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  1. I talked to Chef Delgado when I stopped in back in June. He said the Peruvian clientele wanted more traditional items whereas he wanted to do more cutting edge dishes that you might find in modern Lima restaurants. Not sure what percentage of the clientele was Peruvian, but it appears the traditionalists won out.
  2. In my early days in the Navy, during Chiefs' initiation, many of the messes would make the selectees eat balut as an initiation rite. They'd moved away from those hazing type intiation rituals by the time I made Chief, so I never had the opportunity to try it.
  3. The chef is Howsoon Cham (originally from the Gambia, from what I recall). He previously headed the short-lived Newtown Grill on U Street, and before that a restaurant (can't remember the name) in Dupont that had been BEDUCI (currently Scion), and before that Red Ginger in Georgetwon. I think there was a thread about Red Ginger on here where Charlie Adler touted his skills. I've never eaten at any of his restaurants, so I can't speak to that, but I hope that this does better than the preceeding three.
  4. Having spoken to both Ogawa-san and his partner Higashijima-san, currently at Perry's in Adams Morgan (they are both veterams of the late, great Hisago in Georgetown), it is my understanding that it will go into the old Pines of Florence space on Connecticut Avenue in Kalorama, which is quite an (uphill) hike from Sushi Taro.
  5. The beer program is not as robust as when Leland Estes was in charge. He had 20 taps installed, only to realize that they only had storage enough for 10 kegs (or more likely, sixtels), and expanding the storage area wasn't feasable. Still, they had the best draft beer selectioin in Brookland (and really, all of NE DC outside of H Street) until last year's opening of Brookland Pint and Smith Public Trust (it's still better than Brookland's Finest and Steel Plate, in my opinon).
  6. When I walked by yesterday the windows were papered over and there was a sign in the window with a giant question mark and a cryptic message that read something like "Don't worry, be happy".
  7. I would also point out that Harrar and Sidamo (DC branch) roast their own beans in house.
  8. A few late additions: - Malmaison under the Whitehurst Freeway in Georgetown has a coffeeshop component. They use Cuvée beans from Austin for their espresso beverages (supposedly they are the only place on the East Coast to do so). - Azi's on 9th and O NW near the convention center. They use Illy coffee for their drinks. - Lot 38 Espresso Bar next to Canal Park in the Navy Yard area of SE makes their espresso beverages with Illy too. - H Street Coffeehouse that replaced Sova on H Street NE makes excellent espresso beverages using Ceremony beans from Annapolis, but i just doesn't have th
  9. I stopped in for lunch yesterday (yes, it is now open for lunch/brunch on Saturdays and Sundays). I hadn't been under the previous chef, but I can say that the triple stock ramen they are currently serving is definately worth a visit; it's rich and has much in common with Hakata (tonkotsu) style broth in my opinion.
  10. Tried to stop in for lunch on a Saturday earlier this month. Despite the hours posted saying they opened at noon on Saturday, it was 12:40 and it was shut as tight as a drum.
  11. When I asked if the chef was from Szechuan, my waiter told me he "spent a lot of time there", so it's possible he is originally from Xi'an.
  12. Could be. I think it was called Joe's Noodle House or something like that. And as I recall, the Chinese government took over this entire Days Inn a few years back to house the workers they brought over to build their new embassy housing in Cleveland Park, so this may be some kind of hold over.
  13. Not sure if this is on anyone's radar, but I discovered this place through another website that shall remain nameless (begins with a Y), but even there, it seems to be flying under the radar except for people of Chinese extraction. Anyway, I decided to check it out last weekend. Here is a synopsis of what I have posted elsewhere: My server seemed eager for me to try some of the Szechuan specialties which are printed in English on both the eat-in menu and take-out menu, rather than the Chinese American menu items (maybe it was because I expressed interest in the crispy pork intestines). An
  14. Yes, I've been to Justin's since I first started this topic, and it's not bad. I am really looking forward to Bluejacket though. As for East of the River, it's seen Ray's and Uniontown Bar and Grill both come and go, but there will always be Players Lounge and Now Big Chair, which seems to have morphed into more of a bar than a coffee shop.
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