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  1. My dear old friend Richard McCooey founded 1789 and The Tombs for the purpose of providing a gathering place for the students and the faculty of Georgetown. He later opened F. Scott's on the same block, and he lived in a townhouse up the street. His vision was to provide the students and faculty a safe place to congregate, and he made sure 1789 was the higher end establishment that the parents would frequent when they came to town to visit their children. He sold his restaurants to the Clyde's Group but remained a designer and decorator. He collected expensive prints -- the basement of hi
  2. Big fan of Andy's here. I'm sorry that the pandemic has ripped through the Galleria, and I thoroughly enjoy the Lebanese Taverna outpost there. But Andy's is my go-to for pizza in that area. Good to hear they're back into action. (Your wife must be working at Williams-Sonoma? I heard that Sur-la-Table was closing stores. Good online bargains right now at both.)
  3. This is a tragedy, to be sure. I'm sure they'll recover the insurance and rebuild, but there will be a lot of heartache until then.
  4. In this carry-out or delivery world, I had my eye on the duck livers -- I figure a place that specializes in duck should have livers in good supply with plenty of turnover -- the duck meat with chili peppers main dish, and maybe some dumplings. Anyone else have suggestions for what might travel well for 20-30 minutes?
  5. I am posting this not because I ate here recently, but mostly because I can't find a single mention of this restaurant on this site. That has to be rectified, so let's start with this post. A second reason is because I'm researching some Peking Duck delivery options, and Duck Chang's covers that base. So I expect I'll be trying it soon and commenting on it here. A third reason is that Tim Carman recently tucked into the Peking Duck there, and was positive about the experience.
  6. If I was in the vicinity of Claire & Don's, I would opt for the fried oysters, or better yet, the grilled oysters, at Chasin' Tails, and even the fried calamari at Pizzeria Orso. Much better options.
  7. Microsoft had some loose change in their pocket when TikTok went to Oracle and WalMart.
  8. A few things catch my eye here.... Cartless dim sum is the new normal during the pandemic. I'm not sure how easy it will be to get used to ordering off a checklist instead of seeing it passing by on a cart. Chris Zhu, who owns China Garden in Rockville, and previously in Rosslyn, is the owner of Han Palace. That gives it some good cred, because I became a fan of China Garden in Rosslyn. It was unexpectedly good when I tried it, and every time I came back it was full of Chinese people, which is always a good sign.
  9. I'm not sure what's open in the current environment, but the Wharf in Old Town and RT's across from the Birchmere in Alexandria are also good bets. RT's offers fried oysters as both an appetizer and a main course, plus it has Oysters Nezpique listed as a specialty.
  10. US military equipment is usually dumbed down for export. It still helps Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, and the rest to keep people employed and make a lot of money with Foreign Military Sales, but the exports aren't our top-of-the-line. Most of our advanced weapons systems also have special capabilities that are removed for foreign sales. So yes, the Emirates and Bahrain will have access to these platforms. But take Saudi Arabia, for example. We have up-gunned the Kingdom beyond any capability to operate the inventory effectively. But, the current administration wants plenty of jobs and pr
  11. [Editor's Note: I asked Bruce to write this. He posted it in the Current Events Forum, but I moved it here for now because I want you to read it, and to discuss it if you wish. Cheers, Rocks] --- First, I come in peace, and many of you know I have a Middle Eastern background. I also have a degree in Middle Eastern studies, and I spent a significant amount of time in the national security community as a Middle Eastern area specialist. The agreement reached between Israel and the U.A.E., and now Bahrain, is historic by its nature. It's probably long overdue. But it's important to
  12. I used to roam that area of town in the 1960s, in my teens, when a good bowl of tomato soup was a quarter. Then I worked at Hess's on the corner of Queen and Orange Sts in the 1970s. The Lancaster I left in 1977 is not the Lancaster of today.
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