Cafe was the necessary stop for dessert. Apparently much has changed since my previous visits. If I recall correctly there was an Iranian restaurant across the way.....
  10. From Tom Sietsema's Facebook post: Sad news du jour: one of my favorite downtown restaurants, Woodward Table, is closing after a seven-year run near the White House. “We were never able to transcend the neighborhood,” owner Jeff Buben tells me. “It takes a lot of resources to run a restaurant like that.” Buben is looking at a late-August end date for both the 200-seat American eatery and the adjoining take-out operation.
  11. Well, with Frank Ruta working with Ashok Bajaj and Knightsbridge, shouldn't we be looking for his heralded hamburger to reappear at some point?
  12. Being a little bit Springfield-minded, I vote for the lamb burger at Afghan Bistro, and Tom Sietsema agrees with me.
  13. By virtue of work location, I am occasionally find myself exploring the Food Court at Ballston Quarter. First general observation is that the Food Court at Ballston Quarter is not your father's food court. There are lots of very enticing options, and it's more of a Food Hall. Copa was our destination today, and it did not disappoint. I asked the server about other locations, and it turns out this is the only one, but there is an ownership connection with La Tasca. Makes sense, since there is a distinct Spanish flair to the dishes at Copa. I had the Serrano ham with Manchego cheese sandwich, and it was delicious. I would easily order it again. I chose the salad instead of the fries, and instead of the standard mixed greens grabbed out of the Sysco bag, the salad was a nicely composed Bibb lettuce with vinaigrette. Companion had the beef skewer cooked perfectly medium rare with a mound of Spanish rice and grilled eggplant. Copa was a pleasant surprise, inside a food court that itself is a pleasant surprise.
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