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  1. There's a Lidl in Ashburn. The bizarre assortment of clothing and housewares in the midst of cheap food is pretty confusing. Produce can be a bargain. I've been unimpressed with the few bakery items I've tried.
  2. We went with Silestone on our first countertop replacement about 15 years ago. The sealing issue was the selling point for us then. Fast forward to this year, when we're almost done with a complete renovation of the kitchen which precluded use of the existing countertops (still in pristine condition), and we went with Silestone again. I'm impressed with how far they've come in creating options that look more like natural stone. This time we went with Pietra.
  3. I believe a lot of their business is from the lunchtime work crowd, which is typical for that area. It may not make sense for them to be open on weekends, though feedback from people who'd visit could change their minds.
  4. We spotted FRESH, not frozen durian at the tiny new Lotte Market in Herndon (former K-mart plaza on Eldon St.) April 25. They were $7.99 a pound and miraculously smelled of custard and not of overripe summer sewer gas. Our kitchen is still under reconstruction or we would probably have sprung for one. These were extremely small durian, about the size of a football, so one would likely be in the 3lb range. Adding: At the Lotte on Metrotech Drive in Chantilly on April 26, the fresh durian display (down to just a single durian) had this sign. I suspect there is an excellent story behind it.
  5. I enjoyed the dry fried cauliflower, the lotus root pork "sandwich" (which we received instead of the HK pork belly and lotus root dish we'd ordered), and the suanla rice noodles. The scallion bubble pancake is the same as at Chang's other restaurants, and my spouse said that his black bone chicken soup was too much of a challenge to eat to be an item he'd order again, though it was tasty. The chicken was on the bone and in a pretty small bowl. He happily eats other soups that have meat on the bone.
  6. Check the Indian frozen vegetable section at your local pan-Asian food store to find fairly small slices. We've added them to soups.
  7. While they obviously had to do something to avoid having all the RTC spaces become defacto free Metro spaces, BP blew this. First 2 hours free on weekdays in addition to the current free evenings and weekends seems like a pretty obvious fix--and don't require people to use the app if they won't be in the space for more than 2 hours. Or make it 3 hours and cover matinees at Bow-Tie. No one is going to be able to use Metro for commuting in only 3 hours.
  8. Alas, the Herndon operation is closed with a realtor's "for rent" sign in front.
  9. I ordered online this afternoon and discovered two things: 1)You can get pad thai made with fried pork belly as the meat (not mentioned in-shop anywhere but a choice when ordering online) and 2) I asked for the pad thai to be "not too sweet" in my order and it was definitely less sweet. TbT's pad thai isn't too extreme in its normal sweetness, but I sure like it better when it isn't sweet.
  10. H-Mart in Fairfax. The potential for evil is palpable.
  11. No carts, but we go over to Bob's Shanghai on occasion for soup dumplings. We also really enjoy the marinated wood ear mushroom appetizer and the pan-fried pork dumplings. Staff hustle to get the tables turned over and there will likely be a wait unless you arrive on the early side.
  12. My baby shower was held there, not long after they moved from Bailey's Crossroads. My baby is now in his freshman year of college! It was sad to see it decline over time.
  13. Since I'm all too familiar with contractors who don't call back, here's another option for you. We use Absolute Electric, 571/244-4268. They put a new circuit into our house to alleviate an overloaded one and added ceiling cans to our bedroom.
  14. Thanks. My husband contacted both recommended contractors and. . .crickets. We got one hit out of 5 contractors we contacted, but they look like gems and have done work in the neighborhood.
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