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  1. You know if we're talking about whether the new burger places are better than a McWendyKing, of course they are in terms of sourcing alone. They're also a step up in terms of investment in the community: Hell Burger is a totally different thing from Five Guys by virtue of Landrum's commitment to the area. Whether its DC or where I live now, where a new burger place lands is usually more desirable real estate compared to where a Wendy's or McDonalds has resided. Burger places now are in the neighborhood, with dozens more within walking distance than they used to be. McWendyking has increasingl
  2. Does anyone have a source for bomba rice? I can't seem to find it anywhere locally.
  3. I coach rowing and had a team dinner with parents and kids last night on macomb. For dessert, people made lokoumades, various pastries, etc. As soon as someone whipped out boxes of georgetown cupcakes 50 high school kids-- boys and girls alike-- ran to the kitchen, restraining themselves from pushing to get the flavors they wanted. I was amazed.
  4. I think it's the lamb dog at Pilar and some of the sausages at Cork Market, too. . .
  5. I've been going for dumpling happy hour a lot and $2 kirin, etc. Great playlist, too: the xx, fanfarlo, vampire weekend.
  6. Damn. I'd been craving but staying away from CityZen this month because I thought it was closed in August. (: This sounds great!
  7. And Francis Lam wrote a terrific currywurst piece on gourmet.com yesterday. . .After living there, I thought currywurst was the jumbo slice of Berlin, that half the fun was going to the Imbiss and watching people use tables to prop themselves up after a night of drinkin.
  8. I said I'd pass this information along. I thought some folks here might be interested. . . . COCHON 555 - Washington D.C. “5 Pigs, 5 Chefs, 5 Winemakers” May 31st, 2009 WHAT: A group of top Washington D.C. area chefs will each prepare a heritage breed hog from head to toe for this competition. Cochon 555 is the only national chef competition promoting heritage pigs and breed diversity. Guests and professional judges will determine a winner based on creative, classic preparation and overall best flavor. The winner will be crowned the “Prince of Porc”. In addition, five family-owned wine
  9. I met each person at different stores on different days, then circled back around to each on my own. I'm not a fan of big markets and crowds normally-- whole foods at 6 on a sunday night is my least favorite time-- but it was fun to be there when it was bustling. Tasty samples, too.
  10. She was a terrific guide. I learned so much; I filled an entire little notebook! Thank you.
  11. I just ordered rappahannock river's online for thanksgiving. They were delicious. People went nuts over them.
  12. I love Jimmy T's, even though the food is whatever. The space has character and characters have a space. It reminds me of Jersey. Now that my Bostonian dad moved to South Carolina from Jersey (you should hear his accent), he makes us go there because he misses Northern surliness.
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