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  1. Kibbee Nayee

    Dining in Rosslyn

    Then, it was in the space currently occupied by the forgettable Piola? Just a few doors down from Cafe Asia, which was bustling at lunchtime, and has now been closed for going on 2 years....
  2. Had lunch today at Pinea. I ordered the cacio e pepe, and considering what I had heard about the kitchen's Italian credibility, the best I can say about the dish is that it wasn't unpleasant. The pasta itself was cooked overly (or underly?) al dente, sort of between al dente and uncooked. The pasta itself looked like the ramen that comes out of the instant package, with squiggles and curls here and there. The sauce was wet, with a puddle at the bottom of the bowl. I assume that, as in classic preparation, some pasta water was added to the sauce to thicken it. Instead, it thinned it. And the taste of the dish was more salty than pepe.... I give it a C- on a scale of 10.
  3. Kibbee Nayee


    I love the conversation here.... At its essence, hummus combines chickpeas and tahini, which is sesame paste, and fiddles with additions of lemon, garlic, and other spices. No two are alike, but quite a few of them are delicious. The concept of hummus fits perfectly with the Middle Eastern mezze, which is a table full of small plates, and fresh from the oven pita bread is used to scoop the various bites from the multiple dishes. Baba ghanouj plays nicely in this arrangement, as do other dips like labneh, and multiple meat stews.
  4. One of my employer's offices is on the 1700 block of Pennsylvania Ave, where there is a Taylor Gourmet, and across the street, Breadline. There is also a Jimmy Johns on that street, but who cares. I prefer the texture of the rolls at Breadline. I don't like the cutesy names of the sandwiches at Taylor, like Ritner instead of Roast Beef. I also don't like that I can't get a legitimate Philly cheesesteak or Italian hoagie at either place. Rather, they have their own version of these, but not the originals. Most of the millennials in our firm head right across the street and grab Jimmy Johns for lunch.
  5. OK, another story....I took a friend* to meet Yogi at a baseball card show in Baltimore in the late '90s. He had a copy of the Sports Illustrated cover with Yogi wearing a Mets uniform in the '80s, and with Yogi facing away from the camera. The title on the cover was "Yogi's Back!" My friend wanted it signed "It ain't over til it's over." He wanted to hang it on his law office wall to serve as his motto for upcoming cases. In the autograph business, such a slogan is deemed to be personalizing, and it costs more money than a straight autograph. I think the price tag was $200, but my friend was greasing every palm in the place, including some people who had nothing to do with Yogi's appearance there. After about two hours of signing for the fans who had autograph tickets, me and my friend were ushered into a back room to meet Yogi and get him to sign the magazine cover with "It ain't over til it's over." My friend wrote the quote on a piece of paper so Yogi would know what to write. Funny thing, Yogi corrected him, and said it should be "It ain't over till it's over." We got a good laugh at getting an English lesson from Yogi. The magazine is framed and hangs in the office of one of the major lawyers in DC. If you ever get to see it, you must be getting ready for a big lawsuit. *(My friend was representing Paula Jones in her lawsuit against the president, but he's otherwise a good guy.)
  6. Kibbee Nayee

    Dining in Springfield

    Marib is on my list too. It is technically in Springfield, but if you're on that road, Annandale is not that far away.
  7. Kibbee Nayee

    Dining in Springfield

    Hear! Hear! for Cervantes. Very good call. I can walk there from my house. (I can also walk to Starbucks, but I wouldn't do that at gunpoint.) Thai Gan Wan and Afghan Bistro are two of the best in Springfield. If you're looking for a third, you can pick from Monty's (in the Whole Foods plaza), Osteria Marzano (down the Parkway near Kingstowne), or the Mediterranean Gourmet Market (down Franconia Rd towards Rose Hill). Namaste is also in Rose Hill, but you've departed Springfield....
  8. Kibbee Nayee

    Dining in Rosslyn

    Actually, Rosslyn has few really good dining options these days. Plenty of counter service and food trucks for the lunch crowd, but sit-down dining options are a thing of the past. Who remembers Tom Sarris Orleans House? Or the really good Appetizers Plus, a before-its-time all-you-can-eat sushi place now occupied by Perfect Pita? Or how about the outstanding Khyber Pass, Afghan when Afghan was good in the plaza where Ray's Hellburger first landed? Or Tivoli, classic old school Italian above the Rosslyn Metro -- Tony ran the front of the house at Tivoli, and still waits tables at Amuse in the Le Meridien. Rosslyn of a few decades ago had quite a bit of dining options. Today? Not so much.... (And you don't have to go as far as Clarendon for good food. The best Lebanese restaurant between here and New York is Me Jana, right between Rosslyn and Courthouse.)
  9. That's quite a group of athletes. At the risk of digression, a story or two....I met Yogi at a baseball card show in Richmond about 20 years ago. Shaking his hand was like shaking a catcher's mitt. It was very thick and very strong. I'm assuming strong hands and wrists contributed to his success against pitches out of the strike zone. Ron Guidry wrote a book a few years ago, Driving Mr. Yogi. One of the stories was about the day Yogi was catching Whitey Ford, and the first four batters of the game clobbered the first pitch they saw, putting the Yankees behind by 4 runs. Casey Stengel decided to go to the mound to talk to Whitey, and he met Yogi about half way to the mound. Casey asked Yogi "How does his stuff look today?" Yogi responded "How the f**k should I know, I haven't caught one yet!" Guidry had a similar experience, where the first four batters of the game teed off on his pitches, and while he was cursing and kicking the dirt behind the mound, Thurman Munson showed up behind him and said "Should I stop telling them which pitch is coming?"
  10. There's a Starbucks nearby, but I hate Starbucks. Besides, Mandarin Oriental serves Illy.
  11. I've been to Fat Pete's twice in the past month. It's not far from one of the office buildings I work at, and I wanted to give it a try. You don't have to, because I did. Obligatory catering truck is usually parked across the street from the 18th St location, which is located almost next door to Taberna del Alabardero. From its splash page: "We are not Texas and not North Carolina nor Memphis or Atlanta, we are 'life is short, so we make it the best you possibly can so you never forget it' kind of BBQ." Yes, you can never forget it. But "best" it is definitely not. I have had the pulled pork (tasteless and dry), the ribs (chewy and forgettable), and the brisket (tough and dry). What look to be homemade sauces in squeeze bottles are only somewhat of a palliative, or at least they add some moisture and flavor. The sides are at least edible, with the vinegar cole slaw and the collard greens standing out. The cucumber salad is watery. No alcohol, which makes matters even worse. Enjoy your Pepsi products with the District's most mediocre BBQ.
  12. Well, at least we're not getting a DC outpost of Cabbages and Condoms.....