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  1. Short notice, but I'm looking for someplace decent but not too adventurous (or too salty) for a birthday dinner on Sunday night. We're in Falls Church, they're in Manassas. The closer to their end, the better, but they understand they'll probably have to come to us. Any ideas?
  2. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Actually, a rack in the roasting pan would be a great idea, and I would even recommend adding some water to the pan to help keep it from drying out. Another moisture-adding trick would be to spray it with diluted apple cider (or some would use diluted apple cider vinegar), starting at about 3 hours and repeating every hour or so. And cook it fat-side up. Looks tasty!
  3. OK, so for a decent brisket, you need a low heat source and a lot of time. Aim for a cooking temp of around 225 degrees, and 1 to 1 1/2 hours per pound. It's done at an internal temperature of 195 to 205 degrees. So yes, an oven is your best bet. Smoke is great for brisket. If you think you'd be able to keep your grill at 200 - 250, or a little more, for 2-3 hours, there are several methods of getting smoke in a gas grill. I would hit YouTube and see what people are recommending for grills like yours, and figure out if you can do it. So, if you can smoke on your grill, smoke your br
  4. What kind of grill? Gas or charcoal? What size? Shape?
  5. What do you have? An oven, presumably. Do you have an outdoor grill of any kind? Do you have an immersion circulator?
  6. Although there's plenty for a vegan to eat at Fogo, I think the whole experience is just way too meat heavy. She wouldn't complain, but I'd feel uncomfortable. Compass Rose looks like a good possibility. It's been on my list for a while but I haven't been there yet.
  7. Zaytinya is a strong candidate. I'm not overly fond of Jaleo or Oyamel. Has Founding Farmers gotten any better?
  8. Not too far north in the city; Arlington would be OK, too. Looking for some place not overly expensive, but interesting, that can accommodate two diners' dietary restrictions.
  9. Not many people dance ballet at 255 pounds, but yeah, his technique was incredible.
  10. Yes, high school would be a 12 pound shot. That would be in the top 10 in the country most years, but usually there are a couple of throws in the low 70s. Michael Carter was a freak of nature; nobody has come close to him. His daughter has been the top woman in the US (professional, not high school) for some time now.
  11. I forgot to post after having dinner here a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I don't remember the details well enough for a real write-up, but overall the food was very good, service was good, and the physical space casual but comfortable. We had a round of various charcuterie (not by that name) that was delicious - can't go wrong with Spanish ham and chorizo, and whatever else was there was equally tasty. I don't really remember the starters. Two of us had braised pork cheeks as our mains, and both thoroughly enjoyed it. The third had bacalao, and her plate probably didn't need to be washed when
  12. Based on the two visits I've had to BLT Steak since Will has been in the kitchen, I strongly recommend that everyone 1) Plan to go before July 1 2) Save up some money 3) Order everything on the blackboard menu (Will's specials) 4) Order the wagyu
  13. I only tried once, but damn, that was quick. I guess Rose's Luxury will move from the top of the list of restaurants I want to try, to the top of the list of restaurants I will never get to try because it's too much of a pain in the ass.
  14. You can get Antonio's fried chicken at brunch. On a waffle. Just thought y'all should know. Oh, almost forgot. Donuts.
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