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  1. Not sure if this fits with the theme of this thread, but a package arrived from Russ and Daughters today. Thanks to Goldbelly, they deliver. The order came in a styrofoam box with plenty of those fake ice blocks, so it arrived cold. There were containers of smoked salmon and whitefish salad, chopped chicken livers, and lox. Plus a very nice loaf of pumpernickel. What a treat. This isn't a cheap nosh, but what a treat. That food is downright delicious. I'm not Jewish but I could eat this food every day. Later today, I'm expecting a package of two pizzas from Di Farra Pizza. I'll report when I taste it. And it arrived! Packed with dry ice, and including a small pack of grated parmeggiano and fresh but frozen basil leaves, the two pizzas look luscious. Alas, I have a belly full of chopped liver from Russ and Daughters, so the pizzas will remain frozen until tomorrow....they look legit.
  2. I also find that supporting restaurants in other locations is important during this pandemic. Goldbelly has enabled me to order two DiFarra pizzas, as well as an abundance of items from Russ and Daughters.The latter will be sending chopped liver, smoked salmon, their smoked salmon and whitefish salad, and pumpernickel.
  3. I'm also late to this thread. Thankfully a portion of this site is back in business. I have been supporting as many local establishments as possible with delivery or carry out. One of the recent delivery options was Kabobistan in Annandale. Delivery was via DoorDash, and it got to Springfield in pretty good shape. The kabobs were excellent, and the sides -- chick pea stew, stewed spinach, and rice pilaf were as good as dine-in. The qabili pilau was a ht. We also did carry out from Lebanese Taverna in Tysons Galleria. They have orders of "toiletries bundle" for $22, which includes 4 toilet paper rolls, 2 paper towels, a box of gloves and an all-purpose bleach spray, which we grabbed. We also grabbed an order of "protein bundle" which includes "fully butchered and ready to make your way 1 lb Elysian Fields lamb 2 lbs free bird chicken breast 2 lbs grass fed ground beef or grass feed kafta meat ~ add 1 lb salmon $12" -- and then we ordered our dinner too. Plus, a sizable donation to Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen as well as to DC Central Kitchen went out this past week.
  4. Legent bourbon, neat, is my current poison. Two whiskey legends, Fred Noe from Jim Beam and Shinji Fukuyo from Suntory, collaborated in its creation. Very nice bourbon, better than (in my opinion) Pappy. I'm also playing around with Japanese martinis, using Roku gin and just a drop or two of sake, garnished with a slice of cucumber.
  5. Someone, somewhere, will capitalize on this untapped market. I can envision "clean citrus" purveyors, and the wedges arrive at your table in nitrogen- or vacuum-sealed packets, certified to be 100% free of bacteria, germs, and viruses.
  6. Yes, that was me. No responses from the restaurant world. And you and I still have no idea where we might expect to get clean citrus in our drinks during (and after) the pandemic crisis.
  7. A nice email came out from Aracosia today: Dear Valued Guests, Due to the recent outbreak, Aracosia Restaurant Group will be making some temporary changes to benefit our valued guests at this moment of uncertainty. For those guests who wish to dine with us, we at Aracosia believe that the best method to fight impurities and illness is prevention. It is for this reason, that we are constantly keeping the restaurants sparkling clean, sterile and as hygienic as possible. We have stepped up our doses of immune boosting ingredients, such as healing warm masalas (spices), potent botanicals and fresh healing herbs. We at Aracosia firmly believe that all impurities in the body and in the environment can be fended off with the right antibodies, in warm spices, potent herbs, botanical's, fresh fruits and vegetables. For those guests who wish to stay home and let this uncertainty pass We are pleased to announce that Aracosia will offer family style lunch and dinner catering through our restaurant either for pick up or delivery. Please contact us for more information. For smaller orders we will be using a third-party delivery service through DoorDash, Caviar and Grub Hub. This should be perfect for those who wish to eat very healthy immune boosting food with tons of flavor without leaving the comfort of your home or office. We are very hopeful and optimistic that this too shall pass like everything else in life and we will get through it together. “Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.”- Hippocrates “The doctors of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition”- Thomas Edison “Don’t eat anything your great-great grandfather wouldn’t recognize as food. There are a great many food-like items in the supermarket your ancestors wouldn’t recognize as food.” – Michael Pollan Warmly, Aracosia Family
  8. From Tom's March 11 chat: Q: Clean citrus I learned many years ago that the dirtiest item in most kitchens (and bars) is the citrus fruit, and I stopped asking for lemon or lime in my drinks as a result. With the current coronavirus scare, are there any restaurants in the DC area where we can be certain that the citrus has been scrubbed squeaky clean? A: Tom Sietsema I know of no such list, but I'm happy to throw the question to any restaurant operators on the chat this morning: How are you handling citrus destined for drinks?
  9. I couldn't tell from this write-up what part of the world Charga represents. The website doesn't really clear it up: We bring you healthy street food from around the world to include delicious American, Mediterranean, Mexican, Pakistani, and Peruvian dishes. Fusion not in individual dishes, but in the available selection. Only the best dishes using the finest ingredients while keeping your well-being our first priority. Bon appetit! Buen Provecho! That's quite the assortment of dishes. They even have chow mein on the menu!
  10. I'm sensing a potential market for guaranteed perfectly clean citrus....maybe individually wrapped, to be cut tableside.
  11. Some years ago, I learned from an article or a food show that the dirtiest item in most kitchens and bars is the citrus. Accordingly, I stopped ordering lemon or lime for my drinks. There were times when I asked the question to the waitstaff about the cleanliness of the citrus, and sometimes I received a whole lemon or lime with an accompanying wet paper towel. I'm wondering if the current coronavirus scare has caused restaurants and bars to scrub their fruit meticulously. Maybe I'm being a bit overboard, but I remember traveling in foreign countries in the '80s and '90s, when we bought fruit from the market and used disinfectant towelettes to clean them before we ate them. After all, we didn't trust the local water source. I submitted this question to Tom Sietsema's chat this week -- March 11 -- and we'll see if and how he responds.
  12. For any baseball fan, the Polo Grounds is a good stop for replenishment in San Francisco. Standard pub grub -- I had a very good chicken club sandwich -- with beers on tap and daily specials, mere steps from Oracle Park. I'm sure the place is bustling on game days in the summer. A beer or two on the way into the game and a beer or two after the game would be a pleasant evening in San Francisco.
  13. Dinner at Berber with a few friends was a pleasant surprise. I'm not aware of truly Tunisian restaurants in the Washington DC area, so diving into this cuisine was a rare treat. The meal began with mezze for the table -- grilled octopus, dips and bread (muhammara, bissara, zaatar lebna), and crispy brussels sprouts. Bread was delicious and fresh from the oven, and the food was perfectly spiced and delicious. I followed with the lamb tagine, accompanied by olive-spiked couscous. The lamb was melt-in-my-mouth tender and the dish was superb. I can't overstate how much I enjoyed this dish. I also had a shot of Tunisian liqueur, made from figs. Quite powerful stuff, but nicely appropriate for the venue. Service was slow even by San Francisco's laid-back standards. I should note that the bathroom was beautiful. A supper club with entertainment is next door.
  14. Sam Spade lamb chops last night were superb. Absolutely delicious. I started with a righteous martini, moved to the lamb chops with a glass of California Cabernet, and all was right with the world.
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