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  1. It was nice to see A&J get some love in the WaPo's food section today. We have made the trek from Herndon to Annandale about once every 2 months during this pandemic (it was more like once or twice a month before) to get our fix. Some dishes, like the tiny wontons in hot sauce, do not travel well. As the weather improves, perhaps we can tailgate closer to the shop. Have folding table, will travel.
  2. And. . .they're closed after a staffer tested positive. Quite sure there is zero causality, of course.
  3. Mokomandy is another COVID-19 casualty. We hadn't been in a while but did enjoy the menu and the excellent beer list. "Mokomandy Has Closed Permanently Due to the Pandemic" by Hunter Edison on northernvirginiamag.com
  4. Padaek is open for contact-free take out. We used it for Mother's Day. The menu has been pared down and their hours are a bit more limited. It was the perfect solution for Mother's Day for our family. Excellent food and no one had to do emergency consults with me to prepare it! https://www.padaekdc.com/
  5. H-Mart (Herndon branch): May have had someone to santize carts at the near-door pickup, we grabbed one from the corral and sprayed it down ourselves. They did have decently sized plexiglass shields set up at the cash register to give the cashiers some protection. No marks on the floor to establish distance for shoppers at the checkout, but it wasn't an issue because we arrived shortly prior to closing. It was well stocked except for cleaning supplies, which were sparse. Our experience has been that the Asian markets are less likely to be totally denuded. It's probably a combination of rac
  6. Padaek, Thip Thao, and their 2 sister restaurants have stopped offering takeout and shut down for now. Just posted to their FB page. They mentioned gift cards so it appears that they currently expect to reopen. The projections I just read require 3 months of sheltering in place for most of the US including Virginia if we want to avoid hospital overload. https://www.facebook.com/115494498473231/posts/2900118850010768/?sfnsn=mo
  7. I am hoping that one positive item will come out of all of this: we need mandatory sick leave for food workers. Industries that place workers at risk of losing their jobs for being sick should be nowhere near our food supplies. Meanwhile, we are planning on finding ways to support our local restaurants.
  8. Dean, the Giant near us in Reston (Northpoint) had loose Sumos at $3.99 a pound.  They worked out to more expensive than the box at H-Mart, but selling them loose would let you sample a single one to see whether you think them worth the price.  


  9. I don't think the zest is particularly aromatic. Give the season another week or two and they will probably be available loose or in smaller quantities. I assume, perhaps wrongly, that since it is Lunar New Year right now, people are buying them as gifts. Our local H-Mart on Eldon Street in Herndon was down to its last 2 boxes yesterday.
  10. Sumo season, and time to revive some comparison shopping for these pricey but delicious citrus. $16.99 at H-marts in Virginia for a case of 7. No weight on the boxes but it works out to $2.43/fruit.
  11. Can you post a pic of the Zyliss? I have a rotating Benriner shredder for carrots/daikon that I picked up from a Korean grocery quite some time ago. I need to start making my own kimchi again because I'm allergic to shrimp and most commercial preparations have either shrimp or xylitol, which would be toxic to my dogs should they accidentally get any kimchi.
  12. Totally second that. It is the only one that really works for my tastebuds. The recipe book that came with my Cuisinart back in the 80's has my go-to recipe, although I add more garlic and lemon than it specifies.
  13. I try to avoid Costco during the holidays because it can be pretty insane. But I've just found a reason to brave the insanity. Cropwell Bishop Stilton at $10.99/lb.
  14. I also ordered my turkey from Mom's. Too many incidents where the staff at Whole Foods assured me that my pricey turkey is only "air chilled on the surface" when I said it seems awfully solid, only to find that it is frozen all the way to the fricking center when I got it home! We have been smoking our turkeys of late; has anyone tried a combo of smoking and then finishing in an oven to crisp the skin? I realize I might have to oil the skin post-smoking to make that happen. Two contrasts in recipes are on my list this year: A cornbread souffle which relies on Jiffy mix and c
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