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  1. While we're wandering off-topic, the best place you've never eaten at in Tysons Galleria is the Marketplace Cafe in Nordstrom's.
  2. I mostly agree, but I won't lump Lebanese Taverna in with that crowd. The Tysons Galleria outpost is one of the best of the Lebanese Tavernas, along with the expanded original on Washington Blvd in Arlington. And footsteps away is the dependable Paul Bakery, one of the better coffee shops in Tysons. Other than those two, you are right. You even missed Cheesecake Factory.
  3. Right, this plus the fact that the Galleria is basically empty all day long. Overpriced boutiques with very few shoppers day and night. Department stores dying from the internet's disruption of the retail market. Was it originally intended that this food hall would attract a whole new crop of diners? If so, that hasn't quite panned out.
  4. Not so sure that you haven't changed a thing. I know this community has many other mediocrity haters, myself included, and you are our spiritual leader.
  5. Someone needs to figure out the formula. This operation has turned a piece of property in Tysons that couldn't support Inox-type quality into a gold mine. Wherever they open and dump mediocrity and indifference on your plate, they make bank. What's the key to their playbook?
  6. Kibbee Nayee

    Kibbee Nayee-Led Springfield Movable Feast

    My hazy memory recalls that a handful of us showed up at one location -- I believe it was House of Siam, now occupied by Thai Ghang Waan in Brookfield Plaza -- and then most people just stayed in the one location. If that's the same model for the next go-around, then I would propose we start, and probably remain at, Afghan Bistro. Of course, the problem would be that if anyone wanted to wander to another location, there might be the cannolis at Bozzelli, which also has beer and wine. Jacalito Grill offers tres leches or flan for dessert, but following an Afghan feast, that might not be the ideal ending. Or if we met in Brookfield Plaza again, then Thai Ghang Waan would be a good place to start....but then the other options are Karahi Kabob (no alcohol), Kang Chon Korean and Chinese (so-so), Hai Duong (under-appreciated Vietnamese), and a few very average Indian restaurants. Oh yeah, and Tippy's Tacos and Wingstop. Then there's Springfield Plaza, but the options are not all that good. Pho Hang Anh, The Halal Guys, and Golden Hong Kong just don't add up to a Rockwellian progressive meal. And there's the plaza up Backlick Rd where Marib is located. But be warned, Lady KN won't join us because Marib offers no alcohol, and her definition of a good meal includes wine. I have no recent experiences at the other places in that plaza, like Saigon Quon, Yaksoku, and El Rancho Latin Grill, and the food court in the Fresh World is good but spare. As always, I'm open to lots of suggestions.
  7. Kibbee Nayee

    Dining in Springfield

    Continuing on the topic.... Honorable mention to Chef Feliciano, which is only open for lunch (plus catering), and has the best sandwiches and salads in Springfield. Also honorable mention to Jacalito Grill, in the same plaza as Afghan Bistro and Bozzelli's. It's open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has a decent repertoire of Peruvian dishes with some Tex-Mex as well. I don't like Karahi Kabob House as an experience, but the food isn't bad. It's just that no alcohol is served, and if you're part of the "club" of frequent customers, you are not treated in a welcoming manner.
  8. Kibbee Nayee

    Dining in Springfield

    BTW, absent from my list is Chuy's, Yardhouse, Mike's, and Delia's. I'm not a fan of Dera either. I'm on the fence as far as Taco Bamba is concerned -- one visit was OK, one visit was very bad. Bob and Edith's has never been anything but mediocre. Same with The Halal Guys.
  9. Kibbee Nayee

    Dining in Springfield

    Afghan Bistro Monty's -- still hanging in there. Osteria Marzano - Walker Lane, technically in Springfield. Thai Ghang Waan Marib -- I haven't been there but word is that it's good. Eleni's Bozzelli's flagship on Alban Rd Della J's Delectables Le Bledo Pho Hang Anh and Pho 495 (tie) Village Chicken Rivera's Sabor Boliviano - best salteƱas in our area.
  10. Kibbee Nayee

    Dining in Springfield

    Eater lists 14 places worth making the trek to Spingfield....not a bad list, but if it's in order, then Afghan Bistro doesn't deserve to be at the bottom of the list. I'm glad they gave the under-rated Rivera's some love. Yardhouse, Chuy's and Delia's wouldn't make my list. Also, missing Bozzelli's flagship on Alban Rd -- almost next door to Afghan Bistro -- is ridiculous.
  11. I went here for dinner tonight with a friend, and we settled in for a nice meal, having heard all of the accolades. It mostly met expectations, save for one big miss. I ordered the octopus appetizer and the gnudi with crab main course. My friend ordered the arugula and finocchio salad and the cavatelli with Elysian Fields lamb, the latter mostly because we are both baseball fans, and those of you who are baseball fans will get the reference. He thoroughly enjoyed the cavatelli, but didn't seem enthused by the arugula and finocchio. The octopus was great, and although the shaved fennel added nothing special, the lone tentacle of octopus was very nice. (A main course with a few tentacles would be even better.) Then came the gnudi with crab -- delicious flavor, and wonderful texture on the gnudi. BUT, I started lining up the shards of crab shell that I was picking out of my mouth along the side of the bowl. I finished the dish, but 17 shards of crab shell lined the edge of my bowl. I pointed it out to the server, and mentioned that they shouldn't be serving this dish to other patrons in this condition tonight. I didn't ask, but the dish was taken off my bill. I give them credit for that. (I consider crab shell, salad green dirt, clam grit, and mussels beards to be in the same category of inattentiveness and indifference. All can be avoided, but the kitchen has to want to avoid them.) Nino patrolled the dining room and offered pleasantries all around. I would certainly return, but I don't think I would order the gnudi again.
  12. Very sad. This man was a presence on the L.A. food scene, and I never dined out in L.A. without first consulting his spot-on reviews. He planted in my mind the concept that Los Angeles is the second-largest city in Mexico, from his comments in Lucky Peach some years ago. I have confirmed that comment on many yummy occasions, and I even use the point when certain Trump supporters argue in favor of The Wall -- I would point out to them that it would have to be built north of Los Angeles. The disease that claimed him is frightening. He was diagnosed in early July, and passed away only a few weeks later.