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  1. The "tower" at Clyde's is half-priced during happy hours. It has a different name at each Clyde's -- Lighthouse at Gallery Place, Ocean Liner at Chevy Chase -- but during happy hours, they are half-priced. Best deal in town.
  2. I only post this because I had lunch today in what was once Kinkead's. If there is a category for how far down a property has fallen in culinary terms, then I nominate 2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW for that dishonor. The food at Bertucci's is borderline inedible. From a soul-less lentil soup that was barely microwave warm, to the vapid sausage "Menucci" -- or flatbread -- with barely melted cheese and too-soft, almost undercooked crust. It would be hard to imagine a more indifferent kitchen. It was as if nobody in that kitchen cared one bit about the food going out. Bob Kinkead must be spinning in his grave.
  3. Well first, let's start with a website, so we can understand more about this place. Second, the menu doesn't draw me in. I don't think that I would enjoy egg drop soup with Pecorino Romano, with a Gochujang Margarita. But if someone invites me there to have some fun, I'm game. Part of me is thrilled that our area can be culinarily playful enough to accommodate such a concept.
  4. I get together infrequently with friends from "an agency" where we worked together in the 1980s and raised all kinds of hell in the name of national security. We typically gather from our various trajectories at Jackson 20 for a drink, and then head off from there to a nice meal. The last few times, maybe because of the effects of the drinks, or our advancing dotage, we remained at Jackson 20 for the evening. And so it was last night, when 5 of us gathered to reminisce on our glory days. This menu is trying hard to be something....with our first couple of rounds of drinks, we were offered the half-price happy hour libations, although technically we were not actually in the bar. No problem, our happiness was more important to our server than the rules. Next came some delicious biscuits from the kitchen with accompanying apple butter and real butter. We swapped stories, generally caught up on each other's lives, and had a rolling start to the evening. On to the main event, I had the crispy oysters as a starter, and the Autumn Olive Farm Pork Delmonico with a side of autumn roasted squash as my main. It was a delicious meal, although the oysters were on the barely-too-greasy side, and the pork had quite a bit of fat to cut away. But overall, this was a very good meal. Companions had anything from the Brown Butter Chestnut Mac n' Cheese, the J20 Double Burger, and the seafood special of Grouper. Plates were cleaned and all was well. The hostess came to check on us a few times, and playful banter ensued. She comp'd us a round of shots prior to our departure, but urged that we not drive. Most of us took Uber, so that wasn't an issue. Jackson 20 is what it is, a reasonably good restaurant trying to make seasonal dishes for the Old Town crowd. As far as that part of Old Town is concerned, it's one of the better options.
  5. Appears to be Turkish mostly, with an occasional foray to Greece. Turkish wines on the Happy Hour menu. The picture of the Adana sub on the menu looks absolutely mouth-watering.
  6. I've enjoyed many meals here in the 1980s, usually heavy dishes with cream-laden sauces....those were the days. If this board ever wants to put together a slightly inadvisable "Spook Hangout" topic, the Alpine would make the list. Many overt gatherings of CIA and DIA heavies were had here, usually on regular occasions. The location was roughly equidistant from Langley and the Pentagon.
  7. I've had similar experiences here. I'm not sure what went into the thought process of choosing this location....Le Bledo was here for a long time, but after Chick-fil-A clobbered the parking lot and the traffic pattern, Le Bledo moved to -- and is thriving in -- another part of Springfield. I can't imagine that someone thought putting a mediocre food concept into a very bad location would be a good idea.
  8. Hai Duong still does not appear in the Springfield Dining Guide, and it is notable by its absence. This is pretty good Vietnamese food, probably middlin' by our high standards in northern Virginia, but definitely holding its own among the Springfield outposts of Vietnamese food. The phở is the draw, and of the 15-20 people here for lunch today, almost all were having some version of phở . I opted for the vermicelli bowl with grilled pork and chả giò , and it was good. This place is not fancy, and does a spirited carry-out business. I would give it a solid B- on a scale of 10.
  9. Whenever I work at my firm's Tyson's offices, my selections begin with Lebanese Taverna for sit-down lunch, Paul or the Ritz-Carlton for sit-down breakfast -- I never voluntarily go to Starbucks -- Andy's Pizza on the 3rd floor for edible pizza, and Sen Kao for a bracing bowl of slurp when I don't have to worry about keeping my shirt clean. I look forward to giving Lady M a try.
  10. If "energy" equates to noise, as it frequently does, then it lands squarely on my "avoid" list. If, on the other hand, it means joyful bustling, but allows realistic conversation below the shouting level, please clarify.
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