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  1. Come now, you make him sound like another Guy Fieri. He's not really that bad, though speaking of skin, he certainly seems to have got under yours.
  2. The recipe does not say to remove the skin before poaching, but that one may choose to do so afterwards.
  3. I received a charter issue last week and read it cover to cover. I found it helpful, well-written, and fascinating. Many of the topics were familiar to me but still useful and fun to read for their concise summation of best practices, e.g., seasoning woks and skillets, poaching chicken. Other articles, such as those about salads and avocados, and scrambled eggs, gave me some new insights. If you're a Dunlop or Ottolenghi disciple you'll be familiar with a lot of these things already, at least as far as this issue is concerned, but it is very well executed and geared to making otherwise "ethnic
  4. Had lunch there yesterday at the bar. I think it's only the second time I've been there since it opened. The mixed green salad with wood-grilled chicken was excellent: greens nice and fresh and varied, and judiciously dressed with a sherry vinaigrette. The chicken breast was done to perfection with a pleasant wood-fired smokiness. Drinks were expertly made. This definitely seems to be the go-to place in TP.
  5. I have eaten here several times since it opened, and except for a few service quirks, it has never disappointed. Everything is so good and tempting, I tend to overindulge. Today for lunch I had fatty tuna/scallion maki and nigiri of amberjack, red snapper, sweet shrimp, and medium fatty tuna. The excellent miso soup felt especially warm and nourishing on a day like this. It's not hard to try all of the few decent sushi joints in this town, and I think I have done so. Sushi Capitol must be among the top five. I hope they thrive and keep on thriving, because none of the other good sushi places
  6. I ate at the bar on Saturday and was told by the very capable bartender that they had been open 4 days. The place was full, and I was lucky to get a seat at the bar just as someone was leaving.They are working out kinks in both food and service. I had the rockfish. It received the standard sear-and-roast treatment and was served over peas and julienned carrots in a ginger/sesame pan reduction with chanterelles. It arrived after a long wait. The fish was overdone; the vegetables had lost their spunk; the chanterelles were not fresh but reconstituted and chewy. All the ideas were good if not v
  7. Actually, I didn't even have one when I was there!
  8. "Spectre of the Gun" was one of the diamonds amid the third season rough, and offers Doohan at his best in the following exchange with Spock: Scotty: (to Spock) It's to kill the pain (he knocks back a shot of whiskey) Spock: But this is painless. Scotty (suppressing a belch) You should have told me sooner, Mr. Spock!
  9. We got back from Ireland last Saturday and the cupboards were bare, so I walked to Beuchert's for the first time in what must be close to a year. They seem to have really upped their game. The drinks are perfect as usual, but the food seems to have become more refined. I had the Rockfish Pat describes above it it was truly excellent in every way and at a far higher standard than what I had seen there before. Beuchert's has one of the best open wine lists around, too, but it ain't cheap.
  10. I was shocked to read this from Sietsema in today's Post, complaining of oversalted food at Agua 301. When I was there last week practically everything was underseasoned and undersalted, to the point of outright blandness. The one exception was perhaps the barbacoa flautas, which were a delicious and crispy appetizer. But everything else, including the guac and the salsa, needed salt and more assertive seasoning. It was a shame, because otherwise the dishes were well made and nicely presented (if rather skimpy for their price). I wasn't drinking that evening, but I heard from those who were in
  11. I worked at a Wendy's in high school, so my relationship with this chain is burdened with... Well, you know.
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