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  1. Northern Virginia Magazine reports that the koshary at Fava Pot in the Shoppes of West Falls church has received rave reviews. They also have a location at Union Market and they have a food truck. The menu is packed with Egyptian specialties. Looks like a must-try.
  2. Mediterranean Gourmet Market is on Franconia Road, in the Franconia area of Springfield. Don Rocks has it listed first in the Franconia section of the Dining Guide.
  3. Imagine if a chef from Michelin one-star Maydan decided to pursue a dream and open a "ghost" or "virtual kitchen" inside the little known restaurant of a friend in Alexandria, and he decided to specialize in a Palestinian chicken concept, and then he nailed it to perfection. He named it Shababi, which means "my people" in Arabic. Dinner tonight was the Chicken Musakhan dinner from Shababi Chicken. It's located behind Marlo Furniture on General Washington Drive in Alexandria, right off Edsall Rd. If you're looking for it, look for "Asmar" sign, and with Roro's Asmar Deli on on the entrance
  4. I still haven't tried it yet, but I'm bumping this with a comment from Tom Sietsema's chat today (March 3): Hi Tom! Wanted to highlight an amazing dinner we had from Shababi last night. It's the Palestinian 'ghost restaurant' located by Landmark with rotisserie chicken. My husband and I got the half chicken portion and was one of the best take-out meals we've had all lockdown! The place is tricky to find (with a letter-sized paper on the door), but well worth the trip. Recommend ordering more pita or having some extra veggies because they have so many fun dips to try (or probably sh
  5. Tom Sietsema gives some serious love to Springfield in his "8 Favorite Places to Eat Right Now." Marib, the Yemeni restaurant on Hechinger Drive in north Springfield, makes his Top 8. Aracosia, the Afghan restaurant in McLean, also makes his Top 8, but I'm giving Springfield some credit here. Afghan Bistro in Springfield is basically the older sibling of Aracosia, with the same family and the same menu. As far as I'm concerned, 25% of Tom's Top 8 are in Springfield.
  6. I can safely assert that the Cubano at Ethel's Deli in Haymarket is worth avoiding. It's a too-salty mashup of come kind of citrus-infused pulled pork, scant deli slices of ham, and served on a bun that could have been Army surplus. The description on the menu gave me hope, only to be dashed by the final product.
  7. This might work if there is a pop-up cardiology clinic next door. Let's hear it, who's grabbing that Weird Spaghetti or Big Bud's Beer Can Chicken?
  8. I'm not typically a fan of the pan-Asian concept, but in these times of social distancing, we find that a dependable option for sushi and sashimi in the Springfield area is Kumo. Delivery doesn't detract from the flavor and freshness profiles, and the quality of the sushi and sashimi is surprisingly nice. We have tried Kumo a few times in the past year, and the chirashi sashimi is quite good. Throw in some sushi rolls and miso soup, plus some wings for later in the evening or tomorrow's lunch, and it's an overall dependable meal. I'm not saying it's a destination stop, but helping to keep
  9. I would agree with you, although I am more of a fan of the Eastern Mediterranean. For those who haven't seen my write-up on Middle Eastern food, click HERE.
  10. I am more than mildly excited about the opening of Shababi, a takeout-only "ghost restaurant" operating out of Roro's Modern Lebanese Cuisine at 5655 General Washington Drive, Unit A, in Alexandria. Musakhan is more or less the national dish of Palestine, and when executed well, it is among the best of the world's chicken meals. And I have a feeling to believe it will be executed well, because Marcelle Afram was the former executive chef at Michelin-starred Maydan in DC, and is teamed up with Roro Asmar, who own's Roro's. If you've never had musakhan, it's a real treat for chicken lo
  11. I never really got the concept of a vegan burger. If I were a vegan, there are many things other than a burger that I would opt for. If I were a burger eater, the last thing on the planet I would want is a vegan burger.
  12. Just looking at the menu, I would be happy to give it a try. I noticed the egg options on the Breakfast menu, but no mention of shanklish, which is neck-and-neck with kibbeh nayyeh as my favorite Middle Eastern menu item. Eggs with shanklish, accompanied by strong Middle Eastern coffee and warm pita bread, is my final breakfast meal.
  13. My dear old friend Richard McCooey founded 1789 and The Tombs for the purpose of providing a gathering place for the students and the faculty of Georgetown. He later opened F. Scott's on the same block, and he lived in a townhouse up the street. His vision was to provide the students and faculty a safe place to congregate, and he made sure 1789 was the higher end establishment that the parents would frequent when they came to town to visit their children. He sold his restaurants to the Clyde's Group but remained a designer and decorator. He collected expensive prints -- the basement of hi
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