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  1. Went to Taco Bamba today after getting my salmon share pickup from Cold Country Salmon. I would say the tacos are decent. Looking upthread, the default for sure is now corn tortillas as opposed to flour. They were indeed from a bag however. The fillings were mostly good I got pastor, chorizo, and carnitas. I still have not found pastor worth a darn yet in the area. Carnitas were good, chorizo a little too course for my taste but were fine. I would definitely have them in my rotation if I lived in Arlington still, but I definitely would not drive any longer distance for them.
  2. IMHO most of the better food in Las Vegas is on the lower side of the $$ scale and is off strip. I went earlier this year and the bigger more expensive on strip places are either not my speed, overrated, or too expensive. Places like Jaleo I find are better in DC than in Vegas, if not for execution than for cost. The only problem was that I could not get away much from my conference. With the family in tow and no car this made it doubly difficult. I would highly recommend Monta Ramen which at the time was considered the best ramen in Las Vegas. Besides In-N-Out burger which we always en
  3. I went to the National Aquarium with the toddler yesterday, just he and I. Bagby's Pizza Company (same restaurant group as 10/10 and Fleet Street) hit the right vibe for us for lunch. Super close to the harbor, good food, and super casual atmosphere. I shared with him the cheeseburger (which comes with bacon and cheddar cheese) and he ate it up. It is counter service where they hand you a number and deliver it to you so be ready to grab a seat (the same system as Hell Burger). It seemed pretty busy at lunch.
  4. Just to add a little more info to this, Cody, the guy that was helping Bruce out with this took over immediately after Bruce left. He is pretty much running the same shop, same good local meats, same bacon that we developed together. Well I haven't been there in over a year, but I assume its the same stuff. If you need good local meat (and you are near Arlington) he is def an option.
  5. You have to ask for the "Thai menu" which they keep underneath the register for any of the stuff that is not run of the mill. They will not offer it, and there is no other way to know they have one. I don't recall specials but I've only been here a handful of times at best.
  6. Side note: Lothar is a pretty well liked in Purcellville, many local restaurants use his sausage. He definitely knows his stuff and and if you were to pick up sausage from him at the farmers market stick to the german style stuff, like his excellent Bratwurst. It's legit. The other place Haute Dogs get local sausage is Fields of Athenry, which is a fabulous farm to get meat from. Can't say anything about their sausage because I haven't had it but they are one of the places I trust for quality beef and pork. Just some context on why I put it ahead, since I am awful at that. In general m
  7. I have been to the Purcellvillle outpost several times and it is solid for dogs. They use new england style rolls toasted which is great, and offer good toppings. I prefer the typical toppings so the coney island with meat topping and mustard are my favorite. I would put it ahead of Leesburg's Windy City Red hots. Both are good though.
  8. On my way back home from the outer banks I noticed that there is a Steak n' Shake in Fredericksburg, Va. I didn't stop because I had just filled up in Williamsburg on Pierce's Pitt BBQ. Serious Eats thinks highly of it, as do folks on this thread. Anyone stop by yet?
  9. This is right in my new area, and I had even visited and was left unimpressed with what I had (Pad Thai). I had no idea about the secret menu. I had it the other day and it was great. Thank you all for the tip!
  10. FYI, the Bon Chon in Centreville sells really really solid pork buns. Talked to the owner for a bit and it seems that they allow the franchises quite a bit of leeway. The buns are directly inspired by Momofuku in NY and I would say it is comparable. Really good. The chicken of course is great as well as is always from this chain but the buns set it apart from the other locations (they are also available for carry out). Sounds like he did ramen a while back but it was too hard to maintain in the small kitchen they have. The other bon chons do not have the buns, only the one in Centreville
  11. May or may not be on topic, but the 22nd annual Leesburg Flower and Garden festival will be on April 21st and 22nd: http://www.flowerandgarden.org/ Seems like its a big deal from what most of the locals say, they close up a bunch of streets, and there are a lot of mostly local vendors selling garden wares. Its the big spring event in Loudoun.
  12. In Leesburg, Fireworks is far and away the best pizza. Not that there is a lot of competition.... They have a couple things I do really like, one, they do an awful lot of local sourcing, which gets a thumbs up from me. They also have a solid beer tap of good brews (usually in teens on tap). Try the meatball, sausage and mushroom calzone, its pretty good.
  13. I am going to have multiple plots this year, one in a community plot in Arlington, which I will give up as soon as I can harvest the giant investment I have there with onions and garlic, one in Leesburg, and all around the new yard. At home I've set up 4 blueberry bushes, and I'm going to put some asparagus and rhubarb roots in tomorrow I hope. I just finished round one of seed starting, a flat of various tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. I need to buy another flat to round out my seed starting. I'm ready for Spring! In my Arlington plot I have 100+ cloves in the ground and at least 25 pot
  14. Pho 75 has been Jenna and I's standard Saturday breakfast for the last year. We coupled it with a visit to the Arlington Farmers Market, every weekend. Breakfast pho to me is much more enjoyable, no crowds, all the veggie additions are cut fresh. Plus it is supposed to be breakfast! The iced coffee is pretty darn good too. A big loss was losing this weekend tradition when we moved out to Leesburg, but luckily there is a Pho 75 relatively close in Herndon. We can pair this with a trip to MOM's Organic Market which is in the same plaza, so it's pretty much the same experience, exccept now
  15. $10 for $20 at Kaz Sushi Bistro (via BuyWithMe)
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